Best Baby Bath Tubs in India – Buyers Guide

A baby bathtub is an essential item for babies, especially newborns or toddlers. And these come with special features like an anti-slip surface, easy drain, temperature indicator, etc.  Bathing is one of the better ways to bond with your baby.

Bathe time is an important moment both for the baby and the parent as apart from cuddling, breastfeeding, and carrying. The baby also loves water, so it’s a moment of relaxation. Knowing the importance of bathing has to be enjoyable and comfortable for the parent and the baby.

And to ensure this, there is a need to invest more in the baby bathtub. And there are different brands and types of bathtubs for kids, but you have to choose the one that suits the space in your bathroom, your lifestyle, and importantly choosing that which perfectly fits your baby. Also, check the buyer’s guide for feeding pillows, Manual Breast pumps, electric breast pumps, baby walkers, baby swingbaby rockers, Remote Control cars, Kitchen Set for Kids, Dancing RobotsKeyboard Piano, baby toys, Hanging Toys, Baby bath toys, scooters for Kids, Pencil sharpeners for kids, school bagsschool bags for girls, bag packs, Glass paints, bicycles for kids, Adhesive Tapes, Oil Pastels drawings, puzzle Games, Building blocks, Lego blocks, soft toys, Toy Cars, Toy Trains, Lego Blocks, dancing Robots, scooter for Kids, tricycles for kids, Kitchen sets, Baby Cradles, Wooden Cradles, educational toys for kids, baby sleeping bags, baby cradles, baby carry bags, baby diapers, baby diaper bags, in India.

Selecting a baby bathtub may be difficult, especially if you are a new parent. That’s why we are providing a review of the best bathtub for kids to make the job easy for you.

Top 10 Baby Bath Tubs in India

List of the baby bathtubs

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1. LuvLap Baby Bath Tub  LuvLap-Baby-Anti-White
2. Cho – Cho Inflatable Baby Bath Tub  Online-Etrade-BPA-Free
3. Intex Baby Bath Tub  Intex-Inflatable-Play-Multi
4. INTIME Baby Bath Tub  INTIME-Portable-Inflatable
5. Intex Inflatable Snapset Pool for Kids Intex-56451EP-Inflatable
6. Anokhichaabi Baby bath Tub  Anokhichaabi-Combo-Intex
7. Intex Swimming Pool Set  Intex-28120-Easy-Swimming
8. Intex Swimming Pool for Kids  Intex-Inflatable-Kids
9. Intex Dinosaur Portable Swimming Pool  Intex-57106-Dinosaur-3
10. Intex Kids Swimming Pool Intex-Underwater-Swimming

Buyers Guide – Baby Bath Tub

The baby bathtub is an essential accessory for your baby, so it has to be chosen in a practical sense. It must be carefully selected so you won’t regret buying it in the long run. These bathtub sizes and types vary depending upon the baby’s age. That’s why you need to follow some points to get a suitable one.

Just consider the below points before buying any type of bathtub for your babies:


  • This is dependent on the dimension of the bathtub.
  • To get this right, you will have to choose according to the size of your baby.
  • However, it is crucial to choose a baby bathtub that is slightly larger than your baby, so you use it for a longer time as your baby is growing up.
  • Lastly, you buy according to the size of your bathroom.


  • It is essential to know the amount of water the baby bathtub can hold.
  • If you are choosing the foldable ones, then you will have to sacrifice size for a little storage.

Consider the Size of your Bathroom

  • If your bathroom is a large one, you have the freedom to buy the baby bathtub as you wish.
  • But if the space in your bathroom is limited, then you have to be wise.
  • For smaller bathrooms, you can go for a foldable or an inflatable baby bathtub.

Choose According to Your Lifestyle

  • This reason is also essential not for your baby but for your convenience.
  • If you are the traveling type, it is obvious you are likely to choose the inflatable and the foldable.
  • But if you seldom travel then all options are yours.

Features of a Baby Bath Tub: 

There are many features for a baby bathtub, just make sure you choose the one which has the features that make you and your baby comfortable.

Let’s find out the main features of these products: 

  • The first one is adaptability, there are virtually different sizes for different baby sizes.
  • The baby bathtub cannot be too small or too big. It can be made to adjust to baby size.
  • Another essential feature is a drain hole, a standard bathtub for kids will have a drain hole whose cap is blocked and will not have any leaks to make emptying of water very easy to do.
  • It must be firm and stable. This feature is vital, especially when the baby is inside the baby bathtub.
  • It will ensure the baby feels safe.
  • Your baby will feel safe in a firm and stabilized baby bathtub than in an unstable one.

Types of Baby Bath Tubs

You may want to consider the type of baby bathtub you will as they tend to serve a different purpose. And they may be different according to shape, size, price, and design.

Let’s find out the main types of bathtubs for kids: 

The Luxury Baby Bathtub

  • It’s a modern baby bathtub as it has additional functions that others do not have.
  • Functions like an automatic bubbling machine and a mini nozzle for rinsing soap on the baby

The Foldable Baby Bathtub

  • This choice is perfect for you if you did not have much space in your bathroom.
  • Once you are through with bathing your baby, it can be easily folded and then put away.

Inflatable Baby Bathtub

  • This is almost the same as the foldable type, just that it needs to be inflated before use.
  • It also helps in saving space.

Convertible Tubs

  • This tub grows along with your baby.
  • From the name, it can be converted from being used for newborns to being used for a grown baby.

How to use Baby Bath Tub?

The working mechanism for bathtubs for kids is effortless and can be easily used even by a new parent, and even if you are not a parent. Knowing how a baby bathtub works depends on the type you choose to buy.

  1. However, for general tips, the baby bathtub, whether plastic or other material.
  2. Put water inside and then gently place the baby inside.
  3. Then hold the head and then put your other hand under the baby’s bottom.
  4. Before placing the baby inside, make sure you check the temperature.
  5. Although some baby bathtub has a temperature indicator while others do not have to depend on the type, you bought, or you will be buying.
  6. The baby bathtub can have a seat made with foam or fiber.
  7. It does not matter the kind you got.
  8. What matters is that they have a necessary function as a drain holes to make emptying water easy.

List of  Top 10 Best Baby Bath Tubs In India Buyers Guide

Keep in mind that you need to choose quality & budget-friendly bathtubs for your little ones. And this is always essential for both baby and mother. That’s why we have listed out the top 10 baby bathtubs after considering their features, pros, and cons.

1. LuvLap Baby Bath Tub with Anti-slip Base and Drain Plugin White & Pink:

This is a regular baby bathtub and not the inflatables or the foldable. It is made of durable, high-quality material with zero toxicity.LuvLap Baby Bath Tub with Anti-slip Base and Drain Plug in White & Pink


  • Dimensions: 83.3 cm x 47.8 cm x 23.4 cm
  • Weight Capacity: Up to 12 KGs
  • Suitable For: 6 Months to 24 Months Babies
  • Weight: 1.50 KGs


  • LuvLap Baby Bath Tub is made with quality plastic material.
  • It comes with an anti-slip base that keeps the baby safe during the bath-time.
  • This is lightweight and the clean-up is easy
  • No chances of peeling and fading
  • It is very spacious, the baby can sit comfortably


  • The rest base may be slippery
  • And the anti-slip base is minimal

LuvLap Baby Bath Tub

2. Cho – Cho Inflatable Baby Bath Tub 4.2 Ft Adults Swimming Tub with BPA-Free Material & Pump:

This bathtub is a rectangular inflatable bathtub with a soft inflatable floor. And it is suitable for both kids and adults. Package contents include 1 electrical air pump.Cho - Cho Inflatable Baby Bath Tub 4.2 Ft Adults Swimming Tub with BPA-Free Material & Pump


  • Dimensions: 130 cm x 90 cm x 48 cm
  • Weight Capacity: 600 KGs
  • Suitable For: Above 1 Month Babies
  • Weight: 7.2 KGs


  • Cho-Cho Baby Bath Tub is made with the BPA-free PVC material. It comes with a soft inflatable floor.
  • This is easy to inflate and deflate as well
  • You will get 1 electric pump along with the product.
  • It is easy to use and store as well.


  • Not very durable
  • Cleaning can be difficult

Cho Cho Bath Tub for Kids

3. Intex Baby Bath Tub Inflatable Play Box Pool in Multicolor:

This bathtub is made in the form of a square box. It is inflatable and has a variety of colors. This can also be installed wherever you want to use it, either in the bathroom or the courtyard.Intex Baby Bath Tub Inflatable Play Box Pool in Multicolor


  • Dimensions: 85 cm x 85 cm x 23 cm
  • Water Capacity: 18 cm of Wall Height
  • Suitable For: 1 to 3 Years Babies
  • Weight: 830 Grams


  • Intex Baby Bath Tub is made with heavy-duty PVC material.
  • It comes with a repair patch so that it can be easily repaired when mistakenly punctured.
  • This is straightforward to install & available in different colors.
  • It has a soft inflated floor and no assembly is required.


  • It can be easily punctured
  • The storage may be small

Intex Inflatable Baby Bath Tub

4. INTIME Baby Bath Tub with PVC Portable Inflatable in Blue:

This bathtub is a PVC-made inflatable baby bathtub, which is soft and smooth to ensure that the skin of the baby is protected. It is suitable for babies between ages 0-3 years. This can support the baby’s back better. It’s a well-packed in gift box with a free inflation pump.INTIME Baby Bath Tub with PVC Portable Inflatable in Blue


  • Dimensions: 98 cm x 65 cm x 28 cm
  • Water Capacity: 20 Liters
  • Suitable For: 0 to 3 Years Babies
  • Weight: 1.12 KGs


  • INTIME Baby Bath Tub is made with the BPA-free & European standard PVC material.
  • It comes with a 45-degree backrest design and free inflation pump
  • It has a storage pouch & slip-resistant design
  • This bathtub is ideal for use at home also easy to carry & store as well.
  • One plastic rope is attached at the base for easy storing & drying.


  • The size is too small.
  • It’s a quite expensive one

INTIME Baby Bath Tub

5. Intex Inflatable Snapset Pool for Kids:

This is a beach days designed snap set, which has an approximately set up size of 152 x 25 cm. This product makes for some great entertainment for kids with the included vibrant colors and images.Intex Inflatable Snapset Pool for Kids


  • Dimensions: 76.2 cm x 38.1 cm x 38.1 cm
  • Water Capacity: 119 Gallons 18 cm of Wall Height
  • Suitable For: Above 2 Years of Babies
  • Weight: 1.30 KGs


  • Intex Snapset Pool for Kids is made with durable PVC material along with sturdy & heavy-duty sidewalls.
  • It comes with a shelf patch & repair patch that allows you to repair it in case there is a damage or hole.
  • This has a water capacity of 119 gallons.
  • It is very beautiful and quite spacious
  • An adult can also use this pool set


  • It is made from plastic and is not very durable
  • Draining water can be a difficult task

Intex Inflatable Snapset

6. Anokhichaabi Baby bath Tub Combo – Intex 6 ft Inflatable Bath Tub with Pump:

This bathtub also comes in a rectangular design. It also has inflatable floors and can be put to good use on balconies and terraces. This comes with a smooth base for comfort for kids.Anokhichaabi Baby bath Tub Combo - Intex 6 ft Inflatable Bath Tub with Pump


  • Dimensions: 166.4 cm x 100.3 cm x 27.9 cm
  • Water Capacity: 24 Gallons 17 cm of Wall Height
  • Suitable For: Above 2 Years of Babies


  • Anokhichaabi Baby Bath Tub is made with tough & durable plastic materials.
  • It comes with an Intex pump
  • This inflatable baby swimming pool provides durability & safety for kids.
  • It also has a repair patch
  • This product is best suitable for kids to learn swimming


  • The size is big, but the space inside is small
  • Faulty air pump

Anokhichaabi Baby Bath Tub

7. Intex Swimming Pool Set 28120 Easy in Blue Color:

The Intex Easy Set pool offers a wide variety of products for different ages. It comes in 3 different sizes, each with a different water capacity and for a different age.Intex Swimming Pool Set 28120 Easy in Blue Colour


  • Dimensions: 304.8 cm x 12 cm x 76 cm
  • Water Capacity: 3,854 Litres
  • Suitable For: Above 6+ Years
  • Weight: 8.05 KGs


  • Intex Swimming Pool Set made with plastic material.
  • It comes with an additional maintenance DVD.
  • The setup of this product is very easy.
  • This has 3 different dimensions, each one of them with a different water capacity and for a different age.
  • It has a larger water capacity


  • Takes time to fill up
  • Works very well only on flat surfaces

Intex 28120 Kids Swimming Pool

8. Intex Swimming Pool for Kids Underwater Fun 6 Feet:

This is an air-filled inflatable bathtub and it comes in a round shape. It is recommended for kids between 1-and 3 years of age. This product comes with a soft inflatable floor & repair patch.Intex Swimming Pool for Kids Underwater Fun 6 Feet


  • Dimensions: 19.3 cm x 18.8 cm x 6.6 cm
  • Water Capacity: 18 Gallons 17 cm of Wall Height
  • Suitable For: 1 to 3 Years Babies
  • Weight: 608 Grams


  • Intex Inflatable Kids Bath Tub is made with heavy-duty PVC material.
  • It comes with soft inflatable floor & 3 colorful air rings for comfort.
  • Easy to store when not in use & it can be easily cleaned
  • It has 3 feet in height & 68 liters water capacity
  • This is a good product for kids to learn swimming


  • Not very spacious
  • It cannot be used with hot water

Intex Inflatable Kids Tub

9. Intex Dinosaur 3 Portable Swimming Pool for Kids:

This is also an inflatable baby bathtub and is very good for outdoor use. This has no batteries and is useful for kids from 12 months to 3 years of age.Intex Dinosaur 3 Portable Swimming Pool for Kids


  • Dimensions: 154.9 cm x 55.9 cm x 154.9 cm
  • Water Capacity: Up to 33 Liters
  • Suitable For: 1 to 3 Years Babies
  • Weight: 322 Grams


  • Intex Dinosaur Baby Bath Tub is made with PVC material along with a beautiful dinosaur design print.
  • This is an inflatable swimming pool for kids.
  • It has beautiful designs & the bottom is nicely padded
  • The capacity storage is quite large that is up to 33 liters.


  • Air leaks after some times
  • Overpriced

Intex Dinosaur Baby Bath Tub

10. Intex 6 Feet Underwater Fun Kids Swimming Pool:

The Intex underwater swimming pool is a mini pool that has a rigid, heavy-duty vinyl sidewall with colorful designs. It is usable in the garden, backyard, or any other open space.Intex 6 Feet Underwater Fun Kids Swimming Pool


  • Dimensions: 48.3 cm x 38.1 cm x 17.8 cm
  • Weight Capacity: Up to 15 KGs
  • Weight: 2.10 KGs


  • Intex Underwater Fun Swimming Pool is made with hard plastic material.
  • It comes with a sturdy design
  • The sidewall comes inflated, hence the easy usage.
  • The product looks like an aquarium.


  • Very delicate so can be easily torn
  • Long set up a time

Intex Kids Underwater Swimming


Finding the right baby bathtub can be hard, but with the right guide, it’s always easier. I hope this helps you to find a perfect bathtub for your baby.

All the above options make it easy for you to make a good choice of the best baby bathtub for you along with valuable benefits.


How to buy a perfect bathtub for a baby?

You can buy a perfect bathtub for a baby by first considering what is best for your baby. Consider your baby age, size, and also what the baby likes. Then go through the buyer’s guide or possibly the product review to find out which baby bathtub suits your baby most.

Which features are considered while buying a baby bathtub?

There are a lot of features to consider while buying so you don’t waste your money. But consider checking the size, the storage capacity, the drain hole, anti-slip surface, temperature indicator, whether easily cleanable, is the baby bathtub easy to dry, and how much water it can hold.

What is the normal price of a bathtub?

The price varies and may be because of a lot of brands manufacturing a baby bathtub. And what you want will determine your price. A luxury baby bathtub is different from an inflatable or a standard bathtub.

How long do you use a bathtub?

This answers the question of the quality you bought and the manufacturer. Some online reviewers said the one he got did not last a month, and some said it lasted six months.

While trying not to hurt your budget, ensure you also get a quality product. And either you like it or not, your baby will outgrow it, but you can a size slightly bigger than the baby.

How do you use a Baby bathtub?

Fill the tub up with water, either hot or cold, depending on the one you got, and then you can gently put your baby inside. Although, some may not be as easy as this, especially if they have the luxury of the inflatable type.

Normally, a bathtub will come with an installation manual or a DVD depending on the manufacturer.

Do you need a baby bathtub?

No rule makes baby bathtub compulsory, you may sit in your bathtub and clean the baby there, but you should get a bathtub for kids so you can adequately support them during bathing. Even apart from using a baby bathtub, there are alternatives like a large bowl, laundry basket, bucket, and a sink

How do I bathe my four months old in the bathtub?

Fill the bathtub with the correct volume of warm water. Always ensure you use the traditional method of using your elbow to check the water temperature.

Then lower the baby into the bathtub placing one hand at the bottom and the other hand on the head to support both head and neck. After putting the baby inside, you can start bathing.

When can the baby use a regular bathtub?

Depending on the baby sometimes, but usually, a lot of babies start using the regular bathtub at six months. Then they can already support themselves by sitting on their own.