List of Varieties of Whisper Pads in India-Buyers Guide

The menstrual period is a very difficult time for a woman. It is the time when she is most vulnerable and sensitive both physically and emotionally. Everything seems unbearable and then there are cramps to make it worse. Not using suitable sanitary Whisper pads or tampon makes it even worse. So it is very important to buy sanitary pads that go with a woman’s body and period type. Also, check the buyers guide for the best maternity pads & Sanitary pads for women in India.

Now that I have mentioned sanitary pads, I must mention the name of Whisper Sanitary Napkins. Whisper is a well-known Indian Sanitary pad brand that has become popular worldwide for its quality products.

List of Whisper pads varieties in India

List of Whisper pads

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1. Whisper Ultra Clean Sanitary Pads for Women Whisper-Ultra-Clean-Sanitary-Pads Whisper-Ultra-Clean-Sanitary-Pads
2. Whisper Ultra Night Sanitary Pads for Women, XL Whisper-Ultra-Overnight-Sanitary-Wings Whisper-Ultra-Overnight-Sanitary-Wings
3. Whisper Ultra Soft Sanitary Pads for Women, XL Whisper-Ultra-Soft-Sanitary-Pads Whisper-Ultra-Soft-Sanitary-Pads
4. Whisper Choice Sanitary Pads for Women, XL Whisper-Choice-Ultra-Wings-Extra Whisper-Choice-Ultra-Wings-Extra
5. Whisper Maxi Fit Sanitary Pads -15 Pads  Whisper-Maxi-Fit-Regular-Pads Whisper-Maxi-Fit-Regular-Pads
6. Whisper Ultra Soft Sanitary Pads – 15 XL Whisper-Ultra-Soft-Sanitary-Pads Whisper-Ultra-Soft-Sanitary-Pads
7. Whisper Choice Ultra Sanitary 6 Pads Whisper-Choice-Ultra-Sanitary-Pads Whisper-Choice-Ultra-Sanitary-Pads

Features of Whisper Pads

  • That is one of the reasons why they are so popular.
  • Whisper has created different products considering the customers’ needs.
  • Now, different women go through different types of menstrual periods.
  • Some have a heavy flow, some do not and all women do not have periods for the number of days.
  • It varies from person to person. So, keeping in mind these major factors, Whisper has added different features to its products. Let’s take a look at the most common and popular features.

Night Sanitary Napkins

  • During this period time, it is not possible for a woman to wake up in the middle of the night to change her pads.
  • These night sanitary napkins are made such that a woman will pass the whole night soundly sleeping with no bloodstains.

Ultra Soft Pads

  • If a woman has a sensitive pelvic area, these sanitary pads will do their work without causing any irritation or itch.

Heavy Flow Pads

  • This one is for women who have a heavy flow and have to change their pads very frequently.

Types of Whisper Pads

If we are considering the main materials of the pads, These can be categorized into two types— cotton pads and odor lock gels.

Cotton Sanitary Pads

  • These are made with cotton and comparably thicker and more eco-friendly.
  • The thickness may vary considering the user’s flow.

Odor-lock Gel Sanitary Pads

  • These pads are so thin they can be literally compared with sheets.
  • These pads have a layer of odor-lock chemical which turns liquid into gel and does not let it leak.
  • They also cancel out the bad odour of period blood.

These pads also come in different sizes considering the purpose it serves.

Buyer’s Guide-Whisper Pad

  • These pads are very popular, you can find them in any medicine store and general store.
  • Online stores have available products of Whisper as well.
  • Read the product description to know what purpose the pads serve and decide if it suits you.
  • Also, don’t forget to check the expiration date.
  • The gel pads turn the period blood into a gel-type substance and do not let it leak.

How to use Whisper Pads

  • Before the manufacturing of sanitary pads, women used to use peace of clothes and other means to deal with period blood.
  • It was really unhygienic. Pads are a way healthier product.
  • Cotton pads absorb the period blood with cotton inside it.
  • A Whisper cotton pad can absorb up to 8 mL of liquid before leaking.

Top 7 Varieties of Whisper Pads in India

1. Whisper Ultra Clean Sanitary Pads for Women, XL+ 44 Napkins

This is a combo pack of 44 pads which means you don’t have to buy pads for a long time. It is disposable and has a delightful scent.

Whisper Ultra Clean Sanitary Pads for Women


  • It locks up odor and wetness.
  • It is soft and provides dry protection.
  • The pads are super thin.


  • Too thin for heavy flow.


2. Whisper Ultra Night Sanitary Pads for Women, XL+ 30 Napkins

These pads have dri-weave covers which provide soft and dry protection. These pads are disposable and nearly 40% longer than any other pads which give more coverage.

Whisper Ultra Night Sanitary Pads for Women


  • Very suitable for heavy flow days.
  • Comfortable for night-time use.



  • Less hygienist than the cotton pads.


3. Whisper Ultra Soft Sanitary Pads for Women, XL 50 Napkins

These super soft pads are 20% longer than regular pads. The packaging of this product may vary but the pads will be the same.

Whisper Ultra Soft Sanitary Pads for Women


  • These pads are very soothing to the skin.
  • Very suitable for those who have sensitive skin.
  • It has stretchable wings that keep the pad in place.



  • Costlier than other similar products.


4. Whisper Choice Sanitary Pads for Women, XL

This Whisper product comes in a package containing 6, 7 and 20 pads. These pads have very long wings and soft pores that drive liquid to the core and lock it away immediately

Whisper Choice Sanitary Pads for Women


  • It gives stain protection up to 100%.
  • Nearly 20 percent longer for more coverage


  • Does not work for heavy flow periods.


5. Whisper Maxi Fit Sanitary Pads -15 Pads (Regular)

Whisper Maxi Fit Sanitary Pads have a dri-weave top sheet that keeps the user feeling clean and dry throughout her period.

Whisper Maxi Fit Sanitary Pads


  • Very suitable for long hours.
  • It prevents the absorbed blood from returning to the surface.



  • Comparably thicker than other pads.


6. WUltra Soft Sanitary Pads – 15 Count Extra Large (XL)

As the name suggests, these Sanitary pads are extra soft which is gentle to the skin. It is a combo of 15 pads and each pad is nearly 40 percent longer for more coverage.

WUltra Soft Sanitary Pads - 15 Count Extra Large


  • The stretchable wings keep the pad in place.
  • It has fresh odorless pearls that capture period odor.



  • Not suitable for heavy flow periods.


7. Whisper Choice Ultra Sanitary 6 Pads

This is a small combo pack of 6 Whisper Choice Ultra pads. These pads are long-lasting and the wider back of these pads’ gives better coverage and protection against back leakage throughout the night.

Whisper Choice Ultra Sanitary


  • These pads are small in size which makes them very easy to carry in a bag.
  • These pads have long-lasting absorbency.



  • Some people might find it rough to the skin.



The pelvic and vaginal area of a woman’s body is very sensitive and prone to bacterial disease. So being unhygienic during the menstrual period should not be an option. Consider the best for your health and try to use cotton pads instead of gel ones. Also, change your pad frequently after a few hours. Keep clean and be safe.



Which whisper pad is best for heavy flow?

Whisper Ultra Nights Extra Heavy Flow is the best Whisper pad for heavy flow. These pads will let you sleep during your period nights without any leakage and wet irritation.


How many types of Whisper pads are there?

There are a total of 7 different types of Whisper pads considering the lengths of the pads.

The other types of pads are— Ultra-soft, Ultra clean, ultra nights, and regular wings. 


Are whisper pads harmful?

The odour-lock gel pads are not recommended by medical experts. If gel pads are used for a long time, the chemical gel becomes a great system for fungus and bacteria. This can cause skin disease and even cancer.


Which pad is best for the night?

Just like the name says, Whisper Ultra Nights Extra Heavy Flow is the best for the night.


Which pad is best during periods?

That depends on the user and the flow. All Sanitory pads are quality products. You just have to choose the right one for you.