Best Gym Gloves in India-Buyers Guide

Gym Gloves or Hand Gloves are an important accessory for people going to the gym. There are a variety of gloves available in the market with different features and qualities. Every glove has a sole purpose to be used for. The most common difficulty for teens going to the gym is choosing gym gloves. There are many different types of hand gloves available online which will draw your mind.

If you are a newbie to the gym or you are fond of weight lifting sessions then the gym gloves will help you to release the pressure exerted on your hands. If you are having difficulty in choosing hand gloves for the gym then check out the content below. You can check out the top 10 hand gloves for the gym with their pros and cons. Also, check the buyer’s guide for the best gym bag & Duffle bags, Quality winter gloves, knee brace for knee cap support, face masks, punching bags, Bike Gloves, Yoga Mats, Ab rollers, Back Massagers, Body massagers, Neck & shoulder MassagersExercise cycles, Boxing Gloves, Hand Gloves, Treadmills, in India.

Best 10 Gym Gloves in India

List of the gym gloves

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1. XTRIM X Macho Men’s Leather Hand Gloves  Xtrim-Leather-Workout
2. Xtrim Macho Unisex Leather Gym Gloves Xtrim-Macho
3. ILARTE Men Hand Gloves  ILARTE-Leather-Gloves
4. Joyfit Men & Women Hand Gloves  Joyfit-Support-Workout
5. Sportneer Gym Gloves  Fitness-Support-Training
6. Nivia Python Sports Gloves Nivia-Python-Gloves
7. Kobo Weight Lifting Gloves  Kobo-Gloves- Support
8. Star X Hand Gloves for Gym Starx-GG-LN-700-Lycra
9. Kobo Hand Gloves for Weight Training Kobo Lycra Gloves
10. ABX Fitness Hand Gloves  ABX-Fitness-Lifting

Buyers Guide – Gym Glove or Hand Glove

If you wish to buy hand gloves for the gym then you must consider the following things:


  • The first thing you must look at while buying gym gloves is the fitting of the gloves on your hand.
  • To get the best fitting glove you must try the desired one before paying.
  • If you can move your finger comfortably and easily in a glove then that is the finest glove in terms of fitting.
  • It should not bind your palm tightly.


  • You must go for the gloves that provide support to your wrist and hand while training in the gym.
  • This type of gloves helps to reduce the stress on your hands and to maintain a better wrist/ hand position.

Protection and cushioning

  • Buy a hand glove that offers well cushioning and protection.
  • Generally, gloves offer three types of finger lengths.
  • However, there are gloves that offer longer finger lengths.
  • It is recommended to go for longer finger-length gloves.
  • These gloves offer more protection than shorter finger-length gloves.
  • Extra padded gloves are also available for more protection.


  • The gloves must have good palm traction to offer a good grip while holding gym equipment.
  • Traction is necessary as you can feel the moisture on your hand while training.

Features of a Gym Glove

The desirable features of ideal gym gloves are:

  • Good Grip

Gym gloves must provide you with a good grip for holding the equipment in the gym. The material used for the hand gloves for the gym must be of good quality that supports your hand properly.

  • Durability

Your glove must be durable and long-lasting. The durability of the glove depends upon the design and the material of the glove.

  • Water repellant and waterproof

Gym gloves must be waterproof and water repellant to soak up the moisture from your hand. This will keep your hand dry and will prevent it from slipping.

  • Flexibility

Gloves must be flexible to fit in every hand. If your gloves are flexible then it will help when dexterity is crucial.

Types of Gym Gloves

The different types of hand gloves for the Gym are:

Cotton Gloves

  • These are the most common type of gloves.
  • The level of protection offered by this glove is very low.
  • These gloves are thin and lightweight.
  • Thus, they are generally using gloves.

Leather Gloves

  • These are the most desired gloves as it provides better grip, durability, and insulation.
  • These gloves offer a higher level of protection from cuts or pressure than cotton gloves.

Kevlar Gloves

  • These gloves are used in industries as it is highly durable.

Coated Fabric Gloves

  • These gloves offer better protection than cotton gloves from cuts and punctures.

Impact Resistant Gloves

  • This glove reduces the impact of vibration and pressure on your hand while training.

How Do Gym Gloves Work?

Gym gloves are an essential accessory for gym training. The gym gloves are used for better grip and protection. It is generally recommended by trainers to use gloves while training.

The efficiency of a glove depends upon the build material of the glove. The gloves work under the basic principles of traction and fitness. If the traction and fitness of the glove are good then the glove is the best to be used.

Here the question arises why do we need hand gloves for the gym?

The basic reasons for using gloves for gyms are as follows:

  1. Gloves enhance your performance while training as it reduces the chances of getting injured.
  2. This will generate more intensity in you because of regular workouts without injury.
  3. They offer improved grip and handling of the gym equipment.
  4. It also offers protection and cushioning from injury and external pressure.
  5. The gloves are easily available and also at a cheaper rate.

List of Top 10 Best Gym Gloves online in India

Best high-quality Hand Gloves are always helpful in protecting us from injuries. So it’s better to choose proper gloves. Leather Gloves are best in reducing wrist injuries at the time of weight lifting. Check the below list of best gloves for the gym and weight lifting.

1. XTRIM X Macho Men’s Leather Gym Gloves for Workout

Natural grain leather is used in these gloves and Xtrim is the manufacturer of Macho Goves. Open-cell PU foam is used as the filling material of the glove. It is a leather glove made up of real sheep leather. These can be used in any season. It weighs about 160 grams.

These gloves are available in three different sizes i.e., medium, large and extra-large. These gloves can be used for Gym work out, exercise, fitness, Cross fit training, Bodybuilding, etc.,XTRIM X Macho Men's Leather Gym Gloves for workout

  • XTRIM Gym Glove is double stitched along with 4-way stretch poly span mesh.
  • The durable leather palm is used and Flexi-strap wrist closure is included.
  • Wrists wrap closure for better grip and stability.
  • A small size is not available for this product.
  • It leaves a stain on over sweating.

Xtrim Leather Gloves

2. Xtrim Macho Unisex Leather Gym Gloves for Workouts with Wrist Wrap

These gloves are manufactured and supplied by the XTRIM brand. Natural grain leather is the building material of this glove which provides ample grip on the equipment. These gloves can be washed and are available in black in color with an attached strap.

This strap allows you to put more intensity in your weight lifting workout. These straps reduce the possibility of wrist injuries while training.Xtrim Macho Unisex Leather Gym Gloves for Workouts with Wrist Wrap

  • The supporting strap is for better hand positioning.
  • XTRIM Unisex Gym Gloves are comfortable due to the PU Foam stuffing.
  • And the used leather is washable and durable.
  • These are not suitable for longer usage.
  • You can feel sticky due to sweat.

Xtrim Gloves

3. ILARTE Leather Gym Gloves with Foam Padding and 50 cm Elastic Wrist Support

These glovers are manufactured by the ILARTE brand. Leather and foam are the building materials of these gloves. There is a wrist strap of 50 cm which offers support of the wrist. You can adjust the wrist strap as per your needs by increasing or decreasing the degree of tightness.

The palm material used in the glove is leather and foam. They are in good proportion for providing comfort and protection against blisters and calluses. These gloves are ideal for Gym work out, exercise, fitness, Cross fit training, Bodybuilding, etc.ILARTE Men Gym Gloves for Exercises with Wrist Support

  • ILARTE GYM Gloves has elastic wrist support,
  • The wrist strap is included to increase tightness.
  • Best gloves to prevent blisters and calluses.
  • It leaves a black stain on the hand when used for a longer duration.
  • The leather quality is not good.

ILARTE Leather Lifting

4. Joyfit Green Hand Gloves for Gym with Wrist Wraps Support for Exercises, Cross-Training Best for Men & Women

These gloves are available under the brand name Joyfit and are relatively more expensive than the other gloves. Integrated wrist support is provided in the glove for a better holding position. There is proper ventilation in the upper side of the glove to provide comfort. The glove is breathable allowing the sweat to easily evaporate.Joyfit Men & Women Gym Gloves with Wrist Wraps for Gym or Outside Activities

  • The nylon strap is provided for more support.
  • Joyfit hand gloves for the gym have proper Ventilation for airflow.
  • These are shocking impact-resistant gloves.
  • The fabric mounting is not good in the inner areas.
  • This glove is more expensive than the other ones.

Joyfit Support Workout

5. Sportneer Fitness Gym Gloves with Wrist Support Grip for Weight Lifting, Fitness & Gym Training:

These gloves are available under the brand name Sportneer. This glove is available in two sizes i.e., medium and large. The major features of these gloves are breathability and durability. This glove prevents your hand from injury, sore and ripped hands. It also offers an additional and firm grip to your hand while training.Sportneer Gym Gloves with Wrist Support Grip for Weight Lifting and Gym Training

  • Sportneer Hand Gloves for the Gym is best for weight lifting as it withstands 20 kg.
  • The glove is highly durable.
  • Prevents ripped and sore hands.
  • These are not for professional trainers.
  • Only available in two sizes and the small size is not available.


6. Nivia Python Large Size Black Sports Gloves

Nivia is one of the most trusted and liked brands for sporting equipment. Thus, keeping in mind, they are providing hand gloves for gym freaks. Super stretchable micro leather forms the building material of the glove. Both men and women can use these gloves. It soaks your sweat easily thus making the interior clean.

Nivia Hand Gloves are available in different sizes. The padded front palm provides comforts while doing work out. These are best suitable for trainers and beginners.Nivia Python LIrge Size Black Sports Gloves

  • Nivia Sport Hand Gloves are best for heavy weight lifting.
  • These are available in various sizes.
  • Included stretchable micro leather foam provides more durability.
  • Gloves may be stuck to your hand due to sweating.
  • These are expensive too.

Nivia Python Gym Gloves

7. Kobo Weight Lifting Hand Gloves with Wrist Support

The supplier and manufacturer of these gloves are Kobo. If you are looking to buy a glove for weight lifting then this one is for you. The wrist strap allows better grip and support during the gym workout. Also, it helps in keeping the wrist and hand position stable while training.

The palm is well padded to provide comfort and protection. Kobo Gym Gloves has good airflow performance.Kobo Weight Lifting Gym Gloves with Wrist Support

  • Kobo Weightlifting Gloves has long wrist support. Also, these gloves fit with every hand.
  • Gel padding is included for more comfort.
  • And the better airflow performance.
  • These are not suitable for heavyweight exercises
  • It only works for beginners.

Kobo WTG Medium Gloves

8. Star X Lycra and Neoprene Gym Gloves

StarX is the manufacturer and the supplier of these gloves. It is a sporting glove and can be used for multiple purposes along with gym training. It is generally available at extra-large size but will fit in any hand. Neoprene and lycra form the palm side and backside of the glove.

These gloves are ideal for exercise and are available at a cheaper rate from the online store. The fabric used for its production offers comfort with great wrist support.Star X Lycra and Neoprene Gym Gloves

  • The good thing is Neoprene and Lycra are used.
  • Star X Gym Gloves can be used for multiple purposes.
  • The padding provided is good and the velcro is stable.
  • No reinforcement on finger hem.
  • Only the extra-large size is available.

Starx Lycra Gloves

9. Kobo Fitness Training Hand Protector Multicolor Gloves for Gym

These gloves are manufactured and supplied by the Kobo brand. Kobo gym gloves are ideal for gym training and weight lifting. These gloves weigh about 100 grams and have a dimension of 15 cm * 10 cm. The wrist strap offers support to your wrist for maintaining a better wrist and hand position.

Lycra-Spandex material used in these gloves and its production is breathable and washable. Pull up straps are available to easily remove the gloves. The padded front palm provides comfort while doing work out.Kobo Gym Gloves for Hand Protection & Fitness Weight Training

  • Kobo fitness training gym gloves have a premium look and design.
  • Pull-up straps are included in them for easy handling.
  • These are the lightest gloves in the price segment.
  • Not for heavyweights training
  • Double stitching is required before use.

Kobo Large Gloves

10. ABX Fitness Hand Gloves for Gym with Silicone Gel to Provide Wrist Support, Grip, and Comfort

These gloves are available under the brand name ABX fitness. The wrist band or strap provides a good grip on the hands. It offers full palm protection and is breathable allowing the sweat to easily soak up. The glove weighs about 170 grams and is an all-season glove. Both men and women can use these gloves. Silicone gel makes the palm padding more comfortable.ABX Fitness Gym Gloves for Weight Lifting and Cross Training Best for Men and Women

  • The design and pricing are unmatched.
  • The high quality and synthetic material used in this product are latex-free, have immense physical toughness, and are anti-sweat.
  • ABX Hand Gloves for the Gym are washable.
  • The front palm is well padded.
  • Double stitching is required for these gloves.
  • Universal size is not available.

ABX Weightlifting Gloves


Finally, you have successfully reviewed the Top 10 Best Gym Gloves. So, it should be easy for you to determine which hand gloves will meet your requirements. The quality always guarantees the life of the product.

First of all, you need to check the features of the most popular hand gloves online before purchasing. Above all options make it easy for you to make a good choice of the gym glove along with valuable benefits.