Best Chandelier Lights in India-Buyers Guide

Chandelier lights are made in a professional manner in that it is compatible with many bulbs of different voltages which are available in almost all electricity accessory shops. Let your decor glowing light with the elegant and classy Chandelier Light. Also, these will create warm and atmospheric lighting. Which is restful and an eye-catcher too for your bedroom or living room or dining room.

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If you want to decorate your home then, Chandelier Lights are best for you. Also, these are adding beauty to your home. One of the finest ways to style your dining room, kitchen, or foyer is by decorating it With an elegant chandelier you can change the style and appearance of your kitchen, living room, dining room, or your hall. And this is one of the best ways to decorate your house.

List of Best Chandelier Lights in India

Brighten your homes with the below list of best Chandelier Lights which are user-friendly, innovative, and unique colors of lighting products.

List of the best chandelier lights Check at Amazon
1. GreyWings Industrial Shade Ceiling Lamp Eisa-Industrial
2. Discount4product Modern Transparent Ceiling Lights Discount4product-Ceiling-Fixture
3. BrightLyts Chandelier Lights  BrightLyts Chandelier Aluminium
4. Blissbee Glass Chandelier Light Blissbee Chandelier Light
5. Weldecor Chandelier Lamp  Weldecor-Antique-Chandelier
6.Prop it up Lighting Chandelier Light Prop-Lighting-Austrian
7. Homesake Crystal Ceiling Light  Homesake-Crystal-Hanging
8. Prop It Up Metal Chandelier Lights Prop-Up-Chandelier
9. Somil Pendant Ceiling Chandeliers Light  Somil-Pendent-Chandeliers
10. FLOSTON Metal Chandelier Light FLOSTON-Decorative-Crystal
11. ARCHDECOME Ceiling Chandelier Light  ARCHDECOME-Antique-Ceiling-Chandelier

List of Top 11 Chandelier Lights in India Buyers Guide

You can find so many chandelier lights in materials like wood, brass, and steel or even you found in a combination of mixed materials. So, choose the one that matches your interest and your home decor.

Decent lighting is one of the key elements in Interior Design. A chandelier lamp is a piece of art that adds soft lighting to your living room and makes a pleasing impression. Also, the chandelier produces the same amount of light and features a look that is similar to traditional glowing lights, but it also has a lightweight design and more energy-efficient.

1. GreyWings Aluminium Industrial Shade Hanging Pendant Ceiling Lamp with Tulip Cone Disc:

GreyWings 3 Light Cluster Industrial Shade Hanging Pendant Ceiling Lamp is a great deal. Embrace this type of chandelier light and get the value of your money. You will become the happiest person in your house.

After getting this and it produces enough light that will scare away all types of rodents and disease Infecting parasites such as mosquitoes. Because these organisms fear light hence they run away and the end result is that you will not experience diseases such as malaria caused by mosquitoes.GreyWings 3 Industrial Shade Hanging Pendant Ceiling Lamp Without Bulb

  • Length: 25 Inches
  • Breadth: 25 Inches
  • Height: 60 Inches
  • Used Material: Metal


  • Coming to the product, this is the bigger size that will produce enough lights that will cover a bigger area.
  • This ceiling lamp is made of black finished metal and Iron. And this brings an antique and rustic atmosphere to your home.
  • GreyWings Chandelier Light is a three-light industrial-looking pendant, and the light fixture produces an antique and very classy look.
  • Also, this is a hard-wired fixture and it doesn’t have a plastic or glass globe, made with metal.

Eisa Hanging Pendant Ceiling

2. Discount4product Modern Transparent Ceiling Lights:

You need to be conversant about the qualities that this type of chandelier presents. It is worth knowing them to give you good insights about the product. You need to make a wise decision on this and include this in your room. This is the type of light you need to be using during this 21st century and reap more from your endeavors.

Consider quality products, you can access them online and after purchasing you can get free delivery up to your doorstep services.Discount4product Modern Transperent Ceiling Lights

  • Length: 33 cm, Breadth: 33 cm, Height: 18 cm, Used Material: Glass


  • This product has top-notch features such as energy efficiency, it uses little energy since it gives you room to choose the energy saver bulb hence reducing your electricity bills.
  • Package contains 1 Led Light with a Warm White Yellow color. As to the color, size, light source or bulb type, color, and size you can always identify the kind of wine barrel chandelier which you want to buy.
  • Especially if you will consider Discount4product Chandelier Light in business premises such as hotels, bars, and restaurants, it will attract a lot of customers and thus realize a good profit margin.
  • Make chandelier lights your choice number one brand in the market. It has a size top plate 27cm in diameter and a height of approximately 2 feet. All 68 mm beads and 30mm drops are made of class.

Discount4product Ceiling Transperent

3. BrightLyts Black Finish Aluminum Shade Hanging Pendant Chandelier Light with Tulip Cone:

For your home needs, this Chandelier will add décor to your home and thus improving your quality of life. Considering the energy consumption presented by this chandelier, it is noted that it consumes little power. You will like this because you will incur fewer expenses in paying electricity bills. Hurry up and grab this type of lighting system. Make a wise decision and make it your brand of choice that improves the quality of your life.BrightLyts Black Finish Aluminium Shade Chandelier Lights with Tulip Cone Disc


Product Sizes: Length: 35 cm, Width: 30 cm, Height: 80 cm, Material: Aluminium

Sizes:Cone: Width: 13 cm, Height: 17 cm ; Disc: Width: 15 cm, Height: 10 cm; Tulip: Width: 16 cm, Height: 23 cm


  • BrightLyts hanging light comes with a string and the holder types imported E26/E27 bulb screw holder. You can easily adjust the height of this light as per your requirements and easy to install too.
  • Adopt this technology and increase the performance of your business, you note that people will go to bars, hotels, and restaurants that are neat.
  • Finding that your premises meet their demands, they will go their definitely for their social satisfaction.
  • The dimensions and features of the BrightLyts Chandelier Light clearly show that this is the right lighting system that meets your home needs.
  • This ceiling lamp is made with aluminum and iron cage which is black finished. Brings you an antique and rustic atmosphere in your home.

BrightLyts Chandelier

4. Blissbee Modern Glass Crystal Pendant Ceiling Chandelier Light:

When you purchase and installed this Blissbee Chandelier Light in your house, it can’t be easily changed into another style of chandelier light. It leaves a nice décor in your home. You need to cut off the power during installation to avoid electric shock.Blissbee Glass Chandelier Crystal Pendant Chandlier Light

  • Length: 3 Inches
  • Breadth: 14 Inches
  • Height: 14 Inches
  • Weight: 1.5 Kgs
  • Used Material: Glass


  • The suggested Room for this product is Corridor, Stairwells, Balcony, Small Room and Bar & suggested room size is 5-8㎡.
  • Blissbee pendant ceiling light is easy to install and no assembly is required.
  • This simple product comes with 3 modern LED bulbs and the voltage is 220 Volts.



5. Weldecor Chandelier Light Antique Brass:

Note that Weldecor Antique Brass Chandelier Lamp is a decorative piece for your home. During nighttime, it acts as a source of light to your room, and during daytime it plays a critical role in being a decorative piece. It is an eye-catcher and it moves people’s emotions and thus will come back again to your business premises hence you earn a lot in your daily business endeavors.

Simply buy this chandelier lamp as soon as possible and beautify your home or room.Weldecor Chandelier Lamp Antique Brass

  • Length: 38 CM
  • Breadth: 38 CM
  • Height: 38 CM
  • Used Material: Metal


  • This chandelier is made by expert craftsmen and comes in soft yellow color, so that it will add a unique theme to your home
  • The package Contains one antique style chandelier but keep in mind that bulbs are not included.
  • These decorative lights make the place look clean, most people go to cleaner social places.
  • It is made up of brass and glass. with a unique glass shades design that produces a stylish look with a brushed brass finish.

Weldecor Chandelier

6. Prop it up Austrian Crystal Small Size Gold Chandelier/ Pendant Light for Dining Room or Hall:

Do you want to make your room cosy and eye-catcher all the time? Do you need to make your living room small heaven on earth? Prop it up Chandelier Light is a great deal for you. This is the type of light that you need to embrace in this era of technology.Prop it up Lighting Small Size Austrian Crystal Gold Chandelier Light


  • Length: 60 cm, Breadth: 25 cm, Height: 60 cm, Weight: 798 gm, Used Material: Metal


  • This charming decorative piece covers a big area with its light and it can be adjusted according to your choice. So replace your bulbs with this. So that you will save power and have full control over your electricity bill.
  • They are made and designed highly, this is a new and stylish design that people who care about homemaking use currently.
  • Don’t be left alone, it is an eye-catcher since it has a royal finish. The new outlook that your house: home, bar, restaurant, and hotel will astonish many people.


  • Installing this chandelier seems grotesque and impossible at all.
  • You need to get a professional installer that is specialized in doing this job.

Prop it up Chandelier

7. Homesake Hanging Goblet Crystal Ceiling Light Black Colour:

This chandelier is made with precious and eye-catcher technology. It Adds décor to your room by installing Homesake Ceiling Light. Which is best suitable for Dining Room or Hall with the help of a professional installer assigned by the company. Homesake Chandelier Lamp has a beautiful and elegant design and finish and this is a true statement maker.Homesake Crystal Ceiling Light with Pendant


  • Length: 16 cm, Breadth: 16 cm, Height: 13 cm, Weight: 460 gm, Used Material: Metal


  • You will receive a convenient installation pack which means this pendant light comes with everything you need to install like a black cord with a metal base cap and canopy.
  • It will take only 15 – 20 minutes for the installation in your home.
  • The 25w incandescent bulb creates a light show inside your house. That will delight you and your loved ones.
  • This product has an imported E27 bulb holder with a 40 inch fully adjustable cord. And this is allowing you to customize the fixture according to your needs of lighting.

Homesake Ceiling Pendant

8. Prop It Up Multicolor Chandelier Lights:

The product Prop It Up Metal Chandelier Lights is a cheap one, you can acquire it with the little savings you have.  It is a brown Antique that has handcrafted glass. It does play a critical role in upgrading the looks of your living room with this type of chandelier. Considering the lower price, you ought to see the bigger picture of the benefits. You will note that the price favors you so much. Kindly buy it and get the value of your money.Prop It Up Metal Multicolour Chandelier Lights


  • Length: 35 cm, Breadth: 27 cm, Height: 22 cm, Weight: 3.5 Kgs, Used Material: Metal


  • Embrace this and you will be amazed by the stunning features that it presents to you. This is a sharp and stylish gold flush mount lamp by SFL light crafted from the finest quality steel and glass.
  • The product comes with a beautiful set of 5 lamps, which will reflect the light in surreal effect to your interiors. The brand has designed this product innovatively so that the lamps add a surreal look to your decor.
  • Also, it consists of a multi-color handcrafted glass along with a brown Antique design.
  • Keep in mind that with your little money, the product is delivered through shipping within the shortest time possible.
  • Make the right choice, the beneficial results you will get will outweigh the small cons that it presents.

Prop Up Metal Lights

9. Somil Pendant Chandelier Light with Multicolor Hand Decorative Glass Shade:

This amazing chandelier has a hand-decorated colorful shade that produces multicolored light with effects. This will truly give a special look to your space and cover a big area with its light. A useful addition to your home too.Somil Pendent Ceiling Chandeliers Light with Hand Decorative Glass Shade

Dimensions: Length: 48 cm, Breadth: 48 cm, Height: 42 cm, Weight: 499 gm, Used Material: Glass


  • Somil Pendant Chandeliers Light is made of the following materials: glass, metal, holder type-bb22, antique color-fitting, shade-Multicolour.
  • It uses 5 watts in each shade and a total of 25 watts.
  • This wooden chandelier comes with screws, connecting holders, connecting wire, and all fitting fixtures also.
  • The shade size is 7 x 5 inches and after hanging, the chain size is 35 cm and the total length is 75 cm.
  • This product is more energy-efficient and has a lightweight design.


  • This type of chandelier light requires a professional installer to put in place in your house. You may buy it and keep in your house but because you lack the technological-know-how, your efforts will run futile.
  • You are subjected to look for trained personnel to come and install it for you hence incurring other expenses.

Somil Pendent Chandelier Multicolour

10. FLOSTON Decorative Crystal Pendant Chandelier:

FLOSTON Decorative Crystal Pendant Chandelier is a modern piece that when you install in your house, makes you feel that your dreams are valid and answered. This will improve the value of your life.

You need to hurry up and don’t have a second thought about buying these chandelier lights and making your family and guest feel appreciated and cared for. Your room should be as elegant and shiny as a small paradise.FLOSTON Metal Crystal Pendant Ceiling Chandelier Light

Dimensions: Size: 300 MM, Used Material: Glass


  • This chandelier is purposely made for you to transform your room with its glamour and sheer exuberance.
  • There are many pretty reasons you should purchase and place in every corner of your house instead of keeping the old-fashioned traditional bulbs hanging in your modern house.
  • This product includes a lovely pendant light which adds some fancy flavor to your home.
  • Made from high standard material which increases its lifetime and durability. And also attract anyone with colors and stylish design.

FLOSTON Crystal Pendant Chandelier

11. ARCHDECOME Ceiling / Chandelier Light Antique Design:

This ARCHDECOME Antique Chandelier is a great deal and you ought to make a bold decision in acquiring it for your homemaking needs. Don’t fear acquiring this because you are not aware of the whereabouts of the availability of its accessories.ARCHDECOME Ceiling Chandelier Light Antique Design


  • Used Material: Metal


  • This ceiling chandelier’s pendant UL is listed for safety and indoor use only.
  • The bulb holder is universal and it accommodates any bulb that meets your needs.
  • If you are keen on energy consumption or in a position to choose the best bulb of your choice then choose ARCHDECOME Chandelier Light without any discrimination.
  • This hanging light comes with a string and you can easily adjust the height as per requirements.

ARCHDECOME Antique Chandelier

At the present moment, you have successfully checked the Top 10 Best Chandelier Lights -Buyers guide. So, it should be easy for you to determine which Chandelier Light will meet your requirements and be the perfect one for your home.

Now you have familiar with the features of the most popular Chandelier Lights which are available in the market along with a good buying guide. All the above options make it easy for you to make a good choice of the best chandelier along with valuable benefits.