Best Quality Face Masks in India Buyers Guide

One of the best solutions for air pollution is to wear a face mask. Because our air is not the same as it was a few years back. Air contains a lot of smoke, bacteria, viruses, and pollens from plants and trees. This population is causing different health problems.

With the increase in population and the increase in automobiles and factories, air pollution is increasing. Along with skin problems, pulmonary problems are also increasing day by day.

Different people are also facing the problems of different allergies which increase the risk of asthma and other breathing problems. To avoid all these problems, it is very necessary to wear a pollution mask. Also, check the buyer’s guide for the Face masks for women, Face masks for men, Room spray, Sanitizer Sprays, portable oxygen cylinders, Oxygen Concentrator machines, Liquid oxygen supliments, sanitization machines, UV sterilizers, Hand sanitizer stands, Vaporizer, Nebulizer Machines, Respirometer, pulse oximeter, Hand wash liquids, Best Disinfectant sprays, Best Infrared Thermometers in India, Best Hand sanitizer brands & Best Hand wash liquids available online.

This pollution mask prevents the entrance of harmful substances through the nose and mouth. You can use a normal cloth mask or surgical mask for common smoke and dust. This article will give all the details about the uses and types of pollution masks.

Best 10 Face Masks in India

List of the face masks

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1. Generic Face Mask  Generic-Pollution-Filter
2. Le Gear Mouth Mask  Gear-Pro-Plus
3. Kaptron Facemask  Kaptron-Pollution-Washable
4. Lioncrown N95 Face Mask  Lioncrown-Women-Anti
5. EXPRESSIONSS Face Mask  EXPRESSIONSS-Surgical-Pollution
6. Party Hut Pollution Face Mask  Party-Hut-V-410-V
7. Vocado Face Mask  Vocado-Black-Unisex
8. Saanvi Reusable Mask  pollution-filtration-technology
9. RBS STORE Face Mask  STORE-Anti-Pollution
10. BSD Organics Cotton Mouth Nose Mask  BSD-Organics-Pollution

Buyers Guide – Face Mask

As people use a face mask or pollution mask due to health concerns so it is wise to take the best one. As we have already discussed that different face masks have different uses so it is necessary to understand your need first. Here is a brief discussion that will help you in buying a suitable face mask for you.

Just consider the below-mentioned points to get the perfect face mask for you: 

  • First of all, check the pore size of the pollution mask. You cannot see it with the naked eye but you can find it on the pack.
  • As dust particles have a size of 2.5 micrometers, bacteria are 0.2 to 2 micrometers and viruses are smaller than 0.2 micrometers. So select a mask according to your needs.
  • If you have a dust allergy or you are using it for protection from the smog of fog, then a 2.5-micrometer pore size mask can be used.
  • But if there is an outbreak of some viral or bacterial disease or you are working in a laboratory, then you have to go with others having a small pore size.
  • Other things to consider are the size of the mask. It must cover the nose and mouth area. So it must fit from the nose to the chin.
  • If it is not fitting on your face and there is space between the mask and your skin then that is all in vain.
  • It will not protect you from pollutants as they can easily enter. Or it must have clips to fix it on the nose.
  • Check the stuff so it cannot irritate you.

If you wear glasses and you have to wear them for a long time. Then buy a mask which has a valve in it to prevent fog.

Features of a Face Mask

As different categories and types of masks are available in the market. All face masks have the same basic principle which is to filter air. Depending on the pore size and material they have different uses.

As viruses are also present in the air and their sizes are very small. So a very small pore-size face mask will be effective for viruses.

Let’s check the common features of these below:

  • They are available in different sizes. As face masks prevent the entrance of harmful substances so they must fit on the mouth and nose area.
  • Due to this reason, they are of different sizes for different people. Children’s face masks are separately available.
  • Valves are also present in some masks which are used for people in outdoor activities like jogging etc.
  • Face masks have filters of different pore sizes equal to 0.3 microns to 10 microns for different pollutants.
  • These face masks have different life spans. Some are disposable and have to be changed after a few hours.
  • They are available at different prices. Some are cheap which are disposable and others may be expensive which are for specific purposes.

Types of Face Masks

It’s very important to know the several types of face masks or surgical masks in order to get the advantages and features. Different types of pollution masks are available in the market which have different uses.

The types of face masks are as follows:

Surgical Masks:

  • These are the most common type of face masks which doctors, nurses, and lab persons use.
  • They are thick and prevent dust particles, bacteria, and most viruses also.
  • These masks are disposable.

P Series Masks:

  • P series contain P95 and P100 masks.  These masks have a pore size of 0.3 microns.
  • P95 is suitable to prevent 95 % of the dust impurities, prevent from smog and fog, bacteria, viruses, and pollens. P100 gives 99 percent protection.
  • They give protection from all greasy and non-greasy types of air pollutants.
  • These masks have rechargeable fans that speed up the air rotation. They provide up to 2 liters of air per second.

R Series:

  • It contains an R95 mask. R series mask is resistant to oil.
  • As they absorb oil so the user has to change it after 8 hours.
  • It provides protection from pollutants that may contain oil particles.

N Series Masks:

  • It is a series of different masks that provide protection at different levels.
  • These masks provide protection against different liquid and solid harmful particles.
  • Further different types of masks are available in this series.


  • The pore size of N95 is 0.3 microns which means it will prevent all the pollutants from having a size of 0.3 microns.
  • N95 provides prevention against 95 percent of the particulates including dust, coal, factories’ smoke, bacteria, and viruses.
  • It has a valve that helps keep the mask cool and prevents making fog so best for people who wear glasses.


  • It has great power for air filtration and removes about 99 percent of impurities from it.
  • N99 has a pore size of 0.3 microns but it is not applicable to greasy pollutants.


  • It has a strong ability to filter about 99.7 percent of all harmful substances from the air.
  • N 99 and N 100 have the same pore size and abilities but the only difference is their efficiency.

How to Use a Face Mask?

One of the best features of face masks is to prevent the spreading of diseases or viruses through the air. You need to wash your face before wearing a mask. Also, you need to cleanse your skin regularly.

Follow the following things to wear a face mask correctly: 

  • You have to wear a mask on your face covering the whole nose and mouth area.
  • Take it to the chin and fix the clip-on nose to cover all the space.
  • This mask will now prevent the entrance of harmful substances.
  • These masks have filters on one side which are porous to ease breathing.
  • But the pores are so small and don’t allow harmful things to pass.
  • When you inhale the filters on the mask will capture viruses, bacteria, and dust particles and pass air through them.
  • Now the air reaching you is free from all pollutants.

List of Top 10 Best Quality Face Masks in India Buyers Guide

Different types of face masks or pollution masks are available having different pore sizes and materials. In order to overcome the confusion of face masks out of several models, we have made a list of 10 face masks along with their features, pros, and cons.

1. Generic Face Mask with Anti Pollution Air Filter Washable For Bike Riding:

The material of the mask is spandex and cotton. It is washable and reusable. This mask has the ability to protect you from dust, and air pollution. Very suitable for bike riders and cyclists.Generic Face Mask with Anti Pollution Air Filter Washable For Bike Riding


  • Generic Air Filter Face Mask made with spandex & cotton material that is flexible so that it can easily fit your face.
  • And cotton fabric layers allow you to easily breathe through the mask.
  • It has soft ear straps that are easy to adjust with your ears.
  • At the point of the nose, there is a smart clip that aids in the comfort to carry it.


  • This mask does not have the ability to filter toxic gases.
  • One cannot use it for a long duration.

Generic Face Mask

2. Le Gear Face Mask Pro+ with 4 Way Stretch Protects from Dust & Pollution for Bike, Cycling, Running 1 Rated Face Protection Mask:

This product gives protection from wind as well as from ultraviolet rays of sunlight. Cool pass high-performance fibers are used in making this mask which makes it easy to breathe through, easy absorbance, dual-layer, and abrasion resistance. Widely used by bikers, hikers, mountaineers, climbers, hunters, etc.Le Gear Face Mask Pro+ with 4 Way Stretch Protects from Dust & Pollution for Bike, Cycling, Running 1 Rated Face Protection Mask


  • Le Gear Face Mask Pro+ is ergonomically designed with a 4-Way stretchable & breathable mesh Function, that allows us to have proper air circulation.
  • Its material can easily cross the air and protects a person from inhalation of infected or dirty air.
  • It also filters the pollution, dust, and pollen.
  • This mask can protect your skin from harmful UV rays from the sun.
  • It is a flexible mask to provide comfort and easy movement for the user.


  • You can still feel suffocation while using this mask as it allows more than half-covering of the face.
  • It does not filter infectious agents.

Le Gear Face Mask

3. Kaptron Facemask for Smoke Allergy Anti Pollution Air Filter Washable Mask:

The material of this mask is cotton. It is used to filter pollution. This can be used at any place to avoid the inhalation of impurities. It can be folded easily to keep in a pocket or anywhere else when you do not need it.Kaptron Facemask for Smoke Allergy Anti Pollution Air Filter Washable Mask


  • Kaptron Washable Face Mask material is skin-friendly so it is not harmful to your skin.
  • Its weight is lighter and its material is good for breathability.
  • This mask is easy to carry as it is lighter in weight.
  • It is suitable for sensitive skin and you can breathe through this easily.
  • The best feature is that it is made from very soft material that can be folded easily


  • This mask is not flexible.
  • It does not have the ability to prevent you from infections caused by viruses or bacteria.

Kaptron Washable Mouth Mask

4. Lioncrown N95 Face Mask Women Anti Pollution in Baby Pink:

This mask is specially designed for women. Material made from organic cotton has multi-layers of carbon filters that aid in the prevention of impurities and dust particles. It is available in a baby pink color.Lioncrown N95 Face Mask Women Anti Pollution in Baby Pink


  • Lioncrown N95 Face Mask material is hydro resistant so it can also be cleaned only by using a wet cloth, wipes, or cotton.
  • It has the ability to prevent you from pollution and dust particles as it contains carbon filters.
  • This mask is washable means it can be used again after washing.
  • It comes with technical carbon-activated filters to provide further safety from viruses & dust particles.


  • The Quality of the product is not much good.
  • It cannot protect from infectious particles

Lioncrown Face Mask

5. EXPRESSIONSS Face Mask 3 Ply Non Woven Surgical mask with Ear Loop For Virus Protection, Air Pollution, & Health Safety:

This mask is best to filter out pathogens, especially viruses, air pollution and contains high-performance electrostatic filters that filter out the dust, pollens, and bacteria, etc. they are mostly used by surgeons, doctors, nurses, allergic patients, etc.EXPRESSIONSS Face Mask 3 Ply Non Woven Surgical mask with Ear Loop For Virus Protection, Air Pollution, & Health Safety


  • EXPRESSIONS 3 Ply Face Mask comes with a High-performance electrostatic filter for filtering bacteria & dust.
  • It is odorless, comfortable, and easy to handle.
  • The Best feature of the mask is that it can be used by people who have sensitivity issues.
  • These masks decrease the spread of germs and infections by microbes.
  • Also, this mask helps to filter out 99% of INFECTIONS & VIRUSES.


  • This mask cannot be reusable.
  • Due to the presence of only one layer it does not lasts longer


6. Party Hut Pollution Face Mask V-410 V Reusable Anti Air Mask with 2 Bag Filters:

The material of this mask is latex-free braided textile elastic. Its weight is about 250 grams. And it is used as a protection against dust, mist, unhealthy gases, etc.Party Hut Pollution Face Mask V-410 V Reusable Anti Air Mask with 2 Bag Filters


  • Party-Hut Pollution Face Mask made with the latex-free braided textile elastic material.
  • It is lighter in weight and easy to use for a long time.
  • This product has a carbon layer that aids in protection against harmful gases.
  • Best for those people who are allergic to dust.
  • This pollution mask is mainly to provide protection in particular working environments.


  • A nose clip can cause suffocation.
  • The quality of the layers is not much satisfied.

Party Hut Reusable Mask

7. Vocado Face Mask Black Unisex Reusable Pollution Mask Set of 10:

The material of this mask is cotton. It is easy to carry and breathe through. And it can be washed and used again. Specially designed to protect you from pollutants, dust, and chemicals effects. Widely used in many polluted and populated areas.Vocado Face Mask Black Unisex Reusable Pollution Mask Set of 10


  • Vocado Unisex Pollution Mask made with pure cotton to ensure maximum breathability.
  • It is reusable, washable, and available in free size.
  • This mask is lighter in weight so it does not irritates you and the material is skin-friendly.
  • The ear straps of the mask are very comfortable and soft and are convenient to adjust.
  • This mask has the ability to prevent you from a wide range of air pollutants and dust particles.


  • It cannot prevent you from pathogens, especially viruses and bacteria.
  • And it is not a reusable product.

Vocado Reusable Face Mask

8. Saanvi Reusable Face Mask Anti Pollution Dust Mask with Activated Carbon Filter for Allergy, Sinus, Asthma Respirator:

This mask contains specific carbon to protect you from dust, pollution, and harmful gases. Widely used by bikers, mountaineers, hikers, and cyclists. People having dust allergies can also use it.Saanvi Reusable Face Mask Anti Pollution Dust Mask with Activated Carbon Filter for Allergy, Sinus, Asthma Respirator


  • Saanvi Reusable Dust Mask is a top rade Mask with activated carbon and filters particles.
  • The Best part of these masks is they have strong respirators which prevent you from inhalation of toxic gases and harmful chemical effects.
  • It is skin-friendly and does not harm you anymore.
  • These masks are best for long time use and can be used again after washing.


  • Ear straps can easily be separated.
  • It cannot prevent you from viral and bacterial infection

saanvi pollution filtration mask

9. RBS STORE Face Mask Anti-Pollution Dust Cotton Unisex Mouth Mask for Men & Women Bike Riders:

This face mask is black in color widely used by both males and females. It comes in free size. The material used in its making is pure cotton. It is best to protect you from pollution, dust, etc. during cycling, biking, and hiking.RBS STORE Face Mask Anti-Pollution Dust Cotton Unisex Mouth Mask for Men & Women Bike Riders


  • RBS Store Mouth Mask is made with high-quality cotton material.
  • It is easy to breathe and talk through.
  • The best feature of this mask is you can wash it and after washing it is still usable.
  • This mask is perfect for daily wear.
  • The cost of the mask is not high as compared to its use duration which is a good thing.


  • It cannot protect you from toxic gases or harmful chemicals effect.
  • And it does not have the ability to prevent you from disease-causing agents.

STORE Anti Pollution Mask

10. BSD Organics Face Mask Reusable Cotton Mouth Nose Mask Protection for Filtering The Air Anti Pollution for Bike or Scooter Driving:

This is an antipollution mask. It is used to protect from pollution and dirty dust. This mask is widely used by bikers and scooter riders. It is available in multi-colors too.BSD Organics Face Mask Reusable Cotton Mouth Nose Mask Protection for Filtering The Air Anti Pollution for Bike or Scooter Driving


  • BSD Organics Face Mask layers are made from pure cotton which does not harm the skin.
  • It is the best option for those people who are working in populated areas or factories as it can filter the smoke, chemicals effect, dust, pollution, etc.
  • The most important feature of this mask is that it is present in free size.
  • It comes with a free size and reusable mouth mask.
  • This pollution mask can easily filter the air and allow fresh air to inhale.


  • This product has only one layer so it cannot last for longer.
  • It cannot filter the pathogens.

BSD Organics Protection Mask


At present, you have successfully checked the Top 10 Best Face Masks. So, it should be easy for you to determine which facemask best suits your requirements.

Now you are familiar with the features of the most popular face masks which are available in the market along with a good buying guide. All the above options make it easy for you to make a proper choice of face mask.


How to protect your face from pollution?

As the face is the first place which meets air pollution first. So it is wise to wear a face mask to prevent air pollution.

How to protect your face from viral diseases through face masks?

A face mask captures the virus and doesn’t allow it to pass through it. The air that we are inhaling is free from viruses or any other pollutants. But the main thing I buy a face mask which is suitable for virus size that is below 0.2 micrometers.

Types of face masks?

Different types of masks are available. The surgical mask is the most common type of face mask. Others are N95, N99, N 100, and P95 for lab use. If someone wants to use it for protection against dust and fog then they can use cloth and tissue-made face masks.

Which is the best face mask?

N series masks provide maximum protection so they are good and especially N100 which provides 99.7 percent protection. If someone is working in a lab especially in which they are working on bacteria and viruses’ then the N series is the best. But if someone works at a place that has greasy pollutants along with microbes then P95 is best for him.

How can I make a face mask at home?

You can make a face mask at home with normal tissue or cloth. But keep in mind that they will not provide protection against microorganisms, especially viruses.

What’s the point of a facemask?

It is to filter the air and prevent it from any harmful pollutants and microorganisms.

What should I do after the mask?

After you take off your mask dispose of it if it is disposable. But if it is reusable then clean it with a clean cloth. It is better to clean it with some disinfectant too because microorganisms may be present in it.

What does the face mask cost?

The price of face masks varies according to types and efficacy. Normal surgical masks are available for 5 to 10 rupees at any chemist shop. Other masks are available starting from the price of rupees 90 rupees to 4 to 5 thousand rupees.