Best Car Reverse Cameras in India Buyers Guide

Having the best car reverse camera or car backup camera is the best feature for any car. Why because reversing a car is never easy unless you are able to see everything clearly. When there is something exactly behind the car and lower than the rear screen. Then that is sure you are going to hit it. But now these hitting chances are reduced and also say as not happening after the implementation of car rearview cameras.

Car Reverse Camera is the perfect partner for reversing any car. These cameras will produce clear and accurate views of the objects or obstacles. Also, the produced views consist of potential images because of the wide-angle lens.

In the early 50’s Buick realized that there should be something to aid the driver while reversing the cars. Though that is just a concept. But it gave an idea about the car reverse camera. Further, Volvo tested the rearview cameras on one of their experimental models in the 70s’. And Toyota became the first one to use it on a production vehicle. Here You can also check the list of best Car Dash cameras buyers guide

You may be confused by seeing a lot of features of the wide range of car rearview cameras. But we are providing some best car reverse cameras in this article along with a proper buying guide. Check it now and choose the product that will match your requirements.

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Top 10 Car Reverse Cameras in India

List of the car reverse cameras Check at Amazon
1. Volga Reverse Camera Vision-Reverse
2. Chuanganzhuo Car Backup Camera  Chuanganzhuo-Normal
3. Generic 8 LED Reverse Camera  Bluetooth-Screen
4. Sound Boss Car Reverse Camera  Sound-Boss-Generation
5. Starvin Car Reverse Camera  Starvin-Reverse-Parking
6. FABTEC Car Reverse Waterproof HD Camera  Fabtec-Vision-Waterproof
7. Autotrends Car Backup Camera  Autotrends-Combo-Monitor-Reversing
8. Volga Night Vision Car Reverse 8 led Camera  Parking-Assistance-Monitor
9. SunRise Car Reverse Camera  Car-Rearview-Monitor
10. Speedy Ninja Car Reverse Camera  Speedy-Ninja-Definition

Buyer’s Guide – Car Reverse Camera

Car Reverse cameras are also called a car rearview camera or reverse parking camera or car backup camera. Keep in mind that you need to check two major features of car reverse cameras. One is night vision and another one is weather resistance. Whether it is a wired or wireless camera, you need to consider the screen and parking lines carefully.

Just consider below mentioned important points before making a purchase: 

  • There are three major aspects to consider when buying these. Infotainment connectivity is the point to consider.
  • Some cars have factory-installed infotainment systems with screens. They support third-party rearview cameras. But every car does not have that.
  • Even some cars do not have space for screens.
  • Certainly, if you have such a car, be very careful when buying a rearview camera. Then it is the installation level.
  • Inspect your car for an installation point for the camera. Do not make a quick decision as it could waste your money.
  • Last, installation for every type is different. The wired cameras have different installation requirements.
  • And you would need to hire an expert to install them.
  • On the other hand, the installation of wireless rearview cameras is easy. But they have their own consequences.
  • Ahead of that, mostly the rearview cameras are waterproof and water-resistant.
  • But some cameras do not have that feature.
  • If you are living in an area where it rains most or there is a lot of moisture. Then simply go for the water-resistant cameras.
  • They are costly, but they can survive the water splash and rain.

Features of Car Rearview Camera:

The main aim of the car reverses or backup camera is to see the objects behind your car. In the olden days, many drivers damaged their cars at the time of reversing. As they were unable to see anything in the blind spot. Now, car reverse cameras provide valuable support for anyone who is dring their car.

Check some of the features of Car rearview cameras below: 

  • The modern rearview cameras are a lot different than what they were in the past. Although they have a limited number of features.
  • But they are enough to make the car reversing safe.
  • Ahead of that, the foremost feature is rearview while reversing.
  • They enable the drivers to easily look into the blind spot behind the car.
  • Further, some cameras are designed to work both day and night.
  • They include the LED lights embedded with them to illuminate the rearview.
  • Thus, drivers could easily see in the dark.
  • In addition to that, some cameras even include the capability of recording the view.
  • That could be stored on the infotainment system and later transferred to a smartphone or flash drive.

Types of Rear-View Cameras

The range of car reverse cameras is quite extensive. There are too many types of rearview cameras. And that is because of the variety of vehicles on the road. Well, there are two classes of rearview cameras. The first class is connectivity and the second is the installation pattern.

The rearview cameras are either wired or wireless. Further, they could be mounted on the bumper of the vehicle. And also, be installed inside the bumper. Ahead of that, some cars do not have space inside or on the bumper for the cameras.

In such cars, rearview cameras are mounted on the license plate. Altogether, there are a dozen types of cameras available in the market. But mainly we consider two types of car rearview cameras which are mentioned below.

Surface Mounted Camera:

  • These cameras are installed on the bumper or flat surface of the vehicle.
  • These will provide the perfect and best view compared to other types of car reverse cameras.
  • But most cars are not suitable for this type of camera because of the construction of the car.

License Mounted Camera:

  • If the car doesn’t have much space for a car rearview camera then we can install this on the license plate of the car.
  • That’s why these are called license-mounted cameras.
  • Nowadays most modern cars come with this type of camera.

How Does a Car Reverse Cameras Works?

In general, most car reverse cameras automatically start working when you reverse your car. Generally, these cameras have a fish view lens or wide-angle lens.

  1. The car reverse camera works in a very simple way. Once you have started the car, the reverse parking camera begins working.
  2. But the screen will only show the rear view when the car is in reverse transmission.
  3. The car reverse camera is electronically connected with the reverse transmission of the car.
  4. Upon hitting that gear, the camera switches from the standby mode to on.
  5. At the same instant, the screen begins showing the rearview. Some cameras begin recording the rearview and store the video on the infotainment system.
  6. And if that is a wireless reverse parking camera it may share the video on your phone. The car reverse camera covers everything that you cannot see in the driver and side mirrors.
  7. Everything between the surface and trunk height could easily be seen.

Some advanced cameras show the borders of the reversing area, to easily steer the ride.

Top 10 List of Car Parking Cameras in India Buyers Guide

Now you have knowledge of the working mechanism of a car reverse camera and a proper buying guide. Alway you need to consider the most popular and affordable cameras.

Here we have populated a list of the top 10 car reverse cameras with their details, pros, and cons for your ease to choose a reverse parking camera for your car:

1. Volga Car Reverse Parking Camera with 8 LED & Night Vision For Renault Kwid:

The European automakers prefer adding their own parking assistant to the car. Third-party products usually do not work with European cars. The entry-level models do have safety features. But none of the advanced safety features are there, such as the car reverse camera. One of such cars is the Renault Kwid. And the Volga brings a perfect solution for all the Kwid drivers in its reverse parking camera combo pack.Volga Car Reverse Camera with 8 LED & Night Vision For Renault Kwid Parking

  • Dimensions: 34.2 cm x 26.5 cm x 0.1 cm
  • Weight: 159 Grams
  • Volga Car Reverse Camera is the best fit for the Renault Kwid Vehicle.
  • It has a 170° viewing angle lens.
  • The best feature is this camera has night vision.
  • This is a 100% waterproof product along with 8 led to the camera.
  • The camera has a clear vision and provides a lot of assistance while reversing the car.
  • It is a wonderful option, but it has no direct connectivity with smartphones and tablets.

Vision Reverse Camera Renault

2. Chuanganzhuo Backup Camera with Universal Normal Image Rearview for all Cars:

Some drivers have already got a car reverse camera installed. But they require a frontal camera or a side camera for precise parking. Chuanganzhuo Universal Car Camera is an answer to that request. It count be mounted at the rear as well as the front.

Also, it can be installed on the sides of the car. Further, it is IP67 equipment. That means dust and water may take a lot of time to affect its performance.Chuanganzhuo Car Reverse Backup Camera with Universal Normal Image Rearview for all cars

  • Dimensions: 13.5 cm x 8.4 cm x 5.6 cm
  • Weight: 181 Grams
  • Chuanganzhuo Car Reverse Camera can provide an all-around view if mounted on every side of the car.
  • This camera has an NTSC TV system, DC 12V power supply with 648×488 pixels resolution.
  • The best part is, this product comes with a waterproof camera with IP67 standards.
  • Distance scales are optional and can be turned on and off.
  • It is multi-functional means you can use this as a backup camera, side view camera or front camera.
  • Although it can work as a dashcam, the package does not include a screen and a recording system.

Chuanganzhuo Car Reverse Camera

3. Generic 8 LED Car Parking Camera with 7 Inch Full HD LED Touch Screen, Bluetooth for Maruti Suzuki Swift New:

The new Suzuki Swift is a tremendous city car to drive. But it does not come with a car reverse camera. Well, most of the aftermarket reverse parking cameras are quite expensive. But the Generic reverse parking camera is a comprehensive and cheap solution.

The package contains a touchscreen with a car reverse camera. Further, the screen works as a multimedia system. You can play MP3 songs and MP4 videos on the screen. All you need to do is to connect the screen with your smartphone using Bluetooth.Generic 8 LED Car Reverse Camera with 7 Inch Full HD LED Touch Screen, Bluetooth for Maruti Suzuki Swift New

  • Dimensions: 26.9 cm x 13.2 cm x 6.4 cm
  • Weight: 662 Grams
  • Generic Car Reverse Camera has a 7 inches LED monitor with 8 LED cameras and BlueTooth.
  • It is a perfect fit for the newer model of Suzuki Swift.
  • This product supports both USB and SD cards.
  • Enjoy your journey with the multimedia system and park safely with the reverse parking camera.
  • Generic touchscreen heats up if constantly used.

Bluetooth Screen Camera

4. Sound Boss Car Rearview Camera HD Universal Waterproof 2nd Generation with Night Vision:

The wider vision offers a good view to reverse a car. Also, the frontal view becomes clear if the vision is wide. Well, every side of the car needs a camera. Especially when there is too much traffic on the road. The Sound Boss reverse parking camera is not just a rear-view camera but also a night vision camera too. It can be mounted anywhere in the car.Sound Boss Car Reverse Camera HD Universal Waterproof 2nd Generation with Night Vision

  • Dimensions: 2 cm x 2 cm x 2.5 cm
  • Weight: 99.8 Grams
  • Sound Boss Car Reverse Camera provides color images with the help of a high-definition image sensor for a safe view when reversing your car.
  • The camera provides a 170° diagonal vision which observes all directions properly.
  • It works with nearly every car or SUV or truck.
  • You can easily connect this parking camera with any RCA-compatible video input or existing DVR or any other.
  • This car reverse camera can only be mounted on the license plate.
  • Further, the license plate should have a 45° elevation angle.

Sound Boss Universal Camera

5. Starvin Car Reverse Camera 8 LED HD with 170 Degree Wide Angle, Night Vision & Waterproof:

Driving safely can save a lot of your money. Reversing the car is one of the major aspects of driving. And unless you make the reverse safely, you may not be able to save money. Well, Starvin Car Rear View reverse parking camera is another good option for safely reversing.

It is a water and shockproof camera with infrared night vision. Further, this camera can be used as a dash and side cam. Ahead of that, this reverse parking camera can work with nearly every car.Starvin Car Reverse Camera 8 LED HD with 170 Degree Wide Angle, Night Vision & Waterproof

  • Dimensions: 10 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm
  • Weight: 200 Grams
  • Starvin Car Reverse Camera is universal and you can fit this for all cars.
  • You can easily mount the camera on your car’s license plate or back window or any other suitable place.
  • The 170° angle provides a wider vision of the rearview of the car.
  • And the infrared night vision creates a clear image in the darkness.
  • This is also a waterproof shockproof backup camera with an ip67 high waterproof level and professional shockproof design
  • There is no wireless connectivity available with this product.
  • Few people complained about the picture quality.

Starvin Parking Camera

6. FABTEC Car Reverse Waterproof HD Camera with LED Night-Vision, Rear View for Reverse Parking:

Reversing a car at night becomes a walk in the park when the car reverse camera has night vision. Many drivers face difficulty parking the car at night because of lower luminosity. Some unfortunate cases witness the car hitting an obstacle behind just because the driver could not see it at night.

Installing the FABTEC Night-Vision reverse parking camera can make parking at night easier. It has LED lights for lamination and night vision for enhancing the detail.FABTEC Car Reverse Waterproof HD Camera with LED Night-Vision, Rear View for Reverse Parking

  • Dimensions: 10 cm x 6 cm x 4 cm
  • Weight: 200 Grams
  • FABTEC Car Reverse Camera is shockproof and waterproof with IP67 high waterproof level & professional shockproof design.
  • This reverse camera is a powerful parking camera with built-in unmovable distance scale lines and covers an angle of 170°.
  • This wide-angle camera comes with a 20ft /6M long & flexible video cable and you can connect to any monitor with RCA video input.
  • With the help of this wired camera, you can easily reverse your camera in adverse weather and take real-time pictures continuously without any disturbance.
  • Installing this car reverse camera requires an alteration in the car.

Fabtec Reverse Parking

7. Autotrends Reversing Camera Kit Combo for Car with TFT LCD Monitor & Rearview Camera:

Every car does not have an infotainment screen. Especially the entry-level trims, that only come with the stereo unit. The Autotrends Car Rear View combo Kit is a solution for all such cars. The package contains a camera and a rearview monitor. Further, the camera is scratch resistant and works on for very long. And the screen measures 4.3-inches. Ahead of that, the complete unit is covered with a 6 monthly warranty.Autotrends Car Reverse Camera Kit Combo with TFT LCD Monitor & Rearview Camera

  • Dimensions: 19.4 cm x 18.7 cm x 10.3 cm
  • Weight: 381 Grams
  • Auto trends Car Reverse Camera’s screen has some handy features available to adjust the vision. Such as contrast, brightness, and hue.
  • With a versatile compatibility feature, you can connect this rearview kit to any type of monitor.
  • The view angle is 150° and that allows the drivers to have an easy vision of the blind spots.
  • It has 2-channel auto-switching video inputs V1 & V2 with PAL/NTSC video frequency.
  • It is a wired camera and cannot be connected to smartphones and tablets.

Autotrends Combo Reversing Camera

8. Volga Night Vision Car Reverse 8 led Camera with 4.3 Inch LCD TFT Monitor Combo for Parking Assistance:

The complete reverse parking camera convenience packages make life easier. Neither have you to droll into the market to find a screen. Nor do you have to worry about the camera. Instead, everything is there in the box. Well, Volga Car Reverse Combo Pack is another complete package on our list.

It includes the screen and the car reverse camera. Further, it works best with Suzuki Ciaz. Ahead of that, it includes the night vision and LED lights for luminosity. And the touchscreen also works as a multimedia system.Volga Night Vision Car Reverse 8 led Camera with 4.3 Inch LCD Tft Monitor Combo for Parking Assistance

  • Dimensions: 10 cm x 5 cm x 5 cm
  • Weight: 150 Grams
  • Volga Car Reverse Camera has a night vision camera along with 8 LED lights for luminosity.
  • And full color led backlights to brighten up the darkness for the purpose of safely reversing.
  • This camera system supports the car Satellite Receiver, DVD, STB, VCD, and other Video Equipments.
  • It supports night vision for up to 3 meters.
  • Besides Ciaz, the Volga car parking camera also works with numerous other cars.
  • Installation is an additional expense for this product.

Parking Assistance Reverse Camera

9. SunRise Parking Camera & Monitor Combo with 4.3 Inch TFT LCD 800×480 High Definition Screen and HD Night Vision Infrared Camera:

The reverse parking camera pack is cost-effective. They provide safety as well as save money. The SunRise Parking Camera includes a 4.3-inch TFT screen with a night vision car reverse camera. Further, the screen is mountable on the dashboard. And it is also installable. In addition to that, it provides a clear vision of the rearview while reversing the car.SunRise Car Reverse Camera & Monitor Combo with 4.3 Inch TFT LCD 800x480 High Definition Screen and HD Night Vision Infrared Camera

  • Dimensions: 23 cm x 15.8 cm x 8.3 cm
  • Weight: 399 Grams
  • SunRise Car Reverse Camera comes with perfect design and is made with plastic material.
  • You can install this in 2 ways either standing or mounting, which can be adjusted as your needs. The screen is rotatable. It equally serves as a reverse parking camera screen and multimedia system.
  • The continuous usage does not head up the screen. There are two heat extraction points that keep the screen running while keeping it cool.
  • This camera system has a built-in 4.3 inches 480 x 272 high-resolution TFT LCD screen. So, you can get a colorful and clear image.
  • It also includes 3 buttons for adjusting the color, contrast, and brightness.
  • The camera quality is just fine. Works well in the day, but by the night it nearly dies out.

SunRise Car Reverse Camera Combo

10. Speedy Ninja Car Parking Camera with High Definition Aluminum Material & Waterproof:

Some guys love to record their journey. They are unable to keep their handy-cam on for long, as the battery drains out real quick. In that particular case, they try using simple car cameras. But they do not directly support the recording feature. Well, Speedy Ninja reverse camera features recording capability. It is available in a total of 3 variants. And a TFT screen is also available along with this camera.Speedy Ninja Car Reverse Camera with High Definition Aluminum Material & Waterproof

  • Weight: 500 Grams
  • Speedy Ninja Car Reverse Camera has a 170° viewing angle and comes with a width of 16.5 mm only.
  • This camera system is made with high-quality aluminum material along with weather-protected housing and fits well with almost all car exteriors.
  • The variety of options makes it easier to pick the needed product.
  • This is easy to install because of its smaller size.
  • The complete package of car reverse cameras and screens is costly.

Speedy Ninja High Definition Waterproof Camera


At present, you have successfully checked the Top 10 Best Car Reverse Cameras to Purchase online. So, it should be easy for you to determine which car reverse camera or car rearview camera will meet your requirements. It helps you to find the best car backup camera.

You have become familiar with the pros, and cons of the most popular car reverse cameras listed above along with a good buying guide. All these things make it easy for you to make a good choice of a car reverse parking camera and have the rest of the benefits.