Best Welding Machines in India-Buyers Guide

A welding machine is a piece of electric equipment used for joining two metals together by heat. Now inverted welding machines have become reliable and cost-effective. The machine produces heat that is converted by electricity which melts the metal parts together forming a solid bond once it cools down.

The inverter welding machine converts the AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current) at amperes (amp) which could be adjusted based on your requirement. To cause fusion between the two metals, molten metal or filler is used to hold them together.

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Various types of energy sources such as electric arc, gas flame, laser, ultrasound, and electron beam are used for welding materials. In this article, we are providing you with some of the best welding machines along with a comprehensive buying guide.

Top 10 Welding Machine in India

List of the welding machines

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1. Ibell Welding Machine iBELL-Inverter-Functions
2. iBELL ARC Welding Machine  Inverter-Welding
3. iBELL Inverter ARC Welding Machine 
4. Great Yuva Welding Machine Great-Yuva-200
5. V&D Tools Welding Machine  Tools-Inverter-Welding
6. BMB Technology Welding Machine BMB Technology Accessories
7. GK 36 & CO Welding Machines  GK-36-CO-Standard
8. BMB Shakti Technology Welding Machines BMB-Technology-Inverter
9. SPARTAN Welding Machines  Spartan-ARC-200-Inverter
10. JPT ARC MMA IGBT Welding Machines  JPT-Digital-Display

Buyers Guide – Welding Machine

Due to the numerous types of welding machines available in the market, it is important to make sure the difference in the types and the purposes they serve are well understood as none of them is used for all welding tasks.

Below is a list of key factors that should be considered when choosing a welding machine:

Power Supply

  • One of the most important factors is to ensure you have a significant power supply that can bear the welding equipment.
  • With a domestic main supply of 240V, there are great chances that the welding power size will be limited to use.

Duty Cycle

  • This is another vital factor to consider as it measures the duration of the welding machine operating before it needs to be stopped and cool downed.
  • Generally, cheaper and less efficient power sources will result in lower cycles.
  • Additionally, if you need to weld thick materials that require higher amps.
  • It should be suggested to purchase a welding machine that has a higher amperage than you would generally need to use.

Welding Materials

  • If the right welding machine is not selected then the results will not be up to the mark.
  • It is important to assess the different types of welders.
  • Inverted welders are efficient in converting the current making it suitable for welding.
  • They are compact and small in size and comparatively use less power.
  • Due to their efficiency, they tend to have a higher duty cycle.

Other Factors

  • Arc welders are ideal for working on dirty or rusty metals.
  • The arc welders are known to provide better results in terms of appearance, additionally, it is easier to weld with an arc welder.
  • And the most common type of arc welder is the stick welder.
  • TIG welders are a little complicated to use, however, they are ideal for joining a wide range of metals together giving a clean and neat finish to the object.
  • The difference between an arc welder and a TIG welder is the tungsten electrode and the inert gas that prevents the surface from oxidation.
  • MIG welders work similarly to the TIG welders except it is fed with a wire electrode that melts and forms the weld.
  • It is ideal for industrial purposes as the weld is stronger and more durable compared to the other welds.

Features of Welding Machine

The inverter welders are innovative and have many advantages compared to standard welding machines. Over time, inverter welding machines have become cost-effective and reliable.

Just consider the below-mentioned features while choosing a welding machine:

  • Welding Machines are compact, lightweight, and portable making it easy to carry them around.
  • The inverter welders consume less power making them ideal for professional as well as general home usage.
  • This machine gives the user flexible control over the current producing a more stable arc.
  • Most inverter welders require almost half fewer amperes as compared to a normal welding machine to reach an equal volume of volts (V).
  • Additionally, the inverter welders are also capable of transforming impure power, resulting in quicker welding.

Types of Welding Machines

Welding machines are available in different types with each of them being used for different welding purposes. Inverter welders are engineered with modern components making them capable of using almost all of the current compared to the standard welders.

The different types of welding machines are:

Shield Metal Arc Welding Machines

  • This is also known as stick welding or manual metal arc is similar to the old-fashioned way and is harder compared to MIG welding.
  • Also, this is used for welding cast iron, steel, and stainless steel.

Metal Inert Gas (MIG) Welding Machines

  • These are also known as gas metal arc welding (GMAW) is the most common and easy type of welding.
  • This welding method uses a cable electrode and the arc is produced by an electrical current between cable and metal.
  • It is used to join aluminium with other non-ferrous types of metal.

Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) Welding Machine

  • This is a versatile and also difficult type of welding.
  • It is used for metals such as copper alloys, steel, cobalt, titanium, aluminium, magnesium, and nickel alloys.
  • This welding is done manually and requires two hands.

Flux-cored Arc Welding Machine

  • This is a type of welding where a wire electrode required is supplied constantly without the need for shielding gas.
  • The arc is shielded with the flux-cored wire itself.

How Does a Welding Machine Work?

Welding machines operated with electricity or gas. Normal welds require low amperes and for welding tasks that require high current, a minimum of 80 amperes is needed and for spot welding 12,000 amperes are required.

  1. In arc welding, a constant current is required to maintain the desired number of amps.
  2. Whereas for gas metal arc welding a constant output of voltage is required because the length of the arc cannot be adjusted manually.
  3. The arc is generated by either a ball end or a fine end electrode.
  4. With the ball end electrode, the arcs spread out and give a messy finishing, whereas with a fine end electrode you get neat finishing results.
  5. It is suggested that users should opt for machines with fine end electrodes
  6. These machines are equipped with a wire projecting from the welding torch’s nozzle, that is how you can distinguish between fine end and ball end electrodes.
  7. For spot welding machines, two electrode clamps are used in the process to join two metals together.
  8. The machine functions in a way that allows the current to move from one electrode to the other.
  9. During this process, the metal becomes very hot and forms a strong bond between the metals.

List of Top 10 Best Quality Welding Machines in India Buyers Guide

There are different types of welding machines used for different welding purposes. However, they all have some similar requirements such as power source, welder protection, fume extraction, and electrode cables and holders.

1. iBELL Welding Machine Inverter ARC (IGBT) with 220A, Arc Force Control, Hot Start, Anti-Stick Functions & 2 Years Warranty:

This iBell Welding machine is engineered with IGBT technology that is used for converting DC power into the voltage required to weld. The features and price of this inverter arc welding machine make it stand as one of the best products on the market. It offers a power input of 160V-250V, and a duty cycle of 100% at 175.5A and 60% at 220A.iBELL Welding Machine Inverter ARC with 220A, Arc Force Control, & Hot Start


  • iBell Welding Machine is a portable single-phase machine
  • It is ideal for industrial use as well as domestic use.
  • Also, it has a low energy consumption
  • It comes with a compact design.


  • High maintenance cost
  • Complex controls

iBELL Welding Stick

2. iBELL Heavy Duty Inverter ARC Welding Machine (IGBT) 250A with Hot Start, Anti-Stick Functions, Arc Force Control – 2 Year Warranty:

This is suitable for welding metals like aluminium, stainless steel, and mild steel. It is engineered with advanced technology and design, making it more convenient and efficient than the large-sized welders.

Moreover, it has a duty cycle of 100% at 194A and 60% at 250A making it suitable for high-frequency welding. The product comes along with an electrode cable and holder, clamps, a wire brush, and safety goggles.iBELL ARC Welding Machine Inverter (IGBT) with 250A & 2 Years Warranty


  • iBell 250A Welding Machine is a multipurpose heavy-duty welder
  • This tool has high-frequency welding
  • It comes with a compact/ handy design
  • This is used at homes as it requires low voltage to function.


  • High maintenance cost

iBell Inverter Welding Machine

3. iBELL Inverter ARC Welding Machine (IGBT) with 200A, Hot Start, Anti-Stick Functions & 2 Years Warranty:

This is a portable single-phase machine with a power input of 160V-250V making it a great general-purpose tool. It is suitable for welding metals such as mild steel, aluminium, stainless steel, and many others. You can carry this machine anywhere anytime.iBELL Inverter ARC Welding Machine (IGBT) with 200A & 2 Years Warranty


  • iBell 200A Welding Machine made with anti-stick & hot start functions.
  • It comes with a compact design.
  • This machine makes low noise
  • It is easy to carry products due to its lightweight.


  • Higher maintenance cost

iBELL 200A Welding Machine

4. Great Yuva 200 Waterproof Welding Machine:

This welding machine by Great Yuva featured a self-adjustable power switch that provides a range of 110V to 280V. It is a waterproof product equipped with VRD protection, making it safe to use outdoor under bad weather conditions. The machine is capable of supporting all types of electrodes used for low and high-frequency welding.Great Yuva 200 Waterproof Welding Machine


  • Great Yuva Welding Machine made with IGBT technology makes this product efficient & reliable.
  • It comes with VRD, overvoltage & current protection features.
  • This is a portable & waterproof machine.
  • It has a self-adaptive power switch & modular functional unit.


  • Short cable

Great Yuva Welding Machine

5. V&D Tools Welding Machine cum Inverter 200N:

This is a lightweight product that operates on a single-phase and consumes less power. It’s a 200 amps machine supported by IGBT technology making it durable and efficient to use. The dimension of this machine is 16 centimetres in width and 35 centimetres in height. It comes with a 16 square millimetre cable.V&D Tools Welding Machine


  • V&D Tools Welding Machine made with IGBT Technology.
  • It comes with a 1.5-meter holder & a 1.5-meter earth cable
  • The product is lightweight.
  • And the best part is low maintenance costs.


  • Lacks durability

V&Tools Welding Machine

6. BMB Technology Welding Machine Inverter with Arc-200 Amps & All Accessories in Yellow & Orange:

This BMB Welding Machine machine is provided by Shakti Technology & it is perfect for outdoor and indoor uses. The product has a single-phase voltage input of 220V with a self-adjustable arc force making the welding process easier. The duty cycle of this product is 60% and it weighs 4.5 kg.BMB Technology Welding Machine with Arc-200 Amps & All Accessories


  • BMB Welding Machine is a heavy-duty machine
  • It comes with a compact design
  • This machine has a self-adjustable arc.


  • Higher energy consumption

BMB Technology Welding Machine

7. GK 36 & CO IGBT Single Phase Welding Machine with 200 AMPS & Standard Accessories:

This is an efficient tool that comes with a built-in inverter. This product provides a concentrated, constant, stable arc giving the metal a strong bond with a neat and clean finishing. This product has a single-phase voltage input of 230V and the output ranges from 20-to 200 amps.GK 36 & CO Welding Machine with 200 AMPS & Accessories


  • GK 36 & CO Welding Machine is a convenient device
  • That plugged into 220 volts with household current.
  • It comes with low consumption, overheats protection & energy-saving features.
  • This is a portable & easy to use device.
  • You will get 6 months of warranty on this product.


  • Shorter cables
  • Not suitable for high-frequency welding

GK 36 CO Accessories

8. BMB Shakti Technology Welding Machine Inverter ARC-200N with Welding Goggles, All Accessories Cable Set, Welding Rods & Welding Gloves:

This machine is manufactured by Shakti Technology & is a reliable welding machine This is low maintenance and lightweight machine with a single-phase voltage input of 220V and an output of 200 amps. You will get 6 months of warranty on this product.BMB Shakti Technology Welding Machine with Welding Goggles


  • BMB Welding Machine is suitable for low & high-frequency weldings.
  • This has a low maintenance cost.
  • It comes with an earthing clamp and cable, welding holder, gloves & safety goggles.
  • The machine has self-adjustable arc & overheat protection features.


  • High energy consumption

Worx Electric Pole Saw

9. SPARTAN LT-220S12i Single Phase Inverter Welding Machine (IGBT) 220A with Hot Start, Anti-Stick, Arc Force & 6 Months Warranty:

The Toshon arc 200 Nano inverter by Spartan is a small portable yet durable tool. It operates at a frequency of 50/60 HZ and a power input capacity of 6KVA. Despite the size, this product is suitable for daily use and performing high-frequency welding tasks.SPARTAN LT-220S Single Phase Inverter Welding Machine with Hot Start


  • Spartan Welding Machine is packed with an energy-saving feature.
  • It is a lightweight and portable product.
  • This is easy to use device.


  • Fewer options

Spartan Welding Machine

10. JPT ARC MMA IGBT Hot Start Welding Machine with LCD Digital Display, 200A DC Inverter, Welder & Anti-Stick Rod:

This is an advanced machine that comes with a power input of 220V. It comes with safety features such as under and over-voltage protection and thermostat control. This product featured anti-sticking technology making it easier to remove the electrodes.JPT ARC MMA IGBT Hot Start Welding Machine with LCD Digital Display


  • JPT Welding Machine made with IGBT Technology.
  • It comes with an electrode cable, holder, earth cable, and clamp.
  • This has voltage protection, over current protection & thermostat control features.
  • Also, this has a fan-cooled carrying strap & handle.


  • Lower durable cycle

JPT Inverter Anti Stick


At the present moment, you have successfully reviewed the list of the top 10 best welding machines. So, it should be easy for you to determine which blanket will be best for you.

All the above options make it easy for you to make a good choice of the best welding machine for you along with valuable benefits.


What is a welding machine?

A welding machine is used for joining two metals together by heat. The machine produces heat that is converted by electricity which melts the metal parts together forming a solid bond once it cools down.

What are the types of welding?

Different types of weldings are used for different purposes. MIG Welding, Stick Welding, TIG Welding, Plasma Arc Welding, Electron Beam, Laser Welding, and Gas Welding.

Is the inverter welding machine good?

The properties of inverter welders make them suitable for all welding purposes. They are versatile, lightweight, and efficient. They used to weld different types of metals including carbon steel and stainless steel.

What is arc welding?

It is a welding process that involves an electric arc that is created by the electrodes using either AC or DC, the arc is melted to form a bond between the metals.

What is the price of a welding machine?

The prices of a welding machine can vary based on the specifications and the brand. The prices can range from approximately Indian Rs 4,000 to 15,000. However, the average price of a durable and decent quality welding machine is between Indian Rs 5,500 – 8,000.

What type of welder do I need to weld stainless steel?

The type of welder required for welding stainless steel would depend on the thickness and finishing of the material. However, stainless steel is welded with TIG, MIG, and Spot welders.

Can you get electrocuted stick welding?

There are chances of getting electrocuted while replacing the electrode without switching off the welder.