Best Dish Wash Liquid in India – Buyers Guide

Dish Wash Liquid or Dishwashing Soap or Dish Wash is very essential for cleaning dishes and cooking utensils. Serving quality food feels very enjoyable for anybody. It is delicious and it satisfies your needs. Maybe you just cooked a delicious dish that your family ate with pleasure. However, you will soon pay the price of that delicious meal, as you need to wash the dirty dishes.

Of course, you can’t just swipe the sponge on the dishes and call it a day. No, you definitely can’t do that, as there will remain rests of sauce or other products. So what can you do? You will need to buy a dish wash liquid.

But, as you know, there are tons of products, and not all have good quality. So in this article, you will find out how to buy and use a dish wash liquid. It is usually a highly foaming mixture of surfactants with low skin irritation.

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Top 10 Dish Wash Liquid in India

List of the dish wash liquid Check at Amazon
1. Vim 750 ML Dish Wash Liquid Lemon Gel Vim-Dishwash
2. Skrubble Dish Wash Liquid  Skrubble-High
3. SacredEarth Natural Dish Wash Liquid  SacredEarth-Natural
4. Dettol Dish & Slab Liquid Gel  Dettol-Dish-Lemon
5. Strategi Dish Wash Liquid Gel  Strategi-Liquid-Dish
6. BACLEEN Dish Wash Liquid  BACLEEN-Liquid-Dish
7. Amazon Brand Presto Dish Wash Liquid Gel  Amazon-Brand-Presto-Dish
8. Pril Kraft Dish Wash Gel  Pril-Dish-Washing
9. Mountain Herbs Natural Dish Wash Liquid  Mountain-Natural-Washing
10. Finish Dish Wash Liquid  Finish-Actions-Dishwasher

Buyer’s Guide – Dish Wash Liquid

A dish wash liquid is a substance that helps you remove any food debris that remains on the dish. The basic way of doing this is by applying one drop of liquid to the sponge and then start wiping. Dish Wash cleaning liquid is magnificently beneficial for every house’s dishes and plates.

So it’s better to learn how to buy it. It is easy to choose a bad product, as there are tons of products on the market. But How do you differentiate the good from the bad products?

Don’t worry about the answer to the above question why because below we are providing the most important things to look for while buying a dish wash gel or dishwashing detergents.

  • Check the features and reviews of the product first.
  • Do this so that you make sure that the liquid is gentle with your hands. This is very important, as you don’t want to irritate your skin with chemicals.
  • So pay attention to this little, but critical detail, since you will use your hands to wash the dishes.
  • Make sure it can clean the oil or other sticky ingredients properly, as they are very annoying to deal with.
  • They will probably cause a lot of headaches if you struggle to clean those ingredients from the dish.
  • Let’s save nature! Consider buying a chemical-free dish wash liquid and that the bottle can be recyclable.
  • This will prevent chemicals to reach rivers and that bottles won’t be wasted.

Features of Dish Wash Liquids:

Before moving to the best dishwashing liquids, we need to understand the features of a good dish wash liquid. Keep in mind that you need to choose the dish wash liquid which has the features like hand moisturizing, non-toxic and Eco-friendly. But what features could a dish wash liquid have?

Like every product, the dish wash liquid has some specific features that make it a good or bad product. The difference between “good” and “bad” is utterly determined by how much is the product respecting those features.

So here you have the basic features that make a dish wash liquid a good product:

  • A good dish wash liquid always has quality ingredients that will ensure its efficacy.
  • This will not only make the product clean faster, but it will also last for more dishes. You will only need one single drop to finish the job.
  • We can’t stress enough the idea that a quality dish wash gel must also be user-friendly.
  • This means not only that should be easy to use, but also that it keeps you safe.
  • One of the most fatal issues of some products is that the manufacturers used ingredients that may harm the consumer.
  • How could a dish wash harm the consumer? It can through irritating the skin when it comes in contact with the liquid.
  • So a good dish wash liquid should be also skin-friendly.
  • The most annoying ingredients to wash are oil and sticky ingredients.
  • They are very hard to wash and will take you some time to get rid of them.
  • So a good dish wash liquid should help you by wiping the oil or the stickiness quicker.
  • There aren’t many features for a good dish wash liquid, but they are definitely important.

Types of Dish Wash Liquids

So now that you understand the features of a good dish wash liquid. Now it’s time to find out the type of dish wash liquid. Even though there are lots of products in the marketplace, there is only one single type of dishwashing liquid. Instead of presenting what doesn’t exist, you will now learn about the different types of dish wash detergents. There are 3 types of dish wash detergents:

Dishwashing Tablets:

  • This type of washing detergent comes in the shape of a brick. To scale things down a little, it has the shape of a pill.
  • This type of detergent is used with a dishwashing machine.
  • Besides this fact, they are a little more expensive but also clean better.

Dishwashing Solid Detergent:

  • This type of detergent comes in a little box. It is very similar to the liquid type.
  • However, you will need to first get the sponge wet.
  • Once you do, press a little on the surface of the solid substance from the box to absorb it.
  • And then you can use it as well as a dish wash liquid.

Dishwashing Liquid:

  • This is a liquid that you need to apply when you start washing the dishes.
  • You do this to make sure you get rid of the debris.
  • Since we are going to talk a lot about this type of detergent, you will learn more about it in the following sections.

How Does Dish Wash Liquid Works?

A dish wash liquid is not hard to use. However, you want to make sure that it works properly and that it fully cleans the dishes. So let’s not waste the substance without making any progress in the cleaning process.

So here you have a step by step list that will help you use the dish wash liquid properly:

  • Use a spatula or a paper towel to clean most of the debris left from the food. You will need to do that only to sticky and resistant ingredients.
  • Make sure that you use hot water while cleaning the dishes.
  • Place one tablespoon of liquid into the sink filled with water.
  • Start wiping with the sponge every dish. Make sure that you remove almost or all the debris.
  • Use temperate water to clean the soap from your hands and form the dishes. Clean the whole sink as well so that it doesn’t look all soapy.
  • Place them on a dish dryer and leave them to dry.

So, as mentioned, the steps are quite basic and everyone can understand what to do. After all, it’s just dishwashing, not engineering.

Top 10 List of Dish Wash Liquids in India Buyers Guide

Since there are lots of products, you might feel confused about which one to choose from. Don’t worry, because anybody can learn. In order to take away the time spent on researching for a good product, check down below.

Here is the list of the best 10 dishwashing liquid products based on the features, pros, and cons:

1. Vim 750 ML Dish Wash Gel Lemon Gel:

This dishwashing liquid comes with a bottle of 750 ML and has a nice lemon flavor. It serves the job well even when you use a little drop. Also, Vim gel is gentle on your hands at the same time tough on stains. This product is also available in 500 ML, 1 L, and 1.8 L quantities too.Vim 750 ML Dish Wash Liquid Lemon Gel


  • Vim DishWash Liquid has the power of 100 lemons so that you can easily clean dishes.
  • And this product doesn’t leave any white residues and the dishes are clean.
  • It is gentle on your hands, but it also takes care of the stains.
  • Also, it can clear an entire sink with one spoon of liquid.


  • It doesn’t have as much volume as the previous items.
  • Some reviewers said that it feels non-soapy.

Vim Dish Wash Liquid

2. Skrubble DishWash Liquid High Action 500 ml Pack of 2:

This cleaning liquid comes with a pack of two bottles of 500ml each. It helps you to completely clean grease stains, tough oil and removes malodor from your utensils.Skrubble Dish Wash Liquid High Action 500 ml Pack of 2


  • Skrubble Dish Wash Liquid has a special formula that makes it a better fighter against oil and greasy substances.
  • These substances tend to fight more against water, so this liquid will be a must-have.
  • It can clean a full sink of dishes with only one spoon of liquid, which saves more washing substances.
  • To get the substance away you just need to squeeze the bottles, which is very easy and convenient.


  • It comes in a lower volume than the other products from the list.
  • Some reviewers reported that when it dilutes it loses its effectiveness.

Skrubble Action Dish Liquid

3. SacredEarth Natural Dish Washer Liquid 500ml with Lemon, Thyme, Lemongrass, and Bergamot:

This is another natural product, which has in composition with soap nuts, lemongrass, lemon, bergamot, and thyme. It comes in a 500ml bottle. This dish cleaning gel soap quickly creates mounds of foam while naturally moisturizing and softening your skin. This dish wash gel is gentle on your skin and safe for your utensils. Also, this product is available in 750ml quantity too.SacredEarth Natural Dish Wash Liquid 500ml with Lemon, Thyme, Lemongrass and Bergamot


  • SacredEarth Dish Wash Liquid is a natural one with a lot of healthy ingredients, but it is also skin-friendly.
  • It is also biodegradable and doesn’t contain artificial fragrances.
  • This is an environment-friendly and plant-based cleaning liquid.
  • It has no sulfates and can easily wash the dishes and make them look shiny.


  • The bottle has 500ml, which can dry out easily.
  • Since it is supposed to be environmentally friendly it could have been placed in a glass bottle instead of plastic.

SacredEarth Natural Liquid

4. Dettol Dish & Slab Gel with Lemon Fresh for Kitchen 750 ml Pack of 2:

This comes with a pack of two bottles, each having 750ml quantity and a fresh lemon flavor. It has a trusted Dettol formula that protects us from the over 100 illness-causing germs. This product also available in 400ml quantity too.Dettol Dish & Slab Liquid Gel with Lemon Fresh for Kitchen 750 ml Pack of 2


  • Dettol Dish Wash Liquid has a Fresh and very powerful fragrance.
  • This product is recommended by the Indian Medical Association.
  • It can clean the dishes very well, but you can also use it as a disinfectant.
  • Also, it is skin-friendly, so it doesn’t irritate you.


  • It costs more than the other products mentioned on this list.
  • You will need to use more liquid for one full sink wash.

Dettol Kitchen Fresh

5. Strategi Dish Wash Gel with 500 ml Quantity:

This dish wash gel comes in a small bottle of 500ml at a cheap price. It contains 100% natural herb ingredients, which makes it a great ecological liquid. This is an acid-free dish wash liquid.Strategi Dish Wash Liquid Gel with 500 ml Quantity


  • Strategi Dish Wash Liquid is made from herb ingredients, which makes it more user and environment-friendly.
  • This product doesn’t have any chemicals.
  • It doesn’t leave any residue after it finishes the wash.
  • Also, it is skin-friendly because no chemicals are included.


  • The volume of this product is smaller compared to the other products.
  • Some reviewers don’t like the smell of this liquid.

Strategi Dish Wash Liquid

6. BACLEEN Dish Wash 5 L Liquid Cleaning Gel & Detergent:

This liquid comes with a huge 5L bottle and a nice quality. It will last for a lot of time because of its enormous volume. This product also available in 2 L quantity too.BACLEEN Dish Wash Liquid 5 L Cleaning Gel & Detergent


  • BACLEEN dish wash liquid is soluble in water and it doesn’t create drainage. And this is a nice feature.
  • This has a big volume of 5L. So you will be able to use it for a lot of time before the bottle gets empty.
  • It has the power of 100 lemons which gives you complete cleaning without leaving any residue on your dishes.
  • You can use this on tougher stains as well and it will do its job just fine.


  • Since it has 5L it is also more expensive, so mind your personal budget.
  • The liquid’s smell is very strong and lasts with the dishes for longer than preferred for most people.

BACLEEN Liquid Dish

7. Amazon Brand Presto Dish Wash Gel 2 L with Lemon Flavor:

This dish wash liquid comes with a bottle of 2L of substance with a lemon flavor. Since Presto! It is a very popular brand, their products are usually a good choice. This product is also available in Lime flavor too. And you can choose 500ml and 750ml quantities.Amazon Brand Presto Dish Wash Liquid Gel 2 L with Lemon Flavor


  • Presto Dish Wash Liquid has a powerful formula that can easily clean the debris left from grease food ingredients.
  • It doesn’t leave behind soapy residues and it removes the smell and replaces it with a lemon flavor.
  • This liquid is safe and gentle on your skin but harsh on stains
  • It is very efficient. You can use only one spoon of liquid for a full sink of dishes.


  • It is not as viscous as other models and can lack a bit of efficacy in the long run.
  • Some reviewers complained about the bad smell, which is understandable since lemon is not the best flavor for everybody.

Amazon Presto Dish Wash Liquid

8. Pril Kraft Dishwashing Liquid 750 ml Quantity:

The product comes with a 750ml bottle and has an aqua fragrance. It can serve as an eliminator for malodor from dishes hence this is a good choice. But this product also available in 225ml and 425ml quantities too.Pril Kraft Dish Wash Liquid 750 ml Quanity


  • Pril Kraft Dish Wash Liquid can remove malodor from the dishes. Malodour is an unpleasant smell that can deposit unwashed dishes.
  • It removes grease easily and has no issues with oil as well.
  • This product provides quality with a low volume.
  • It is easy to use and has good instructions to follow.


  • Most of the people complained that this has s hand wash smell.
  • The chemicals can harm your hand so be careful while using them. Buy some gloves as well if you intend to.

Pril Kraft Dish Wash Liquid

9. Mountain Herbs Natural Dish Washing Liquid 2 bottles 300 ml each:

Being the last product from this list, this dish wash liquid is a natural substance made from herbs. It comes in a dual pack of 300ml on each bottle.Mountain Herbs Natural Dish Wash Liquid 2 bottles 300 ml each


  • Mountain Herbs Dish Wash Liquid is natural and so it doesn’t harm either the environment or you.
  • It can be used for both dishwashers and manual washing.
  • Also, it breaks up the oil very well.


  • The quantity is not nearly as much, compared to the other products mentioned.
  • Costs are more than other liquids

Mountain Herbs Washing Liquid

10. Finish Cleaner Dish Washer Gel Lemon 250ml:

This dish wash is one that you can use only in the dishwasher. So for the ones that are looking for a dishwasher liquid, check this 250ml product. You can use this Finish Dishwasher to clean spray arms, filters, water pumps, drains, and pipes.Finish Dish Wash Liquid Cleaner Lemon 250ml


  • Finish Dish Wash Liquid effectively removes hard water stains and sticky debris.
  • Besides cleaning the dishes, it will also clean your dishwasher, which is a very nice attribute to have.
  • The product completely removes the grease from your dishwasher as well.


  • Available in very less quantity and one-time use liquid only.
  • Some reviewers complain about the packaging of this product.

Finish Actions Dish washer Cleaner
So now you know how to choose the best dishwasher liquid for you, so go ahead and happy shopping!


Finally, you have successfully reviewed the Top 10 Best Dish Wash Liquid. So, it should be easy for you to determine which dish wash or dishwashing liquid will meet your requirements.

Go through the features of the most popular dish wash liquid online before purchasing. Above all options make it easy for you to make a good choice of the Dishwash Liquids along with valuable benefits.