Amazon best sellers rank – the complete guide

Amazon Best Seller Ranks

Have you ever wondered what Amazon’s best sellers rank is? And the importance of having good grades on Amazon? The Sales rank of Amazon will have a significant impact on your selling abilities. So, it is essential to understand the sales rank. So, let us know the most common doubts about BSR (Best Seller Rank) … Read more

Best Socket Wrench in India-Buyers Guide

Best Socket Wrench in India

A socket wrench is a type of wrench or spanner. It has a closed socket with an adaptor that attaches to other sockets of different types and sizes. This enables it to effectively tighten bolts and nuts.  It is a very fast option as opposed to a normal wrench as the speed it uses in … Read more

Best Dry Dates in India-Buyers Guide

Best 10 Dry Dates Brands in India

Dry dates are the dried fruit that has no moisture also called Kharak in Hindi. Due to lack of moisture, these are hard and wrinkled. Dry Khajoor is also a famous ingredient used in religious cooking. These dates are popular for their unique taste and dark brown wrinkled skin. In the Indian subcontinent, they are … Read more