Table fan is one of the usual electronic products in homes, offices, shops & Business Locations. There are many best table fans available in the market with great features. Here we are listing out 10 top fans along with valuable features.

You will agree with me that we may not have complete control of air circulation over what nature offers. It is for this reason that we need to find ideal solutions that will make our lives more bearable. A stuffy room is one of the predisposing factors that will lead to chronic respiratory diseases such as Tuberculosis if you are in the same closed room with an infected person.

In the initial year’s table fans where the only alternative but now in this era, we have many changes i.e. Increase in the providers, brands. models, capacity, colors, etc., but still mostly the ceiling fans are used nowadays due to its features.

Best Table Fans for Home and Office Use

List of the top ten types of table fans Check at Amazon Check at
1. Havells High-Speed Table Fan Havells-Dzire havells-dzire
2. Usha Maxx Air Fan
Usha-Maxx-Air usha-maxx-air-400mm
3. VGuard Personal Fan Lap Breeze 250mm Sweep Size with Speed Control V-Guard-Personal v-guard-5-blade-table
4. Enamic UK Laurels Fan Enamic-UK-Laurels enamic-air-wall-cum
5. Orient Electric Wind Pro Fan Orient-Electric-Wind orient-electric-blade
6. CASTOR Pedestal Fan with Timer, Silent Function CASTOR-Black castor-3-blade-wall
7. Bajaj Esteem 400mm Table Fan Bajaj-Table-White bajaj-esteem-fan
8. iBELL Premium Table Fan High-Speed White iBELL-Noise-Motor ibell-406-mm-3-blade
9. Crompton HiFlo Eva 16-inch Table Fan Crompton-Eva-Table-White crompton-high-flo
10. STARVIN Happy Home 3 in 1 Metal Ceiling, Wall, Table Cabin Fan STARVIN-Laurels-Ceiling

List of the Top Ten Types of Table Fans for Home and Office Use

1. Havells 300 MM High-Speed 300mm Table Fan:

This table fan is the perfect remedy for this discomfort. When you have this type of fan in your room, you will have full control of your life.Havells Table Fan

  • This type of fan is designed in such a way that it makes your room cozy and conducive to fresh air.
  • You may be gasping how good this table fan is.
  • In this regard, you need to be aware of its specifications and other related features.
  • These improved features of Havells Table Fan make your life better.

Havells Dzire-Highhavells-d-zire-fan

2. Usha 400 MM Maxx Air 55-Watt White Table Fan:

Usha Maxx Fan has 400 millimeters sweep with an elegantly designed fan base which is 3 leaf transparent blades. You will notice that this fan has a stylish look with a pull cord for speed control for oscillation and speed. The type of fan blades ensures that you get the optimum air delivery across the entire room.Usha Maxx Air 400mm

    • This table fan has a guard made of 120 ribs and it makes you relaxed and fresh summer long.
    • As far as energy consumption is concern, you will pay a little amount of money for the electricity bill.
  • This type of fan comes in compact and trendy make that add you an exciting touch on your table.
  • It is highly utilitarian and thus it consumes less energy while ensuring good air circulation; superior corner to corner air circulation.
  • You will notice that this fan has an input power of 55 watts and a rated voltage and has a motor overheat protection.

Usha Maxxusha-table-fan

3. VGuard 250 MM Fan Sweep Size with Speed Control:

This table fan work under the principle of electricity and magnetism. Inside the motor, you will see that there is a capacitor that gives the motor the starting torque and thus allowing it to start and run. This produces as swepp speed from 250mm blades. When the electrical current reaches the motor, it immediately enters into the coils of wires which are actually wrapped around the base of a core or a metal.VGuard Personal Table Fan

  • The rotary motion of the motor will make the fan blades to move hence delivering the air into the room.
  • VGuard Table Fan is rated 40W and 1200 Revolution per Minute. It comes with a 1-year warranty. You can set its speed at three levels.
  • Not to worry about how to regulate the speed of this fan.
  • You can opt between, high, medium and low with the fan’s 3-speed control regulator. This regulator will help you customize the fan’s speed depending on your season’s requirements.
  • You don’t have to worry about table fan price because it is pocket-friendly.
  • The device lasts longer because it has a thermal overload protector which is designed to protect its motor from any damage in the process of a short circuit, or when it is overloaded and during overheating.

V Guard Personal Fanv-guard-lapbreeze

4. Enamic 12 Inch UK Laurels Black Table Fan:

You will be surprised by the design and make which trendy. The design has minimalist and trendy appeal, this Fan is ideal for your home and office interior. It will complement the premium décor of your room since it is black a can match with white green and even red colors within your room.Enamic UK Laurels Black table fan 12 Inch

  • When it comes to air delivery, you will not regret but you will get the value of your money.
  • Enamic UK Laurels High-Speed 305mm Table Fan comes with an impressive air delivery that will keep you cool despite the hottest days of the season.
  • It has a powerful motor that is coupled with the ergonomically blades which are designed to deliver air; corner-corner circulation.
  • Far from that, it has a durable copper winding
  • 3-speed controls and has a large base for more stability.
  • It is 100% Indian.


5. Orient Wind Pro 400mm Electric Table Fan:

Are you worried about the atmospheric condition and air you breathe in your room? You have to be concerned and never to think all is well just because you are inside the house. Hot seasons can bring distress to your family and those inside your room and offices.

This fan is the solution to this menace, you can acquire table fan online through our business platform.Orient Electric Wind Table Fan

  • The discomfort caused by high temperatures during hot summers can be controlled by you within your reach.
  • Orient Table Fan is a high profile type of fan that will give the value of your money.
  • It is designed in a way that it delivers hair with its prolific blades that runs at a high speed.
  • When you are approaching summers, it is a noble idea to think of having Orient Electric Wind Pro Desk-60 400mm Table Fan.
  • You need to budget for it and consider fan price which is affordable to all since it will offer you cooling solutions.
  • In the electronic market, you will find that there are different cooling products ranging variably in their prices and cooling capacity.
  • Orient Electric Wind Pro Desk-60 400mm Table Fan is a good deal.


6. CASTOR Silent Function Pedestal Fan with Timer:

This table fan has a revolutionary (concentric winding) technology, it is designed that in order to ensure silent operation without creating unnecessary noise to you in your room. It is shiny white in color. Moreover, this technology ensures high air thrust and low consumption of electricity with higher reliability.CASTOR Wall Fan WF1698 3 Leaf

  • CASTOR Table Fan has three blades that are designed to offer you a high air thrust that ensures your room remains cool.
  • Blades give the fan a streamlined body thus delivering the air in your room without any noise at all.
  • The sleek and modern design matches your office or home décor.
  • This has a sweep of 400mm and this is produced by 55 watts and 230 volts power.
  • It is perfect for Indian conditions as it is made of pure copper motor that can last longer.
  • This comes with a warranty of 1 year.

CASTOR-Speed-Blackcastor wall fan

7. Bajaj Esteem 400mm White Table Fan:

This fan has a speed of 95cmm and thus delivering air at moderate power consumption. This speed is ideal in bringing you fresh, cool air in your room. In addition, Bajaj Esteem Table Fan has also a thermal overload protector that guards the device against any heating and overload.

This unique type of fan is found in an online platform where it is easily accessible to you.Bajaj Esteem Table Fan 400mm

Lest check the good things about Bajaj Esteem 400mm Table Fan (White):

  • This table fan has a robust motor that is durable and it is long-lasting and you cannot regret owning one.
  • Bajaj Esteem Fan motor is made of full copper.
  • The minimum time that you can expect some mechanical problems in the device is ten years.
  • It is powered by 50eatts and it comes with a motor body, as a stand and a mesh guard and a warranty guard.
  • This makes it safer for your home use as well as for your office you.
  • You can order one by calling the customer service number: 18001025963.

Bajaj Table Fanbajaj table fan

8. iBELL 55-Watt Premium High-Speed Table Fan with 3 Leaf:

There are many advantages that iBELL Table Fan offers you and they outweigh the disadvantages. Considering the silence operation, it offers, it is made using revolutionary concentric winding technology that makes this fan reliable, silent and very efficient to use because there are no vibrations and electrical flux and noise in the motor.iBELL 3 Leaf High Speed Wall Fan

  • When it comes to air delivery, it has higher air delivery that ensures higher air thrush in your room at home or your office with its blades which delivers at high speed accrued from the self-lubricating motor at moderate power consumption.
  • It is 64 cm in height and 46cm wide and that makes it ideal for proper air circulation.
  • This has three fans and 3-step sped control.
  • You can time it to operate for 2 hours.
  • It comes with a warranty of one year.

iBELL Fanibell wall fan

9. Crompton 16-inch Eva White Table Fan:

Crompton Table Fan has a high-performance motor that is able to deliver air in your living room hence improving your life. It will improve the circulation of air in the room and thus removing the stale air that makes the room stuffy and unbearable. Crompton 16-inch Table Fan HiFlo Eva

You notice that a room that has no ventilation can lead to contracting airborne infections such as Tuberculosis which are a threat to life. As you know from the saying:

  • Prevention is better than cure, it is the higher time you consider buying this table fan online or in our market place to get the value of your money.
  • Another advantage Crompton 16-inch Fan is about the safety features that it has that will make you safe during the operation.
  • It has a sweep of 400mm and together with a speed of 1300 RPM, it can deliver a huge amount of air turbulence.
  • This fan has a wider base which enhances its stability far from delivering an air of 60 CU per minute.
  • It has a plastic base with an elegant plastic body as well.
  • Crompton fan has a 90-degree Oscillation with a variable speed control setting that enables you to select the desired airflow in your comfort zone without any ordeal.
  • This type of fan is the best deal that you need to put into consideration as you put a budget in buying cooling devices in your living.
  • Life could be unbearable if the season is too hot.

Crompton Eva Fancrompton-3-blade

10. STARVIN All-Purpose 3 in 1 Ashoka Ceiling, Wall, Table Cabin Fan:

STARVIN Table Fan is the best option for you because it is portable. This will allow you to place in any place of your room. It can be at the corner, the edge of the table or any part of the room that will deliver free air to you at the convention. The design is actually flexible to move. In Addition to its installation, it comes with a heavy close mesh guard that ensures that in case of blade drop, you will be safe and sound.STARVIN Laurels 3 in 1 All Purpose Black Cabin Fan

  • STARVIN Happy Home Table Fan is easy to clean and maintain its proper use and it is very easy to disassemble and clean by yourself.
  • The best advantage of the STARVIN fan is that we can call this an all-purpose fan. That means you can fix it on the walls, let it sit on the table and cabinets and it can also be hanged above your head on the ceilings.
  • It is a pro tale fan indeed.

There are also a few disadvantages you need to be conversant with them.

  • The first disadvantage is the cooling air level that ranges of cooling quite narrow, especially in tropical climates. For example, in the sultry region, the existence of a fan may be only able to provide you with air circulation only.
  • One last disadvantage you need to know about the safety of children of STARVIN All Purpose 3 in 1 Fan. This has less safety for children thus you need to keep out of reach of your kids.


At the present moment, you have successfully reviewed the top 10 types of table fans for home and office use. So, it should be easy for you to determine which fan will meet your requirements.

You have become familiar with the features of the most popular table fans of the market along with a good buying guide. All the above options make it easy for you to make a good choice of the table fans along with valuable benefits.