Best Shuttle Bats in India-Buyers Guide

When you want to play badminton with friends and family, you need the best shuttle bat. There are many good-quality bats available online. However, it can be overwhelming to select the best one. The reason is that there so many similar-looking rackets in the market. Therefore, we have the best suggestions with the pros and cons of these bats. Most of the badminton rackets use aluminum and an isometric head shape for best results. Hitting the shuttlecock with the perfect shot can be possible if you have the right bat. Hence, you need the best grip size.

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List of Top 10 Best Shuttle Bats in India-Buyers Guide

List of Shuttle Bat

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1. Yonex ZR 100 shuttle bat ZR-Aluminum-Strung
2. Li-Ning XP-IV shuttle bat Li-Ning XP-IV
3. Feroc Shuttle Bat Feroc Shuttle Bat
4. Klapp Racket Klapp Racket
5. SUNLEY Nexta Racket SUNLEY Nexta Racket
6. Hipkoo Sports HXBRSET_BL Hipkoo Sports HXBRSET_BL
7. jaspo Steel Voyager shuttle bat jaspo Steel Voyager shuttle bat
8. Bobby Sports shuttle bat Bobby Sports shuttle bat
9. Tima Set shuttle bat Tima Set shuttle bat
10. SHIVGAN Go-Play Racket SHIVGAN Go-Play Racket

Features of Shuttle Bat

  • The shuttle bat uses durable aluminum or steel shaft.
  • Also, the grip is 3.5-inch to 5-inch for better performance.
  • Some of the racquets come from Japan and are durable.
  • All age groups can play badminton, and holding the rackets in the best way is vital.
  • Therefore, brands offer lightweight rackets with better grips.
  • The nylon fibers hit the shuttlecock with more bounce.
  • Most of the sets come with an extra bat and two or more shuttlecocks for convenience.
  • There is nylon material for the shuttles.
  • There is also a cover or carrying bag for protection and portability.

Types of Shuttle Bat

  • The shuttle bat uses two types of materials for its frame.
  • So, there are isometric head shapes with an aluminum frame and shaft.
  • Also, there are steel rod shafts and construction for the badminton rackets.
  • There are nylon fibers that bounce the shuttle.
  • Most of these rackets have a 40 square per inch size.
  • However, the size of the grip can differ. Some have up to five or six inches grip.
  • Also, some of the rackets use 3.5-inch grips.
  • Almost every bat for badminton comes with a carrying bag or cover.
  • The badminton rackets are lightweight and easy to grip.

Features to look while buying Shuttle Bat

  • The best racket for playing badminton uses an aluminum lightweight frame.
  • Also, it has an oval head and the best grip.
  • So, you will want to buy a shuttle bat that you can grip and move around with ease.
  • Some people find it difficult to control a lightweight racket.
  • Therefore, you can try using the steel bats for badminton.
  • A little more weight balances the shots.
  • Thus, we have the top ten suggestions for you.
  • These rackets come with free bags and shuttles.
  • You can select the one that fits your playing style and grip.

How to use a Shuttle Bat?

  • Almost every shuttle bat comes with a bag.
  • Thus, you can store these inside a safekeeping bag when not in use.
  • It protects the racket from dust and oxidation.
  • The steel rackets can catch rust.
  • So, you can clean these with a soft dry cloth and store them in polythene or plastic bag.
  • The aluminum bats for badminton will not rust.
  • However, they need cleaning and storing. Plus, nylon fibers can catch dust particles.
  • When you play badminton, griping the racket is vital.
  • Otherwise, it can slip out of your hands and get damages.

List of Top 10 Best Shuttle Bats in India-Buyers Guide

1. Yonex ZR 100

The Yonex rackets develop in Japan and have a high quality. It has an aluminum frame with an oval head shape.

Yonex ZR 100


  • Yonex shuttle bat has an aluminum shaft.
  • The grip is 3.5 inches.
  • There is a bag.


  • You have to store it inside a bag.
  • It is a little bit pricey.


2. Li-Ning XP-IV

Li-Ning has a grip size of 3.25 inches and aluminum material. The strings have medium flexibility for better hitting.

Li-Ning XP-IV


  • The Li-ning racket uses aluminum.
  • It has medium flexibility.
  • The weight is 90 grams.


  • It is best for beginners.
  • You have to store it in a bag.


3. Feroc Shuttle Bat

Feroc Shuttle beginners and intermediate players can play with it. It is an aluminum shuttle bat and comes in a pack of two. There is also a three shuttlecocks pack.

Feroc Shuttle Bat


  • There are two rackets.
  • The material is aluminum.
  • It comes in a two-racket pack.
  • There is a bag.


  • The Feroc shuttle racket has feathers.
  • You have to store it.


4. Klapp Racket

Klapp Shuttle Racket is for beginners. There is a badminton net, a ten shuttles pack, and two rackets.

Klapp Racket


  • There are ten shuttles.
  • The material is durable.
  • There are two rackets.


  • The net can break.
  • You have to tie the badminton net.


5. SUNLEY Nexta Racket

The steel racket can be best for smash-hitting players. Thus, it uses steel and comes with six nylon shuttles for practicing.

SUNLEY Nexta Racket


  • There is a steel shaft.
  • The pack has two rackets.
  • There are six nylon shuttles.


  • The steel can get rust.
  • You have to keep it in a dry place.


6. Hipkoo Sports HXBRSET_BL

There are two high-quality rackets with a bag and three nylon shuttle packs. The price is budget-friendly.

Hipkoo Sports HXBRSET_BL


  • There are two rackets.
  • The pack contains three nylon shuttles.
  • There is a bag for storage.


  • The rackets can bend.
  • These are not for professionals.


7. jaspo Steel Voyager

Jaspo is a steel racket and comes in a pack of two. There is a bag with three feather shuttles. Also, there is a T-joint for better durability.

jaspo Steel Voyager


  • The materials are of high quality.
  • There are two rackets.
  • It comes with three feather shuttles.


  • It is a little pricey.
  • There is no badminton net.


8. Bobby Sports

Bobby Sports package of two small badminton rackets with shuttlecocks is for kids. Toddlers and babies can play with it. There is also a bag for storing.

Bobby Sports


  • Children can play with it.
  • There are three shuttles.
  • The pack comes with a bag.


  • It is not for adults.
  • The color may vary.


9. Tima shuttle Set

These two rackets come with A-grade shuttlecocks. Also, the rackets have durable and steel construction. However, these are a little expensive. The nylon fibers make the shuttle bounce more and take a high flight.

Tima Set


  • There are two rackets.
  • The pack comes with three A-grade shuttles.
  • There are two bags.


  • It is a bit pricey.
  • There is not net in the package.


10. SHIVGAN Go-Play Racket

There are two high-quality and lightweight rackets with a bag. Also, there are three shuttles and a jumping rope. The shuttles use nylon materials and have a yellow color. You can grip it with comfort because of the 3.25-inch size.

SHIVGAN Go-Play Racket


  • It has high-quality materials.
  • There are two rackets.
  • You can use three nylon shuttles many times.
  • There is a bag for storing.


  • The pack comes without a net.
  • It comes with a single bag for two rackets.



There are many high-quality rackets for playing badminton in India. Therefore, we have the top ten recommendations that you can use to buy a shuttle bat. All of these use aluminum and steel frames and shafts. Some have durable T-joints and stronger grips. So, you can select the ones according to your playing style. Some people like to smash, while others like to give the shuttles more flight.


What is a shuttle bat?

It is a badminton racket for hitting the shuttlecock.

What is the cost of a shuttle bat?

The price of the badminton racket is between 300 INR to 1,000 INR.

Which is the best shuttle bat?   

The best racket for hitting the shuttle comes in aluminum and steel construction. There are nylon fibers that make the shuttle fly higher.