Best Label Printers in India – Buyers Guide

A label printer is a perfect option to print labels for products. These printers work with the help of software and are controlled by a PC or any other device. Retailers and supermarkets have to mention the required information along with the price on their packages so that the consumers could easily manage their budget.

Why because most of the market products come with nothing mentioned on their packing. For a few products, they have just a barcode, manufacturing and expiry date, and the ingredients. But there are some products that have the only price information mentioned. Also, check the buyer’s guide for the best wireless printers, Photo Printers, Thermal printers, Barcode printers, Thermal Printers, Lamination Machines, Heat sealing machines, Paper shredders, Staple Pins, staple guns, Tape Dispensers in India.

You can also use the label printers to print stickers, spare parts labels, ship goods, etc. These are helpful in overcoming the price of stamping solutions. Just simply type in the price, print the label, and paste it on the product package. Nowadays there are many label printers available in the market with a lot of useful features. That’s why we are providing this article with the best label makers with a proper buying guide.

Top 10 Label Printers in India

List of the label printers
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1. Casio Label Printer  Casio-KL-G2
2. Dymo Label Printer  Dymo-Writer
3. Dymo Corporation Label Printer  Corporation-Label-7Pt
4. Everycom Label Maker Printer Everycom-EC-801-Inches
5. Sanford Dymo 450 Label Maker  Sanford-Dymo
6. Casio Label Printer  Casio-KL-820-Label
7. 3A Featuretail Label Printer  3A-Featuretail-MX-5500
8. MHK Label Maker MX-5500 Price Printer  MHK-MX-5500-Printer
9. HONGSHENG Label Printer  Hongsheng-MX-5500-Labeler
10. Zebra Label Printer  Zebra-Monochrome-Transfer

Buyers Guide – Label Printer

The variety of label printers makes it easier as well as difficult to buy a perfect label printer. The best label printing machine is only one that is affordable, easy to use, and troubles less down the road. Of course, the label guns are the most affordable among all.

They cost less but do they really suffice your needs? Well, you can decide easily by noting your daily requirements.

Further, you need to just look into a few things before you buy a label printer:

  • Some organizations require a few labels in a month.
  • Hiring a full-fledged label printing machine is not a perfect option.
  • Though it is not even bad. But it is like spending some extra money on label printing.
  • Excessive printing and label marking means an exhaustive job.
  • Label printers are usually made to bear the heat. But not every printer has that capability.
  • Check for the heat ratio before buying a label printing machine.
  • Businesses like retail stores and wholesalers need to mark the labels on the products on various spots in the business place.
  • It is better to buy a portable printer that can move along with you.

Features of Label Printer: 

Label printing needs are common among businesses selling consumer products. The wholesalers and manufacturers generally do not print the prices on the products. They are to be labeled on the products once they reach the store.

Without a label, the buyer will always remain confused about the price. And they might either leave the product or take it to the counter to check the price. But label printers are the proper solutions to overcome these types of problems.

Let’s find out the important features of the label printer or label maker:

  • A basic label printer features adhesive tape and a fanfold cutter. Such printers only work as tape cutters.
  • Pull a piece of tape out, put on a product and write on it. Further, some label printers use electro-mechanical technology.
  • They feature a typing pad, a display, and a printer. The typing pad is used to type the prices or anything else on the label.
  • And the display provides a vision of what is written on the label.
  • Some printers feature electronic displays like LCD and volatile memory.
  • The volatile memory allows you to print hundreds of labels without retyping them.
  • Ahead of that, a few modern label printers can be connected to computers using a USB port.

Types of Label Printers

Label printer types & capabilities vary depending on the usage at home, industrial-oriented and corporate requirements. There are over six to seven types of label printers that are presently used in the market. But there are only three of them that are commonly used.

Label Gun:

  • This is a small handheld device that prints information on labels, stickers, and tags easily.
  • It is a cheap label printing solution in the market.
  • Along with that, it is an easy-to-use label printer.

Electronic Label Printer:

  • These are quick solutions and sturdy label printers.
  • Type the price and tag the product using the same label printing machine.
  • Indeed, it is an all-in-one label printing solution.

Desktop Label Printers:

  • These are the computer printers that connect to a computer and offer custom label printing solutions.
  • It is for all those who want to add custom designs to the labels.

How Does a Label Printer Work?

A Label printer is an electronic device that comes with a built-in keyboard and display for stand-alone use. It prints the required information like product details on the self-adhesive label material. Label printers work in different ways.

In a way, it makes it easier for retailers and shopkeepers to display the price of the product. These are often called the label makers. As the user creates the labels. And then they print the label to paste on the product package.

  1. The basic label guns are used to paste the labels on the products. A general type of label gun only pastes labels.
  2. It does not print anything on the label. Some electronic guns are out there.
  3. They stamp the labels before you can paste them.
  4. Simply enter the text you wish to appear on the label. Add the roll and print it out.
  5. The labels will be stamped before you paste them. The desk label printers work the standard way as the basic printers.
  6. They connect with the computer. And you can modify the label using the software.
  7. Command to print, and the printer will bring out the label.
  8. Some desk label printers also have the option for roll extenders, cutters, and peelers.
  9. Those come in handy when there are bulk labels to be printed.
  10. They cut the labels perfectly and also peel the labels to paste them into the products.

Top 10 List of Label Printers in India Buyers Guide

Nowadays label printer comes with a lot of additional features. It’s always difficult to choose a better and more affordable product from a wide range of label printers in the market. No need to do this anymore just check the below-the-top and best 10 label printers with valuable features.

1. Casio Label Printer KL-G2 with Auto Cutter:

Printing and labeling at one time are indeed the greatest options retailers, warehouse managers, wholesalers, and even manufacturers can enjoy. With this Casio label printer, all they need to do is to print the label and tear it off to paste. The job is easily done with this printing, highly efficient input, and tape cutting.Casio Label Printer KL-G2 with Auto Cutter


  • Casio KL Series Label Printer comes with a printing speed of 20mm/sec.
  • It is a very handy solution to perform jobs quickly.
  • This is a small and portable printer.
  • The best feature of this printer is an auto-cutter with a half-cut function.
  • You can connect this printer easily to your PC through a USB cable.


  • The display is confusing for most people.

Casio KL G2 Label Printer

2. Dymo Label Printer 450 Monochrome Writer with Label Release Feature:

Expediting the office operations lets you get more business. Certainly, when you put every in an organized manner, you may never lose ends. Simply label the files, drawers, and the points that need to be remembered. And then see how fast your business grows. Well, when you have the Dymo Label Writer 450 with you then you simply remove the label printing worries. It is a pretty decent label printer that can do more than just label printing. Bring it to your office and explore what else you can do with it.Dymo Label Priter 450 Monochrome Wrinter with Label Release Feature


  • Dymo Label Writer makes super quality labels with 300 dpi resolution and up to 60mm wide labels.
  • And, the smart size makes it a good choice to pick.
  • Various label printing options make it the best pick.
  • It prints the labels at a speed of 40 labels per minute.
  • You can connect this device to your PC or MAC or any other device with the help of a USB connection.
  • The label release feature is also included in this device.


  • Products with similar features are cheaper than this label printing machine.

Dymo Label Writer

3. Dymo Corporation Label Printer with 5 Font Sizes, 22.7 Pt:

The smarter the label printer, the more options you have. The label making, printing, and pasting options are improving from time to time. Dymo Corporation Label Printer is one of the modern tools you have to make labels. This label printing machine has numerous features to expedite the label-making process. With Dymo Maker, none of your deliveries will ever get late.Dymo Corporation Label Printer with 5 Font Sizes, 22.7 Pt


  • Dymo Corporation Label Maker comes with a Computer-style keyboard along with one-touch smart keys.
  • Also, you can format your labels with the fast test entry feature.
  • QWERTY keyboard makes it easier to type the labels.
  • It includes 6 font options, 8 text styles, 228 symbols, 4 boxes, clip art images, and the largest supported font is 22.7 points. These are quite impressive additional options.
  • With the help of the last-label memory feature, you can reprint your labels easily without retyping


  • The keys are too small to use.

Dymo Corporation Label Maker

4. Everycom Label Maker with 80mm Direct Thermal Monochrome Printer & Auto Cutter:

Thermal label printers are cost-effective solutions for label printing. This highly reliable desktop printer comes with an anti-jam guide that can print papers/labels with a speed of 300mm/second with an adjustable paper size 2-inch or 3-inches. Well, if you need something to long last, then go with this printer. It is one of the best thermal label printing devices. And it will never let you down.Everycom Label Maker with 80mm Direct Thermal Monochrome Printer & Auto Cutter


  • Everycom Thermal Label printer has a user-friendly design & powerful printing performance.
  • It comes with a built-in web server and auto-cutter features along with Cash Drawer & Ethernet + USB interface integrations.
  • Also, it provides high-quality ticketing and receipting labels when required. You will get a heat-sensitive sample label roll too.
  • This is one of the best label printing solutions you may ever enjoy.
  • Everycom Printer is compatible with almost all market-leading programming languages.


  • Thermal printing papers are not environmentally friendly.

Everycom Thermal Printer

5. Sanford Dymo 450 Label Maker and Label Writer:

A small and handy label printer does not require too much space to sit. Place it anywhere near your computer and print the labels. Well, that you can enjoy with the Sanford Dymo Label Writer. This label printing machine is indeed a blessing for the business. It is not just for shopkeepers or other consumer businesses. Instead, every business can take advantage of this label printer.Sanford Dymo 450 Label Maker and Label Writer


  • Sanford Dymo Label Printer prints precise quantities without any difficulties.
  • The precise and fast label printing is quite practical.
  • With the help of DYMO Label software, you can print & customize barcode labels, addresses, file folders, plus name badges, and many more.
  • It eliminates the need for bigger printers, expensive ink rollers, and the hassle of sheet labels.
  • Also, it prints crystal-clear labels, graphics, and barcodes with a 600 x 300 dpi resolution.


  • Too much costly, if the labels are the only chore.

Sanford Dymo Label Writer

6. Casio Label Printer KL 820 with QWERTY Keyboard:

This pinter is manufactured by the brand Casio and it brings a wonderful solution to address problems like price confusion. You can use yellow tape in this printer which is a colorful solution you can have for your business. You can get an India 3 years manufacturer warranty along with this product.Casio Label Printer KL 820 with QWERTY Keyboard


  • Casio Label Printer comes with 4 Lines/16 Digits display along with QWERTY Keyboard.
  • The keyboard supports 5 fonts which are Sans-serif Rounded, Sans-serif, Roman, Sans-serif Italic, and Roman Italic.
  • A variety of color options are available for this printer. So choose the color you need and make the label your brand identity.
  • These printer-supported label tape sizes are 6, 9, 12, 18, and 24 mm.
  • And these sizes are easy to write on and readable.


  • Label tapes need to be purchased separately to use this printer.

Casio KL 820 Label Printer

7. 3A Featuretail Label Printer 8 Digits MRP Rate Gun with 1 Ink Roller and 10 Label Rolls:

Portability is a convenient option for everyone. When you are able to take your label printer directly to the products rack, you would be able to stamp over hundreds of products in less than 5 minutes. Lest you have the best label printing machine. The 3A Featuretail MX-5500 is another label gun on our list. Label guns do not really have too many features. But they are portable, which is indeed the best feature itself.3A Featuretail Label Printer 8 Digits MRP Rate Gun with 1 Ink Roller and 10 Label Rolls


  • 3A Featuretail Label Printer is a good quality single line printing machine and comes with 1 extra ink roller and 10 label print rolls.
  • It does not require batteries or electric power to work.
  • Just punch the label and paste it.
  • It is that easy to use Featuretail MX-5500.
  • This product is available in red, yellow, and blue assorted colors.


  • It doesn’t come with a keyboard to print letters and symbols.

3A Featuretail Label Printer

8. MHK Label Maker MX-5500 Price Printer Label Gun with 8 Digits:

Label guns are the most affordable label printing solutions you can have. And if you choose MHK MX-5500 you may also be able to pick the color that depicts your brand. Well, that way you may gun the labels with your branded color. The MHK Label Gun is available in blue color. And if blue represents your business, or is the logo, then you are a lucky one.MHK Label Maker MX-5500 Price Printer Label Gun with 8 Digits


  • MHK Label Maker Gun comes with a beautiful and solid design along with a one-touch opening system & refillable ink roller.
  • This is available at a pretty economical price and is easy to operate with the handheld design.
  • And included an ink roller is helps you to paste your stamp on the label.
  • Products are made with high-quality plastics and are available in Red, Blue, and Yellow colors.


  • It does not have label-making options.

MHK MX Label Printer

9. HONGSHENG Label Printer MX 5500 Printing Rate Printer Label Gun with 8 Digits:

The perfect label means easy readability. The better the consumers can read the label, the easier they can make a decision. Support their decision to buy a product from you. And you can make that happen with precision labels. Well, use the HONGSHENG price labeler to print the labels in the most convenient way.HONGSHENG Label Printer MX 5500 Printing Rate Printer Label Gun with 8 Digits


  • HONGSHENG Label Printer comes with an ergonomic design which is a durable tag gun too.
  • This printer is nice to hold and also it includes a safety cap for needle protection.
  • It is portable and you can take it to the spot where you wish to paste the label.
  • Also, this is pretty lightweight and easy to use.
  • It is available in red, blue and yellow colors.


  • It does not have label printing options.

Hongsheng Maker

10. Zebra Label Printer with Monochrome Desktop Direct Thermal, 4 inches Print Speed & 203 DPI Print Resolution:

When there is a bulk label to be printed, you need a proper printer. The Zebra Printer is one of the good options you can count on. It is a proper label printer that prints more than just a label. Also, it is indeed a printer that enhances your label-making and printing options.Zebra Label Printer with Monochrome Desktop Direct Thermal, 4 inches Print Speed & 203 DPI Print Resolution


  • Zebra Label Printer is a thermal printer, which heats thermal paper or a ribbon to produce the print on the paper.
  • You can print any type of label along with the barcodes.
  • A 32-bit processor optimizes the label printing job.
  • This device is easily connected to a computer or any other device with the help of serial, parallel, and USB ports.


  • Very costly, if label printing is the only job you need to perform.

Zebra Monochrome Printer

At the present moment, you have successfully checked the list of the best 10 label printers. So, it should be easy for you to determine which label maker or label printer best suits your requirements.

Now you are familiar with the features of the most popular label printers which are available in the market along with a good buying guide. All the above options make it easy for you to make a good choice of label printer along with valuable benefits.