Best Table Saw Machine in India Buyers Guide

The table saw is a piece of woodworking equipment, designed with a circular saw blade fitted on the arbor and moves using an electric motor either directly, by gears, or a belt. This is also known as a saw bench.

However, it can also cut light metal sheets. Modern table saws can be adjusted to cut out different depths of the material. The table saw protrudes from the table where the material to be cut is laid or supported. The saw is mostly used in cutting wood.

The depth varies by moving the saw blade up and down. If the saw protrudes higher, the deeper the cuts to the material and vice versa. In this article, we are providing you with some of the best table saws along with a comprehensive buying guide.

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Top 4 Table Saw Machines in India

List of the Table saws

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1. Makita TableSaw  Makita-2712-2-Table
2. MAKITA MLT100 TableSaw  MAKITA-MLT100
3. Makita TableSaw  Makita-Table-240v
4. Ferm TableSaw  FERM-Table-1500W

Buyers Guide – Table Saw Machines

Here is a comprehensive guide for operators serious about woodworking. The guide will help you in deciding the kind of table saw required to complete your project.

Safety of the operator is crucial therefore ensure the saw includes a splitter and riving knife, anti-kickback pawl, blade guard, push stick, magnetic switch, and, most of all, a sensor.

  • First, as an operator, you have to familiarise yourself with the different types of table saws.
  • In general, there are two different types: stationary and portable.
  • The choice depends on the operators’ preference.

Understand the basics of a tablesaws:

  • Most table saws are built using cast iron and feature flat surfaces, including a flat table.
  • What matters most is the blade, which should be flat.
  • Identify a good quality blade -standard blades have a 10-inch diameter and rip 3 ½ inches.
  • The table saw must have a sturdy rip fence that is steady to provide clean cuts.
  • Also, familiarise yourself with the rip capacity.
  • Ensure there is a miter gauge, which helps in guiding the operator to make angular and precise cuts.
  • There are different drive and motor configurations:
  • Direct drive is found in portable table saws, and belt drive is common in stationary saws that are more powerful compared to the direct drive.
  • Familiarise with basic features found in table saws.
  • On/off trigger switch; the shaft and arbor locks which hold the blade in position; throat plate which prevents the material from logging between the arbor and blade.
  • The elevation of the blade finally, a storage compartment.

Features of Table Saw Machine

In traditional table saws, instead of the blade being adjusted to make different depth cuts, the table is the one that moved up and down to expose the saw blade at different depths.

A bevel cut is produced by adjusting the positioning and angle of the blade saw. The traditional table saws adjusted the angle of the table to control bevel cuts.

Just consider the below features while choosing a table saw:

  • As an operator, quality cuts should never be compromised.
  • Therefore, a saw that provides quality cuts is important for perfect styling and modeling.
  • The power used by the table saw motor affects the cutting power.
  • Therefore, a high amp equals increased cutting power.
  • Ideally, an efficient table saw uses 15amps and produces smoother cuts.
  • The cutting capacity of this saw varies with the needs of the operator.
Also, Consider:
  • However, rip capacity is a significant factor, and a table saw with a 24 – to 25-inch rip capacity delivers perfect woodworking.
  • The table-saw should have a shaft lock or an arbor to support the saw blade in position and makes it easier to change the saw.
  • Portability is affected by the size of the table saw.
  • Therefore, a lightweight table-saw is convenient for movement.
  • Blade controls offer efficient control while working, such as the micro-adjust rip fences.
  • The controls are major for bevel adjustments and controlling the saw blade.
  • Added features such as dust blowers and chutes come in handy, providing a neat working space.

Types of Table Saw Machine

Due to the rise in demand for table saws, manufacturers have made considered design changes to the table saws to make them more efficient for the operators.

Generally, there are two types of table saws:

Portable Saws

These table saws are designed for mobility; therefore, they are lightweight (approximately 50lbs) and are made with materials such as aluminum or steel. The portable table saw blade is motor-driven and operates on 15amps producing 2hp.

Portable/movable table saws branch into three types


Made of lightweight material (approximately 50lbs) it is convenient for an average person to move around. Designed with a blade driven by universal motors. Efficient for beginners.

  • They are larger compared to the benchtop.
  • The significant difference is that they are fixed with a stand for improved stability when in use, mostly preferred by local tradesmen.
  • Also, they have a built-in sled that helps in angular cuts.
  • Commonly also referred to as the contractor saw.
  • Designed with a longer rip fence, it is efficient while operating and a cutting rip of up to 24 inches.
  • Convenient for heavy-duty projects. For extra mobility, fitted with rolling stands.

Stationary Table Saws

As indicated by the name, they are not mobile due to their weight and can approximately weigh 600lbs. Most stationary table saws are built with cast iron, therefore, stable and durable.

There are three different models


The contractor tablesaw, also known as an open-stand, is large, thus, heavier, and weighs around 300lbs. Designed with a quiet indication motor, the saw blade is rotated by either one or two belts. The engine produces 750-1500 watts, enough to cut through large materials.

Cabinet Table Saw

  • Mostly preferred by professionals, the cabinet table saw is made from cast iron and steel thus, being durable and robust.
  • Also, built for heavy-duty work, they provide accurate cuts and are quiet when in use.
  • Their cabinets are enclosed for dust collection.
  • It has a robust induction, driven by belt motors producing 3-5hp.


  • This tablesaw a mix of cabinet and contractor models.
  • The hybrid saw blade mounts below the table hence it is easy to adjust.
  • It can be fully enclosed, improving dust collection.
  • The hybrid table saw produces 1100-1500 watts and uses 15-20amps.
  • Also, it comes with a sliding table for accurate crosscuts.

How Does Table Saw Work?

The tablesaw is a powerful tool, and the operator has to learn specific techniques to ensure its safety and efficient use. Firstly, never start using this saw when the material you are cutting is touching the saw blade to prevent it from jerking, which can lead to severe injuries.

Use the rip fence when producing rip cuts. Always use a miter gauge for crosscuts since it offers sturdy support. Make sure the material lies flat against the table before cutting.

There are different cuts made by the table saw:

Rip Cuts

  1. When making rip cuts, unplug the table saw and fit a rip saw blade suitable for cutting the material.
  2. Release the locking lever to position the rip fence and slide it to the inner edge to match the width of the desired cut.
  3. Plug in the saw and place the material to be cut in position by guiding it slowly.
  4. Keep your fingers away from the blade and use a push stick.


  1. Unplug the table saw and place the crosscut blade.
  2. Make adjustments to the protractor gauge on the miter gauge for angled or straight cuts.
  3. Position the material using clamps along the front edge of the miter gauge.
  4. Plug in the table saw and gently slide the material to the spinning blade.

List of Top 4 Table Saw Machines in India Buyers Guide

There are various options to consider when choosing a table saw. So that it is essential to familiarise yourself with the right table saw features to have a simplified and efficient project. The modern table saw has so many design features mostly made to impact their portability.

1. Makita Table Saw 315mm with Heavy-duty Induction Motor:

Makita saw is made to last longer and requires less maintenance. It has a 3000-watt engine, which produces 3400rpm & built for a large cutting capacity with a width of 315 mm. It has a bevel cutting angle of 0-45 degrees and a sub-table, extended on the left side. Its dimensions are 61 cm x 86 cm x 49 cm & the weight is 52.9 Kgs.Makita Table Saw 315mm with Heavy-duty Induction Motor


  • Makita Table Saw is designed with a heavy-duty induction motor hence, it has a powerful performance.
  • This is portable, durable, and suitable for heavy-duty work.
  • It is used in ripping concrete plywood & can be connected to a vacuum cleaner.
  • Also, it is fitted with two-wheeled props for mobility.


  • Inaccurate fence
  • Expensive servicing

Makita 2712 Table Saw

2. MAKITA MLT100 255mm Table Saw with 6 Months Warranty:

This is built with an input of 1500 watts. The saw blade has a diameter of 260mm and cuts a depth of 30mm. Its dimensions are 98.4 cm x 72.6 cm x 33.3 cm & the weight is 34.1 Kgs.

MAKITA MLT100 255mm Table Saw with 6 Months Warranty


  • This is an affordable one for everyone.
  • It is useful for a local tradesman.
  • You will get 6 months of warranty on this product.


  • Not a portable one
  • Inaccurate machine scale

MAKITA MLT100 Table Saw

3. Makita Table Saw 2712 with 315mm & 240v:

This has an input power of 2000 watts and produces a rotating speed of 2950rpm. It has a bevel cutting angle of 0-45 degrees and a depth cut of 58mm. It is durable and requires less maintenance. Fitted with two-wheeled legs for smooth movement and long handles for comfortable lifting.

Makita Table Saw 2712 with 315mm & 240v


  • Makita Table Saw powered by a heavy-duty induction motor with a quiet start-up.
  • It comes with two long carry handles for safe and comfortable lifting.
  • This is durable, portable, and convenient for heavy-duty projects.


  • Defective parts such as the saw blade
  • Quite an expensive one

Makita Table Saw 240v

4. Ferm Table Saw 1500 W with Stand and TCT Blade:

The Ferm table saw comes with a sturdy stand for extra support. This is made of steel thus, durable and fitted with two tilt prevention frames, a push stick, a parallel guide for precise cuts, and a hexagonal key.

Ferm Table Saw 1500 W with Stand and TCT Blade


  • Ferm Table Saw made with a safety switch, overload protector, and dust extraction mechanism.
  • It comes with a durable steel table with table extensions.
  • This durable product is suitable for heavy-duty work
  • Quite affordable for everyone


  • It is noisy
  • Wobbly parts included

FERM Table Saw


Finding the right table saw can be hard, but with the right guide, it’s always easier. I hope this helps you to find a perfect table saw for your works. All the above options make it easy for you to make a good choice of the best tablesaw Machine for you along with valuable benefits.


How do you make a tablesaw machine?

For this project, you require certain materials: aboard for the table, wood screws of 50 and 16mm with a flat head, circular saw, power strip, and zip tie. Adjust the positioning of the saw. Make the table saw for support. Then, drill two holes for the power strip. Finally, test the saw machine.

How do you make a table saw with a circular saw?

Find or make a flat table, make a removable panel, flatten the edge for the fence, and build the fence. Mount the saw onto the panel, fit the fence to the blade. Finally, test your circular table saw.

How do you make a workbench out of a tablesaw?

Sketch a piece of how you want your workbench to look. Choose quality material to build. Start by creating the base of the workbench with an angle of 90 degrees for excellent support.

Frame the workbench to avoid clamping the saw every time you want to use it. Make an opening for the blade saw, fence, and other features required in a table saw.

Do you need a stand for a tablesaw?

Not really, but it can be quite efficient for extra support for your saw.

Can a bandsaw replace a tablesaw?

No, since table saws make clean, precise cuts compared to the bandsaw. Bandsaws are quite sloppy.

How dangerous is a tablesaw?

Very dangerous, if safety precautions are not adhered to. Approximately 67,000 injuries are recorded every year.