Best Quality Scroll Saws in India Buyers Guide

A scroll saw is a compact powerful stationary tool used for cutting and shaping wood into intricate designs. This tool is ideal for woodworkers or DIYers who work on wood projects that require detailed and artistic shaping.

Scroll saws function in a way that allows you to start cutting into the wooden piece from the outside and working your way inwards, and also by drilling a hole and making cuts inside the wood. Also, check the buyer’s guide for the DeWalt Power Tools, Makita Power tools, Pole Saws, Pruning Saw, chain saw machines, circular saw machines, Oscillating saw, chop saw machines, jigsaw machines, miter saws, band saws, Reciprocating Saws, coping saw, hacksaws, Chain saw machines, Circular saw machines, Chop saw machines, Hammer Drill Machines, Sanding Machines, Angle Grinders, Brush cutters, Drill Machines, Angle Grinders, Welding Machines, Hand Tools Kit, Impact Wrenches, Torque Wrenches, Line Laser Levels, Laser Distance Measurer, oscillating saw machines, Table saw Machines.

The blades attached to this tool come in different tooth designs and sizes which are used on various materials.

Top 5 Scroll Saws in India

List of the scroll saws

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1. Ferm SSM1005 Scroll Saw  FERM-SSM1005
3. INGCO Scroll Saw INGCO-85W
4. Craftsman Scroll Saw  Craftsman-Variable-Speed
5. Malfah Enterprises Scroll Saw  Malfah-Enterprises-INGCO

Buyers Guide – Scroll Saw

Scroll saws are best for wood crafting, however, with the appropriate blade, they can also be used for cutting plastic, glass, and metal. So before selecting a scroll saw, it is essential to make sure that you understand the different types of scroll saws and their uses.

The following characteristics need to be considered before selecting the tool:


  • The size of the scroll saw is important if one is concerned about the noise and level of vibration made by the tool.
  • And the smaller the size, the quieter and minimal vibration is made from the machine.


  • Most products are available with adjustable speed and are measured in strokes per minute.
  • For objects such as paper, plastic, and softer wood, it is better to use the tool at a slower speed
  • Whereas, for objects like metals or harder properties the tool should be used at a higher speed.

Types of Blades

Different types of blades can be attached to the scroll saws for specific purposes.

This includes:

Regular Toth Blade
  • These blades have a set of teeth of the same size and at the same distance.
  • They are available in two types – wood, and metal.
Skip-tooth Blade
  • These blades are not that different from the regular blades, except that it has a gap of one tooth after every alternate.
Double-tooth Blade
  • The double tooth blade has a larger gap between the sets of every two teeth.
Reverse-skip-tooth Blade
  • This blade is similar to the skip tooth blade
  • But the last few teeth at the end of the blade are pointing upwards, providing a smoother finishing when exiting the object.
Precision-ground Blades
  • They are similar to skip tooth blades but with smaller and sharper teeth.
Crown-tooth Blades
  • This is a newly-designed blade, having crown-shaped teeth with a gap between each crown.
  • And the blade has crowns on both sides making them ideal for cutting plastic objects.
Spiral Blades
  • The spiral blades have a twisted shape with teeth pointing out in a spiral shape all around the blade.
  • You can’t use this tool for general purposes due to blade limitations.

Features of Scroll Saw

Scroll saws can be used for multiple purposes, but are mainly used for cutting intricate designs. They can also be used for thick cuts, cutting curves, creating angles, and cutting dovetail joints.

Keep in mind the below precise features that you may consider looking at:

  • The primary purpose of the scroll saw is to carve it into wood pieces, with the right blade it can also be used for cutting plastic, metals, ivory, and nacre.
  • Scroll saws are fitted with a very thin and short blade that functions in an up and down motion.
  • And the key components of this tool are – a blade, throat/arm, table, a small blower, and blade clamps.
  • Scroll saws are equipped with a tabletop usually made of iron or aluminum.
  • That helps to support the object and maintain a steady motion while working your way through the object.
  • Some scroll saws are fitted with small or large tabletops – larger tables are ideal for projects that require cutting bigger pieces.

Types of Scroll Saws

The types of scroll saws can be distinguished by the differences in the following 2 categories – the size of the throat/arm and the type of blade. The larger scroll saws are best for professional and commercial use.

  • The size of the throat is used to determine the size of the scroll saw
  • This is the distance between the blade and the rear of the saw where it is connected to the table.
  • The longer the size of the throat is, the bigger the objects can be placed and cut into.
  • But the size of the throat varies from 12 to 30 inches – the standard models for beginners are the ones with a 12-inch throat.
  • The different types of throat/arms this product is available in are – parallel-arm, two separate arms, C-arm, and a parallel link arm.
  • Also, the most common and standard type of arm is the parallel arm. Most the DIYers and entry-level carpenters use this tool.
  • The two separate arms scroll saws are fitted with an arm at the top and one under the blade motioned to move up and down at the same time.
  • Also, the C-arm saw has properties similar to the standard parallel arm, however, it has two joined arms forming into a C shape.
  • Lastly, the parallel link arm is a more expensive and complex tool, this product is used by professionals due to the extreme precision and accuracy this tool offers.

How Does Scroll Saw Work?

A scroll saw a common woodworking tool used by artisans and carpenters. This small handy tool is equipped with a fine blade that is functioned to move in an up and down position.

Making it easier to cut the object into an intricate and complex design that is impossible to do with other hardware tools.

  1. Most of the scroll saws come with the essentials required for operating the tool right away.
  2. Although this tool is best for working on wood, with the right set of blades
  3. You can cut and craft into objects like plastic and metals.
  4. However, it is important to ensure that you have all the right components before operating the tool, to avoid accidents and get the desired results.
  5. The essentials are a template, that is used as a guideline for cutting accurately
  6. Finger protectors are there to avoid harming yourself, eye goggles for protection against dust particles, sandpaper for smoothing the surface, and a piece of wood to work with.

List of Top 5 Best Scroll Saw Machines in India Buyers Guide

Now you know the features, the buyer’s guide, and the types of scroll saws on the market. But you probably don’t want to spend all your day looking for a good one.

So, to make your selection easier, here you have a top 5 list of the best scroll saws available in the market along with their features, pros, and cons.

1. Ferm SSM1005 Scroll Saw with Adjustable Working Table (0-45 Degrees), 90W Dust Blowing System for Wood, Plastics & Non-Ferrous Metals:

The Ferm saw was a durable tool made of cast iron weighing 14.2 kg. The product featured instant blade changing options, parallel/ miter guiding for accurate results, an adjustable 0-45 degrees working table, and a blowing dust system. The product includes a protective cover and 10 different saw blades.Ferm SSM1005 Saw with Adjustable Working Table (0-45 Degrees), 90W Dust Blowing System for Wood, Plastics & Non-Ferrous Metals


  • Ferm Scroll Saw is a 90 watts robust tool that is great for home and professional use.
  • It has a dust blowing system for cleaning your working surface
  • The package comes with 10 additional saw blades.
  • Parallel and miter guide included for cutting


  • The machine shuts down after sometime

FERM Scroll Saw

2. MAKITA- AUTHORIZED DEALER ASMA Scroll Saw with 50W Power:

The Makita 50-watt scroll saw is a perfect tool for working with wood objects at home. This tool can make bevel cuts ranging from 0-45 degrees towards the left and about 15 degrees towards the right. The features of the blade tension lever, the blades changed and adjusted in an instant.MAKITA- AUTHORIZED DEALER ASMA 50W Power


  • MAKITA Scroll Saw comes with an adjustable stroke rate ranging from 400 to 1,600 strokes per minute.
  • It comes with a tool-free blade change system & quick adjustment of blade tension.
  • Increased stability and less vibration due to weight (15.5 kg)
  • Also, this equipment has a durable shape


  • Inaccurate results on metal objects


3. INGCO Scroll Saw Speed with 85W, 0-1450 RPM & Anti-vibration Design for Stable Work:

This product by Ingo featured a no-load speed of 0-145 RPM. That offers a cutting capacity of 50mm in depth and 410mm in width. Additionally, the size of the table is 375x250MM with an adjustable tilt range of 0-45 degrees to the left and right.INGCO Speed with 85W, 0-1450 RPM & Anti-vibration Design for Stable Work


  • INGCO Scroll Saw is an economical multipurpose 85-watt heavy-duty tool.
  • Made for stability and smooth cutting.
  • Also, this equipment has an anti-vibration design
  • Quite an affordable product for everyone.


  • Not durable one

INGCO 85W Scroll Saw

4. Craftsman Scroll Saw with 16 Variable Speed (21602):

The Saw is a 16-inch heavy-duty tool commonly used for professional crafting. The product comes with an adjustable stroke rate of 400-1600 strokes per minute. So that this tool is perfect for working with objects like metal.Craftsman Scroll Saw with 16 Variable Speed (21602)


  • Craftsman Scroll Saw comes with 16 variable speed settings.
  • It has a large adjustable cast iron table that can be tilted to 45 degrees for bevel cutting.
  • Also, this durable product makes accurate cuts.


  • Only tilted to the left side for bevel cuts
  • Also, this is an expensive one

Craftsman Scroll Saw

5. Malfah Enterprises INGCO Scroll Saw Machine (Black):

This is an 85-watt compact scroll saw by Ingo that comes with a variable speed of 0-145 RPM. The product comes with a 375x250MM table with the tilt feature. And this makes bevel cuts at an angle of 0-45 degrees in both right and left directions.Malfah Enterprises INGCO Scroll Saw Machine (Black)


  • Malfah Enterprises INGCO Scroll Saw made with an induced motor & anti-vibration design.
  • The tool can cut into an object approximately 410mm in width and 50mm in depth.
  • It comes with a quick and easy tool-free blade system.
  • Also, this is quite an affordable product for everyone.


  • Not durable for metal

Malfah INGCO Scroll Saw


Hope this article helps you in deciding the best Scroll saw for your requirements. A scroll saw is a powerful saw used generally for cutting and shaping wood into intricate designs. With the right set of blades, this tool is also used to cut through plastic and metal. With this tool, you can make thick cuts, and dovetail joints.

The scroll saw consists of a blade, throat, table, a small blower, and blade clamps. A scroll saw is used for various purposes and is easily operated by beginners and also professionals.


What does a scroll saw do?

A scroll saw is a handy & heavy-duty cutting tool that is operated with a pedal or electric power. This saw is specially used for cutting complicated and intricate designs for wood, metal, and plastic. The sharp fine blade on this tool makes it capable of cutting with more details and precision.

What is the best scroll saw to buy?

The Ferm SSM1005 is generally the best scroll saw to purchase as the features this product offers are best for general and professional use. This tool has a strong powerful machine that can not only cut craft through the wood but also hard metal and plastic.

Can you use a jigsaw as a scroll saw?

The general purpose of both the saws is similar, cutting into straight and curved lines. However, you can use a scroll saw to make cuts with more precision and accuracy as well as cut into complex designs.

Is a scroll saw worth it?

If the right type of scroll saw is purchased and used with the proper gear, it is invaluable compared to other tools, as it offers detailed precision.

What is better a band saw or a scroll saw?

Both saws have their uniqueness and serve a different purposes. A band saw is best for industrial purposes as it is best for cutting straight through thick objects. But a scroll saw can do a lot more than just making straight cuts. With the right blade, a scroll saw is also used for cutting thick objects.

Why do I need a scroll saw?

A scroll saw is an essential tool for every woodworker or DIYer who likes crafting objects. Unlike other tools in the market that have limitations to cutting, the scroll saw offers more detailed and precise cutting. Furthermore, you can carve different designs with these multipurpose tools.

What materials can a scroll saw cut?

Generally, this tool is best for woodwork cutting and crafting. But with the appropriate blade, you can use this for cutting thick materials such as metals and plastic.