Best Water Dispensers in India – Buyers Guide

A water cooler or a water dispenser is an electric device that deals with the water treatment and cooling process. It contains a refrigeration unit for cooling. Its function includes cleaning, filtering, heating, and cooling of water. It is a perfect option for office use where many employers can get water according to their needs.

It develops discipline in an office. In-home, this device provides clean water and assure that your children are getting what is good for them. These water coolers are beneficial for the instant supply of hot normal and cool water. Also, check the list of  Tape Dispensers, oil dispensers, Soap Dispensers, Hand wash Dispensers, Eureka Forbes water purifier, best water Testing Kits & Best Water Purifiers in India

Hard water causes serious health problems like cardiovascular, diabetes, neural disease, and reproductive failure. Real water dispensers have the capability to filter water that combats hard water problems.

Best Top 11 Water Dispensers in India

List of the best water dispensers
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1. AISEN Hot Dispenser  AISEN-Dispenser
2. WELLON Table Top Water Dispenser WELLON-Table-Dispenser
3. Voltas Mini Magic Water Dispenser Voltas-Mini-Magic-Pure-R
4. Blue Star Water Dispenser  Blue-Star-BWD3FMRGA-Dispenser
5. Voltas Mini Water Dispenser Voltas-Mini-Magic-500
6. Blue Star Water Dispenser Blue-Star-Plastic-Dispenser
7. Voltas Pearl Black Water Dispenser Voltas-Pearl-Water
8. Usha Instafresh Water Dispenser  Usha-Instafresh
9. Blue Star Black Water Dispenser Blue-Star-Loading
10. Usha Semi Partial 80 L Water Cooler PARTIAL-WATER-COOLER
11. Blue Star SDLX480 Water Cooler Blue-Star-SDLX480

Buyers Guide – Water Dispenser

The following points must be collected before buying a new water dispenser.

  • Space

The first thing for consideration is that you should be well aware of the space that you can give.

  • Price

The budget you can give for a specific water dispersant.

  • Design

You should be well aware of the option that you want to see in a model. Like either you need a model only for cooling purposes or heating purposes or both. As some design offers hot water to make coffee and tea.

  • Purification

A buyer must check the purification system which is the basic requirement of a good water dispenser.

  • Holder

A water dispenser should also contain a glass holder. So, a buyer must take a view to check whether the selected model has cup holders or not.

  • Easy to Clean

The purpose of the water dispenser is to clean water, but it is necessary to clean the unit as well. So, a water system must contain a drip tray.

  • Conversion Kit

A user must confirm the presence of the conversion kits in the model before selecting any water dispenser.

  • Material

You must check the material of the faucet that will eject the hot water. Good quality taps ensure safety measures for the children.

Features of Water Dispenser: 

The following are the features that an ideal cooler should have.

  • Water is a diet. A diet should be clean. A water dispenser does water cleaning. It does the elimination of the pollutants that become part of the water system. That’s why it guarantees good health.
  • It plays an important role in reducing the use of plastic bottles. In that way, it results in controlling carbon footprinting.
  • Its cooling system favors environmental goodness.
  • The water dispenser provides a safe mode of having hot water.
  • These are durable due to the use of stainless steel during the manufacturing of water dispersers.
  • Water dispersers protect water completely. It doesn’t let the water to get in contact with the air. This protects water from getting pollution from the air.

Types of Water Dispensers:

Various types of water dispersants are available in the market that a user can select according to the need.

Wall-mounted/recessed Water Dispenser

  • The makers have directly attached to the water main source like the building water supply.

Bottom-load Water Dispenser

  • It has a water supply vessel on top of the water dispenser.

Tabletop Water dispenser

  • The user can place this user on the table.

Direct-piping Water Dispenser (POU)

  • It requires the continuous and direct supply of water for its working process.

Freestanding Water Dispenser

It needs a water bottle to get the water supply. A user can place it anywhere.

How Does Water Dispenser Work?

The working process depends on the specific functions it performs for a user. The filtration process, follows reverse osmosis, ion exchange, and activated carbon. By using these methods all water condensers win the water purification and extract the microorganism, carbonates, and other harmful salts.

For the sanitization process, the water dispenser uses Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) process. The result of this process is kills bacteria and other microorganisms. For the cooling process, this model has a vapor compression refrigeration process. For heating of the water, the water dispersant has heating elements. It heats the water and is stored in the stainless-steel tank.

List of 11 Best Water Dispensers Online

These are the top ten water dispensers, winners of the potential buyer’s attention. These are different from each other on the base of various attributes and unique physical appearance.

1. AISEN Normal, Hot, and Cold Water Dispenser with Storage Cabinet:

This product has automatic water temperature control. It consists of a tank that has a high resistance to the stain. Its design fixes a push tap and does not allow spilling. Good heating capacity which allows getting three liters of water dispensing within one hour.

It needs low power for its proper working. That is the AC 220-240V. For the children’s protection from the hot water, there is a child lock fix in the design. This is a good element of this water dispenser.AISEN Hot, Normal and Cold Water Dispenser With Storage Cabinet


  • Its heating capacity is very good and the temperature has little or no influence on this model.
  • It is environmentally friendly as does not release chlorofluorocarbons in the vicinity.
  • It needs no installation. A user needs not to have demos for its use.


  • The price is a bit expensive.
  • And it is heavy.

AISEN Dispenser Storage

2. WELLON Water Dispenser Hot & Cold Table Top:

This water dispenser has all the features that make it one’s an ideal choice. It contains a food-grade stainless steel SUS304 water tank. Also, it adds ORP and minerals to the water while maintaining the high pH of the drinking water. The mineral addition occurs through badly contain aqua beads that can enough for 16000 liters of water.WELLON Hot & Cold Table Top Water Dispenser


  • It prevents the growth of the germs inside it because of the antibacterial plastic.
  • Also, this bears a good cooling capacity.
  • It can control water temperature automatically.


  • Not mentioned.

WELLON Water Dispenser

3. Voltas Mini Magic White 500 Watts Water Dispenser:

Hot, normal, and cold, many users use these words to show their preference for a water cooler. This product meets this requirement. It has a seating capacity of 5 liters per hour. Its cooling rate is two liters per hour. It requires 500 Watts and 230 V. All these features may be common to other water dispensers. But it has a unique one that is it contains a dispensing lock.Voltas Mini Magic 500 Watt Pure R Water Dispenser


  • The product bears a one-year warranty.
  • It can store three liters of water.
  • With respect to the facilities it offers, it is a cheaper water dispenser.


  • Some reviews from the users came. According to them, its cooling process is not good.
  • Some reviews point out the leakage problem with this product.

Voltas Mini Magic Dispenser

4. Blue Star Normal, Hot and Cold Standard Water Dispenser with Refrigerator:

This is the best option for all users who are looking for a water dispenser and a refrigerator facility in a single product. It provides a range of water temperatures. This means it will fulfil all the requirements of any user who want to take hot, plain and cold water. There are three taps to get water of any above temperature separately at a time.

The cooling rate is 3liter per hour. While its heating rate is 5liter per hour. A user can take this product in white and blue colors. The maker used ABS plastic for its manufacturing while using stainless steel for the making of the tank. A user will get a bottle piercer and bottle holder.Blue Star Hot, Normal and Cold Water Dispenser with Refrigerator


  • It contains switches to control the temperature taps. A user can switch one trap and switch the other.
  • It has a refrigerator that works for the cooling of other food items like juice bottles and food boxes.
  • Its body is durable due to the acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (plastic)


  • Few reviews reflect that this product has some manufacturing problems like cold water that can come from a hot tap, etc.
  • Some say it has a leakage problem.

Blue Star BWD3FMRGA Dispenser

5. Voltas Pure T Mini Magic White Water Dispenser

This is the best option for potential users than any available water cooler. The attributes that make it unique are many in number. Like it requires less power for the cooling process to occur which is 80/85 watt. Similarly, it takes450-550% Watt for the healing process to occur.

Its heating power capacity is just the cooling rate is 5 liter per hour. While the rate is 3 liter per hour for heating. The maker fixes in this project three faucets in the model to get cool, normal, and hot water. It also has an LED indicator.Voltas Mini Magic 500-Watt White Water Dispenser


  • The manufacturer provides a good warranty on this project. That is for one year.
  • It has three taps but the designing of the tabs makes it easy to use.
  • Volta’s water dispenser is a durable products.


  • Few people said this product has a leakage problem.
  • Some reviews say that the water cooler of this product is not meeting the general requirement.

Voltas Mini Magic 500 Watt

6. Blue Star Standard Water Dispenser

The manufacturing process uses ABS plastic for making the water dispenser. It has a clean tank with a stainless-steel wall for food preservation. This product is available in two amazing colors one is white while the other is blue. It needs 500W heating power for its proper working.Blue Star White and Blue Water Dispenser


  • It is also available at prices for average users.
  • The users can easily use it.
  • Its installation process is uncomplicated.


  • It has a low cold-water capacity.
  • Some reviews point out the low quality of the water dispenser.

Blue Star Plastic Water-Dispenser

7. Voltas Pearl Black Water Dispenser Bottom Loading

It has a cooling cabinet and follows the compressor cooling process. It has 3.2 liters and a 1 liter cold and hot water storage capacity. Three faucets for hot, cold, and normal water dispensing.Voltas Bottom Loading Pearl Black Water Dispenser


  • It has a good water storage capacity.
  • Also, this has a sleeking design that makes this product attractive.
  • It takes low room for its placement.


  • Some reviews point out the leakage problem with the product.
  • The manufacturer mentioned that this product only gives cold water in all three taps.

Voltas Pearl Black Dispenser

8. Usha Instafresh Water Dispenser with Cooling Cabinet

It is a very reliable product. It has a superior body material that is ABS. This water cooler does purifications and gives a good quality of water in return. The water cooler expels 650ml water. In reality, this water does not contain any harmful chemicals so the user can use it for other functions.Usha Instafresh Water Dispenser with Cooling Cabinet


  • It is an environmentally friendly product.
  • The maker also makes a good note that every 650 ml water per liter, the machine will automatically expel out.
  • It has a good purification capacity.


  • The water dispenser purifies only 350 ml of water per liter. Its purification capacity is low.
  • Some reviews call that its compressor is of low quality and stops working suddenly.

Usha Instafresh Cooling

9. Blue Star Black Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

This water dispenser has a unique and stylish design. It is available in black color. The manufacturer uses ABS plastic to make its body. Blue star provides a long-lasting standing position among other water coolers. It contains a bottle holder and a heavy-duty performing bottle piercer. It can store food within a tank. Also, does its design allow the users to put the bottles at the bottom of the water dispenser? Its weight is 16kg with a good dimensional parameter.Blue Star Black Bottom Loading Water Dispenser


  • There is a one-year warrant card available with this water dispenser.
  • It has three water taps.
  • It does not require an installation process. The user just needs to plug the wire in the sockets and it starts working.


  • Some reviews point out that this product cools water but at a slower speed.
  • While some point out that its water pumps are of low quality.


10. Usha 80 L Semi Partial Water Cooler ISI Marked

It can store 80 liters of water. This product is very specific in its function. Usha water cooler has a copper condenser.Usha ISI Marked Semi Partial 80 L Water Cooler


  • Its design is very simple.
  • It has an automatic filling process.
  • Good warranty period. It gives a warranty of one year.


  • It is not very highly resistant to stain.
  • It is less durable.


11. Blue Star Water Cooler Stainless Steel

The product contains stainless steel material. That makes its durability confirm. Water capacity is up to 80 litres.Blue Star Stainless Steel SDLX480 Water Cooler


  • Its cooling rate is fast.
  • It retains water cool for a long time period.
  • Its purification rate is good.


  • It is an expensive product.
  • This product storage capacity is low.

Blue Star Stainless Cooler

At the present moment, you have successfully checked the Various Types of water dispensers. So, it should be easy for you to determine which water cooler or dispenser will meet your requirements.

Now you have familiar with the features of the most popular water dispensers which are available in the market along with a good buying guide. All the above options make it easy for you to make a good choice of the dispensers along with valuable benefits.