Best Coffee Powders in India-Buyers Guide

Instant coffee powder or soluble coffee is extracted from brewed coffee beans and is used to make a hot beverage. This form of coffee is preferred by consumers due to the ease of making and the time taken to prepare the drink.

All you need to do is add the desired amount of coffee powder to hot water or milk, stir for 5-10 seconds and your coffee is ready to consume. Instant coffee can be purchased in granulated or powdered form. Also, check the buyer’s guide for the masala Tea, Tea Powders, Green Tea, Coffee Mugs, Coffee Machines & coffee tables in India.

They are available in various types of packaging like tins, sachets, or plastic and glass jars. It is significantly easy to prepare this drink, and the consumer can control the taste based on the quantity added.

Best 10 Coffee Powders in India-Buyers Guide

List of the Coffee Powders

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1. Nescafe Gold Blend Coffee Powder  Nescafe-Gold-Smooth
2. Davidoff Rich Aroma Coffee Powder  Davidoff-Coffee-Rich
3. Continental Xtra Instant Coffee Powder  Continental-Coffee-Xtra
4. Bru Instant Coffee Powder  Bru-Instant-coffee
5. BRU Green Label Coffee Powder  BRU-Green-Label
6. Continental STRONG Coffee Powder  Continental-Strong-Coffee
7. TGL Euphoria Instant Coffee Powder TGL-Euphoria-Instant-Arabica
8. Bayars Coffee Powder  Bayars-Coffee-Ground
9. Blue Tokai Coffee Powder  Blue-Tokai-Coffee-Roasters
10. Seven Beans URUBAGE Coffee Powder  Seven-Beans-URUBAGE

Buyers Guide – Coffee Powder

With the wide range of options of instant coffee available, one should choose the item based on their needs as well as check the content and ingredients of the product since it is a food product.

  • Low-quality instant coffee products have a higher chance of having impurities in the blend.
  • Such impurities can lead to illness and can even cause headaches.
  • This would not happen if you purchase a high-end product.
  • Coffee beans, in general, contain kahweol and cafestol, these two ingredients are known to raise the cholesterol level in humans.
  • For consumers with high cholesterol levels, it is suggested they purchase filtered coffee or filter it themselves before consumption.
  • And for individuals that consume instant coffee frequently, it is suggested that they should opt for the ones made from Robusta beans.
  • This species has a high content of caffeine with a much stronger taste to it.
  • For individuals that do not consider themselves coffeeholic, it is recommended they use instant coffee made of Arabica beans.
  • The product made by Arabica beans has a low content of caffeine with smooth and delicious aromatic taste.

Features of a Coffee Powder

Instant coffee is considered one of the cheapest commodities used in the form of a stimulant. There are many forms and types of instant coffee powder available in the market.

Just consider below-mentioned points while choosing a hand wash liquid:

  • With the increasing trend in demand for this product
  • It is easy to find coffee around every corner and on shelves of almost every convenience store.
  • In addition to the fact that this product is easy to make, it also comes with many health benefits.
  • The main purpose of consuming coffee is to boost the adrenaline levels in your blood and enhance brain functioning.
  • A mug of instant coffee is packed with powerful antioxidants.
  • And in some cases, they contain higher amounts of antioxidants that eventually slow down the damage done to human cells.
  • Instant coffee contains less caffeine compared to normal ground coffee and almost double the amount of acrylamide.

Types of Coffee Powders

It’s better to know and distinguish the types based on how they are prepared. There are three types of instant coffee products, each having a distinct flavour profile.

With the increase in consumption and production of coffee, not only is it important for consumers to identify the product based on the taste and aroma.

Freeze-Dried Instant Coffee

  • This is the most commonly accepted and best quality form of instant coffee.
  • It is made from topnotch quality coffee beans, similar to the Arabica coffee.
  • Also, it has a distinctive texture that tells it apart from the other types of instant coffee.
  • Famous brands such as Jacobs Kronung, Nescafe Gold, and Douwe Egberts produce freeze-dried instant coffee.

Spray-Dried Instant Coffee

  • This type of coffee is globally accepted as the cheapest yet high-end product in instant coffee.
  • Spray-dried instant coffee is made from low-quality beans.
  • Nescafe Classic is the best and most popular brand of spray-dried instant coffee.


  • Chicory is a completely different plant, yet consumers are tricked into believing it is coffee or similar to it.
  • Most brands use a certain percentage of chicory in their products with a little portion of actual coffee inside.
  • However, this product is found to be sold in mass, targeting those audiences who can not afford coffee and also are intolerant to caffeine.
  • Famous brands that produce chicory coffee are Ricoffy, Koffihuis, and Frisco.

Instant Coffee Powder

You are too occupied to even think about going to a café or just excessively languid, but your body truly has the urge to consume some caffeine. Instant coffee is all you need. Grab a cup, add some hot water or milk, and voila.

  1. Studies show that since instant coffee has almost half the amount of caffeine compared to regular coffee.
  2. The consumption of instant coffee is more and it balances the drawback of drinking excessive caffeine.
  3. Although instant coffee generally lags behind on taste when compared to fresh coffee, it manages to counter it with its price and convenience.
  4. Instant coffee that is made by the freeze-dried process from Arabica coffee beans will be better in quality as well as taste.
  5. Even though instant coffee is a low-calorie beverage drink, it has similar health benefits just like other coffee drinks.

List of Top 10 Best Coffee Powders in India-Buyers Guide

The more powder you add the thicker and stronger coffee you will get and the less powder you add the lighter and smoother the coffee will be. So, to make your selection easier, here you have a top 10 list of the best coffee powders available in the market along with their features, pros, and cons.

1. Nescafe Gold Blend Coffee Powder Rich & Smooth in 100g Glass Jar

Nescafe Coffee is one of the most favourite coffee blends worldwide. Coffee drinkers who want the best taste with convenience will never think about taking another option or brand. The taste is sweeter than the rest of the brands offered in the market.

This blend is a mixture of Arabica(60%) and Robusta(40%) coffee beans finely grounded10 times more for a rich and smooth taste. Nescafe Gold Blend Coffee Powder Rich & Smooth in 100g Glass Jar


  • Nescafe Gold Coffee Powder is a smooth blend of Arabica & Robusta coffee beans.
  • It can be used to make different types of coffee drinks such as – black coffee, latte, and cappuccino.
  • The sweet taste of this powder makes the coffee less acidic and makes it smoother.
  • Nescafe Coffee comes with elegant and secure packaging.


  • Expensive one

Nescafe Gold Coffee Powder

2. Davidoff Rich Aroma Coffee Powder in 100g Pack

This is from the Davidoff brand & it is well-known for its flavor and for its bitter, acidic taste. This particular product is made of 100% Arabica beans, meaning it has a low level of caffeine and can be consumed in high volume without worrying about side effects.

Some can’t stand the aroma and its strong taste so it focuses on a specific niche of the market.Davidoff Rich Aroma Coffee Powder in 100g Pack


  • Davidoff Coffee Powder made from 100% Arabica beans thas has a strong & intense taste
  • This coffee is more bitter and acidic.
  • And the coffee beans come from Africa & are processed in South America.
  • Davidoff Coffee Powder is perfect for coffee lovers who love consuming dark coffee.


  • Expensive

Davidoff Coffee Powder

3. Continental Xtra Instant Coffee Powder in 200g Bag Buy 1 & GET 1 Free

This brand Continental is a local Indian product. The coffee blend is a mixture of 70% coffee beans and 30% chicory.  This product is much more economical in terms of pricing. It is available in packs of 75grams, 200grams, and 500grams.Continental Xtra Instant Coffee Powder in 200g Bag Buy 1 & GET 1 Free


  • Continental Xtra Coffee Powder made from 70% coffee beans and 30% chicory
  • This product has a thick rich smooth texture just like the imported brands
  • Continental coffee powder is available at a cheap price.


  • Cheap quality packaging.

Continental Coffee Xtra Powder

4. Bru Instant Coffee Powder in 100g Pack

This is fro the Bru brand & it is a product of Hindustan Unilever Limited and is a top-selling local coffee brand in India. This local coffee brand is made of a perfect mix of 70% coffee beans and 30% chicory. The blending process involves a special way of roasting the coffee beans, which makes the coffee extra tasty and extra aromatic. Bru Instant Coffee Powder in 100g Pack


  • Bru Instant Coffee Powder has a rich smooth texture.
  • The blend of this powder can be used for making refreshing and tasty cold coffee.
  • Bru Coffee is also available at cheap price
  • This is ideal for making hot & cold coffee.


  • A mild, earthy aroma

Bru Instant Coffee Powder

5. BRU Green Label Coffee Powder in 500g Poly Pack

This is also from Bru brand & it is a product of Hindustan Unilever Limited. The composition of the coffee blend is different from the other coffee blends available in the market The blend is better in terms of taste and low in caffeine due to the high concentration of chicory.BRU Green Label Coffee Powder in 500g Poly Pack


  • Bru Green Label Coffee Powder made with 47% of chicory and 53% of coffee beans.
  • This is a totally inexpensive one.
  • Bru Green Coffee Powder contains a low level of caffeine


  • Bitter taste

BRU Green Label Coffee Powder

6. Continental STRONG Coffee Powder in 1Kg Bag

This is a local Indian product. The composition of the blend is 53% coffee beans and 47% chicory. It comes in a packaging of 1 kg, making it economical. The packaging upgraded by further dividing the 1 kg bag into 4 packs of 200g that makes it more convenient and remains fresh for longer.Continental STRONG Coffee Powder in 1Kg Bag


  • Continental Coffee Powder made from 53% coffee beans & 47% chicory
  • The taste compared to Bru blend is far superior
  • Continental Coffee Powder product is affordable
  • Come with good secure packaging to maintain freshness.


  • Bitter and very strong taste

Continental Strong Coffee Powder

7. TGL Euphoria Instant Coffee Powder Extra Strong Blend of Arabica & Robusta Coffee Beans in 100 gm Pack

The TGL Euphoria Instant coffee powder is a high-priced and high-end quality coffee product. The secret of the quality of the coffee made in small batches and roasted once every 2 weeks. This process ensures the taste, aroma, and extra-crisp of the powder remain intact.  TGL Euphoria Instant Coffee Powder Extra Strong Blend of Arabica & Robusta Coffee Beans in 100 gm Pack


  • TGL Euphoria Coffee Powder blend is a mixture of Arabica and Robusta that similar to popular instant coffee brands.
  • The color and aroma of the coffee are far superior to its competitors because it is fresh.
  • It comes in elegant packing. This powder has a strong taste.


  • Expensive one

TGL Euphoria Coffee Powder

8. Bayars Coffee Powder Special Gold Filter Coffee in 200 gm Pack

This is from Bayars brand & it is a perfect economical filter coffee. If you compare this with BruGreen Label Coffee or the same category of Continental coffee blend, Bayars Coffee Powder stands out in the category because the mixture has more coffee beans than chicory and the taste is balanced.Bayars Coffee Powder Special Gold Filter Coffee in 200 gm Pack


  • Bayars Special Gold Coffee Powder blend is a mixture of 70% coffee beans & 30%chicory.
  • This powder has an aromatic flavor
  • Bayars Coffee Powder is an economical product.
  • Also, it has a balanced taste


  • Low-quality packaging

Bayars Coffee Powder

9. Blue Tokai Coffee Powder Roasters French Roast Dark Roast in 250 Gm Moka Pot

This is from the Blue Tokai brand & it is known for not using any preservatives and artificial flavors in their blend and this is the value-added feature of their product.  The aroma of the coffee beans is so refreshing that before grinding and making coffee the smell makes you fall in love with it.Blue Tokai Coffee Powder Roasters French Roast Dark Roast in 250 Gm Moka Pot


  • Blue Tokai Coffee Powder made with 100% Arabica coffee beans that make it more expensive but it is also tastier.
  • This powder has an aromatic flavor
  • It comes in an appealing packaging
  • The package has no added preservatives


  • Leaves residue after consumption
  • Damages bottom of the kettle

Blue Tokai Coffee Powder

10. Seven Beans URUBAGE South Indian Filter Coffee Powder Coffee 80% & Chicory 20% in 500 g Dark Roast

The Seven Bean is an amazing blend of coffee beans and chicory.  To make it more refreshing, the company roasts the coffee beans in small quantities. This coffee blend is best for making hot coffee especially americano or espresso.

Seven Beans URUBAGE South Indian Filter Coffee Powder Coffee 80% & Chicory 20% in 500 g Dark Roast


  • Seven Beans Coffee Powder made with the ratio of coffee and chicory is 80% & 20%.
  • That makes it stronger and not very bitter at the same time.
  • This is an economical product.
  • It comes in great packaging.
  • Balanced taste and caffeine levels


  • Does not come in small packaging

Seven Beans Chicory Powder


Different people have different tastes for coffee -some like it strong others like it mild. To accommodate this difference in taste, there are different types of coffees that require different techniques to prepare. Usually, better the quality of coffee powder the more expensive it will be. Hope the above list helps you purchase the best coffee power for you.


Which coffee brand is best in India?

Blue Takoi is the best-selling coffee brand in India. It is a local Indian brand that does not use preservatives and artificial flavours in their blend. This gives them an edge over their competitors. It gives a perfect balance of taste and aroma.

Is Nescafe an Indian brand?

Nescafe is a product of Nestle and Nestle India is a subsidiary of Nestle. It originally launched as a flagship brand in Switzerland.

What are the benefits of drinking coffee?

Coffee can help with various health factors such as stimulate the energy levels and increase the adrenaline in the blood, burn body fat, enhance physical performance, reduce risks of type 2 diabetes, prevent diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Which state is famous for coffee in India?

Karnataka is the most famous state for coffee in India. It produces almost 70% of the total coffee produced in India.

What is the rank of India in coffee production?

India ranks as number 7 in the world coffee production.

How many types of coffee are there in India?

India produces two main types of coffee – Arabica and Robusta. Robusta known for a strong taste whereas Arabica known for its aroma.

When is coffee harvested in India?

The typical harvest time for coffee in India is between November-March.