Shoe racks for keeping footwear items in an order                            

Shoes and other footwear products need a rack for organizing them properly in a home. A shoe rack is an ideal one for residential properties such as villas, apartments, and villas for keeping footwear in good condition. People can create their shoe racks which exactly fit their lifestyle and requirements to gain more advantages. Nowadays, a variety of types are available in the markets that aim at satisfying the needs of users with the latest features. They even come with steel, wood, aluminum, and other materials thereby showing ways to experience more comforts while using them.

A shoe rack is useful for every household which gives ways to keep all types of footwear with ease. Another thing is that it will help to maintain a better environment on the outer spaces of a home effectively to overcome unwanted issues. Moreover, one can even install a hanging rack on the exterior structures of a building that can create impacts on visitors to a large extent. Shoe Rack also called a shoe stand.

What are the reasons to have a shoe rack?

Shoes and other footwear items need high protection from dust and other issues. A shoe rack is the best choice for this purpose that provides peace of mind to users. Some other reasons to have a rack include:

  • Allows users to display the shoe types accordingly to take them with ease
  • Helps to place shoes and other footwear items in an order
  • Available with cabinet covers that give ways to safeguard costly products from thefts
  • Most racks come with shelves enabling people to place shoes based on color, style, and seasonal use
  • It is not an expensive one
  • Adds more value to a home by enhancing the styles
  • Gives ways to place additional accessories

How to buy a shoe rack online?

Anyone who buys a shoe rack online should keep certain things in mind that can help to meet essential needs. Some of them include:

1) Location and space -Location and space both play a key role in the shoe rack installation process. It is advisable to understand more about the spaces in detail before buying a product and there are a lot of options available for homeowners to choose the right one accordingly.

2) SizeBefore buying a rack, one should focus more on the number of shoes and chappals for the storage process. The choice of a rack depends on certain factors such as the type and the number of footwear which can help to gain more advantages.

3)AestheticsAesthetics is very important for a shoe rack which contributes more to improve the style of a room or the entrance. One should select a product made from the right kind of material for reducing unwanted issues.

4)AccessibilityAccessibility is another important factor to consider in the rack buying process because it allows a person to pick a shoe or sandal easily. The best place to keep a rack is at the entrance of a home that can help to select a product as soon as possible.

5) PricesThose who want to buy a rack at the best prices can compare the costs from different sources for making a better decision.

Seller Details:

Seller Name: SunRise Furnitures

Product Name: SunRise 3 Shelves Metal Shoe Rack

Product URL:

The Product Purchased from

Seller Package Quality: Excellent

First Layer is packed with a plastic bag

Second with Paper Cardboard box

Third with a stiff paper cardboard box

3 shelves shoe rack amazon package

3 shelves shoe rack amazon package


shoe stand package quality

shoe stand package quality


shoe stand package quality layer 3

shoe stand package quality layer 3

Unboxing of 3 Shelves Metal Shoe Stand:

Contents Received in Package:

  1. Three Horizontal Metal Shelves
  2. Two Side vertical shelves
  3. One Top vertical shelve
  4. 16 sets of nut bolts
shoe rack with screws & metals rods

shoe rack with screws & metals rods

Dimensions of 3 Shelves Shoe Rack:

3 shelves shoe rack dimensions

3 shelves shoe rack dimensions

How to use a shoe rack?

  • Keeping shoes off the floor
  • One should avoid storing shoes on wire racks
  • Sorting shoes into categories based on the sizes and other things
  • Storing flats, sandals, and other things over the door organizer
  • Cleaning shoes and other footwear products with dry cloth, brush, and powder
  • Storing sneakers in shoe baskets or cubbies
  • Keeping boots upright
  • Storing shoes separately

Assembling & Reviewing Shoe Rack:

After Assembling:

sunshine 3 shelves shoe rack after assembling

sunshine 3 shelves shoe rack after assembling


  • Easy installation which holds most kinds of shoes
  • Available in benches, cabinets, and other types
  • Internal storage units
  • Comes in a variety of styles and designs which suit a building
  • Requires low maintenance that can save time
  • Affordable one
  • Customization options
  • Made up of plastic, aluminum, stainless steel, and wood materials
  • Fits small spaces in a home
  • Suitable for interior applications
  • Robust and durable
  • No need to clean a floor again and again
  • A variety of options
  • Provides more protection from dust, thefts, and other issues


  • Some products don’t come with customization features
  • No Instruction manual with this package
  • Lightweight Iron racks may get damaged or broken if heavy weight is applied.
  • Requires proper measurements before the installation process to store shoes easily
  • Need to keep away from water to avoid rust.
3 rack shoe stand in use

3 rack shoe stand in use

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