Best Mosquito Net for Bed in India-Buyers Guide

A mosquito net for the bed serves as a protective curtain. It keeps away various harmful insects to enter the sleeping area. Such as flies, mosquitoes, and other harmful pests.

Usually, the bite or sting of the mosquitoes and flies creates swelling over the body and does not let the person sleep. Where children are often the major victim. Besides their sting or bite, they even carry some harmful diseases. Like dengue fever, malaria, and a few others. Also check the buyers guide for Mosquito Rackets, 7 Best Mosquito & flies sprays, Mosquito Killer Machines, Cockroach Killer Brands & Bed bug sprays in India.

Further, mosquito nets are very effective in preventing the spread of harmful diseases. And their wide application has saved numerous lives. Further, properly created mosquito nets result in zero insects getting to the person. Proper design means no ventilation and visibility for the insects.

Top 10 Best Mosquito Net for Beds in India

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1. Classic Foldable King Size Blue Mosquitos Net Classic-Mosquito-Net-Foldable classic-polyester
2. Healthy Sleeping Light Pink Double Bed Polyester Foldable Net Healthy-Sleeping-Foldable healthy-sleeping-net
3. Healthgenie Foldable Mosquitoes Net for Double Bed Healthgenie-Premium healthgenie-polyester
4. Shri Ashu Creation King Size Bed Mosquito Nets Shri-Ashu-Creation
5. Athenacreations Foldable Double Bed Pink Mosquito Net Athena-Creations-Double athena-creations-polyester
6. Shahji Creation Double Bed Mosquito Net Shahji-Creation-Mosquito shahji-creation-nylon
7. GALOPPIA Single Bed Blue Foldable Mosquito Net Royal-Foldable-Single galoppia-polyester-adults
8. OnlineTree Double Bed Violet Mosquito Net with Bag and Saviours OnlineTree-Double-Mosquito onlinetree-polyester
9. Styleys King Size Bed Foldable Blue Mosquitos Net Styleys-Foldable-Mosquito styleys-polyester-adults
10. Oumffy Foldable King Size Mosquito Net Oumffy-Mosquito ombuzz-polyester

Buyers Guide – Mosquito Net

There are certain aspects to consider when purchasing a mosquito net. Getting the mosquito nets with the least protection is just a waste of money. So, it is better to first look for the shape and construction of the net.

  1. It is not always necessary to get a net with the smallest holes. It could be like in your area the size of the insect is greater than 10 mm.
  2. The air pressure makes it difficult to breathe in an enclosed structure. Indeed, look for the appropriate size that could best fit your needs.
  3. Ahead of that, mosquito nets are commonly available in cotton and polyester material. The polyester is good for camping and outdoor sleep. And the cotton serves well for in-door bedding.
  4. Since polyester is lightweight, it could be carried easily. But cotton becomes heavier when folded. Certainly, it serves well when permanently installed.
  5. Some areas have dense insect infestation. In such areas, it is wise to get the pre-treated nets that have insecticide spread them. This could successfully repel the insects and lets no harm get closer to you.
  6. Further, it is not always necessary to buy mosquito nets for sleeping. Sometimes it needed to keep the children protected while studying or playing.

So, make sure to get the right shape so that sitting and lying could equally be managed on the net.

Features of Mosquito Net

The mosquito nets have 4 main features.

  • Mesh
    First is its mesh – The mesh screen is the covering body of the nets. Nets with thinner holes are perfectly effective against every type of insect. Especially the smallest mosquitoes that measure 7 to 10 mm. The best nets are created in accordance with the size of the insects in the territory they are sold. The smallest hole so available measures 1.2 mm.
  • Material
    The next feature is the material – Usually, the mosquito nets are made of cotton or any other fabric. The cotton nets are quite wonderful for the summer season when insect attack is great in number. Further, some nets are even made with fiber and polyester.
  • Shape
    The third feature of a net is its shape – They are shaped like the bed or the sleeping area to best fit in. Rectangular shape nets are the best ones compare to cone shape mosquito nets. A chance of touching the net while sleeping with cone-shaped nets.
  • Multipurpose
    The fourth one is multipurpose – We can use most of the mosquito nets in both indoor and outdoor locations.  So these are also called multipurpose nets.

Types of Mosquito Nets

Generally, mosquito nets are of four types:

Tent Shaped of Self Supporting

This is a common type of net available. It has the easiest application and is used for permanent bedding and camping.

Hang-able or Wedge Mosquito Nets

The wedge nets hung over the front of the bed. And the rear drops down to the far end. These are good for small sleeping areas.

Bell Shaped Mosquito Nets

Bell mosquito nets hung to the ceiling and spread down on the sleeping area. They have a heavy curtain at the rear end that balances the net and protects it from wear and tear.

Box Nets

The box-shaped nets for the bigger beds. This type of mosquito net is for permanent application.

How to set up Mosquito Net?

The thin pores in the mosquito nets repel the mosquitoes and other insects from entering inside the covered space. The insects attempt to get inside by knocking the pores. But when they find the pores to be small, they fly away onto another target. This way they keep on trying their luck. Further, the tiger mosquitoes even fly away after trying to get an entry. Mostly people search for the mosquito net for babies may be newborns or children up to age 12.

The tiger mosquitoes are the smallest among all. But the thin pore nets do not even allow to get inside.

Ahead of that, some mosquitoes and insects have become smarter. They tend to bite the mosquito net and make their space inside. This leaves the people with no option other than getting the pre-treated mosquito net for bed.

Such mosquito nets repel as well as kill insects. Further, they tested to last 3 to 5 years. After that, either a new one is acquired. And if the net is in good shape then treated again with insecticide.

List of Top 10 Best Mosquito Net for Beds in India

Here is a list of the top 10 mosquito nets with their pros and cons. This may help you in getting the best mosquito net for bed:

1. Classic Foldable King Size Blue Mosquito Net with Free Saviours

The Classic Mosquito Net is a full-size net for the double bed. It comes with a savior pack in which the net is stored. Further, the deal includes a repair kit used to cover any damage. Ahead of that, the Classic Mosquito Net is available in king and queen size. Additionally, the net poles are available in 6 colors. This net is used for indoor and out-door purposes.Classic Foldable King Size Blue Mosquito Net with Free Saviours


  • The Classic Mosquito Net is foldable and easy to store. It takes up to half a minute to fold it.
  • Fits with the big beds.
  • You easily wash this net and folded in less than 30 seconds.
  • Comes with a convenient and easy-to-carry storage bag.


  • Quite fragile and often gets torn if not used with extreme care.

Classic Mosquito Netclassic-polyester-net

2. Healthy Sleeping Double Bed Polyester Foldable Mosquito Net

The Healthy Sleeping Mosquito Net is a polyester net. It is light and easy to carry and use. Further, easily washed and dried. Bringing it back to use is quite easy. The Healthy Sleeping Mosquito Net is designed for beds measuring 72x72x49 inches.

Additionally, it is available in 9 different colors. Ahead of that, the package includes a storage bag to store the net.Healthy Sleeping Light Pink Double Bed Polyester Foldable Mosquito Net


  • Net is easy to install and easy to fold.
  • Healthy Mosquito Net perfectly fits with king-size, queen-size, super king-size, and double-size beds.
  • And easily folded in 30 seconds as well as assembled in 30 seconds too.
  • Large zipper gates storage bag included with the product.
  • Mesh quality is good for ultimate protection.


  • The tiny pores at times make it difficult to breathe inside.

Healthy Mosquitohealthy net

3. Healthgenie King Size Foldable Blue Mosquito Net for Double Bed

The Healthgenie Mosquito Net fits a full-size (king) double bed. It measures 78x78x57 inches. Further, it is available only in blue color. And also there is no more additional size available on this net. Moreover, folding and storing this net is quite easy.

Further, it contains lightweight polyester fiber. Carrying it and using it outdoor is pretty convenient. The two entry points allow easy access to the net.Healthgenie King Size Foldable Blue Mosquito Net for Double Bed


  • The net quality is fantastic. It is quite durable and can last long.
  • This wide and stylish mosquito net is specifically designed for king size bed.
  • Healthgenie Mosquito Net consists of 2 zipper gates which makes it easy to open and close.
  • This product comes with Opaque Mesh which is highly dense. And the size of the hole is small so that mosquitos cannot enter the net. Also, you will get a packaging bag, best for packing and traveling purposes
  • Good for permanent usage.


  • Folding the net regularly bend the poles.

Healthgenie Foldable Doublehealthgenie double bed net

4. Shri Ashu Creation King Size Bed Mosquito Nets 7 x7 Feet

Shri Ashu Mosquito Net is good for king-size beds. It is a box shape net. And it fits 84×84 inches of bedding. Further, the net is available in 5 colors. That is blue, biscuit, purple, green and ivory pink.

The Shri Ashu Mosquito box Net is a one-time installation net. Install it and forget it. Once the mosquito season is over, remove it from the bed, wash it and fold it back. Additionally, the net is made of nylon.Shri Ashu Creation King Size Bed Mosquito Nets 7 x7 Feet


  • Though big in size, folding it is never a problem.
  • The best thing is this product comes in Green, Ivory Pink, Biscuit & Purple colors.
  • Shape and size are perfect and fit exactly the king-size beds.


  • Not suitable for camping and outdoor usage.

Shri Ashu Creation Mosquito

5. Athenacreations Foldable Mosquito Net for Double Bed

Athenacreations have created a wonderful mosquito net for the full-size double bed. It is a good option for bedding and camping. Athenacreations get a polyester fiber net. It is quite easy to maintain and carry. Further, the net includes two entry points for easily jumping onto the bed.

Ahead of that, the Athenacreation Mosquito Net fits a bed measuring 78.7×57 inches. Additionally, a packing solution comes along the net for storage purposes.Athenacreations Foldable Double Bed Pink Mosquito Net


  • Folding the Athenacreations Mosquito Net is easy.
  • This product also comes with an attractive 65 cms Packaging bag which helps you to store the mosquito net in folded conditions.
  • Made with premium quality fabric from polypropylene. And you can wash this easily also corrosion-free too.
  • Entry points make it easier to enter and exit the net, especially when there are kids.


  • It does not last long if used with ordinary care.

Athena Creations Doubleathena creations double bed net

6. Shahji Creation 7X7 Feet Double Bed Mosquitos Net

Shahji Mosquito Net is one of the local market brands that got enough success to jump into the online market. It is a nylon-based mosquito net for a bed, suitable for a full-size double bed. The prescribed measurement is 84×84 inches. Further, the net is only available in a single size and white color.

Ahead of that, the airflow is smooth and cleaning is easy. And, the single bed nets have a single entry point. But the double bed has two entry points.Shahji Creation 7X7 Feet Double Bed Mosquito Net


  • The Shahji Mosquito Net is good for permanent and long-term use.
  • Also, you can easily hang this net and the airflow is proper.
  • It comes with a carry bag.
  • The nylon keeps the net light in weight and easy to carry and wash.


  • Since it is a box net, it is not convenient for camping and day-to-day folding.

Shahji Creation Doubleshahji creation nylon net

7. GALOPPIA Single Bed Blue Foldable Mosquito Net

Gloppia texture Mosquito Net is a tent-shaped self-supporting net. This net is available in two sizes. The single bed net that measures 78.7×47.2×55 inches. And the double bed net measures 78.7×78.7×57 inches. Additionally, it is available in 5 designs.

Three of them are solid color designs. And 2 are texture designs. Further, the fabric is easy to maintain, wash and store. A storage bag comes along to easily store the net.GALOPPIA Single Bed Blue Foldable Mosquito Net


  • Quite easy to install and store.
  • Also, you will get patches with this product to seal the net in case of holes
  • Completely portable and convenient for an outdoor excursion.


  • The net is quite fragile and if improperly stored the wear and tear may begin.

Royal Foldable Mosquito Bluegaloppia polyester net

8. OnlineTree Foldable Double Bed Violet Mosquito Net with Saviours

Online Tree brings in a fashionable polyester mosquito net. The polyester material tested too long last. Further, it is available in some attractive colors like blue, gold, peach, and some other. The net measures 72×72 inches. It is suitable for double-side king-size beds.

Additionally, it is easier to store this net, as folding it is quite convenient. Also, it is portable and could serve indoor and outdoor equally.OnlineTree Foldable Double Bed Violet Mosquito Net with Bag and Saviours


  • The Online Tree Mosquito Net has dual entry points to easily enter and exit the net.
  • Online Tree mosquito net made with polyester fabric and finest mesh which has super quality. And it restricts mosquitoes and flies so that there are no disturbances while sleeping.
  • It comes with an attractive and stylish carry bag with 2 zipper gates.
  • Its spacious size is cool to fit the bigger beds and also offers space for kids to play inside.


  • Inconvenient storage.

OnlineTree Double Foldableonlinetree polyester mosquito net

9. Styleys King Size Foldable Blue Mosquito Net

The textured mosquito nets keep the perimeter safe and also add beauty to the room. The Styleys Mosquito Net is one such example. Although it is available only in one color. But enough to make the room beautiful.

The net is available for a king-size bed, which equals 78.7×78.7×57 inches. Further, it comes with a storage bag for storing convenience.Styleys King Size Bed Foldable Blue Mosquito Net


  • The beautiful Styleys Mosquito Net is easily foldable, washable, and lightweight.
  • The product comes with a storage bag with large zipper gates on both sides.
  • Styleys mosquito net made with polyester fabric and finest mesh which has super quality. And it restricts mosquitoes and flies so that there are no disturbances while sleeping.
  • The polyester fiber makes it easier to maintain it.


  • Panels are light and excessing force can damage them.

Styleys Foldable Bluestyleys polyester mesh

10. Oumffy King Size Foldable Blue Mosquito Net with Free Saviours

Oumffy Mosquito Net is the last best item on our list. This is another tent-shape net on our list. And its package also includes a storage bag. The net is available for a double bed that measures 78.7×78.7×57 inches or equivalent.

Spreading it on the bed is quite easy. And using it on the ground is also easy. Further, the added storage bag in the package offers the convenience to safely store the net.Oumffy Foldable King Size Blue Mosquito Net with Free Saviours


  • Installing and removing Oumffy Mosquito Net is quite easy.
  • Oumffy Mosquito Net offers you a fresh environment for sleep and you can wash and remove this easily.
  • Washing causes no problem to the net as well as the panels.


  • Durability may reduce if improperly stored.

Oumffy Mosquito Netombuzz polyester net

In the conclusion part, it is evidently clear that there are some best mosquito nets you can choose from. Now, it’s on you whether you will prefer a branded mosquito net from the mentioned ones that offer more than your investment. In other words, you have to consider the buying guide, the reviews are the pros and cons before you make the final call on buying any mosquitos net.

Now you are able to choose a good and quality mosquito net for your works. Make sure that you will always address your requirements and budget for buying a mosquito net and then consider the suggested branded nets to buy.