Best Sofa Sets in India Buyers Guide

Having a good life is worth it when you are still alive in this world. Life cannot be complete when you have not accomplished the dreams you set. Your living room is designed to give you the comfort that you deserve at all costs. The sofa set is the center of attraction for any living room if you consider the interiors. Also, check the buyer’s guide for the Best 5 seater sofa sets, 3 seater sofa sets, Teak wood sofa sets, sofa cum beds, Evok Furnitures, Sliding wardrobe, cushion covers, Teapoy, Ekbote Furniture, console table, 4 seater dining tables, wooden beds, wooden chairs, wooden stool, diwan set covers, Folding chair, coffee tables, Best Sofa set Covers, Recliner Sofas & L-Shaped Sofa brands in India.

You need to invest in furniture that will last for many years. Make your dreams valid, consider this trusted product in the market and thus get the value of your money. Staying in a comfortable room with an appealing sofa set keeps your hopes high in life.

Top 12 Best Sofa Sets in India


List of the top sofa sets Check at Amazon
1. Hariom Sofa Sheesham Wood 3+1+1 Hariom-Handicraft
2. Hariom Handicraft 3 Seater Sofa Set Solid Sheesham Wood Hariom-Seater-Cushions
3. CasaStyle Six Seater Sofa CasaStyle-Cream-Black
4. Rehmans Black Corner Sofa rehmans-Black-Corner
5. Rehmans Urban Lining Corner Sofa Set rehmans-Urban-Corner
6. Sekar Lifestyle 3+1+1 Polyurethane Sofa Living Room Sekar-Lifestyle-Polyurethane
7. Bharat Lifestyle 5 Seater Sofa Set Light Grey Bharat-Lifestyle
8. Fursure Rexine and Velvet 5 Seater Sofa/Bed Fursure-Velvet-Shape
9. Roman Living 3+1+1 Seater Fabric Sofa Pack Roman Living 5 Seater
10. CasaStyle Six Seater RHS Sofa CasaStyle-Casper-Shape
11. Sekar Lifestyle Black Polyurethane Sofa Sekar-Polyurethane-Living
12. Bharat Lifestyle Tulip 5 Seater Sofa Bharat-Lifestyle-Tulip


Top 12 Best Sofa Sets in India Buyers Guide 

The following list contains the most popular brands of sofa sets manufacturers. There are many types of designs and types of sofa set available in India like leather, bed, air, and recliner. We made the following list of best sofa sets after considering all the necessary criteria for picking up a sofa for the living room.

1. Hariom Handicraft Sofa Sheesham Wood for Living Room 3+1+1:

Hariom Sofa Set should be the furniture of your choice in order to fulfill your dreams. Having this type of sofa design will give you respect among your friends, relatives and all the guest that visits you. You can easily arrange this in your room especially if the space is small. You need to have a budget for this type of sofa and get first-hand quality furniture.Hariom Sofa Set Sheesham Wood 3+1+1


  • This sofa set has 3 seats with the following dimensions: 71 inches in length by 30 inches in depth.
  • Having such furniture in your room will accommodate your guests without forgetting the comfort these sofas set design offers to them.
  • I appeal to you never to hesitate to purchase and make your room a place that attracts everyone.
  • This sofa is designed in such a way that, the wooden sofa is comfortable to sit on.
  • The set also has another conjoined single-seater which is 29 inches long and with 30 inches depth, this single-seater has a seating height of 16 inches.

Hariom Sheesham Wooden

2. Hariom Handicraft 3 Seater Sofa Set Solid Sheesham Wood with Brown Cushions:

This sofa is made with rosewood and also comes at a good price without compromising the quality. Don’t worry about the assembly of this sofa set why because, this requires basic self-assembly only. All the accessories are included in the package along with assembly instructions.

Hariom Handicraft 3 Seater Sofa Set Solid Sheesham Wood


  • Hariom Sofa Set is a 3 seater sofa that comes in Walnut Finish along with brown cushions
  • Inner dimensions are Length: 63 inches & Depth: 24 inches and coming to outer dimensions when assembled Length: 71 inches & Depth: 30 inches. Lastly, seating is height: 16 inches.
  • This has an elegant design that enhances the interior decor of your Living Room.
  • It’s a top-notch set made using quality materials.
  • You deserve the best always and thus you need to décor your living room with a quality sofa set to improve your quality of life.
  • As you gasp about the availability and quality of these sofa sets, you need to be conversant about its dimensions and other specifications aspects of Hariom Sofa.

Hariom Handicraft Seater

3. CasaStyle Six Seater Creamy Black Sofa L Shape:

This sofa is extensively designed with larger depth to allow for broader seating and also allow complete relaxation until the thigh to provide superb comfort. Casa-style Sofa Set also has a zip facility in the cushion covers. It this very easy for you to remove and wash these cushions.CasaStyle Six Seater L Shape Sofa Set


  • CasaStyle Sofa will make your life better and more comfortable at all times. You will like the backrest cushion which is 3.5 inches, seating cushion of 4.5 inches.
  • The cushions you sit on are nice and firm. And never have to worry about sinking in.
  • You can welcome your guests into your home with pride which means this sofa is the ultimate statement sofa, made for the royal treatment.
  • Casper Six sofa constructed featuring handpicked upholstery with an excellent finish.
  • The wood used in the furniture is perfectly seasoned for optimum moisture content, to reduce the possibility of seasonal expansion or contraction of the products.
  • Durable for long-term use and held up by strong legs that last a lifetime.

All of the above features will facilitate your comfort. Also, this has kid-friendly and pet-friendly furniture options that are hard-wearing, easy-to-clean fabrics, and as stunning as they are strong.
CasaStyle Shape Cream Black

4. Rehmans Corner Sofa Set Black:

Rehmans Sofa Set Furniture has a seating ng capacity of 5 people at once. This sofa design is ideal for your family. The texture, the brown finish with a glossy look. It is made by a qualified carpenter using modern technology in rolling joining. You are assured of durability and thus get the value of your money. Don’t lure by fake business persons who sell poor quality products. Instead, put much trust in this product:Rehmans Black Corner Sofa Set


  • You will get the value of your money by purchasing this sofa set.
  • Quality type of wood used to ensure you get the best quality. This type of wood does not warp or split easily even if left outside where there is direct silence.
  • Due to its durability, this type of wood is suitable for your furniture since it is the least susceptible to dry wood and termites.
  • Moreover, the Sheesham wood takes well polish and thus finishes to smooth surface and therefore it is good to make you a top quality sofa set for your living room or even for your guest rooms.
  • Rehman’s Sofa has a well-defined pattern of Sheesham wood that gives your furniture an exquisite and unique look.

rehmans Black Sofa

5. Rehmans Corner Sofa Set Urban Lining Deodhar:

Rehmans Urban Lining  Sofa is affordable to you. The price that this shop sells is so cheap and you can afford to buy them with your little savings. Keep in mind that Rehman’s Sofa Set furniture dealers have a great team of customer care attendants that will serve you with the right information. You can contact them for any inquiries.Rehmans Urban Lining Deodar Corner Sofa Set


  • Rehmans Corner Sofa assembled easily at your place.
  • The sofa set requires basic self-assembly knowledge since all the accessories are included in the package with assembly guidelines.
  • I tell you that you will never incur any charges for installation or any services that this shop renders for you.
  • You need not instill any fear in buying, but instead, make a bold step and purchase it and delivered it to you within the shortest time possible.

rehmans Deodhar Corner

6. Sekar 3+1+1 Dual Tone  Sofa for Living Room Black & Orange:

Sekar Lifestyle  Sofa Set brings you a modern and comfortable sofa for your living room. As said earlier, Sofa is purely made of an Indian Sheesham which has an elegant look that enhances the interior décor of your sitting room.Sekar Lifestyle Polyurethane 3+1+1 Living Room Sofa Set


  • Sekar Sofa is designed in such a way that it gives you a lot of comfort in your living room.
  • This set measurements are – for 3 Seater Length x Width x Height = 70 x 31 x 33 inches and for One Seater Length x Width x Height = 34 x 31 x 33 inches
  • This product is manufactured using wood, foam, and leatherette. And comes in 2 colors: black and orange.
  • This sofa set is made with a way to fit your household and office seating arrangements
  • Buy this sofa today and you never regret it. You always admire the quality of the cushions and the zip capacity that was put in each cushion.


  • Sometimes self-assembling of this sofa may be a problem whenever there is no seller representative from the shop to assist you.
  • Also, this may subject you to hiring someone to assist you to assemble.

Sekar Lifestyle Seater Living

7. Bharat Lifestyle 5 Seater Fabric Light Grey Sofa Set:

Bharat Lifestyle Sofa Set made with Acacia wood. This product has dimensions like 3 seater length: 70.86 inches, 1 seater length: 23.62 inches, 3 & 1 seater width: 29 inches, 3 & 1 seater height: 27.55 inches and seating height: 14.96 inches.Bharat Lifestyle 5 Seater Light Grey Sofa Set


  • Bharat Exim brings to you a modern and comfortable look for your living room.
  • Its specifications and good qualities are clear guidelines for you to buy this sofa set design for your living room.
  • Also, you can easily improve the standards and quality of life with this.

Bharat Lifestyle Seater

8. Fursure Upholstered 5 Seater Rexine and Velvet Sofa:

Have you been asking yourself what type of investment to do this season? Do not hesitate to venture into furniture. Furniture investment is a major one and you may live with it for decades and therefore you need to make a good decision. Fursure Sofa Set is the best deal for you as you chose the type of sofa set design to equip in your living room.Fursure 5 Seater L-Shape Sofa Set


  • You ought to choose an elegant model that will leave you mesmerized in your gorgeous house.
  • Additionally, Fursure sofa has some special specifications and dimensions that you need to know about this furniture in your house that will leave your living room elegant.
  • Style and sofa set preferences at your personal level, but when it comes to choosing the right sofa set, there’s only one criterion that will force you to arrive at the right choice. That is the quality that appeals to your eyes.


9. Roman Living Fabric 3+1+1 Seater Sofa:

This product has the following dimension; length is 98 inches, depth is 60 inches, and height of 28 inches. This size is good for your space and the seating capacity as per your requirements. The seating capacity of 6 is a good number that meets your demand.Roman Living Fabric Sofa Pack 3+1+1 Seater


  • Roman Living Sofa set made up of top quality materials which include solid wood and 32 density super soft air foam. These materials make the sofa look good nice elegant for you. Upholstery material comprises premium fabric fiber.
  • Based on dimensions and other specifications, it is noted that Roman Living Hastings 3+1+1 Seater Fabric Sofa Pack (Grey) was made for you with standard measurements.
  • Essentially, this makes your arrangement of furniture in your living room so easy. You ought to make a point of buying this type of sofa design for your home décor.

Roman Living Hastings

10. CasaStyle Six Seater L Shape RHS Creamy Black Sofa Set:

The quality of this Sofa Set should be your driving force to buy this sofa. It gives you complete relaxation until your thigh, thus providing you with superb comfort. You will notice that the casa-style sofa set design is constructed featuring handpicked upholstery having a nice finish.CasaStyle L Shape Creamy Brown Six Seater Sofa Set


  • Considering the type of cushions used, they are firm and offer you comfort. It was designed by featuring the handpicked premium fabric for a legal finish.
  • This sofa design is durable for long-term use and held up by strong legs and thus lasting for a lifetime. Make an effort of buying this top-notch sofa set in order to fulfill your life goals and objectives of having a happy life.
  • You will notice that the wood used in constructing this sofa is a quality wood which treated against termites, borers, and pests.
  • This type of wood for this furniture is perfectly seasoned for optimum moisture content and thus reduces the possibility of seasonal contraction and expansion of the seats.


  • The knowledge that you need to operate requires basics and it comes with assembly instructions and an assembly kit.
  • Another advantage of Casper Sofa is assembly instructions.
  • The instructions are prepared in a precise manner So that it is easy for you to comprehend the content as far as how to assemble it at your home.

Casper Seater Brown

11. Sekar Lifestyle Polyurethane Black Sofa Set 3+1+1 Seater:

This sofa set has a 1-year limited warranty for you in case of any manufacturing defects. It’s an advantage to you since a replacement if the damage is found genuine. I tell you to embrace Sekar Lifestyle Sofa Set for your home décor.Sekar Lifestyle 3+1+1 Seater Polyurethane Living Room Sofa Set


  • Sekar sofa set design is pet-friendly.
  • They are hard weary, easy-to-clean material, and stunning as they are durable.
  • Also, the quality of the cushions also is very elegant and firm.
  • If you buy this sofa then no need to worry about cushions sinking in.
  • Try this type of sofa and get the value of your money and you will be assured of the quality of life at your home with the family members.


12. Bharat Lifestyle Black 5 Seater Tulip Sofa Set:

If you are planning to improve your living room décor, never look further. Bharat Sofa Set is a great deal for you. Consider having quality wood, fabric material, cushions, and the design used. Bharat Lifestyle Sofa Set meets all your living room expectations as far as furniture is concerned.Bharat Lifestyle 5 Seater Black Sofa Set


  • Bharat Five Seater Sofa Set is a long-lasting set and due to the quality of wood pest-free, the seats will stay for long.
  • Considering the warranty, any damage caused by a genuine defect, the sofa set was replaced within the period of one year after buying it. That is interesting and good to hear.
  • Also, It comes in a variety of colors.
  • It is made of acacia wood very durable.
  • Also, this is a five-seater and the cushions are of high-end quality.
  • Better to add this product to your list of choices when considering purchasing a sofa set for your house.


  • One of the disadvantages of this sofa set is the warranty. The warranty does not cover the damages due to usage of the product beyond its original intended wear, tear and use and the improper use by you.

Bharat Lifestyle Seater 3 1 1

Finally, you have reviewed the Top-Notch Varieties of Sofa Sets in India. In easy words, you have a much better point of view about purchasing sofa sets.

In addition, now you have familiar with the features, and advantages of several top-recommended sofa sets for the living room. Hopefully, you will make a good deal of buying the best sofa sets for home and office at a reasonable price.