Nowadays wall clocks available in countless designs ranging from modern, antique, and vintage wooden designs. Clocks used over centuries as an instrument to indicate and measure time.

The most common and widely used wall clocks are analog and digital wall clocks. For eras, humans have measured time in many ways, such as tracking the sun’s movements via sundials, hourglasses, water clocks, candle clocks.

Today, this instrument not only used for telling time but has also become a showpiece used to complement interior décor in offices, homes, and public places in the form of wall clocks.

Although most electronic devices come with the feature of a clock, the visual appeal that a wall clock adds cannot be replaced nor replicated. Also, check the buyer’s guide of Best Smart Bandsbest wall lamps for your home interiors.

Top 11 Best Wall Clocks Online in India

List of wall clocks

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1. AJANTA WALL CLOCK in White, with Glass Ajanta-Quartz-Clock ajanta wall clock
2. Amazon Brand Solimo Wall Clock 12 inch Amazon-Brand-12-inch
3. eCraftIndia Wooden and Papier-Mache Clock eCraftIndia-Elegant ecraftindia-analog-30-cm
4. Altra Plastic Pendulum Wall Clock Altra-Plastic-Pendulum altra-5-cm-x-25
5. RAG28 Designer Clock Plastic with Zamble Design RAG28-Inches-Designer
6. Ajanta Quartz Clock with Digital Ajanta-Quartz-LED ajanta-digital-25-4-cm
7. CAPIO ART Wood Wall Clock in 13 x 16 inch
CapioArt-Handpainted capio-art-38-cm-x-35
8. Wood Analog Wall Clock in White Wooden-Analog-Bed ajanta-30-48-cm-x-wall
9. Baleno Crafts & Creations Wall Clock Vk-Collection-Pendulam baleno-crafts-creations
10. Story Home Round Shape 10-inch Wall Story-Home-Round story-home-analog
11. Webelkart Gold Color Plastic Clock WebelKart-Decorative

Buyers Guide – Wall Clock Online

With the vast range of designs of wall clocks available in the market today, it becomes harder to select a showpiece that would appeal best for the location of the display.

Additionally, one needs to make sure of the product’s material as well as the dimensions as they might not look as appealing as you would want them to, especially when buying online.

The following features and aspects considered to pick the perfect wall clock:

  • Needless to say, quality is the main factor to consider as the showpiece will not only compliment the environment
  • But also helps you with keeping a track of time, and for that, a high-quality clock that displays the exact time is important.
  • The location of hanging the wall clock is also important. For places like living rooms or big rooms, larger eye-catching wall clocks would be suitable.
  • Small size wall clocks are ideal for small rooms or kitchens.
  • It suggested that small to medium-size pendulum wall clocks with vibrant colours installed in bedrooms.
  • A bedroom is a place for peace and rest, therefore a light touch pendulum wall clock with an alarm system would be the perfect fit.

Features of a Wall Clocks

Wall clocks are inexpensive showpieces that display the time as well as improve the décor of your house and office. Wall clocks also make for a great gift for events like birthdays, weddings, and corporate meetings.

Just consider below features while choosing a wall clock:

  • Wall clocks ranges from modern and sophisticated designs to vintage wooden designs.
  • Such timepieces makes a huge design statement to the interior design of your house or office
  • By filling up walls or places where other decoration items won’t fit or seem attractive according to the ambience.
  • Another great feature of this showpiece is that it requires less power for the mechanism to operate.
  • Typically, a modern battery-operated electric clock will last for 1- 2 years on a single battery.
  • As for quartz clocks, the battery could last up to 3-4 years.

Types of Wall Clock

Just like all other electronic devices, wall clocks are mainly classified into two types – analog and digital. The wall clocks further categorized based on the designs and features such as pendant wall clocks, photo frame wall clocks, etc.

  • The analog clock is the oldest and most common type of wall clock
  • The time on this clock represented with two hands that spin in a clockwise direction around the dial pointing towards the numbers.
  • The shorthand represents the hour and the long hand represents the minutes.
  • Additionally, some clocks come with an additional third hand represents the seconds.
  • As for the digital clocks, they display the time in the form of numbers.
  • The digits displayed with the use of either liquid crystal display (LCD) or light-emitting diode (LED).

How Does a Wall Clock Work?

Every wall clock needs to function continuously, and for that, it requires a power source that will deliver power to all the mechanisms to ensure accurate time display.

  1. Mechanical clocks are functioning with the help of weight that supplies power to the mechanisms, such as sprocket, the mainspring, and pendulums.
  2. The most common form of a power supply found in clocks is through a battery, all quartz clocks work with batteries.
  3. Quartz a mineral used in the mechanisms of a clock.
  4. Through an electronic circuit, the battery discharges electricity to the quartz crystal which then causes it to oscillate, in simple words, vibrate in a back and forth motion.
  5. The vibrations counted by the circuit and then converted to produce one steady pulse per second.
  6. And the pulses generators used to drive the motor that motions the hands in an analog wall clock. Also, they assist to power the display for digital wall clocks.

Top 11 Wall Clocks Online

Before purchasing wall clocks it’s important to ensure that they are visually appealing and match the décor of the room and also if they are noise-free.

1. AJANTA Quartz WALL CLOCK in White, with Glass:

The Ajanta Quartz 397 silver clock is an elegant showpiece. It is available in a round shape, sized 33×33 centimetres (13”x13”), weighing 739 grams. Another great feature of this product is that is has a white background with black hands and bold numbers that make it easier to read them from a distance.AJANTA WALL CLOCK in White, with Glass


  • AJANTA Quartz WALL CLOCK made with a high-end acrylic fiber dial & hands made of metal with a glossy finish
  • This is ideal for home and office use.
  • It has a durable cover
  • Also, the battery included in the package.


  • Big size (not ideal for small spaces)

Ajanta Quartz Wall Clockajanta-analog-32

2. Amazon Brand Solimo Wall Clock 12 inch Classic Roulette with Silent Movement & Black Frame:

The Solimo 12” wall clock is a colourful analog clock from Amazon. The design of this product resembles the design of a roulette wheel with classic detailing of the minutes and seconds hand. It comes in a round shape with a diameter size of 12”, weighing 780 grams.Amazon Brand Solimo Wall Clock 12 inch


  • Amazon Brand Solimo Wall Clock comes with sophisticated design
  • Silent movement of the second’s hand
  • This product is suitable for the living room.
  • Battery included in the package.


  • Dark colours

Amazon Brand Wall Clock

3. eCraftIndia Wooden and Papier-Mache Wall Clock with Royal & Elegant Decorative Style:

This is a multicolour wood-craft wall clock by eCraftIndia brand. It inspired by the traditional classic designs of Indian art featured with the standard components of quartz motion, and a black dial with 3 hands. The product weighs 798 grams with a size dimension of 35cm x 2.5cm x 35cm.eCraftIndia Wooden and Papier-Mache Wall Clock


  • eCraftIndia Wall Clock made with paper-mache and durable wood
  • This handcrafted by talented artisans.
  • It has a royal & elegant tradition design
  • Also, this is a durable product


  • Not noise-free

eCraftIndia Papier Mache Clockecraftindia analog clock

4. Altra Plastic Pendulum Wall Clock 45 cm x 30 cm x 5 cm:

This clock inspired by the shape of a ship steering wheel with an anchor. It is a perfect showpiece for people who love antique showpieces or love collecting wall clocks. The dimensions of this product are 45cm x30cm x5cm and it weighs only 399 grams.Altra Plastic Pendulum Wall Clock


  • Altra Wall Clock a pendulum operated vintage design clock
  • This is a noise-free clock
  • Also, this is a lightweight


  • Less visibility of dial from distance

Altra Plastic Clockaltra-quartz-analog

5. RAG28 Designer Wall Clock Plastic with Zamble Design:

The RAG28 13434 a plastic wall clock that comes with Zamble design. This engineered with the standard components and features such as high-quality quartz motion and a white dial with 3 hands. The dimensions 31cm x 31cm x 7cm and it weighs 603 grams.RAG28 Designer Wall Clock Plastic with Zamble Design


  • RAG28 Designer Wall Clock made with creative modern zamble design.
  • So that this product is ideal for living rooms and bedrooms with a dark décor.
  • Additionally, it comes with 18 months warranty too


  • Not silent sweep

RAG28 Bedroom Clock

6. Ajanta Quartz Wall Clock with Digital Red LED Square:

The Ajanta digital clock a sophisticated product packed with many features other than just telling time. This has an added feature of displaying the day, month, and year, as well as display the room temperature. The dimensions of this product are 25.4 x 3.5 x 25.4cm and it weighs 739 grams.Ajanta Quartz Wall Clock with Digital


  • Ajanta Quartz Digital Wall Clockworks on battery and electricity as well.
  • The large LED display makes this product easier for kids to tell time.
  • Visibility in dark (Red LED lights)
  • Also, this is a noise-free digital clock


  • Short cable (1 meter)

Ajanta LED Clockajanta-digital-clock

7. CAPIO ART Wood Wall Clock in 13 x 16 inch:

This inspired by the design of a peacock and painted by hand. The exquisite design of this product elevates the interior design of your office or home. The size dimension of this product is 33cm x 33cm x 2cm and it weighs 699 grams.CAPIO ART Wood Wall Clock in 13 x 16 inch


  • Capio Wall Clock made with wood in a traditional antique look artwork
  • It comes with export quality packaging.
  • This is a durable product.


  • Not noise-free

CapioArt Progressive-Multicolorcapio art analog wall

8. Wood Analog Wall Clock in White:

This is a simple, yet elegant, black, and white wall clock. The colour combination and chic style make it a perfect gifting option. And the dimension of this clock is 25cm x25cm x 1cm and weighs about 399 grams.Wood Analog Wall Clock in White


  • Analog Wall Clock made with paper-mâché and wood.
  • The chic design of this product makes this accessory standout amongst the rest.
  • Also, this is a durable product


  • Hard to keep dust-free

Wooden Analog Clockajanta wall clock

9. Baleno Crafts & Creations Wall Clock with Plastic Pendulum in 14 Inch X 10 Inch:

It’s an antique pendulum-operated design wall clock. The product is great wall décor and perfect for places like offices and restaurants. And the dimension of this product is 14”x10” and weighs 630 grams.Baleno Crafts & Creations Wall Clock


  • Baleno Wall Clock shaped like a steering wheel of a ship, giving it a durable and sturdy look.
  • This wall watch is a durable product
  • It is ideal for individuals who admire antique showpieces
  • Also, it comes with a vintage design.


  • Small dial

Vk Baleno Bedroombaleno crafts wall clock

10. Story Home Round Shape 10-inch Wall Clock with Glass for Living Room or Home or Office:

This elegant product from the Story@Home brand. The compact and chic design of this wall clock makes it a perfect showpiece for décor in offices and homes. And the product weighs 299 grams with a size dimension of 25cm x25cm x 4cm.Story Home Round Shape 10-inch Wall


  • Story@Home Wall Clock made with plastic along with a matte finishing ranging in colours – red, brown, and yellow.
  • It comes with an elegant design
  • Also, this wall watch is a noise-free round shape clock


  • Small size

Story Home Round Clockstory home wall

11. Webelkart Gold Color Plastic Wall Clock in 16 X 12 Inch:

This is a golden-brown showpiece clock that comes with vintage design. This Wall Watch has a dial with 3 hands and Roman numerals with a detailed finishing that makes it look like a work of woodcraft.

This an ideal gift for festive events such as weddings, birthdays, Diwali, and corporate events. The dimensions of this product are 5.1cm x30.5cm x40.6cm weighing 921 grams.Webelkart Gold Color Plastic Wall Clock


  • Webelkart Wall Clock made with plastic material.
  • It comes with an antique design
  • Also, this is a noise-free clock


  • Poor quality

WebelKart Quality Designer


Wall clocks have developed over time, not just serving the purpose of telling time but have also become a modern showpiece used to complement interior décor in offices, homes, and public places.

So, it should be easy for you to determine which wall clock best for you. All the above options make it easy for you to make a good choice of the best clock.


Which is the best wall clock?

The best wall clock available in the Indian market is Ajanta Quartz 397silver. The simple and elegant design of this clock makes it a perfect fit to complement all types of interior décor. It is reliable and inexpensive.

What are the types of clocks?

With time, clocks have evolved and developed into a much more sophisticated instrument for telling time. The most common clocks are analog clocks, digital clocks, electronic word clocks, auditory clocks, tactile clocks, and multiple display clocks.

Which direction should a wall clock placed?

According to Vastu, wall clocks will place on the north, west, or east sidewalls.

How long does a wall clock last?

Good-quality wall clocks can be last for up to 10-15 years if we take proper maintenance and care.

What are the 2 types of clocks?

Clocks are available in analog and digital type; the analog clock has 2 hands that spin in a clockwise direction around the dial pointing towards the numbers. The shorthand represents the hour and the long hand represents the minutes.

Additionally, some clocks featured with a third hand that represents the seconds. The digital clocks display time in the form of numbers by LCD or LED.

What old clocks called?

Old clocks known as the grandfather of clocks and these are longcase clocks.

Is time analog or digital?

Time represents in both analog and digital form. The findings of subatomic entities and the nature of space and qualms with the quantum level to support the findings.

What are the 4 hands on a clock?

Most common clocks have 3 hands – the hour hand, the minute, and the second hand. However, there are clocks with an additional fourth hand, this hand point towards the UTC hour (Coordinated Universal Time).