Best Doctor Aprons in India-Buyers guide

If you see someone in a white coat, or more commonly called a white apron, you will instantly recognize him. When you seek help, you go to a doctor, a person in a white apron. White aprons are worn all over the glove for decades. We can thank physicians for changing the trend in the 19th-century whose studies were mocked by scientists who wore white. But still, white coats are more and more replaced by blue or black coats. Doctors in the UK no longer wear white coats due to the spread of superbugs in hospitals all around the country.

Top 10 Best Doctor Aprons in India

List of Doctor Aprons

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1. PrimeSurgicals Premium Doctor’s Apron PrimeSurgicals Premium PrimeSurgicals Premium
2. PrimeStore Cotton Lab Coat PrimeStore Cotton PrimeStore Cotton
3. IndoSurgicals Doctor’s Apron IndoSurgicals IndoSurgicals
4. Roks PrimeSurgicals Women’s Full Sleeves Lab Apron Roks PrimeSurgicals Roks PrimeSurgicals
5. Renown Women’s Half Sleeves Doctor Apron Renown Women's Half Sleeves Renown Women's Half Sleeves
6. Roks PrimeSurgicals Women’s Lab Apron Roks PrimeSurgicals Women Roks PrimeSurgicals Women
7. KNYA Med – Medical Lab Apron KNYA Med - Medical Lab KNYA Med - Medical Lab
8. Krikish Medicare Lab Coat for Doctors Krikish Medicare Lab Coat Krikish Medicare Lab Coat
9. Q3 Apron Lab Coat Q3 Apron Lab Coat Q3 Apron Lab Coat
10. MEDIFIT Doctor Lab Apron  MEDIFIT Doctor MEDIFIT Doctor

Features of a Doctor Apron

  • Wearing an apron as a physician indicates people to address to you when in need of help.
  • It is a worldwide symbol of security and mutual respect between physician and the patient.
  • But why white? White is a symbol of purity and kindness.
  • It is a symbol of peace.
  • In Christianity, angels wear white.
  • In labs, coats and aprons are in use to protect your skin from harmful substances and chemicals.
  • Aprons serve as protection from sick patients.
  • They are also highly efficient due to their large pockets for carrying items – stethoscopes for example.

Types of Doctor Aprons

  • Even if white is a representation of the physician profession – there are a few different types of aprons, both in color and size.
  • Not all are created the same and not all represent the same.
  • It all depends on the type of work the person is dealing with.
  • You won’t see a nurse wearing a doctors’ coat.
  • The surgeon and radiologist do not have the same coat.
  • Popular types of coats are long lab coats which are worn by chemists for example.
  • There is also an opposite, short lab coat.
  • Some other types are consultation coats, lab jackets, fashion, and colored lab coats.
  • Kitchen Aprons are also available online.

Buyers Guide for doctor apron

  • Long lab coats are worn by chemists and pharmacists.
  • They provide protection of the skin in case some chemicals spill.
  • They are not worn outside the lab so that they don’t spread toxic substances outside.
  • The short lab coat is the opposite of a long lab coat in terms of length only but remains the same purpose – protection of skin.
  • They are usually worn by people who have a hard time wearing other coats.
  • They come with additional sleeve length, making them the perfect choice for tall people.
  • Consultation coats are worn by doctors during consultations.
  • Nowadays, women wear more stylish coats to appear more feminine.
  • Lab jackets are a more stylish alternative to classical lab coats.
  • Fashion coats are described by their name.
  • They tend to follow modern trends and fashion.
  • Doctors wear color coats to stand out and appear more attractive.

How to wear a Doctor Apron

  • Working as a physician, you are recognized by other people as a professional.
  • Accordingly, you want to look like a professional.
  • You should always take a look at your shoulders, arms, and the length of an apron.
  • Shoulder seams should roughly follow the length of your shoulder otherwise it won’t be comfortable to wear that apron.
  • You can check the proper length of your coats’ arms to your arms very simply.
  • If sleeves end at your wrists when you fully extend your arms, then you are fine with the coat.
  • The top to bottom length of the coat is also important.
  • The coat length depends on your needs.

List of Top 10 Best Doctor Aprons in India-Buyers Guide

1. PrimeSurgicals Premium Doctor’s Apron Lab Coat

This unisex short-sleeved lab coat is a perfect option due to the comfort it gives. It is made out of decent quality cotton.

PrimeSurgicals Premium Doctor's Apron Lab Coat


  • It fits as it should.
  • The price is excellent.
  • Perfect for students.


  • The cloth is soft.
  • The Apron color is not pure white.



2. PrimeStore Cotton Lab Coat

This unisex lab coat is a good choice for lab works. With its slim-fit design, it is a great option for those with smaller waistlines.

PrimeStore Cotton Lab Coat


  • It fits anyone.
  • Good quality material.
  • It is very comfortable to wear.


  • The colour leans towards creamy.
  • Not made out of pure cotton.



3. IndoSurgicals Doctor’s Apron Lab Coat

This apron suits health care professionals of any branch. It is also made out of very durable fabric.

ndoSurgicals Doctor's Lab Coat


  • Made out of good quality cotton.
  • The fabric is very durable.
  • Fits perfectly and it’s comfortable to wear.


  • It is hard to clean stains.
  • Washing it can lead to shrinkage.



4. Roks PrimeSurgicals Women’s Full Sleeves Lab Apron

This women’s apron is a perfect choice for women working in laboratories. It is made with dual stitching for long-lasting durability.

Roks PrimeSurgicals Women's Full Sleeves Lab Apron


  • Fits perfectly due to its dual stitching design.
  • Made out of good quality cotton.


  • The material appears transparent.



5. Renown Women’s Half Sleeves Doctor Apron

This half-sleeved apron is a good stylish option to combine with something under it.

Renown Women's Half Sleeves Doctor


  • It fits perfectly.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • The finish is soft.


  • The quality of the fabric is not good.
  • Not stitched well.



6. Roks PrimeSurgicals Women’s Lab Apron

This long lab coat is ideal for working in laboratories and places where chemicals are to be handled.

Roks PrimeSurgicals Women's Lab coat


  • Ideal for working in laboratories.
  • Very elegant.


  • You should order a smaller size.
  • The fabric is flimsy and transparent.



7. KNYA Med – Medical Lab Apron

This short-sleeved apron is anti-wrinkle and lightweight due to its design.

KNYA Med - Medical Lab Coat


  • The fabric is of good quality.
  • The sizing is excellent.
  • The coat is breathable.



8. Krikish Medicare Lab Coat for Doctors

This professional-looking lab coat is versatile peace for health care workers. Its robust design gives durability along with classical touch.

Krikish Medicare Lab Coat for Doctors


  • The fabric is soft and smooth.
  • The coat is comfortable to wear.
  • Material is very durable.


  • Slightly tight.
  • You have to order a larger size.



9. Q3 Apron Lab Coat

This full-sleeved lab apron is great to use in rough work conditions. It has dual stitching to make it more durable.

Q3 Apron Lab Coat


  • Made out of good quality fabric.
  • Very comfortable to wear.
  • Fabric is wrinkle-free and soft.


  • Button stitching is bad.
  • Not in pure white colour.



10. MEDIFIT Doctor Lab Apron

This lab apron gives excellent protection in laboratories and facilities with chemicals in use.

MEDIFIT Doctor Lab Apron


  • Fabric is wrinkle-free.
  • Stitching is done well.
  • Material is very durable.


  • A bit costly.



Deciding over dozens of physician aprons can be tough. Still, it is a matter of your taste and also how you want to appear in front of others. It has to be comfortable to wear and it depends on your profession.


Why doctor’s apron is white?

The doctor’s apron is white due to historical reasons. It also symbols purity and happiness.

What is the price of the doctor’s apron?

Aprons come in price range from about 30 RS and several hundreds of RS