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Listing all the state & central government schemes initiated by different ministries.
About PM Kisan Scheme

About PM Kisan Scheme PM Kisan scheme is a concept that has its full funding and support from the Government. The basic intent of the scheme is to provide farmers with income support and help them acquire the various necessary inputs during the seasons for sowing. The project aimed at all small and marginal farmers all […]

Praja Sadhikara Survey-PSS

About- Praja Sadhikara Survey The government of Andhra Pradesh state of India has conducted the survey in the Andhra Pradesh State. This survey was officially named as Praja Sadhikara Survey. In addition, Smart Pulse Survey is another name for the PrajaSadhikara Survey. The government of Andhra Pradesh state has conducted this survey to help socio-economic […]

About SSA-Sarva shiksha Abhiyan

The Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan SSA scheme deals with a wide range of activities that help in the provision of holistic education in elementary schools. Its key activities include: Providing equal opportunities for learning for both boys and girls. Making sure that there are enough schools and classrooms to accommodate the growing population of children There […]

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