Best Foam Rollers In India Buyers Guide

Foam Roller Health is one of the most undervalued human wealth. However, people are now paying attention to their health and their body flexibility and fitness. The market is therefore flooded with a variety of types of equipment to facilitate a smooth workout.

One such piece of equipment is the Massage roller can be a handy tool for attaining a fit and flexible body. It helps to provide the body with much-needed relaxation by massaging almost like a human being. The roller is the best alternative for us, especially if you don’t have the time or the money to get a massage from experts. It is also a safer way to get a massage at a time like this when we have to be extra cautious about the virus.

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Top 10 Foam Roller Brands in India

List of the Best Foam Rollers

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1. Dr. Trust Long Acupressure Foam Roller  Buy Foam roller amazon online India
2. Strauss Yoga Foam Roller Buy strauss yoga foam roller amazon india
3. Auxter Fitness Massage Foam Roller  Buy Auxter fitness masage roller Amazon India
4. Strauss Grid Foam Roller Buy Strauss grid foam roller amazon India
5. House of Quirk Foam Roller  Buy House quirk amazon india
6. House of Quirk Bumpy Foam Roller Buy House quirk texture Amazon India
7. AURION Foam Rollers Buy Aurion foam roller amazon india
8. Bodylastics Foam Roller Buy body lastic roller amazon india
9. Klapp HD High-Density  Roller Buy klapp HD High density roller amazon india
10. Pummelo Roller Buy Pummelo Massage fitness amazon India

Features of a Foam roller

Prevents injury and helps to recover quickly

Using a foam roller helps you to quickly recover from an injury. And using the roller before a workout session helps to relax muscles thereby you can avoid cramps and injuries.

Increases range of motion

A small study conducted on athletes proved that using the roller with other stretching exercises helps to increase the range of motion. It is essential for athletes, sportspersons, and sports enthusiasts.

Relief from back pain

Using a foam roller on the back helps to get rid of back pain. It also helps to get relief from pain in other parts of the body.


Types of foam rollers

Low-Density Foam Rollers

The low-density foam rollers are the softest rollers available on the market. Using this type of roller helps after an exercise session.

Firm massage Roller

This is the highest density foam roller. Since it is harder, it is much more suitable for athletes and sportspersons.

Short exercise Rollers

These rollers are available in both soft and firm densities. It is half the size of a regular roller.

Bumpy Massage Rollers

The texture of these rollers is bumpy. These bumpy knobs help release muscle knots quickly from the body.

Medium-density foam rollers

These are neutral rollers – not too firm and not too soft.


Foam Roller-Buyers Guide

Selecting a suitable body roller is tricky if you are a new user, but the points below will help you choose the best one for your needs.



These types of rollers are suitable for massage and exercising. But they tend to break down quickly.

EVA foam

The rollers made with EVA foam are highly durable. It helps to withstand higher weights.

EPP Foam

These are versatile and inexpensive. EPP foam is suitable for users of all levels.

Size and Shape

Standard Full size

These are typically full-size rollers. It measures approximately 36″ in length and 6″ in diameter. It can be used for various purposes, including massage and exercise.

Smaller diameter

Typically,4-inch in diameter, this roller will be closer to the ground and therefore more stable.

Short length

It is quite suitable for travel. You can easily pack these short rollers in your bag.


These rollers come with a harder texture. It’s mostly used by athletes.

Flat half size

These are large size rollers that provide more stability and balance while performing the exercises.


Soft density

These are the lowest density rollers that come with soft cushions. Most suitable for beginners.

Standard Density

These rollers have a medium density. It can, therefore, be used for multiple purposes like self-massage and exercise.

Firm Density

This type of roller is suitable for athletes who seek a more intense massage.

How to use a foam roller?

Foam rolling assists in relaxing and decompressing stiff muscles. It also releases the tension in the trigger points that are in the fascia. Foam rolling increases blood circulation and assists the body in movement by stretching, loosening, and relaxing the muscle.

It helps to relax the muscles, and it is very beneficial for the body. It will loosen the knots formed in the body. Most of the rollers have protrusions that mimic the fingers and palm to provide a similar massage as given by experts.

List of Top 10 Best Foam Rollers in India Buyers Guide

1. Dr. Trust (USA) Long Acupressure Massage Roller for Deep Tissue Muscle Massage Exercise Fitness and pain relief

Dr trust foam roller is designed in such a way that mimics a human massage. The three-dimensional design is similar to that of a therapist’s palm, thumb, and fingers. This product is weighted 950 gm dimensions are 33cm x  14 cm.



  • The 3D massage zones provide the massaging experience for the palm, finger, and thumb
  • Easy to carry and travel friendly
  • Durable
  • Comes with a carry bag


  • An inner plastic tube that holds the foam is made of weak materials

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2. Strauss Yoga Foam Roller

The Strauss Foam Roller is another sturdy and durable roller for relaxing your muscle. It is neither soft nor hard, hence it provides the right amount of pressure. These product dimensions are size 30 cm.



  • Waterproof and anti-slippery material
  • Suitable for both beginners and pros
  • Durable


  • The diameter is too big for thin people
  • No warranty

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3. Auxter Fitness Massage Foam Roller Therapy Yoga Foam Roller with Bag 46 cm

Auxter foam roller is a travel-sized roller, which makes it more comfortable to carry. It has bumps in the right places that replicate the human massaging experience. Its dimensions are 46cm x 14 cm .



  • Smooth roller without the pinching experience
  • Comes with an attractive carry bag
  • Excellent quality


  • Not suitable for the pros

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4. Strauss Grid Foam Roller

Strauss Grid foam roller is another excellent product from the Strauss brand. It is suitable for performing yoga, fitness exercises, and physiotherapy.

Dimensions are 33cm.



  • Available in various colors and two sizes
  • Non-toxic, anti-slippery, and waterproof


  • No warranty and the material inside the roller is weak
  • No Warranty

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5. House of Quirk Foam Roller for Muscles, Core Stabilization, and Balance Exercises Pilates & Yoga

If you need deep relaxation from soreness and tension, this is the product for you. And it is perfect for warming up before workouts. Its size is 30cm.

House of Quirk Foam Roller for Muscles, Core Stabilization and Balance Exercises Pilates & Yoga
House of Quirk Foam Roller for Muscles, Core Stabilization and Balance Exercises Pilates & Yoga


  • Available in two different colors
  • Sturdy material that lasts longer
  • Recyclable and environment friendly


  • Material is too hard
  • No Warranty

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6. House of Quirk Bumpy Foam Roller, Solid Core EVA Foam Roller with Grid

By owning this product, you can get personal massage therapy sessions at any time. The product is lightweight and durable. Its dimension is 13 x 5 cm.



  • Made of good quality material, hence it is durable
  • The lightweight material is easy to carry


  • The product doesn’t roll smoothly
  • No Warranty

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7. AURION Foam Rollers, Trigger Point Fitness Roller Deep Tissue Muscle Massage Roller

This Aurion foam roller helps get rid of soreness and pain. It is perfect for athletes and sports enthusiasts. This product size is 13-inch x 4.96 inches.



  • Unique design to provide a relaxing massage
  • Eco-friendly material
  • Durable product


  • Expensive

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8. Bodylastics Foam Roller

Bodylastics Foam Roller is suitable for deep tissue massage. It will help to get rid of muscle pains. It is also good for warmups before and after workouts. This massage roller is 33 cm long.

Bodylastics Foam Roller for Deep Tissue Massage, Relief from Sore Muscles Pain, Pre & Post Exercise Fitness Workout Sessions

Bodylastics Massage Roller for Deep Tissue Massage, Relief from Sore Muscles Pain, Pre & Post Exercise Fitness Workout Sessions


  • Lightweight and 3D massage zones which mimic the human thumb, finger, and palm
  • Durable and convenient to use


  • Some people will find the foam hard

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9. Klapp HD High-Density  Roller

The Klapp HD High-Density foam Roller is lightweight and easy to carry.

Klapp High Density Foam roller
Klapp High-Density Massage Roller


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Made from non-toxic foam


  • Poor build quality
  • The product is too hard

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10. Pummelo Roller

The best thing about this product is that it comes with two types of massage rollers; hence you can opt as per your convenience.These product dimensions are length 14cm x width cm x height 33cm .

pummelo foam roller for deep tissue massage for muscles fitness excercise therapy yoga
pummelo foam roller for deep tissue massage for muscles fitness exercise therapy yoga


  • Travel friendly because it is light
  • Comes with two types of rollers


  • Less durable

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At present, you have gone through a list of the best 10 foam rollers so, it should be easy for you to determine which massage roller is best suited for you and pick the best one.


What kind of foam roller do I need?

It depends upon your preference based on your body type and your needs. The product is available in three-cushion densities.

Why is foam rolling so important?

Foam rolling can help to alleviate muscle tenderness. It helps to relax from the soreness and pains in the body.

Why does the Massage roller hurt so much?

There can be two reasons why the Massage roller is hurting you: one is because of the material of the roller, or else, if you are experiencing the pain in a particular place, it means you have the knots in your body. If you hold the roller for 30 seconds and start rolling, the pain will reduce.

Are bumpy foam rollers good?

The bumpy foam roller is suitable for the pros. If you are a beginner, go for the soft rollers.

What is the best Massage roller for beginners?

For beginners, soft cushion rollers are best. Avoid bumpy Massage rollers.

How do I choose a Massage roller for exercise?

You need to choose the Massage roller based on the density, size, shape, and construction of the Massage roller.

Is it okay to Massage roll every day?

Yes. It will help to prevent injuries, and it is best for pre-and post-workouts.

Can foam rolling help lose weight?

Yes, to a certain extent, it helps to lose weight. However, only using a Massage roller may not help you lose weight. It does assist in burning calories.

Does roller reduce tummy?

If the roller is used regularly, it helps to burn the calories and hence helps to reduce tummy weight.

Can you foam roll your stomach?

Yes. It helps to flex and unflex your abdominal muscles.