Best Table Lamps in India – Buyers Guide

Lights are very important in a house and choosing a suitable light enhances the beauty of the home. People use different lights & table lamps in their homes. Some people are fond of lamps and they use them as decoration pieces. Lamps can be either floor lamps or table lamps. Table lamps are normally used for decorative and lighting purposes.

Table lamps look beautiful when placed on a decorated table in the living room. People use these lamps on study tables as study lamps. Imagine a console or study table placed in a house and decorated with a beautiful table lamp. Will, it does not look beautiful? Lights are used for different purposes and every light has its own effect on mood and health. Here we have listed the buyer’s guide for the best Chandelier lights, Best Decorative Lights, Floor Lamps, wall lamps, Led Tubelights, Led Bulbs, Hanging Lights, solar street lights, Pendant lights, garden lights, LED Torch lights, and wall Hangings in India.

You can use different colors of lights in table lamps to give the light of your choice to your room. There are a lot of places where you can find very good study lamps but amazon is the place on which you can trust to buy lamps.

Top 10 Table Lamps in India

List of the table lamps Check at Amazon
1. Wipro Garnet Table Lamp  Wipro-Garnet-Lamp
2. Philips Air Table Lamp  Philips-Air-Desklight
3. BillieJean Table Lamp  Wemex-Billie-Reading
4. Wooum Table Lamp  SaleOnTM-Rechargeable
5. BillieJean Blue Table Lamp  Wemex-Billie-Reading-Table
6. Bulfyss Rrimin USB Table Lamp Rrimin-Flexible-Reading-Light
7. Tu Casa Khadi Table Lamp  Tucasa-Conical-Shade-Table
8. DP Portable LED Table Lamp  DP-Portable-Rechargeable-Light
9. HELICON Table Lamp HELICON-Stainless-reading
10. ESN 999 Table Lamp  ESN-999-Watt-Table

Table Lamp Buyers Guide

Many modern table lamps are available in the market. But only a few models will meet your requirements. Because the best table lamps are always helpful for you and your decor.

Here are some things you should always keep focused on while buying a table lamp or study lamp:

Height of Lamp:

  • Table lamps come in different heights.
  • Short table lamps are used in bedroom side tables for decorative purposes and tall lamps are normally used in living rooms and also as study lamps.
  • So, keep the purposes in mind while selecting a lamp.

Width of the Lamp:

  • The width of a table lamp depends on the table on which you are going to place it.
  • For the living room, if the tabletop is short than the width of the lamp then don’t buy it for that table.
  • It will look beautiful on the table whose width is more than the wider part of the table lamp.
  • Also, consider the base of the lamp. It should also not be very wide otherwise there will be no space left for other decoration pieces.
  • The width of the table must be less than the table.

Length of the Table:

  • If you are looking for a lamp for a long table then you must buy table lamps which are in pairs.
  • A single lamp will not look good on a long tabletop.

The theme of the Room:

  • If you are going to buy a new lamp then you must consider the overall color theme of the room.
  • It must match the paint, curtains and other furniture in the room otherwise it will look odd.

Amount of Light:

  • If you are looking for a study lamp then the light is the most important factor to focus on.
  • Choose that lamp that has an LED bulb of 5 to 10 watts if you are buying it for the study table.

Features of Table Lamps: 

You must have table lamps or Study lamps in your house whether you are a writer or student. You can use these for many tasks and these are helpful for you and reduces eye strain too. Table lamps are not only added value to your tabletop decor but also make practical lighting features.

The best and good table lamp must have the following features:

  • A good table lamp or study lamp has a bright and good light so it makes it easy to study in its light.
  • They also come in different widths and heights and they can be placed accordingly.
  • A study lamp is adjustable so the user can adjust it according to his/ her comfort.
  • It has a focused beam of light to make work easy.
  • And it must be good at design and match the overall look and theme of the room.
  • It usually works on electricity but some study lamps are also chargeable so they can be used when no electricity.
  • Also, it has a switch button to on and off it.
  • Many study lamps have different modes of lights for use for multipurpose.

Types of Table Lamps: 

  • Now you know the features of the table lamps along with a proper buying guide. It’s time to learn the different types of table lamps for your home or office.
  • These are lamps which are placed on side tables with the bed. They come in pairs. They are used for dim light at night.
  •  This lamp is placed on study tables in offices, bedrooms, and study rooms. Study lamps have adjustable arms by which you can adjust their height and light angle. They have targeted light and normally LED bulbs are present in them which give moderate light.
  • This is alike a study lamp but usually shorter in size. It has a half-cylinder shape and comes in usually green color but other colors are always available. It is placed above the piano.
  •  Table Lamo is made with glass having liquid and wax in it. A small bulb is also present on its base. When the bulb is on it heats up and melts the wax. The wax moves with liquid by heating and shining. This is an old type of lamp.

More Types:

  •  These are normal table salt lamps. People place it in their room for not just lighting purposes but also for removing negative energies. Using this lamp also releases allergens and bacteria from the room.
  • These lamps may give some light to the room but their light is not enough. These are only for fun and decorative purposes. And these are in the shape of some cartoon characters for kids’ rooms. These Lamps also have butterflies, birds, and other different and interesting shapes.
  • They are available in pairs. They are placed at different corners of the table. Buffet lamps are used to balance the furniture.
  •  They are beautiful lamps having a unique appearance. Their shade is made up of multi-color glass pieces. People use them for decorative purposes and are popular for their appearance.
  •  These are old lamps that were used by pianists and other musicians to read their music sheets. But they are now used by many people and placed on study tables. Their use has increased because of their simple and unique appearance.

How to use a Table Lamp?

Mostly the table lamps are designed in such a way that cable is passed through the base of it. The purpose of this cable is to supply the electric current to the bulb. The bulb is present in the head of the lamp.

Let’s find out more details about the working process for a Study Lamp or Table Lamp:

  • In the head portion bulb holder is located in which mostly LED bulb fits. Other bulbs also fit in it, a user uses it according to their choice.
  • A thin wire is placed on the bulb which is made up of tungsten and is called the filament.
  • The bulb fits into the holder with the help of this filament.
  • A button is also present at the base of the lamp or is attached with extra wire which is beautifully decorated.
  • When you need to turn on the lamp you simply need to plug the cable in the switch.
  • Turn on the button of the switch and also turn on the button of the lamp.
  • You can adjust the head of the lamp.
  • And turn it off when finishing your work.

List of Top 10 Table Lamps to Buy online:

Nowadays many people shifting to modern style lamps for their tables. But we should consider the features and types of table lamps first. Check out the below list of the best table lamps in the market. And we made the following list after considering the features, pros, and cons of study lamps or table lamps.

So check them and choose any one of the table lamps then use them for your home, office work, study, reading, and several other works. Some decorative table lamps are available in various sizes, patterns, shapes & many more.

1. Wipro Garnet Table Lamp 6W LED with 3 Grade dimming and Color Changing Options:

This lamp is 1 foot long and requires very little space to fit. It has 3 different types of light colors which are daylight, white light, and warmer light. This lamp is touchable and easily controllable too. Also, it comes with an adapter for charging and has a warranty of 1 year.Wipro Garnet Table Lamp 6W LED with 3 Grade dimming and Color Changing Options


  • Length: 35 Centimeters
  • Width: 17 Centimeters
  • Height: 32 Centimeters
  • Weight: 449 Grams


  • Wipro Table Lamp has a 3-grade dimming feature and this is helpful for you to modify the brightness and match the ambiance with colors. Also, this is light in weight.
  • The design of this table lamp will complement your decor style.
  • You will get a warranty of 1 year.
  • It has an easy touch button for power off and power on.


  • It doesn’t have a battery so it cannot be used when electricity is not available.
  • This is not very durable.

Wipro Changing Lamp

2. Philips Air Table Lamp 5-Watt LED Desk light:

This is a non-rechargeable LED light that has daylight mode. It is energy-saving and uses a 5 watts LED bulb. Also, it has one color and the light head is adjustable. It comes with a warranty of 2 years.Philips Air Table Lamp 5-Watt LED Desklight


  • Length: 27 Centimeters
  • Width: 13.5 Centimeters
  • Height: 37 Centimeters
  • Weight: 712 Grams


  • Philips Table Lamp has a simple and elegant look.
  • This is easily foldable and requires a small space to fit on.
  • You can affordable this lamp easily.
  • It is energy efficient and requires less energy.
  • Also, it includes one integrated LED desk light


  • The battery system is not available.
  • And the plastic used in its manufacturing is not good quality.

Philips Desk Light

3. BillieJean Table Lamp Matt Black for Reading & Study:

This lamp has an aluminum holder and comes in a black matte color. It has an elegant and decent design. LED and other shades bulbs are suitable for it. Also, it consumes 40 watts of energy. This is also available in white and red colors too.BillieJean Table Lamp Matt Black for Reading & Study


  • Length: 12 Centimeters
  • Width: 12 Centimeters
  • Height: 46 Centimeters


  • Billie jean Table lamp has an elegant design.
  • As it has a metal body but it doesn’t heat up.
  • The lamp head is adjustable.
  • It is in the economic price range.


  • Metal is not of good quality.
  • It doesn’t come with a warranty.
  • And the lamp height is too short.

BillieJean Study Lamp

4. Wooum Table Lamp Rechargeable LED with Touch On or Off Switch and USB Charging:

A beautiful LED lamp whose light can be dim or bright according to your choice. And this lamp has 3 different levels for dimming and brightening. It is made up of plastic and light is white in color. Also, it has a battery that can be recharged.

Wooum Table Lamp Rechargeable LED with Touch On or Off Switch and USB Charging


  • Length: 11 Centimeters
  • Width: 5.5 Centimeters
  • Height: 21 Centimeters


  • Wooum Table Lamp is one of the eye protection study lamps and has main features like adjustable angle & efficient heat dissipation
  • This has a good design and is light in weight.
  • It has a rechargeable battery so it can be used without put on plugging.
  • Different light modes are available.


  • Battery life is not so good. After a long period of charge, it works for only 45 minutes to 1 hour.
  • Its material is not so good so is not very long-lasting.


5. BillieJean Blue Table Lamp for Reading & Studying:

This comes with a blue lamp whose shade is aluminum and the base is of steel. It has a holder of a B22 bulb along with an on and off switch. Its neck is flexible and adjustable at various angles. Also, it has a beautiful design which not only enhances the look of the study table but also provides good light while studying.BillieJean Blue Table Lamp for Reading & Studying


  • Length: 12 Centimeters
  • Width: 12 Centimeters
  • Height: 46 Centimeters
  • Wire Length: 2.5 Meters


  • Billiejean Blue Table Lamp has a good design and light range.
  • It has a long wire of 6 feet.
  • The body is good metallic which is durable.


  • The battery is not rechargeable.
  • Paint can peel off quickly so it seems bad.

Wemex Table Lamp

6. Bulfyss Rrimin USB Table Lamp Flexible Reading LED Light Clip-on Beside Bed:

This is an aluminium lamp with an iron hose. It has an on and off button and a clip that is attachable to a laptop or computer. And it is best to use while working on a laptop. This lamp also has an LED light and consumes a low amount of electricity. It has a USB power supply and doesn’t have a battery.

Bulfyss Rrimin USB Table Lamp Flexible Reading LED Light Clip-on Beside Bed


  • Length: 5 Centimeters
  • Width: 5 Centimeters
  • Height: 10 Centimeters
  • USB Cable Length: 140 Centimeters
  • Weight: 200 Grams


  • Bulfyss Table Lamp has very low in price.
  • It is light in weight and is compactable.
  • This is ideal for lighting PC or Laptop and reading purposes.
  • Also, it has a long cable.


  • The battery is not rechargeable.
  • Also, it has no warranty.

Bulfyss Reading Light

7. Tu Casa Khadi Table Lamp LG-200 with Conical Shade:

This is a small bedside lamp having a height of 20 centimeters. It is a metallic lamp which is light in weight. But it doesn’t have an on and off button and directly turns on when putting in the plug.Tu Casa Khadi Table Lamp LG-200 with Conical Shade


  • Length: 15.2 Centimeters
  • Width: 15.2 Centimeters
  • Height: 20.3 Centimeters
  • Weight: 499 Grams


  • Tu Casa Table Lamp is good in design.
  • It comes with a 1-meter length of cable.
  • It has less price so easily affordable.


  • The cable material is not good.
  • It doesn’t have an on/off button.

Tucasa Table Lamp

8. DP Portable LED Table Lamp Rechargeable Emergency Light:

This is a portable lamp that is also used as an emergency light. It is easily foldable and acquires the shape of the box when folded. Also, it has a battery system so you can use it as an emergency light in time of electricity load shedding.DP Portable LED Table Lamp Rechargeable Emergency Light


  • Length: 6.9 Centimeters
  • Width: 8.4 Centimeters
  • Height: 17 Centimeters
  • Weight: 349 Grams


  • DP Table Lamp is easily foldable and portable so it can be carried anywhere.
  • It is durable and has an elegant design.
  • This can be used as a study lamp and also as an emergency light so it is multipurpose.


  • It doesn’t have a warranty.
  • Also, the battery life is very short.

DP Rechargeable Study Lamp

9. HELICON Table Lamp with Strong & Stainless Steel Body for Home or Office Use:

This is an aluminum lamp that uses helicon light technology. It comes with a B22 bulb but also accepts LED bulbs. And it is flexible and turns 360 degrees. It has special technology that prevents the eyes from the bad effect of light. Also, it is available in silver color and has an on/off switch.HELICON Table Lamp with Strong & Stainless Steel Body for Home or Office Use


  • Length: 6.2 Inches
  • Width: 6.2 Inches
  • Height: 17 Inches
  • Weight: 998 Grams


  • HELICON Table Lamp has a very good quality metallic body.
  • Its flexibility is up to 360 degrees rotation.
  • This chrome finished lamp is ideal for home and office use.
  • Also, its neck is long so prevents direct lighting to the eyes.


  • Its base can be damaged by rust after some time.
  • And it doesn’t have a rechargeable battery.

HELICON Strong reading lamp

10. ESN 999 Table Lamp with Stylish Black Color For Home or Office:

This lamp has an old design but the best feature is that it has attached pen and paper holders with it. And it not only helps in lighting during the study but also has the capability to hold your stationery. It comes with an LED bulb and uses 5 watts of energy to lighten up. Also, it is light in weight and easily adjustable at a small space.ESN 999 Table Lamp with Stylish Black Color For Home or Office


  • Length: 20 Centimeters
  • Width: 11 Centimeters
  • Height: 20.6 Centimeters
  • Weight: 458 Grams


  • ESN 999 Table Lamp’s design is very beautiful and has a vintage look.
  • This electric study lamp holder type is suitable for both LED and CFL
  • It consumes less energy and is light in weight.
  • Also, it is multitasking.
  • It not only gives light but also keeps the stationary arranged.


  • This is very delicate and it needs extra care.
  • And very low-quality plastic is used in this product.

ESN 999 Table Lamp

So now you know how to choose and buy a good table lamp. However, it depends on your own preferences which lamp best suits you.


Finally, you have successfully reviewed the list of Top 10 Best Table Lamps. So, it should be easy for you to determine which study lamp or table lamp will meet your requirements.

Go through the features of the most popular study lamps online before purchase. Above all options make it easy for you to make a good choice of the table lamp along with valuable benefits.