Best Smart Bands or smart watches in India-Buying Guide

People start using healthy food and also monitor their regular health conditions with the awareness of a healthy lifestyle. For this purpose, they use a special rubber device known as a smart band or fitness band. Now people became more conscious about their health for a healthier life.

Many smart brands are available and people can buy their choice. Amazon also sells very good smart bands on their online store. This blog will add much knowledge about the best fitness band.

People also use fitness bands for tracking their activities including cycling, walking, running and calorie burning. It also tracks heartbeat count, and sleep routine.  In this way, you can learn about health problems at the starting level and start taking care of your health. Also, check the buyer’s guide for the best Waterproof Watches in India.

Top 10 Best Smart Band to Buy online

List of the best smart fitness bands Check at Amazon Check at
1. Honor Band Midnight Navy Fitness Tracker Honor-Band-4 honor--samrt-band-4
2. HONOR Band 5 Meteorite Black with Black Strap HONOR-Band-5-Meteorite honor-band-5-fitness
3. Mi Smart Band 4 with Color AMOLED Touch Screen and up-to 20 Days Battery Life Mi-Smart-Band-4-Black
4. Huawei Band 3E Activity Tracker Smart Band Huawei-Activity-Tracker huawei-band-3e-activity-tracker
5. 115U Waterproof Fitness Tracker Smart Band With Heart Rate tracker HolyHigh-Activity-Heart-Rate
6. COBRA Smart Band Fitness Tracker Unisex and Sports Activity Tracker with Functions COBRA-Bracelet-Activity
7. 115U Waterproof Fitness Tracker Smart Band for Men Women Boys Girls HolyHigh-Fitness-Tracker-Digital
8. Fastrack Reflex Smart Band Activity Tracker Fastrack-Reflex-Smart-Digital fastrack-fitness-band
9. Sonata SF Rush Smart Unisex’s Activity Tracker Sonata-Black-Activity-Tracker sonata-rush-smart
10. Lenovo Cardio 2 Black Smart Band Activity Tracker Lenovo-HX06H-Fitness-Band

We can also call fitness bands as Smart Fitness Trackers too. Basically a smart band is designed for multi-functions.

Buyers Guide – Smart Band 

Many companies make smart bands and claim that they have the best. You should have some know-how about fitness bands before buying so no one can make you a fool.

Before buying a fitness band you must have to keep some points in mind.

  • The fitness tracker must have an activity sensor so that it can detect what type of workout you are doing. If it has a sensor then it can easily track your activity and you don’t have to manually put about that. It will detect and give you a record of your work intensity and calorie loss.
  • Must have the capacity to monitor your heart rate. When you exercise your heart, beats become fast.
  • It will monitor and tell you either you have achieved your target beat rate or not. And what is your calorie burn count?
  • The fitness band helps you in counting steps while walking. It will tell you about how much distance you have covered. It is necessary to feature cyclists and runners.
  • Fitness Band must have the best GPS tracker that can guide you about what direction you are walking.
Must Consider:
  • You can get a notification on your smart band from the apps you are using on the smartphone. Some bands only notify you while some also allow you to respond to them. So, select that device that suits you.
  • Look for that device that is waterproof so that you can use it while swimming. Or even if waterfalls on it accidentally, it doesn’t get damaged.
  • Select that band which not only monitors your activity but also gives feedback about maintaining health.
  • It is compulsory to check the software band is using. It must be friendly and compatible with your smartphone and computer.
  • Band size must be suitable for your wrist otherwise it will not be comfortable using it.
  • Buy a smart band that has more battery time and no need to change the battery often.
  • The price of a normal smart band is less than 70 dollars and increases to about 15 dollars according to quality and technology. So keep in mind not to pay extra money to liars.

Features of Fitness Tracker or Smart Band: 

It’s better to know the features of a smart fitness band in order to stay healthy.

Check the features of the fitness band which are listed below.

  • A smart fitness band has a clear and large display screen and everyone can easily see it.
  • Also, the fitness band monitors health conditions and heart rates.
  • It records the sleep time of a person and also checks the quality of sleep.
  • The fitness band calculates calorie burn during exercise.
  • It also shows other health factors.
  • Fitness Band or Smart Band also has a feature that a person can set an alarm for drinking water.
  • It reminds you when it’s time to drink water.
Main Features:
  • Smart Band has wireless technology and can connect to other devices through Bluetooth.
  • The smart band controls many functions of the smartphone.
  • One can easily use WhatsApp Twitter and other apps on it.
  • The alarm clock is also available in the fitness band.
  • Smart bands are normally waterproof.
  • Their bands are adjustable to the desired size.

Types of Fitness Trackers or Bands

  • Children Fitness Trackers

These are fitness trackers that are suitable for children age between 4 years to 9 years. It has an elastic band and its durability is high. It has some resistance to water also. The battery has a warranty for almost 1 year. It is connected to the parent’s smartphone so can easily be tracked when they are not around.

  • Ring Fitness Tracker

The body of this tracker is made up of titanium. It is small in size so it can be used as a ring. Its body is waterproof. Its battery life is about 5 days. It is connected to the app through Bluetooth and then it tracks the activities.

  • Basic Trackers

If a person gets tired or lazy during physical activity like walk, this track motivates him by telling the exact remaining distance. It tells the exact number of steps to take with direction and position. It will reset its setting automatically but keep the data saved for almost 7 days. A fitness band is available at a cheap price.

How Does Smart Band Work?

  • First of all, put a smart fitness band on charging before use. Download compatible app from the play store or apple store on your smartphone depending upon the device.
  • Verify the app on your smart fitness band by scanning the QR code on the smart band.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth of the phone.
  • Open the app on the phone. On the last lie here will be an option of “search for devices”. Tap on that. The smartphone will start searching for the pairing device.
Next Part:
  • Confirm the connection on the smartphone.
  • When the device is connected to the app it will start monitoring the user’s physical activities.
  • Connect all the apps of a smartphone with the device.
  • You have no control over your smartphone through a wrist device.  You open that app on your phone, click on the camera, and then you will be able to capture pictures on the device.
  • The band tracker contains an accelerometer in it. It also contains some sensors. When the body moves the sensors feel it and connect with the app. Which further detect activity type and synchronize it with the app.

The app keeps a record of the data and in this way, it monitors all the activities of the user. In this way when the pulse rate increases it senses it and gives data to the app on a smartphone on the computer to which the device is attached.

List of Top 10 Best Smart Band or Fitness Bands 

You can connect the below list of best smart bands with a smartphone along with the help of Bluetooth and get the message, call, and other apps notifications on it.  Also, your selected fitness tracker contains an alarm clock and camera and you can share data with smartphones and computers too.

1. Honor Band 4 Midnight Navy Fitness Tracker :

The honor fitness band has a pretty design having an AMOLED screen. This fitness band has one of the best monitoring systems to monitor heart rate and sleep and also record distance. Honor Smart Band 4 supports NFC which allows Alipay through it. Its price is low and has a battery timing of 6 days.Honor Band Midnight Navy Fitness Tracker

  • This band display is nice and attractive.
  • The sleep tracker works very well.
  • The price is less and the battery time is pretty good.
  • Heart monitoring is not very good and doesn’t give an exact count.
  • It doesn’t record heart rate very well during exercise.

Honor Fitness Trackerhonor-band-4-fitness

2. Honor Band 5 Fitness Tracker Meteorite Black Color:

This has a very beautiful and smooth design like a bracelet. Honor Smart Band 5 touch screen is very responsive and active to the touch. Functionally it is a very active device and calculates your activity and calorie count.

The honor band monitors heart rate 24 hours and can recognize ten different exercises. It also has a sensor to detect swim stroke. Also, it has a good sleep monitor system too.HONOR Band 5 Meteorite Black with Black Strap

  • Honor Smart Fitness Band is the most accurate device to track sleep time, heart rate and breathe of the user.
  • This smart band 5 has the ability to identify six types of sleep sickness.
  • It gives extra control to the smartphone.
  • This fitness band doesn’t have a GPS tracker in it.
  • Its strips are hard and stiff.

HONOR-Band-5--Fitness-Trackerhonor band 5 tracker

3. Mi Smart Band 4 with Color AMOLED Touch Screen and Up to 20 Days Battery Life:

The best smart band having a battery life of 20 days. It is water-resistant and can be used while swimming. Mi Smart Band can monitor different modes of workout including the treadmill, running, and much more. It can monitor the heartbeat rates all over the day and also monitor sleep. This band also controls smartphone notifications.Mi Smart Band 4 with Color AMOLED Touch Screen and up-to 20 Days Battery Life

  • The color display is very beautiful and attractive.
  • Mi Smart Band 4 has a very long battery time of about 20 days.
  • It is cost-effective and very friendly to the pocket.
  • Mi Band 4 doesn’t have GPS trackers.
  • Its charger is not well-matched.

Mi Smart Band Fitness Tracker

4. Huawei Smart Band 3E Activity Tracker:

This fitness band is one of the best budget-friendly smart fitness bands having a good lifetime of about 14 days. Huawei Smart Band has a water resistance body and contains a GPS tracker in it.Huawei Band 3E Activity Tracker Smart Band

  • The overall display of the screen is very good.
  • This fitness band has a GPS tracker in it.
  • Battery life is 12 to 14 days which is a good point.
  • GPS can be slow at times.
  • Huawei Band 3E doesn’t track the breath count of the user.

Huawei-Smart-Activity-Trackerhuawei fitness tracker

5. HolyHigh 115U Waterproof Fitness Tracker Smart Band for Men Women Boys Girls With Heart Rate Tracker:

This tracker is a touch-screen smart band that records all your daily activities. It has a black band but you will also get a blue band for free. 115U smart band can monitor heart rate, tell about how many calories burnt sleep, and much more. HolyHigh Smart Band also gives a notification control facility. It has compatibility with Android and iOS. Battery time is 7 days.HolyHigh Waterproof Smart Fitness Band with Claroie Counter and Reminder

  • HolyHigh fitness tracker battery time is good.
  • The sensor for heart rate monitoring is active and accurate.
  • Its price is low and is highly affordable.
  • This fitness band doesn’t have GPS and NFC technologies in it.

HolyHigh Activity Tracker with Heart Rate

6. COBRA Smart Band Waterproof Fitness Tracker for Unisex and Sports Activity Tracker with Functions:

This product has an attractive OLED touch screen having the features to sense and calculate heart rate, activities, blood pressure, and calorie count. It shows the accurate count for all the activities. Batter lasts from 5 to 7 days.  It has a USB charger and can be connected to laptops or computers, no need to carry long cables with it.COBRA Smart Band Fitness Tracker Unisex and Sports Activity Tracker with Functions

  • COBRA Smart Band has a pretty decent design.
  • Battery life is very good.
  • The charger is wireless.
  • This fitness band tracking of activities is accurate.
  • Don’t have a GPS tracker.
  • The screen is small.
  • Only 1 size is available so don’t have a choice to select the size.

COBRA Activity Tracker

7. HolyHigh 115U Smart Fitness Band with Calorie Counter for Men Women Boys Girls:

Lean and smart style having touch screen OLED display of 0,8inch. The screen is bright and has clear visibility in daylight.  This smart band is a water and dust resistor. It comes with a warranty card if 1 year. HolyHigh 115U Smart Band has an inbuilt USB charger and battery life is good.

Its screen is touch and has very active sensors for walking and calorie burn due to that. The camera of the smartphone can easily be controlled through it and even it can capture pics too.115U Waterproof Fitness Tracker Smart Band for Men Women Boys Girls

  • HolyHigh Fitness Tracker gives the option of quick response to calls and messages.
  • Its band is flexible and comfortable.
  • HolyHigh bands are replaceable and have a variety of colors.
  • It doesn’t have a heart rate tracker.
  • This product also lacks GPS navigation and NFC too.

HolyHigh Fitness Tracker Digital

8. Fastrack Reflex 2.0 Smart Activity Tracker:

Rectangular shape having a black strap and acrylic glass screen. It has compatibility with iOS and almost all the latest android versions. This Smart band has a touch screen and gives a warranty of 1 year. Fastrack reflex 2.0 activity tracker has a digital display and high-speed processor.  This tracker is used to track walking distance and steps taken. Its battery lasts for about 9 to 10 days.Fastrack Reflex Smart Band Activity Tracker

  • It is compatible with iOS and Android.
  • Fastrack smart band has a good battery time.
  • Light in weight and has a good design.
  • It counts steps accurately.
  • It is not waterproof.
  • Fastrack Fitness Band has no heart rate monitoring sensor and sleep monitoring is also not good.

Fastrack Reflex Smart Watchfastrack reflex 2 activity tracker

9. Sonata SF Rush Black Dial Unisex’s Activity Tracker:

The black color activity tracker having a rectangular touch dial of an acrylic glass OLED display. The band is black in color and is made of rubber. The design of Sonata SF Rush is unisex and can be used by both males and females easily.

Sonata smart band is a water-resistant activity tracker. It has a battery life of 7 days so don’t need to charge it for I week. It has a sleep and activity counter along with the feature of calorie count.Sonata SF Rush Smart Unisex's Activity Tracker

  • It is water-resistant.
  • Has good tracker for heart, activities, and sleep.
  • Design is good and suits both males and females.
  • The price is affordable.
  • It doesn’t have the option of Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Sonata fitness band doesn’t have a heart monitoring tracker.
  • Don’t have a touch screen.

Sonata Unisex Activity Trackersonata smart band

10. Lenovo Cardio 2 Smart Activity Tracker:

Lenovo Cardio 2 has a stylish design. It also features a removable strap and a 0.87-inch OLED sports screen. Displays text messages, voice calls, and notifications. The fitness tracker is waterproof so it can stay 50 meters away from floods. So, one can swim or surf while wearing this smart band.

Its sensor has the ability to monitor walk, running, exercises, and sleep also. Lenovo smart fitness band also has a unique feature that gives a reminder to walk or be active if a person is sitting for a long time. Battery life is a plus point of Lenovo Cardio 2 and it operates for 20 days after single charging.Lenovo Cardio 2 Black Smart Band Activity Tracker

  • It is a smart-looking and affordable smartwatch.
  • This band battery timing is fantastic. The battery lasts for 20 days.
  • Its heart rate monitoring system is really good.
  • Lenovo Smart Band display is very dull.
  • While showing notification of call it doesn’t show the caller ID.

Lenovo Cardio 2 Activity Tracker

At the present moment, you have successfully checked the list of the best 10 smart bands. So, it should be easy for you to determine which fitness band or tracker will meet your requirements.

Now you have familiar with the features of the most popular fitness trackers which are available in the market along with a good buying guide. All the above options make it easy for you to make a good choice of smart bands along with valuable benefits.