UDAN Scheme

The Udan scheme is one of the ambitious schemes of India. The Government of India launched this in the year 2016. Udan RCS (Regional Connectivity Scheme) has started its operations from June 2016. Certainly, the aim is to enhance aviation services. In Hindi, it described as Ude, Desh ka, Aam Nagarik. It means let normal citizens of the country fly. It is a vital part of NCAP 2016 (National Civic Aviation Policy). So, as its name denotes, the key aim of this scheme is to make a normal person use air transport. Hence, to achieve this aim, companies are flying flights at less price. It includes various remote and unserved areas. The government makes this by making airports. Thus, connecting the nation with air routes.

The Udan scheme applies on the flights covering the distance between 200Km to 800 Kms. However, as per the Udan latest news, there is no lower limit fixed. So, this easing is for remote, hilly, sensitive, and island areas of India. The AAI is monitoring and executing this scheme. This scheme contains the booking of a certain number of seats as UDAN seats. However, the booking applies both short and long-distance routes. That means in those trips there will be reservations. And those seats will have concessional prices. This scheme is of 450 billion budgets with a 10-year tenure.

Key Features and Benefits of the scheme

New airline connections

Firstly, with each Udan’s latest news, the number of networks will increase. The main aim behind this project is to link the remote areas with the air routes. Hence to attain this, the scheme made expansion and expansion of 425 unserved airports. Also a few under-served airports. It includes connectivity to the hilly areas. The main areas linked are Ladakh, Jammu Kashmir, and many such places. The new linking helps the remote areas. Each phase brings new air routes.

Creating job opportunities

The creation of jobs is a big problem for emerging countries like India. In addition, make it worse, it is very populace. Hence, this plan aims at creating job openings. And helping youths of India. It also helps to boost the economy. As a result, the Udan latest news will always look out by youths since it offers job chances.

Boosting the Economy

Connectivity is required for growth. With the improved networks across India, the Government wants to give a boost to the economy. It ensued with the creation of new airports. And also, by the making of new air routes in remote areas of India. The linking amid the regions helps to boost the market. Hence, it makes a good investment in the Government.

A Decade Project

The Government of India declared this project in June 2016. And the Government has decided the tenure for this project as ten years. That means this scheme will be there until 2026. The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared this scheme.

Selection of Airlines

The government in each phase conducts bidding. It will take place to get the airline facility provider. The highest bidding company will bag the route. As a result, they can fly their flights. Each Udan latest news about the auction leads to the proposal of all major domestic airline’s bids.

Funding for Project

The Government will provide subsidies to cover VGF for airlines. The term VGF means Value Gap Funding.  The tickets people book under this scheme will be at cheap prices. As per the Udan latest news, the Government fixes the price at 2500 rupees for 500 Km route. And the Government will take off extra costs.

Concession on GST

As we know the government is giving the air ticket to the people at confessional prices. In addition to this is also giving a concession in GST. Even the state government is dipping its share in the GST by 1 percent for Udan trip ticket booking.

Benefits of the Udan scheme

Economic Growth

Transport for the remote regions is important. Hence, the government aims at linking over 20 states and union terrains. It contains places like Punjab, Gujarat, Bihar, etc.  As a result, it helps to increase the GDP of the country. This also creates many new jobs. And also causes new business. The locality of airports will develop.


This scheme creates many jobs. Many new jobs will open in airline companies. And also, it leads to the creation of many other jobs. Many other commercial things will create and so does the jobs along with that. And also, it gives a chance for the emergency of startups.

Connecting the Nation

To connect the people of the nation, transport is the best way. Hence by presenting air routes, linking people across regions becomes easy. And also, it helps to create a relaxed and easy ride. The new routes help to commute easily. And as a result, many companies will start to invest in those areas.

Airline facility for Common People

Traveling in planes is the dream for many middle-class people in India. Because of the Udan scheme, the Government is making their dream come true. Many people are receiving plane service at cheap prices. Which they never used to get before.

New Airports 

In the past four years, the country has seen many recent airports. With the creation of new airports, the Government is helping the people. The Government is making some revenue with this. Also, people are traveling easily. As per the Udan latest news, there are still new airport building is going on and it will help the local folks.

New Airports: Bhatinda, Shimla, Nanded, Bikaner

udan budget 2020 highlights

udan budget 2020 highlights


The chief object of this scheme is making the inexpensive air rides for Indians. The Government is giving the service of GST concession (both state and central Government). And they are offering the subsidized prices for the air ticket. It is a great deal for common people.

In addition, under this scheme, each plane must make some portion of fixed reservations. That means they have to keep a firm number of seats for this project. And also, these seats come with concessions.


Max. Fare- Rs. 2500 including all taxes

Max. Distance – 500 km

1 Delhi to Bhatinda
2 Delhi to Shimla
3 Delhi to Kullu
4 Delhi to Agra
5 Delhi to Pathankot
6 Delhi to Pantnagar
7 Delhi to Ludhiana
8 Delhi to Bikaner
9 Jaipur to Agra
10 Jaipur to Jaisalmer
11 Shillong to Agartala
12 Shillong to Aizwal
13 Shillong to Dimapur
14 Shillong to Imphal
15 Shillong to Silchar
16 Kolkata to Burnpur
17 Kolkata to Cooch Behar
18 Kolkata to Durgapur
19 Kolkata to Jamshedpur
20 Kolkata to Rourkela
21 Puducherry to Hyderabad
22 Pondicherry to Salem
23 Pondicherry to Chennai
24 Ahmedabad to Diu
25 Ahmedabad to Dwarka
26 Ahmedabad to Jamnagar
27 Ahmedabad to Mundra
28 Mumbai to Kandla
29 Mumbai to Porbandar
30 Mumbai to Jalgaon
31 Mumbai to Nashik
32 Mumbai to Sholapur


Under the Udan scheme, the eligibility to book the ticket is simple. You have to be a citizen of India. Being Indian is enough to avail of this service given by the Indian Government. Not even a passport is required. Because these all are domestic travels. Hence it is happy news for the citizen of India. Isn’t it? So, remember to make use of this scheme going forward. A rupee saved is a rupee earned.

How to Book Tickets under this Udan Scheme?

The booking of tickets under the Udan scheme is easy. All you need to do is firstly visiting the official website of airlines. Then booking the tickets by giving all the required details. Required details are your basic information. It includes your name, address and identity details. It is very simple. Isn’t it? Don’t expect a but here, thankfully it is simple.

Various websites are providing UDAN booking facility like




Documents Needed

To avail, this admirable service offered by the Government of India. One has to visit the official website of airlines of the specific route. On the website, you need to book the ticket under the Udan scheme category. To do that first give all the essential details like passport and national ID details. However, a passport is not mandatory to book the Udan tickets. But you can submit a passport as identity proof along with Aadhar card, voter ID, PAN card, etc. It is a simple and easy process. All you need to have is time and your details!

More about the Scheme

They design the Udan scheme to go live phase by phase. So, in each step, the connectivity will be improved by arranging trips. It includes the existing unserved and underserved airports. Most importantly by making the new airports all over India. The Government has made a lot of growth in four phases as of now. As per the Udan latest news, the priority of the Government is linking the remote and hilly areas in the future phases. Hence future phases are important.

As of now, we know this project go-live stage by stage. So, let us look at the facts about this scheme phase by phase. From phase one to four. Why wait? Here we go.

Udan Scheme- RCS round 1

This is the first phase of the Udan scheme. This phase concluded in April 2017. In this phase, India has seen 128 new local fixed-wing routes from 70 airports. Along with this, 27 existing metro airports. Also, 43 county airports (12 underserved, 31 unserved) are made operative. These airports include water airfields and heliports.


 Udan Scheme- RCS round 2 (December 2017)

In this phase, the country has seen five hundred and two regional fixed-wing and helicopter routes were bid. Out of 196 proposals (141 proposals from 17 airlines plus108 for the fixed-wing and 33 for helicopters and 55 counterproposals from 10 airlines) to connect 126 airports and heliports (15 underserved, 49 unserved, 38 well-served and 24 helipads). Hence the second stage also went without any hassle. It covered many new areas.


Udan Scheme – RCS round 3 (January 2019)

Under the 3rd round of bidding, the Government has received bids for 111 routes from 15 airlines. The union mister for civil aviation Suresh Prabhu has declared that 73 networks, comprising 235 ways, have been identified in the third phase of the scheme. Out of these, 23 are priority routes. These priority routes connect the hilly areas of Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, northeast states, and Jammu and Kashmir. These are 166 priority routes. Other than this, 46 routes are in the mind of the Government as per the proposal of the ministry of tourism. The third phase also went smoothly as expected.

As a result, out of 15 airlines took part in the bids, 11 airlines able to bag the tenders.


Udan Scheme- RCS round 4 (December 2019)

In this phase, it made some changes to VGF. The VGF provision for category 2/3 airlines (>20 seats) has been boosted. This is for the operation of flights under priority areas. Along with this, the bidding went smoothly. And it also an ongoing phase. We can expect many more air routes. And also, we can expect new airports.



How to Book Udan Flights?

The citizen of India can book the flight ticket. So, one just needs to login to the official website of the respective flights. And need to book the ticket. One has to select only those seats which are kept for Udan booking. As per the latest Udan news, there is 50 percent of the reservation made on several planes. Otherwise, one can book the tickets using the MakeMyTrip or on yatra websites.


Thus, the Government of India has started this project for the benefit of the people. Every Udan latest news always gives hope and pleasure to the people of India. The key reason behind this is with each phase of this scheme is covering new places. The extensive airline’s network will vastly help India. Each Government provides many facilities. Above all using those are in the hands of its citizens. I hope, this article helps to take advantage of this scheme.

In conclusion, it is a great scheme which people need to utilize. Most importantly, people need to be aware of this kind of scheme.

Official Website: https://www.aai.aero/en/rcsudan


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