Best Oscillating Saw Machines Buyers Guide

An Oscillating Saw Machine is a tool powered by either electricity or lithium-ion batteries. The power tool operates by oscillating the saw blade, unlike various tools that perform by either rotating or reciprocating. The oscillating saw designs have a unique feature, where the tool is compatible and can perform with multiple ranges of attachments. Operators might refer to the machine as a multi-tool or master tool in different locations of the world.

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A variety of accessories are attached: sawing, grinding, polishing, cutting, scraping, and rasping. An oscillating tool is a general-purpose tool. That can cut through several materials like wood, plastic, non-ferrous materials, drywall or concrete, fiberglass, and thin gauge metal.

Best 5 Oscillating Saw Machine in India

List of the oscillating saws

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1. Makita Multifunction Multi-Tool Makita-TM3000CX1-Oscillating
2. DEWALT Cordless Oscillating Saw  Dewalt-DCS355D2-Cordless
3. Bosch 250-Watt Multi-Cutter  Bosch-GOP-250-CE-250
4. Artek Renovator Multi-Tool Kit  Artek-Renovator-Multi
5. FERM OTM1007 Multi-Tool Kit  FERM-OTM1007-Multi-Tool

Buyers Guide – Oscillating Saw Machine

The oscillating tool has various multipurpose functions such as cutting wood, plunging holes in concrete, shear-off non-ferrous metals, mold trimmings, polishes, sands, and much more.

Therefore, every fixing operator may applaud and prefer the tool in their toolbox due to the wide variety of functions that it offers.

Factors that you should consider before purchasing this tool:

  • The various types of accessories and saw blades are required for your project.
  • Most manufacturers have included a variety of primary modules used and accessories
  • Like a hard case tool bag, convenient for easy mobility with your power tool, and their gadgets.
  • Consider the availability and affordability of the replacement tools when the saw blade wears out.
  • The saw blades are not completely circular but designed in a semi-circular shape allowing the saw blade to make oscillated cuts from different positions.

Also, consider:

  • Determine the power supply of your oscillating saw.
  • Battery-powered oscillating saws are cordless, therefore convenient for mobility.
  • The cordless oscillating saw operates on lithium-ion batteries
  • However, later replaced after several years of use due to inefficient power.
  • The major setback of cordless oscillating saws is the high price of the replaceable lithium-ion batteries.
  • These tools operate by utilizing electricity by plugging in the cord.
  • The use of power makes the oscillating saw powerful compared to the cordless oscillating saw.

Therefore, corded oscillating saws never run out of juice efficient for long-term use. Some models are fitted with lengthy cords up to 20 feet. The primary limitation is the mobility of the tool. It cannot operate in areas with no power supply.

Importance of Oscillating Saws

  • The adversely popular oscillating tool is the bi-metal saw blade.
  • And the saw fits the oscillating tool through the mechanism
  • That allows the blade to rotate in a back and forth motion.
  • The rapid movement of this tool creates friction towards the material cut by the saw attachment.
  • And the tool is designed with a narrow-angle convenient for precise control reducing the effect of kicking as seen in the reciprocating or rotating machines.
  • The angle of oscillation increases friction, apparently suitable for other attachments such as grinding and sanding.

Features of Oscillating Saw

The oscillating tool has become a standard fixture tool found in several individuals’ toolboxes and in the construction industry. The machine is multipurpose and can be used to accomplish various projects like cutting, sanding, scraping, or compressing.

The tool comes in handy in making improvements towards home projects. Approximately, it rotates twenty thousand times back and forth. Therefore, before visiting your local shop to purchase an oscillating saw, research the material.

Some of the precise features that you may consider looking at:

  • Source of power for the oscillating saw- First, find whether you require a battery-powered oscillating saw or a corded one.
  • Corded tools depend on electricity to be powered.
  • Both varieties have their advantages and limitations.
  • The corded oscillating saw will never run out of power.
  • However, the oscillating tool is not convenient for easy mobility due to the attached cord that destroys your every movement.
  • Not only is the ease of mobility annoying, but also it may affect your health and safety standards.
  • Keeping the oscillating saw is not safe to prevent the cord from tripping the operator.
  • Also, when working on the project, the operator may accidentally cut the cord.

More Features are:

  • Additional features of this tool may come in handy, depending on the specifics of your project.
  • Features such as roller guides are efficient in guiding the operator in controlling the depths of the cut and holding the oscillating saw giving it a sturdy grip when grouting or cutting.
  • The manufacturers designed the tool with various ranges of speed from 10,000 OPM to 22,000 OPM.
  • And the high-speed controls are suited for heavy-duty services.
  • Also, a significant factor is the cost of the oscillating saw.
  • Therefore, the budget for the oscillating tool depends on the factors you require in your oscillating tool, the tool’s purpose, and whether it will be convenient to accomplish your project.

Types of Oscillating Saw Machines

Accessibility and availability of the oscillating saw replacement parts- The oscillating saw blade is meant to wear out due to the constant use of the tool, especially for industrial purposes.

Identify the speed controls of the oscillating saw. And the variable speed of this tool is convenient for home projects.

Generally, there are two types of oscillating saws:

Cordless Oscillating Saw

  • These types of oscillating saws power through lithium-ion batteries and have a convenient running capacity.
  • The unique feature of this oscillating tool is that it is suitable for mobility while working on projects and is portable.
  • Thus, it prevents unnecessary injuries and implements precise cuttings.
  • The major con of the oscillating saw: the oscillating saw battery is replicable after a couple of years used.
  • Therefore, battery replacement is costly, and this might affect your budgeting, mainly if you use the tool for industrial purposes.

Corded Oscillating Saw

  • This oscillating tool is generally a powerful tool compared to cordless.
  • The corded saw only operates when plugged into a source of power.
  • Some models of the corded oscillating tool fit with lengthy cords
  • And these prevent injuries that may be caused by the cable.

How Does Oscillating Saw Work?

The oscillating saw works by moving the attached saw blade back and forth at a high-speed, allowing precise control of the tool and minimal vibrations.

Some manufacturers have made it convenient for operators by implementing a standardized mounting system or adapter, compatible with accessories, and saw blades of different brands.

  1. The saw blade attachments are of various shapes.
  2. Most of the manufacturers use their accessories and attachments.
  3. You can use a multi-tool adapter that offers extra room for attachments made of a different brand from your tool.
  4. The use of bolts precisely fits the accessories, quickly tightened and loosened by using an Allen wrench.
  5. It depends on your choice; however, cordless oscillating saws are more efficient with a perfect function due to their convenient power usage.
  6. These saws can either be corded or cordless.
  7. The round saw blades are convenient linear long cuts.
  8. And the saw blade produces clean –precise cuts. Do not press on the oscillating tool.
  9. However, swing the oscillating saw back and forth to prevent and minimize the module from wearing off quickly.

List of Top 5 Best Oscillating Saw Machines in India buyers Guide

The major con is that the oscillating saw cannot clear material shedding as the rotating blades. Therefore, the oscillating tool moves back and forth to allow the sawdust clear from the material cut.

1. Makita TM3000CX1 Oscillating Saw Multifunction Multi-Tool:

This is a multi-tool that has an anti-restart trigger, which prevents start-up accidents. The grip of the oscillating tool is designed with rubber, offering comfort and extra grip. Also, this tool uses 320 watts and makes 6000 to 20,000 strokes per minute.Makita TM3000CX1 Oscillating Saw Multifunction Multi Tool


  • Makita tool is manufactured to operate with variable speed control.
  • It is a quality product
  • You can easily use this device
  • Also, it is electrically powered too


  • Not a portable product
  • Quite expensive

Makita Oscillating Saw

2. DEWALT DCS355D2 18V XR Li-ion Cordless Oscillating Saw with Brushless Motor & 2×2.0 Ah Battery:

This is a battery-powered oscillating saw that uses 2 Ah. Manufactured with a lightweight property and designed with a brushless feature thus, durable. The tool makes precise cuts and a dual-grip variable speed switch offers easy application control and ultimate speed.DEWALT DCS355D2 18V XR Li-ion Cordless Oscillating Saw with Brushless Motor & 2x2.0 Ah Battery


  • The Dewalt tool operates with 18 volts and produces 0-20,000 oscillations per minute.
  • It has a unique tool holder convenient for changing attachments quickly.
  • This is a quality and affordable product
  • It has precise cuts.


  • Overheats
  • Battery-powered

Dewalt Oscillating Tool

3. Bosch 250-Watt Multi-Cutter GOP 250 CE:

This is designed with a small grip circumference convenient for delivering precise cuts and provides comfortable usability for the operator. Manufactured with a Zn gearbox and ball socket efficient for robustness, flexibility, and reduces vibrations.Bosch 250-Watt Multi Cutter GOP 250 CE


  • Bosch multi-cutter has a powerful motor powered by electricity using 250 watts.
  • This is electrically powered machine has a powerful motor
  • Also, this is an easy to use equipment
  • It is easy to use and changing of attachments.


  • Not convenient for an area with no power source
  • Not portable

Bosch GOP Saw

4. Artek Oscillating Saw Renovator Multi-Tool Kit Set of 37 Pcs:

This multi-tool kit oscillates 15,000 to 21,000 times per minute. The tool can apply to both home décor and heavy-duty projects. The oscillating toolkit consists of manual instruction and 37 pieces of accessories.Artek Oscillating Saw Renovator Multi Tool Kit Set of 37 Pcs


  • Artek Oscillating Saw comes with a set of 37 useful accessories.
  • You can get easy to install attachments and accessories.
  • Easy to use the device
  • Quite an affordable one for everyone.


  • Poor quality product
  • Defective parts

Artek Oscillating Saw

5. FERM OTM1007 Oscillating Saw Multi-Tool Kit 300W with Scrape Knife, 3 Sanding Sheets & Handy Storage Case:

This is a multi-tool that has a quick release and clamp system. Designed to work at variable speeds, and the power supply connection fits on the side of the handle. The oscillating tool has a soft grip convenient in offering comfort to the operator.

FERM OTM1007 Oscillating Saw Multi Tool Kit 300W with Scrape Knife, Cut Blade, Sanding Plate, 3 Sanding Sheets & Handy Storage Case


  • Ferm Oscillating Saw is comfortable to use.
  • And this is an easy to use tool
  • It is electrically powered by one


  • Poor quality product
  • Cannot be used in cutting sheet metal

FERM OTM1007 Saw


Finding the right oscillating saw can be hard, but with the right guide, it’s always easier. I hope this helps you to find a perfect band saw for your works.

All the above options make it easy for you to make a good choice of the Best Oscillating Saw Machine for you along with valuable benefits.


What is an oscillating tool good for?

An oscillating tool is a powerful tool, compact, and with a wide range of interchangeable blades. Mostly used in cutting, scrapping, grinding, sanding, and polishing.

How do I choose an oscillating Machine?

Choose your oscillating tools depending on the type of power supply of the machine, and the attachments required to complete your project. And the oscillating tool’s compatibility with other accessories and attachments of a different brand.

How deep can an oscillating Machine tool cut?

Also, the basic oscillating saws make three inches depths.

Can an oscillating tool cut steel?

These tools can cut steel when fitted with the appropriate blade.