Best Walking Sticks in India Buying Guide

Nowadays walking stick plays a major role for most people. Why because human beings have been walking on the face of the earth since its inception. Not only that, but they have also covered long distances on foot. But at the same time, every human has not been that able. Humans have since experienced things that halted their journey, but they haven’t given up! They tried to walk again with the help of walking sticks. Also, check the buyer’s guide for the best wheelchairs for adults in India.

Walking canes or sticks were initially used to travel on rugged landscapes like mountains or valleys. Walking sticks have been reported that can be used as weapons also. Soon after the 16th century, they became a symbol of status and power. Gradually they started defining fashion too. Also, check the buyer’s guide for Adult Walkers, Adult Diapers in India, Wet wipes in India.

Walking sticks are not only helpful for seniors but also helpful for travelers too for example trekking.

Top 10 Walking Sticks in India

List of the walking sticks Check at Amazon
1. Tynor Walking Stick Silver L Type Tynor-Type
2. Tynor Elbow Walking Crutch  Tynor-Elbow
3. STOP N BUY Portable Walking Cane  STOP-BUY-Aluminium
4. MCP Jindal Walking Stick  Jindal-Height-Adjustable
5. MCP Jindal Folding Walking Stick  Mcp-Jindal-Folding
6. PETRICE Walking Stick  PETRICE-Aluminium
7. Vissco Walking Stick  Vissco-Invalid-L-shape
8. Kds Surgical Walking Cane  Surgical-Quadripod-Croome
9. Unicron Portable Walking Strick  Unicron-Aluminium-Dependable
10. Kds Surgical Walking Stick  Kds-Surgical-Leg

Buyers Guide – Walking Stick

Walking sticks are helpful in providing support as well as maintaining good posture at the time of walking. Also, these will avoid stopping too.  Always you need to consider the best, adjustable and folding walking sticks whether you are trekking poles, walking, hiking, self-defense, etc.

Making a choice when shopping for your favorite product can be difficult. Because many factors depend on the decision of your purchase. Simply follow the mentioned key points below.

If you are ready to buy a walking stick then you need to consider the below decisive factors:


  • Your age can be one of the most important decisive factors.
  • Elder people tend to go with a product that is both comfortable and durable. But younger people go towards multi-functional walking sticks.
  • The type of terrain in your surroundings or the type of terrain you are using the stick is also an important factor.
  • More rugged or unlevelled terrains demand durable and strong walking sticks.
  • Whereas, more formal and plain terrain needs an anti-slip or an antique walking cane.
  • The availability of size variation is also important. You don’t want the stick to be either too tall or too short.
  • You just need the perfect height. So, size variation proves to be important also.
  • If you are using walking sticks as a fashion accessory, you need to look for some specific features.
  • These features are embroidered canes and gold or silver tips.

Features of Walking Sticks: 

Walking sticks or walking canes are the tools used by seniors in most homes. These are primarily used for support while walking. Also, these are helpful in getting support when going uphill.

Over the years walking sticks have seen many changes. Both design-wise and usability-wise. The walking canes or hiking poles are needed when we want extra stability while walking or climbing mountains.

A good and sturdy walking stick is hard to find, but here are some of its features:

Hand Strap:

  • The better and more good walking stick includes a hand strap.
  • A hand strap is mounted on the grip of the stick.
  • The hand strap prevents the stick from losing when the handgrip loosens.


Clip-on Frame:

  • Walking sticks also come with a clip-on frame.
  • These clip-on frames make the stick to be able to lean or mounted to a surface.
  • It is used when the walking stick is not being used.

Grip Size:

  • Varying grip sizes also differentiate good quality from cheap walking sticks.
  • Rubber ferrules are also included in the base of the walking sticks.


Types of Walking Sticks: 

We can divide the walking sticks into different types depending upon the usage and used material of the stick. Below you can find the main types of sticks for walking available in the market according to their features and functions.

There are various types of walking sticks ranging from very antique ones to way modern ones. Some of them include:

  • Ashplant

Ashplant walking sticks are made up of ash plants that are abundant in Ireland.

  • Shooting Stick

A shooting stick is a type of walking stick that can be folded up into a single-legged chair for convenience.

  • Makila

Makila walking sticks are a type of walking stick that is made up of medlar wood. These types of walking sticks usually have engravings on them. They also include a gold or silver top grip. It is said that this gold or silvertip may contain a steel blade.

  • Pikestaff

Pikestaff is a type of walking stick that has a pointy end. The pointy end serves with a better grip in slippery conditions.

How to use Walking Stick?

Walking sticks or Walking Canes work on a simple mechanism. This mechanism is usually called a force support system. The Waling stick is a better option for long walks on the rugged surface. Most travelers or hikers use these for climbing mountains.

So you need to be aware of the working mechanism of the walking canes to get the full advantages. Then only go with the available buying choices.

Let’s find out the working method of the walking stick:

  • The walking sticks are fitted with a cane that is ironed and pressed. Iron and pressed wood are known for their durability and rigidity.
  • The cane is then also fitted with a metallic tip, this metallic tip works as an anti-slip measure.
  • The tip also comes with a tripod-like fitting. The tripod fitting helps in balancing the stick and overcoming stress on the hand.
  • And the most customizable part of the walking cane is the upper grip. Materials used for upper grip vary from rubber, plastic, or metal.
  • Wooden grips are the most common grips, which are being used since walking sticks were invented.
  • Some of the most modern walking sticks are also fitted with GPS devices.
  • These GPS devices help in tracking the walking sticks. This feature helps in finding them in case they are left somewhere.

Top 10 List of Walking Sticks in India Buyers Guide

Now you know the features and types of walking sticks that are available in the market. It’s time to check the best and most affordable walking canes or sticks depending upon the pros, cons, and features. We put a lot of effort to create the list of the top 10 walking sticks in India. Keep in mind that these are not for lifting heavyweights.

You can check the below list, which is a comprehensive list of the top ten walking sticks. This list will help you choose the best walking stick that fulfills your needs.

1. Tynor Walking Stick Silver L Type

This walking stick is a walking aid for patients. The stick comes with a level adjustment too. As a result, it can be adjusted according to the height of the patient. It also comes in a range of colors including white, black and golden.Tynor Walking Stick Silver L Type

  • Tynor Walking Stick is constructed with steel material. Steel provides the walking stick protection against rust and corrosion. Steel cane provides extra strength and extra weight support.
  • The grip is made up of rubber which provides extra comfort. And the handgrip also has ridges on its surface. It ridges hug the fist and remove strain on the hand.
  • It also comes installed with an anti-slip pod. This anti-slip pod is a rubber tip, this gives it extra stability.
  • And it protects against potential slipping conditions.
  • The rubber grip can be withered away with sunlight exposure. If the rubber withers away it exposes, the underlying metal grip. This metal grip can put a strain on the hand.
  • Steel structured cane can pick rust if the paint washes away from the cane.

Tynor Walking Stick

2. Tynor Elbow Walking Crutch with Universal Adjustable Size

This stick is a blend of the modern-day crutch and a conventional walking stick. Tynor Elbow Crutch is largely focused upon patients. This excellent functioning stick has main features like anti-slip properties, easy size customization, long life, and improved aesthetics.Tynor Elbow Walking Crutch with Universal Adjustable Size

  • Tynor Elbow Walking Stick comes with an adjustable handgrip. The handgrip can be adjusted according to the size of the patient’s arm.
  • This crutch has been constructed with a sophisticated walking aid design. So it provides support for both legs.
  • The steel cane of this product can take a weight of up to 110 kgs.
  • And the stick comes with an aesthetically pleasing design.
  • This crutch has a thin cane. A thin cane bends or curves when extra weight is put on it.
  • The walking cane can also slip in case of slippery surfaces because it has a slimmer rubber pod.

Tynor Elbow Universal Adjustable

3. STOP N BUY Portable Walking Stick with Aluminium Alloy Handle & LED Light Folding For Old People

This stick is mainly made for patients with arthritic problems. It comes with a pre-installed LED light. You can freely climb challenging hills with the help of this stick along with confidence.STOP N BUY Portable Walking Stick with Aluminium Alloy Handle & LED Light Folding For Old People

  • STOP N BUY Walking Stick is foldable which makes it easy to carry and store away.
  • The height is adjustable from 82 cm to a maximum of 93.5 cm.
  • The LED light is adjustable so that it provides various angles.
  • And included bright light will safely guide you in a dark environment.
  • The LED light is not bright enough
  • Also, the base is not wide enough to provide stability

STOP n BUY Aluminium Stick

4. MCP Jindal Walking Stick Brown with 10 Adjustable Height Levels

This stick comes with a simple design. But it is constructed with anodized aluminum. This product is available in 3 colors which are Black, Brown, and Silver. The best part is this product has a 1-year warranty.MCP Jindal Walking Stick Brown with 10 Adjustable Height Levels

  • MCP Jindal Walking Stick comes with a height adjustment feature. The height adjustment feature makes sure that the patient is comfortable.
  • This stick has 10 adjustable height levels for the right setting which expands from 29 inches to 38 inches to provide proper balance and assistance.
  • The anodized aluminum construction saves the walking stick from the damage of rust or corrosion.
  • It also prevents back pain caused due to wrong postures.
  • The aluminum cane makes the stick lightweight, which further makes it easy to handle and maneuver
  • The walking stick is locked into its place by small locking mechanisms.
  • This mechanism can fail when extra strength is applied to it. So, it loosened over time.
  • And the grip is made up of plastic, providing no cushioning to the hand.
  • This makes some of the patients feel strain in their hands.

MCP Jindal Adjustable Walking Stick

5. MCP Jindal Folding Walking Stick with 4 Folding Sections Black Colour

This is a walking stick that comes with a foldable feature. So, it is ideal for travelers and hikers. However, it is made up of steel which means it can withstand wear and tear in most harsh conditions. When you release the stick then automatically 4 folding sections snap out to become a fixed single stick.MCP Jindal Folding Walking Stick with 4 Folding Sections Black Colour

  • MCP Walking Stick comes with a hand lash. This hand lash makes sure that you don’t lose the walking stick. And the foldable feature makes the stick more portable.
  • The portability feature makes the stick easy to travel with. It also makes it possible to be kept inside a bag pack or luggage.
  • Also, the height of the walking stick can also be adjusted. This feature provides a customizable experience for the user.
  • It also comes with an attached belt along with a handgrip.
  • The foldable feature of the walking stick can make it le reliable at times because it can make it malfunction too.
  • And included the rubber base of the walking stick is not wide enough to provide balance and stability.

Mcp Folding Sections

6. PETRICE Walking Stick Aluminium Alloy & Folding with Professional LED for Old Gentleman:

This is a lightweight & foldable walking stick on the list. And this walking cane also comes with a bright built-in led. Its grip is comfortable to hold and puts minimum strain on the hand as well.PETRICE Walking Stick Aluminium Alloy & Folding with Professional LED for Old Gentleman

  • PATRICE Walking Stick is made up of aluminum, as a result, it is lightweight. The aluminum structure serves as protection against moist surfaces and wet conditions.
  • This stick is also a foldable one. The foldable feature makes the stick portable.
  • Other walking sticks can’t be carried along with backpacks, but you can fold this and put them in the bag.
  • The led light is installed in the handle of the walking stick. It helps with walking in the night.
  • The foldable feature of the stick makes it unsteady when a lot of strain is put on it.
  • It also collapses between the hinges when it is used.
  • This walking cane also comes with a rotatable base. This rotatable base malfunctions easily when it is not handled properly.

PETRICE Professional Folding

7. Vissco Walking Stick Invalid L-shape Tripod with Universal Size

This stick is mainly made for walking impaired people especially. Vissco walking cane provides adjustable & rigid support and universal fit.Vissco Walking Stick Invalid L-shape Tripod with Universal Size

  • Vissco Walking Stick has an adjustable length.
  • It comes with a tripod shaped base
  • Also, it has a cushioned grip.
  • This will provide impaired balance while walking for the disorder of spine stroke patients.
  • The curve in the handle makes it unstable
  • And the tripod is not steady enough

Vissco L shape Tripod

8. Kds Surgical Walking Stick Quadripod with 4 Leg Croome:

This walking stick provides walking support to physically challenged individuals and old or weak patients. It is made with a coated aluminum structure. This stick has a good handle grip and you can use it on both the left and right sides.Kds Surgical Walking Stick Quadripod with 4 Leg Croome

  • KDS Surgical Walking Stick is made with an aluminum cane that protects it against corrosion and rust.
  • A wide quad-legged tip was installed on the KDS walking stick. This provides the stick with extra stability.
  • The cane includes a locking mechanism with a simple push-button. This mechanism enables the user to adjust the height.
  • This lightweight and durable cane provide enhanced stability at the time of walking.
  • The stick can’t use for heavy usage, because of its thin aluminum cane.
  • Also, the height-adjustable knob can break easily.

Surgical Quadripod Walking Stick

9. Unicron Portable Walking Strick Aluminium Alloy Handle with Professional LED Light For Old Gentleman

This cane is a portable walking stick. It can fold up into a smaller version. And this Unicron walking stick is also installed with a handgrip and an LED for better visibility. You can adjust this stick freely to different illumination angles in both night and dark environments.Unicron Portable Walking Strick Aluminium Alloy Handle with Professional LED Light For Old Gentleman

  • Unicorn Walking Stick comes with a pre-installed LED.
  • The handgrip on the stick is covered with a soft sponge. And the sponge reduces the stress on the user’s hands.
  • This walking stick supports a wide range of weights ranging from 90 to 120 kgs.
  • The aluminum alloy material is used in this product. So it will provide safety at any angle.
  • The foldable functionality hinders the performance of the stick.
  • And the LED light can malfunction sometimes

Unicron Aluminium Professional

10. Kds Surgical Walking Stick with 4 Legs

This stick is a unique product out of all walking sticks for handicapped persons. It provides a support system that makes them overcome their walking disorders. The walking stick is also suitable for all people.Kds Surgical Walking Stick with 4 Legs

  • KDS Walking Stick has a wide base that is made up of steel material.
  • This stick also provides extra stability.
  • We can easily adjust the height of this stick to provide optimum length.
  • This walking stick is made with stainless steel but protects against corrosion and rust.
  • The wide base of the stick can make its handling difficult for some children.
  • A joint that joins the cane and the stand can become weak over time. As a result, it can bend or even breakaway

Kds 4 Leg Walking Stick


In the conclusion part, it is evidently clear that there are some best walking sticks you can choose from. Now, it’s on you whether you will prefer branded walking canes from the mentioned ones. In other words, you have to consider the buying guide, the reviews, the pros and cons before you make the final call on buying any walking cane.

Now you are able to choose a good and quality walking stick for you. Make sure that you will always address your requirements and budget for buying a walking stick and then consider the suggested branded ones to buy.