Best Walker For Adults in India Buyers Guide

Walker for adults is an external support device that provides people with disabilities a means to move about. Mobility is indeed important for everybody and it is essential to get good quality and reliable walkers for those who need them.

When it becomes difficult for people to walk either due to old age or any other affliction, a walker may become necessary for mobility.  Especially, for times when there is no caretaker around. Walkers for adults have different features.

Here we will take you through these features, provide a buying guide, and also some best walkers available online. Also, check the buyer’s guide for the Adult Diapers, Baby Diapers, Adult walking sticks, baby diaper bags, Manual Breast pumps, electric breast pumpsbaby sleeping bags, Baby carry bags, baby walkers, baby swings, and baby cradles in India.

Top 12 Best Walkers For Adults in India

List of the walkers for adults

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1. KosmoCare Aluminum Folding Walker  KosmoCare-Premium
2. Viva Healthcare Folding Walker  Healthcare-Folding
3. KosmoCare Deluxe 5 Castors Folding Walker KosmoCare-Premium
4. MCP Jindal Foldable Walker  Mcp-Economy
5. KosmoCare Premium Imported Walker  Kosmo Care Walker
6. Stander Height Adjustable & Foldable Walker  Height-Adjustable
7. NRS Healthcare Rollator and Transit Chair Height
8. Kds Surgical Foldable Walker  KDS-SURGICAL
9. Vissco Invalid Foldable Walker  Vissco-Invalid
10. Elegant Folding Walker  Elegant-Mosquito
11. Fastwell Walker with Adjustable Heavy Steel Fastwell-Adjustable
12. MEDITIVE Folding Walker  MEDITIVE-Weight

Buyers Guide – Walker for Adults

A walker for adults is a piece of medical equipment therefore the very first thing you should do before purchasing a walker is to take a recommendation from the physician. Physicians can suggest a walker based on your health condition.

However, if the physician leaves the choice to you, then here is what you need to know when buying a walker for adults:


  • The standard walker for adults is easy to use.
  • Just pick it, put it forward, and move along. On the other hand, the walker with castors may cause balance issues.
  • Specifically, people who have trouble balancing will not find the walker with wheels a good option.

Movement Plan:

  • If you have to walk the whole day, the standard walker for adults may tire you since you will constantly have to pick it up and place it forward.
  • For such people, walkers with wheels are best.
  • However, you will need a bit of balance training to use the wheeled walkers.


  • Both of the types are safe, but it depends on the health condition of the user.
  • If the user is not able to balance for long, then the walker for adults with wheels can be dangerous.

Features of Walkers for Adults

A walker for an adult should feature convenience, ease, and comfort for the user.

Here are some of the features that a walker for adults shares:


  • The frame of the walker provides handling ease to the user.
  • Usually, the frames are 1-inch thick and are light in weight.
  • That is because of the aluminum in their structure.
  • Further, the frame is adjustable as well.


  • The grip makes it easier to hold the walker.
  • Grips are installed on both sides of the walker.
  • Further, grips are made of soft materials such as gel, foam, or plastic.


  • Castors or wheels are only available on some kinds of walkers for adults.
  • The castors or wheels make the movement easier.

Types of Walkers for Adults

There are essentially two types of walkers for adults:

  • The first one is the standard walker for adults that we commonly see around us.
  • These are usually cheaper and provide the basic support for adults and are good at maintaining balance while standing.
  • The next type is the walker for adults with wheels.
  • This type has casters or wheels in the front.
  • The user has to drag this walker ahead instead of picking it up.
  • This certainly makes the movement easier.
  • Further, the reason for not adding the wheels in the rear legs is for safety.
  • The tips in the rear legs prevent the walker from rolling.

How Does a Walker for Adults Work?

The walker for adults works based on the user’s mobility. The standard walker has to move first, and then the user moves forward using the walker as support.

  1. First, the user has to hold the grip and allow the weight to balance.
  2. Then lift the walker and place it forward.
  3. Following this, the user walks forward and the first step is complete.
  4. Walker for adults with wheels works slightly differently.
  5. The user has to grip the walker and has to balance the weight on the rear of the side with no wheels.
  6. Then they have to drag it forward and rest it on the rear grip.
  7. Further, they have to move in. That completes one step.
  8. Both walkers require weight balancing.
  9. However, the standard ones require less balanced than the ones with wheels.
  10. Also, the walker price for the one with the wheels is more than the standard one.

List of Top 12 Walker for Adults in India Buyers Guide

1. KosmoCare Aluminum Height Adjustable Folding Walker Premium Imported & Lightweight:

The KosmoCare walker for adults offers subtle convenience to walking. This is an adjustable standard walker. Users can adjust this walker height between 32 and 39-inches.KosmoCare Aluminum Height Adjustable Folding


  • KosmoCare Folding Walker’s frame design enhances convenience.
  • This is durable and lightweight
  • Easily storable


  • Expensive
  • The adjustment may make the rear legs unstable

KosmoCare Walker

2. Viva Healthcare Folding Walker For Adults & Patients with Lightweight & Balanced Frame:

This walker offers both types of walkers for adults. Further, their construction, design, and styling are all the same, except for the wheels.

Viva Healthcare Folding Walker For Adults & Patients


  • Viva Folding Walker for Adults has a lightweight construction
  • You can store this easily
  • Convenient operation as well


  • Expensive
  • Some consumers are not satisfied with its durability

Healthcare Patients

3. KosmoCare Deluxe 5 Castors Folding Walker:

The KosmoCare walker for adults with wheels is a good solution for all those people who move around the entire day. Further, the walker is adjustable and there is a variation of castors available.

KosmoCare Deluxe 5 Castors Folding Walker


  • KosmoCare Deluxe Walker is adjustable and foldable.
  • 3 different castor options are available
  • Swivel castors are also available


  • Wheels are unlockable
  • Consumers report some quality issues


4. MCP Jindal Foldable Walker with Economy MS Coating:

If you are looking for an economical walker, then go for the MCP Jindal walker. This low-cost walker for adults is lightweight and sturdy.

MCP Jindal Foldable Walker with Economy


  • MCP Jindal Walker for Adults height is easily adjustable.
  • Also, this has a lightweight construction
  • Convenient storing


  • Consumers have frequently reported durability issues
  • Cannot hold more than 90 Kg

Mcp Walker

5. KosmoCare Premium Imported Walker with Folding Rollator & Seat:

This walker for adults with a seat and castors is highly recommended for people who tire easily. Instead of standing anywhere, just open the seat and take a rest.

KosmoCare Premium Imported Walker


  • KosmoCare Rollator Walker has 6-inch casters for better movement.
  • Extensive adjustment options are available
  • Convenient storage spot for carrying everyday items


  • Extremely expensive
  • Cannot hold more than 100 Kg

KosmoCare Rollator

6. Stander Height Adjustable & Foldable Walker Lightweight, Sturdy, Stationary Wheels & Storage Pouch:

The Stander walker for adults features castors and has a convenient pouch to carry anything you want with you.

Stander Height Adjustable & Foldable Walker


  • Stander Adjustable & Foldable Walker can hold up to 180 Kg of weight
  • A convenient storage pouch is a great feature
  • Adjustable height and foldable walker


  • This walker for adults is slightly heavier than some similar products
  • Quite costly

Stander Walker

7. NRS Healthcare 2-in-1 Rollator and Transit Chair Height Adjustable M58203 with Lightweight Aluminium Frame:

NRS 2-in-1 walker for adults is another premium walker on our list. It is a rollator with plenty of features.

NRS Healthcare 2-in-1 Rollator and Transit Chair Height


  • NRS Healthcare Walker’s seat is comfortable.
  • Castor brakes with comprehensive height adjustment
  • Also, this includes a detachable footrest


  • Walker price is too much
  • Folding it can be an issue


8. Kds Surgical Foldable Walker with Height Adjustable for Adults, Patients & Old Age People:

KDS walker for adults is another solution available in a moderate price range. Further, it is adjustable and foldable too.Kds Surgical Foldable Walker with Height


  • KDSsurgical Adjustable Foldable Walker’s height is adjustable.
  • Also, this walker price is reasonable
  • Storing it is not a trouble


  • Consumers report that the base breaks down overtime
  • Stability issues

KDS Walkingshree surgical

9. Vissco Invalid Foldable Walker with Adjustable Castors:

Vissco Invalid is a walker for adults with castors. It is a fine option for all those who want to experience seamless movement.Vissco Invalid Foldable Walker with Adjustable Castors


  • Vissco Invalid Foldable Walker is suitable for patients before & after an operation.
  • Adjustable and suitable for a variety of weights and heights
  • Helps improve balance


  • Heavy
  • Overtime the castors begin to make noise

Vissco Walker

10. Elegant Folding Walker Mosquito Net Sturdy for Body Comfort:

Lightweight and adjustable walkers are the best picks because of the convenience they offer. The elegant walker’s price is comparatively less and it has some decent features to offer.

Elegant Folding Walker Mosquito Net Sturdy for Body Comfort


  • Elegant Mosquito Net Foldable Walker height can be easily adjusted.
  • Structure is lightweight
  • Fold it and store it whenever you are done using it


  • Not good for the people with a height of 6 feet and above
  • Plenty of quality issues

Elegant Walker

11. Fastwell Folding Walker with Height Adjustable Heavy Steel Balanced Frame:

The Fastwell walker for adults is good for both normal weight and healthy people. It balances the weight well enough not to cause stability issues.Fastwell Folding Walker with Height


  • Fastwell Folding Walker is light in weight but supports heavy people
  • Adjustable and reciprocal
  • Storing this walker is not a problem


  • Consumer report quality issues
  • Walker price is high

Fastwell walker

12. MEDITIVE Folding Walker with Light Weight, Optional Reciprocal Movement, Wheels for Adults & Patients:

MEDITIVE standard walker for adults has a double bar lightweight structure. Further, the walker price is fine as per the features it offers.MEDITIVE Folding Walker with Light Weight, Height Adjustable


  • MEDITIVE Lightweight Walker has enhanced stability with double bar & reciprocal movement.
  • Aluminum built lightweight structure
  • Storing ease


  • The walker shakes
  • Users report that it can only hold up to 90 Kg

MEDITIVE Folding Walker


Walker for adults is a great solution to movement issues faced by the ailing or old. It provides a certain sense of stability and mobility to people who would otherwise be stranded in one place.


What is the purpose of a walker?

The walker for adults is to make it easier for the patients and people with weaknesses to move.

How much do walkers cost?

The walker’s price depends on the features and durability. The more the features, the higher will be the cost.

What is the correct height for a walker?

The correct height for a walker is that in which your elbows bend at 15 degrees while holding the grip.

What is the best walker for seniors?

Both types of walkers for adults are good for seniors. It depends on their health status. If they can manage to stabilize the walker, then one with the wheels is fine. Else they should use the standard one.

What is the best rollator walker?

The best rollator walker is the one that has sufficient features to offer. If you need convenient pockets, seats, and brakes, then the one having all these features is surely the best.

What is the correct way to use a walker?

  1. The suggested way is to first place the walker in front of you.
  2. The wheels or the legs of the walker should be touching the ground equally.
  3. Then lean towards the walker and stand by putting pressure on your arms, holding the armrest of the chair.
  4. When standing up, do not put weight on the walker, especially if it has wheels.
  5. After that, grip the walker, but do not move yet. First, balance your weight and make yourself steady.
  6. Then push the walker forward, and then move your weaker leg forward.
  7. Next, bring in the stronger leg ahead of the weaker leg.
  8. Repeat this process to use the walker for adults.

How do I choose a walker?

The first consideration is your health. The points to ascertain are: can you balance your weight and how much can you stabilize your posture. Depending on that, you may pick a walker. If you can stabilize yourself then choose the walker for adults with wheels, else pick the standard one.

Which is better a cane or a walker?

Both of the items are good for their purposes. Canes are good as long as the patient is having health issues on one side of the body or is relatively healthy and just needs some stability. On the other hand, the adult walker is for those patients that suffer from health issues in the entire body.