What is renewed in Amazon?

What is renewed in Amazon?

Amazon is a very big online market which is providing the opportunity to buy anything you want by staying at home. You can find anything on Amazon that you want. Amazon makes it sure that everyone can shop from them easily so for this they also sell used or unpacked items. But sometimes it is hard to trust in someone for buying used items but on Amazon certified sellers sell those items. The items returned by Amazon customers due to some fault etc. also resold through Amazon renewed.  Amazon not only sells items online but also gives opportunities to people to start their business there. If you want to sell open or used items on Amazon then renewed in Amazon is an option for you.

But it doesn’t mean that Amazon will allow anyone to sell used items. You have to apply for selling refurbished items, they will accept or reject the proposal based on your product quality. A renewed seller has to go through a process for registering their account. Amazon does proper diagnostic tests for products, clean them thoroughly, replace changeable parts, and repack for selling. The seller also has to provide all the accessories that come with the new product to the customer. You have to give them a warranty for the used products as they cannot ruin their name in the market.

How to register as a seller on renewed Amazon?

You have to open an account for selling used items on Amazon. After January 2020 Amazon has limited the accounts for selling refurbished items and only allows old sellers for it. But still, you can apply, they will professionally investigate and can allow you. For registration, you have to follow some steps.

  • First of all, you have to register on Amazon by making an Amazon seller account. Open the Amazon website and enter your information.
  • Then check out the product that you can sell on Amazon. You can check it by visiting a database called “Jungle scout” to know about available products. It is recommended to go for products which are high in demand but competition is less. This database provides a whole list of products, you can choose your choice.
  • Check the source from where you can get those refurbished items for selling.
  • Once you have registered as a certified seller, now it is the time to apply for a refurbished seller. But for applying for this you have to fulfill some requirements.


Requirements for applying as renewed Amazon

Amazon has set a specific order number that has to be crossed after applying for a renewed account.
The seller has to show invoices of 50000 dollars or 500 orders of refurbished items within 3 months of applying. Items having a price lower than 15 dollars will not be included in this. But you can count their amount if you are showing your progress in dollars. This process for people newly registered as Amazon sellers.

If you are already an Amazon seller and applying for a renewed account then you have to face different criteria. You have to maintain the order defect rate of less than 0.8 percent in 90 days.

You will have to show 3 months warranty for your refurbished products you are selling.

If you want to sell Apple products then you have to get approval for that. You have to provide invoices of 2.5 million dollars of Apple refurbished items within 3 months of application.

If you have fulfilled all the above-mentioned things, now you are ready to sell the items.

Products sold in Amazon renewed

Amazon is allowing the sale of any kind of products like smartphones, electronics, kitchen appliances, automobiles spare parts, TVs, musical instruments, and kitchen machinery. Any product you are selling, you have to sell in good condition and have to give 3 months money-back guarantee. If your product defect rate more than 0.8 percent in 90 days, then you will not be able to be a certified seller.


Can I get a profit through Amazon’s renewed program?

Yes, you can get enough profit through it. As mentioned that not all sellers sell products through this program. He/She should have a maximum number of sales. This reduces the competition and only cream sellers can facilitate through it. So, if you are one of those who fulfill the criteria, then you get a good profit.

What items can I sell through renewed in Amazon?

You can sell anything that you want. But to increase the sale always recommended choosing high demand items. Mostly people search for home appliances, electronics, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, watches, music instruments, sports items, cameras, automobile parts, and other types of products. So choose them for selling. Amazon doesn’t allow reselling of items like clothes, handbags, makeup products, and shoes.

Why should I choose renewed in Amazon?

Why not, as it is a very big international marketplace. Many people trust Amazon while online shopping. If someone is low in budget, they will go for used items. They will surely visit Amazon, as many people in India are doing. This will increase your sale and promote your business. So choosing renewed in amazon.in will be good for business.

How much I have to pay for registering for renewed in Amazon?

As it’s linked with Amazon Seller Account, Amazon offering free seller services for India. So, this account will also be free from any charges. You can easily start your sale there but your account will be certified after 3 months when you will fulfill their requirements.

Do all products sold on renewed Amazon are used products?

No, they all are not used products. Unpacked products also included in them. If any customer found any issue in manufacturing, size, or anything, he returns it. The company fixes the problem and sells it under refurbished items. Used products sold under the “used items” category.

What happens if I cannot fulfill the requirements for selling in renewed in Amazon?

Amazon has fixed some requirements for selling renewed or refurbished products. The seller has to provide invoices of 50000 dollars sale within 90 days. If you failed in providing it, you still able to sell products under standard ASINs.

Official Website: https://services.amazon.in/renewed.html