Best Vehicle Tracking Systems in India – Buyers Guide

Have you ever wondered how employers keep track of their employees who are out in the field? The modern world has made this pretty easy. It’s pretty easy to be tracked down as long as you have some equipment with you.  The vehicle tracking system enables real-time pin-point locations to the administrator usually via GPS systems. The main agenda for all these innovations is vehicle tracking. Tracking devices have become quite minute and inconspicuous. The latest technological innovations have perfected these tracking techniques.

Many people have made quite a stink about the ethical implications of tracking systems. Other benefits however far outweigh this objection. In fact, employers rarely use these systems to track down employee activity.

Rather, they provide secure systems against theft and hijacking. Of course, they inadvertently expose any other unscrupulous activities. Advanced systems can easily provide more comprehensive fleet data. This can help in maintenance planning for firms.

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Best Vehicle Tracking Systems

List of Best Vehicle Tracking Device
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1. ZAICUS ST-901 GSM &GPS Tracker ZAICUS-Waterproof
2. AutowizObdGps Car Tracker Autowiz- Car-Tracker
3. Garmin GPS etrex10 Garmin-GPS
4. LETSTRACK Vehicle GPS Tracking Device LETSTRACK-Vehicle-Tracking
5. SAM GPS Security Mini Waterproof GPS Tracker Device SAM-Waterproof-GPS-Security
6. TrackME GSM based GPS Tracker TrackME-Vehicle-Tracking
7. Trakbond GPS Tracker Trakbond-Locator-Tracker
8. Akari GPS Tracker Device Bytevice-Plastic-Tracker
9. ZAICUS GPS Tracker GT02A ZAICUS-Tracker
10. G06NW GOOME Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracking G06NW-Vehicle-Tracking-System

Buyers Guide – Vehicle Tracking System

There are several factors to consider when selecting the appropriate GPS tracker for use whether for individuals or organizations.

  • Pricing:

This is the main decider. You simply have to stay within your budget. The devices are usually unique in terms of accuracy based on their receiving abilities.  This, therefore, means that the trackers can have the same function yet be starkly dissimilar in pricing.

  • Purpose:

There are several applications for trackers. The particular purpose for purchasing a tracker will determine the most appropriate type. For instance, if the reason s for security, a passive tracker cannot be used.

  • Integration:

The ability to integrate the monitored system with the tracker is pretty vital. Trackers are used to monitor multiple parameters such as refueling state, door states, and even vehicle performance parameters.

This is way more than the standard location and speed tracking features. The tracker must, therefore, be capable of integrating with the system that controls or monitors all these parameters.

  • Maintenance:

These high-tech gadgets will require frequent monitoring and calibration to retain accuracy and efficiency. Ensure that the selected device has reliable customer support that can assist in resolving issues and performing any other after-sales service.

  • Interface Features:

Select a device that is simply easy to operate. The whole GPS technology is quite complex and therefore cannot be easily navigated. The best device must provide a very simplified interface with zero or minimal settings and calibration demands for the user to avoid complications.

  • Ethics:

Tracking is very much classifiable as a violation. Ensure that the desired track is within the confines of the local regulations and does not violate any rights.

Vehicle tracking systems help in making personal economic and activity evaluations. Most drivers have at some point tried to determine their exact fuel consumption, distance to and from a location and so on. Having a clear record of distance and speed can definitely improve the accuracy and ease of such valuations.

Features of Tracking Systems:

The typical tracking system doesn’t require much to operate. The main features are usually based on the type of device. For every functionality, there will be a component to facilitate it. More modern devices are however no longer as cumbersome as the earlier ones.

The following are some of the key features:

A Power Source: gadget designing now comprises advanced tech. Smaller batteries with higher endurance and power ratings are now available. The device can also derive power from a solar system either integrated into the device shell or in a different location. Main vehicle power sources can power up the device whether from the engine generator or the vehicle’s batteries.

Communications Antennae: Not all devices necessarily possess this feature. The antennae however the receptor and transmitter of all communications and can even transmit in real-time on advanced devices.

The Server: Devices are useless without deciphering the transmissions. The server is configured to pick up any transmissions either continuously or at designated intervals. It provides an exchange platform for the device and the output interface.

Applications of Tracking Device:  

As mentioned above, the main utilization for vehicle tracking systems is in fleet tracking systems. This extends from public traffic control to personal fleet monitoring. Businesses use this positioning technology to manage resources.

This improves efficiency since operations rarely go as planned. Relying on planned schedules can lead to delays from unplanned inconveniences.

A tracing system, however, will help give the actual progress whether it’s personnel travel or goods delivery. The public system has also greatly benefited from vehicle tracking systems. For instance, buses and trains can be pinpointed by the responsible authorities.

Passengers can also use this information to make travel decisions. It can also help authorities to make performance evaluations based on actual results observed on the tracking system.

Let’s Find out the Applications:

Aviation Industry:

For the aviation industry, tracking significantly improves the safety factor of flying. These systems help the traffic controllers to make informed decisions when directing aircraft. In these industries, a higher accuracy level is a must.

Children Protection:

Parents have also found these tracking systems to be useful for keeping tabs on their children. This aspect can, of course, be challenged on ethical grounds. It’s however worth noting that this application has saved lives in many instances. Parents have previously fouled abductions and vehicle theft attempts.

Insurance and Policing:

Ultimately, insurance and policing recommendations have popularised the use of tracking systems for vehicles. This does not however actually provide physical safety barriers.

It however greatly improves recovery rates which will subsequently discourage theft. Most car manufacturers have already started installing these tracking devices on their products. These tracking devices can also help alert the owners as well as the security organs of any unusual activity.

How The GPS Tracker Works:

The GPS tracker uses radio technology to locate any target. 24 satellites globally make up the system as well as their ground stations. GPS is available for civilian applications after a stint in military applications originally. The system can pinpoint the location of anything with a GPS tracker. The tracker makes use of the Global Navigation Satellite System network.

Special satellite signals are transmitted by the system which is received and processed to give location and speed. The orbiting satellites provide consistent radio signal transmissions to the ground. Tracking stations located across the globe help the system to estimate the location within very close tolerances.

The locating system uses three satellites for each triangulation to detect position accurately. The receiver, therefore, must be able to pick up a transmission from at least three satellites.

Devices that can receive signals from more satellites provide better accuracy. This concept has also been in practice for a while using cell phone tower signals. Manufacturers of mobile devices have however since adapted to the GPS systems due to its better accuracy and wider ranges.

Categories of Vehicle Tracking Systems:

There is quite a variety of tracking devices on the market. The passive and active types are broad categories.  The passive types are basically data storage devices that simply record all the activity going on around a vehicle. The data recorded by this type of tracking device is accessed after the vehicle returns to base for analysis.

Already, this design poses a lot of loopholes, especially when used as a safety device. The ‘black box is an advanced version for aircraft. The main purpose is to understand the vehicle’s condition in case of an accident.

The active tracking system is a more interactive type.  This system requires installations on both the vehicle and at the base station. These installations will provide a line of communication at all times.

It will, therefore, provide real-time tracking. The device on the vehicle records all its designated parameters and transmits it. The device at the station will receive the data and analyses it accordingly.

This system provides more effective racking and can identify any anomalies quickly. More advanced tracking devices now combine both active and passive operations. This helps provide real-time tracking while ensuring that data will not be lost in case transmission fails for one reason or the other.

Types of Vehicle Tracking Systems:

There are several types of GPS tracking systems that can be implemented on vehicles. The differences are mainly in operation principles and therefore provide different levels of convenience for users.

Data Logger: This type of tracker simply records the interval location of a vehicle depending on the pre-setting. This tracker provides a sort of ‘dot-map’. The map can be interlinked to show movement patterns. This type is passive since the purpose is simply to provide route optimization.

Data pusher: This is the most popular type since it provides interval data on location as well as greater interaction features. It is basically a GPS Beacon. The ability to transmit for instant analysis makes it an active and real-time device.

The Data Pullers: This type of tracker is a transponders. They don’t just provide intermittent transmission of location data but rather transmit on request. They are therefore more demand-based devices. This can perhaps be in the event of theft may be on a vehicle. The tracker will be dormant unless otherwise remotely activated on request.

List of Top 10 Best Vehicle Tracking Systems in India Buyers Guide

Navigation becomes easier if you can retrace your steps when lost or disoriented. The vehicle tracking system is often equipped with a history display option. Movement evaluation becomes possible there forth.

How many times have you lied to your boss that you are sick? Many employers catch employees off-guard at the beach after feigning illness yet use a company vehicle for other activities. These tracking systems can, therefore, provide effective employee monitoring, especially during working hours.

The use of tracking systems has its own downsides. Bad elements can take advantage of tracking data to better eliminate their targets. It can also pose a very grave invasion of privacy risks for employees, children and even important public figures.

1. ZAICUS Waterproof GSM & GPS Vehicle Tracker for Car/Motorcycle:

Zaicus vehicle tracking system is best suitable for both motorized and non-motorized vehicles. This product has featured an impressively long-lasting battery. The battery is built-in securely into its body. The device is also waterproof to withstand the elements regardless of the selected location on the vehicle.

ZAICUS Waterproof Built-in Battery GSM GPS Tracker for Car Motorcycle Vehicle Tracking Device with 1 Year Free Tracking Software APP
ZAICUS Waterproof Built-in Battery GSM GPS Tracker for Car Motorcycle with Free Tracking Software
  • It offers several alert systems for over speed and location shifts with very high accuracy levels.
  • GPS sensitivity 162Db with location accuracy of 10 meters & 2D RMS
  • Battery 150mah,geo-fence alarm, over speed alarm, low power alarm, Waterproof.
  • Vehicle tracker Dimension is 3.2cm X 9cm
  • Device weight is 81.6gms
  • Get 1 Year free vehicle tracking software app.


2. Autowiz GPS Vehicle Tracker for Car Plug N Play: 

This device provides top of the range of real-time tracking for any size of the device with pinpoint accuracy. The GPS tracker goes the extra mile and monitors car health in addition to location monitoring.

Autowiz Car Tracker - Plug N Play, Live Vehicle Tracking, Car Health And Mileage Monitoring
Autowiz  Car Tracker – Vehicle Tracking and Car Health and Mileage Monitoring
  • Easy to set up & easily adjustable in cars OBDII Port.
  • The car monitor gives critical details of temperature as well as an alert system for extreme conditions.
  • It comes with a very handy tracking app
  • Vehicle tracker has dimensions of 6.3cm x4.8cm x2.8cm & weight is 49.9gms


3. Garmin Vehicle Tracking System:

The Garmin tracker offers detailed location identification using an updated and preloaded worldwide base map. The system features a clarity enhanced 2.2-inch monochrome display. It uses a quick and accurate receiver that offers very reliable location data.

Garmin GPS vehicle tracking system
Garmin GPS vehicle tracking system
  • This device is waterproof.
  • It ensures normal performance in wet conditions or locations.
  • Dimensions are 3.3cm x 10.2cm x 5.3cm & weight is 141 gms
  • It comes with a screen display of size 2.2inches
  • No External memory but a rechargeable battery is included.


4. LETSTRACK UNO Vehicle GPS Tracking Device:

LETSTRACK Vehicle Tracking System comes with a reliable battery for power provisions. And this is suitable for all kinds of devices and comes with effective attachment features. It features top-of-the-range receivers that can quickly establish locations and make transmissions at regular intervals.

LETSTRACK HUMANISING TECHNOLOGY Vehicle GPS Tracking Device for Car, Bus and Truck
LETSTRACK HUMANISING TECHNOLOGY UNO Vehicle GPS Tracking Device for Car, Bus, and Truck
  • This device has an in-built battery back – up so that you can use this for a time period without a direct power source
  • LETSTRACK Vehicle Tracking System provides uninterrupted real-time tracking of your vehicles.
  • You can create unlimited zone alerts with this device which ensures you know when your vehicle enter/exit predetermined zones
  • Vehicle Tracking GPS device dimensions 9cmx 4.5cm x1.4cm
  • Device weight is 45.4gms


5. SAM Mini Waterproof GPS Tracker Device with GPS Security:

This device offers real-time tracking via a cloud server, accessible via its application. It can record and evaluate vehicle movement and performance history for later evaluation. Also, SAM Vehicle Tracking System features a security alarm system that can raise an alarm when the vehicle goes beyond set boundaries or performs unusually.

SAM GPS Security Mini Waterproof GPS Tracker Device with Anti Theft Alarm
SAM GPS Security Mini Waterproof GPS Tracker Device with Anti Theft Alarm
  • SAM portable GPS tracker provides a convenient and inconspicuous monitoring system.
  • This GPS Tracker fits all kinds of vehicles without the need for external power.
  • Maintains driving history & also geo-fence with daily statistics
  • Device size is 7.8cm x4.1cm x1.3cm
  • Weight is 27.2gms
  • Come with 1 Year Warranty


6. TrackME GPS Tracker GSM Based with Real-Time Vehicle Tracking: 

The Trackme Vehicle tracking System offers one of the best monitoring systems for trucks and taxis. This GPS Tracker comes with a convenient mobile application and a solid battery. Trackme device offers one of the best monitoring systems for trucks and taxis.

TrackME GSM based GPS tracker for Car Bike Truck Taxi real time vehicle tracking with mobile APP
TrackME GSM based GPS tracker for Car Bike Truck Taxi with mobile APP
  • This is an Anti-Theft device along with a real-time Vehicle Tracking feature.
  • It sends an SMS or calls alert when the vehicle is started, over speeding, or out of the geo-fence limit.
  • GPS tracker can also run on both the android system and the IOS system for convenience.
  • The tracker can operate both passively and actively depending on preference settings with an optional monitoring alarm system.
  • It works with any 2G Simcard
  • Dimension is 80cmx 10cmx 10cm & weight is 99.8gms


7. Trakbond GPS Tracking System for Kids with SIM CARD: 

Trakbond GPS Tracker can monitor children’s activities and give alarms and notifications for any unusual activity. It features durable and rechargeable batteries that will definitely last longer outside the home than your little one. This particular device monitors kids in all scenarios.

Trakbond GPS Tracker for Kids- Smallest Size-Accurate Live Tracking-Pre-Installed SIM Card
Trakbond GPS Tracking System for Kids with Pre-Installed SIM Card
  • It requires no setup, coming with a full-function and accurate live tracking system.
  • A help button to the device helps to track the kid’s location
  • The device comes with free subscriptions and an easy to interpret user guide.
  • Weight is 299gms
  • Device size is – 4cm x4.5cm x2.3cm


8. Akari GPS Tracker Device Vehicle Tracker with APP:

This device comes with a Real-Time Tracking feature which means you can track vehicles by a mobile application or desktop at any time. This device is best suitable for cars, trucks, and even cycles.

Akari GPS Tracker Device for Car-Bike-Truck-Scooty Real Time Tracking with Mobile APP
Akari GPS Tracker Device for Car/Bike/Truck/Scooty with Mobile APP
  • The Akari tracker operates with GPS technology via 2G or better networks and it comes with a fully detailed user manual.
  • It provides real-time monitoring services with very accurate outputs.
  • It also provides convenient history tracking with the route details on Google Maps in a large memory base.
  • Device weight is 608gms & size is 29.4cmx 12.4cmx 7.6cm


9. ZAICUS Vehicle Tracking System GPS Tracker with APP:

This device requires a working mobile network to operate and can be fitted with a network provider’s SIM card. And ZAICUS Vehicle real-time tracker is perfect for accurate vehicle monitoring services.

ZAICUS 4 Band car GPS Tracker Google Link Real Time Tracking Live Tracking
ZAICUS Car GPS Tracker Real Time Live Tracking
  • This device is best for tracking cars or trucks or motorcycles or even lorry roo.
  • It is both durable and water-resistant for tougher applications yet maintains reliable monitoring data.
  • Vehicle tracker device weight is 141gms
  • GPS Vehicle tracker size is 16cm x14.3 cm x 6.3cm


10. G06NW GOOME GPS Vehicle Tracking System with Google Map:

The Go6NW features top of the range location detection software using multiple satellites for pinpoint accuracy. This GPS Vehicle Tracking System can operate with Google Map IOS and Android to provide real-time data for both location and vehicle conditions.

G06NW GOOME Real Time GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems with Google Map iOS and Android
G06NW GT-06N GPS Vehicle Tracking System with Google Map iOS and Android
  • Features include Kilometer summary & history playback of route track summary with 2 months history backup in server groups.
  • The device comprises a memory feature for history tracking. It can be conveniently downloaded or transmitted for analysis.
  • GPS Vehicle Tracking size is 14.4cm x7.4 cm x 2cm
  • GPS Vehicle tracking device weight 118gms


At the present moment, you have successfully reviewed the top Vehicle Tracking Systems in the market. So, it should be easy for you to determine which vehicle tracking systems or GPS trackers will meet your requirements and wishes of using the best tracker.

You have become familiar with the features, pros, and cons of the most popular tracking systems of the market along with a good buying guide. All these things make it easy for you to make a good choice of vehicle tracker and have the rest of the benefits.