Best Soldering Iron Kits in India-Buyers Guide

A soldering iron kit is consists of a rod, pencil, or gun that is used for soldering metals. Here soldering is the process of joining metals by melting them at a high temperature so that their atoms separate and remake the electronic bond between atoms.

Metals are a primary component in many household items. Modern houses are filled with electronics and electric connections. These may need small repairs every once in a while. Calling an electrician for every small job can get pretty expensive. Also, check the buyer’s guide of Solar Light, glue guns in India.

A soldering iron is, therefore, recommended for easily handling these small tasks. Soldering irons are used by people for different purposes like joining wires in computers, fixing watches and mobiles, fixing electrical sockets and other electronic devices, and even in making jewelry.

Top 10 Best Soldering Iron Kits in India

List of the soldering iron kits

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1. amiciTools 60W Soldering Iron Kit with Adjustable Temperature Amicikart-Soldering
2. Corslet Soldering Iron Kit with 5 Tips & 6 Aid Tools in PU Carry Bag TECHTEST-Adjustable-Temperature
3. Techtest Corslet 15 in 1 Soldering Iron Kit with 25 in 1 Screwdriver Set & Laptop Repair
4. Aptechdeals Intermediate 7 in 1 Soldering Iron Kit APTECH-DEALS-AP
5. VCK Soldering Iron with 25 watts & Wire Stripper Stand Soldering-Meter-Solder
6. STANLEY 69-031B Round Corded Soldering Iron Kit Stanley-69-031B-30
7. THEMISTO 25W Electric Soldering Iron Kit Combo THEMISTO-built-passion
8. Themisto Beginners 8 in 1 Soldering Iron Kit THEMISTO-passion-Beginners
9. Easy Electronics Soldering Iron Kit Easy-Electronics-Kit
10. GUNK 7 in 1 Soldering Iron Kit with Desolder Pump GUNK-Soldering-Multimeter

Buyers Guide – Soldering Iron Kit

Since there are many types of soldering irons available in the market, make sure you do your research so that you can buy the one that is best suited to you.

Before investing in a soldering iron, here are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Check the power consumption of the soldering iron.
  • This will determine the heating capacity of the soldering iron.
  • Power consumption must be at least 30Watts for fast heating and accurate working.
  • It is good to buy a soldering iron that has different temperature options because different metals have different melting points.
  • Some soldering irons come with different tips for various functions so it is good to buy that.
  • It must have a holding stand where you can place the hot soldering iron while and after doing your work.
  • A single tip soldering iron will only be good for a specific function and therefore not versatile.
  • The iron should also be compatible with tips from other brands.

Types of Soldering Iron Kits

There are many types of soldering irons available in the market. So you need to have knowledge of the soldering iron kits type and its important features.

The main types are:

Fine Soldering Iron

  • These need 15 to 30 watts of energy. It is best for small to medium standard soldering.

Universal Soldering Iron

  • These require 30 to 60 watts of energy.
  • It is slightly larger and therefore not very suitable for doing fine work.
  • This soldering iron is strong so it can easily join thick wires.

Temperature Controllable Soldering Iron

  • This is a large soldering iron that is suitable for heavy jobs.
  • It works on 30 to 60W energy.
  • And its temperature is controllable and it also has a sensor that protects it from over-heating.

Large Soldering Irons

  • They are large-sized soldering irons that consume more than 60W energy.
  • It is made to work on thick cables and batteries.

Soldering Pencils

  • These are small-sized soldering irons that are generally cheaper and good for small projects.
  • They are not suitable for commercial or large-scale use because they are small and can’t do heavy tasks.
  • Soldering pencils are very easy to use and can be placed anywhere.

Soldering Guns

  • This is also a small appliance for domestic use.
  • Its shape is pistol- or gun-like.
  • It can easily be used on a low voltage of electricity.

Soldering Stations

  • This is a professional soldering iron in which soldering pencils are connected with the station by which you can control the temperature levels.
  • The station can maintain the temperature of the iron automatically.

Soldering Needles

  • This soldering iron needs 5 to 15Watts energy for its operation.
  • It is wireless and small in size so suitable for working in small places.

How Does a Soldering Iron Kit Work?

The basic objective of a soldering iron is to melt the iron and make a strong electric bond between its atoms.

  1. Solders come with soldering irons.
  2. Solder is an alloy that is made with a combination of different metals.
  3. The high heat of up to 300 to 350° Celsius is applied to the solder, which melts and joins the metals together by making a strong bond between them.
  4. When the metals join, this solder can easily be removed by a tool present in the kit called the desoldering tool.
  5. If there is any dirt or oil on the metals which need to be joined, a flux is used on them before the soldering process.
  6. This flux increases the strength of the electric bond between metals.

List of Top 10 Best Soldering Iron Kits Online in India

Now you know the features, the buyer’s guide, and the types of soldering iron kits on the market. But you probably don’t want to spend all your day looking for a good one.

So, to make your selection easier, here you have a top 10 list of the best soldering iron kits available in the market along with their features, pros, and cons.

1. AmiciTools 60W Soldering Iron Kit with Adjustable Temperature

This is a small, but professional, soldering iron. Its temperature is adjustable from 250 to 450° Celsius. It works on 220V and uses 60Watts power. This comes with a cable of 1.5 meters & has a ceramic heating coil. The manufacturers provide 6 months warranty for the product. amiciTools 60W Soldering Iron Kit with Adjustable Temperature


  • amiciTools Soldering Iron Kit has a rubber grip to resist the heat.
  • It comes with 6 different types of bits
  • This has a power indicator and a temperature control knob
  • It takes very little time to heat up


  • It is not a durable product
  • Also, it is an over-priced product

Amicikart Soldering Kit

2. Corslet Soldering Iron Kit with 5 Tips & 6 Aid Tools in PU Carry Bag

This is a professional use high-quality soldering kit that includes 5 tips, 2 tweezers, desoldering pump, 6 aid tools, stand, tin wire tube, and adjustable welding iron. It works on 220V and has a power of 60W. You can adjust the temperature between 200 to 450 ℃.

Corslet Soldering Iron Kit with 5 Tips & 6 Aid Tools in PU Carry Bag


  • Corslet Soldering Iron Kit made with ceramic heating technology.
  • The product and all the accessories are of great quality.
  • It is very efficient and heats up in 2 minutes.


  • The product is slightly expensive

TECHTEST Adjustabl Stand

3. Techtest Corslet 15 in 1 Soldering Iron Kit with 25 in 1 Screwdriver Set & Laptop Repair

This kit toolbox contains 25 IN 1 screwdriver, tweezer, 5 soldering stands, 1 tip, a soldering pump, a soldering iron, a soldering wick, 1 solder, a copper wire, 1 soldering paste, and a sponge.

It is used for soldering electronics, jewelry, computers, mobile devices, watches, guitar, chipboard and, all small electronic tasks.Techtest Corslet 15 in 1 Soldering Iron Kit with 25 in 1 ScrewDriver Set & Laptop Repair


  • Techtest Soldering Iron Kit is a professional-use kit
  • It comes with a lot of accessories and bits for various functions.
  • The power of the iron is 60 watts, which means it can be used professionally
  • Overall, the quality of the product and accessories is great


  • No negative reviews by existing customers

Techtest Soldering Temperature

4. Aptechdeals Intermediate 7 in 1 Soldering Iron Kit

The power of this soldering iron is 25W and it is a good choice for small jobs. The kit contains a tweezer, de-wick, stand, wire stripper, and an iron. Also, the wire is of high quality and can bear high temperatures.Aptechdeals Intermediate 7 in 1 Soldering Iron Kit


  • Aptechdeals Soldering Iron Kit is a good choice for beginners
  • The package contains all the necessary equipment of good quality.
  • And the handle is made of insulating material.


  • The product doesn’t have any warranty


5. VCK® Soldering Iron with 25 watts & Wire Stripper Stand

This is another great product in our list of soldering irons. It consumes 25 watts of power and comes with a 1-meter-long cord. The package also contains a stand, desoldering Wix, soldering wax, and a wire stripper.VCK® Soldering Iron with 25 watt & Wire Stripper Stand


  • VCK Soldering Iron Kit is a durable machine.
  • The iron & other accessories are of great quality
  • This tool heats up quickly
  • Also, this is very budget-friendly.


  • The iron doesn’t have a power indicator
  • The handles are not of good quality

VCK Soldering Kit Combo

6. STANLEY 69-031B Round Corded Soldering Iron Kit

This is an amazing soldering tool used for soldering various things in your home including toys, decorative lights, wires, plumbing, and gadgets.

It comes with a 1-meter-long wire, extra tips, and a safety stand is also included in the package. The tips have nickel plating and can easily reach 371° Celsius temperatures.STANLEY 69-031B Round Corded Soldering Iron Kit


  • STANLEY Soldering Iron Kit tips are changeable and extra tips are available in the package
  • It has a plastic grip to resist heat
  • The company offers 6 months warranty
  • It requires 30W energy and gets ready quickly for soldering.


  • You will have to wait for 2 minutes for it to get to its maximum temperature

Stanley Corded Soldering Kit

7. THEMISTO 25W Electric Soldering Iron Kit Combo

This soldering kit contains a soldering stand, desoldering pump, wax, cable, wire stripper, tweezer, glue gun, multimeter, and a desoldering wick. The cord is 52-inches-long and the iron is very lightweight. It is also a durable product.THEMISTO 25W Electric Soldering Iron Kit Combo


  • THEMISTO Soldering Iron Kit is a great choice because it comes with a full soldering kit
  • The tip is made of steel having a nickel plating on it.
  • You will receive all the necessary accessories with the package.
  • All the accessories are of good quality.


  • It takes time to heat up
  • Also, it is not suitable for heavy works

THEMISTO 25W Soldering Kit

8. Themisto Beginners 8 in 1 Soldering Iron Kit

This is another soldering kit by the brand Themisto that is suitable for beginners. The kit contains a wire stripper, soldering stand, Desolwik, and solder wire.Themisto Beginners 8 in 1 Soldering Iron Kit


  • Themisto 8 In 1 Soldering Iron Kit made with high-quality solder wire & soldering stand.
  • The quality of all accessories is good.
  • Along with a soldering gun, you will get 7 accessories in the package.


  • It can only be used by beginners for small jobs
  • The size of the wire is very small

THEMISTO Beginners Soldering

9. Easy Electronics Soldering Iron Kit

This kit is also an amazing soldering kit with all the necessary accessories. The power of the iron is 25W and the package contains a wire rill, iron stand, and D-sold wire. It is designed for household duties and electronic works.Easy Electronics Soldering Iron Kit


  • Easy Electronics Soldering Iron Kit is suitable for beginners.
  • It has a very soft co-molded handle that ensures the safety
  • This is a lightweight and easy-to-use product


  • It cannot be used for professional work

Easy Electronics Soldering Kit

10. GUNK 7 in 1 Soldering Iron Kit with Desolder Pump

This soldering kit contains a stand, 1-meter cord, multimeter, iron, and a desolder pump. It has the power of 25W. It can be used for heavy commercial tasks.GUNK 7 in 1 Soldering Iron Kit with Desolder Pump


  • GUNK Soldering Iron Kit is a good choice for small and heavy jobs
  • The price is affordable for everyone.
  • It is best for household tasks


  • The grip is not made of insulating material
  • The multimeter is of poor quality

GUNK Soldering Iron Kit


At the present moment, you have successfully reviewed the list of the top 10 best soldering iron Kits. So, it should be easy for you to determine which iron kit best suits you.


What is a soldering iron used for?

Soldering iron is best for soldering or joining metals together by melting them and making electronic bonds between their atoms. It is used in computers, chipboards, making watches, home electronic works, welding, jewelry making, and much more.

What is the price of soldering iron?

The price of soldering irons starts from Rs 200, but these are the most basic ones. Professional kits can be slightly expensive.

What’s the difference between a soldering iron and a gun?

Soldering iron is in a rod-shaped iron but the gun is shaped like a pistol. Both have the same function that is soldering but the iron can reach confined and narrow spaces too.

Can I solder without flux?

Good solders will work very well without flux too. But if you don’t have a flux you can use any alternative like Vaseline for the purpose.

Is a 40-watt soldering iron enough?

It is good for small electronic home need work. But if you are a professional, you have to go with a high-power soldering iron.

Is 30-watt soldering iron enough?

This is best for small electronics works. Also, it will work well for sockets, wires, and small metals.

Which soldering iron is best for electronics?

We have provided you with a comprehensive list and details of the best soldering irons above.

How do you use a soldering iron kit?

In a soldering kit, you have to check for certain things. You have to see how many accessories are present in the kit and for what they can be used. The power with which the soldering iron present in the kit will work, and the type of iron.

What are the disadvantages of soldering?

  • Soldering doesn’t help join large area surfaces.
  • The solders are expensive.
  • Also, the flux may contain some harmful components.

What temperature should the soldering iron be for electronics?

Keep in mind that most of the solders melt above the temperature of 188° Celsius. So, it is good to provide more heat. Ideally, the temperature for soldering should be 330 to 350° Celsius.