India was the production center in the past. The entire world was looking for India to get major products. It was the commercial heart of the entire world. The fact is, Indian spices were very famous around the world. However, the fact is our art and fabric industry were world-class. This country had been an exporter of cotton since ancient times. The same way it was famous for many fine arts and handloom products. But the mass creation ruined the small-scale producers.

As a result, it imported goods. So, it slowly and steadily stuck the GDP. And the economy took a big hit. Because of this whole people of the country have suffered. So many plans and schemes started.

Introduction to SFURTI Scheme

First, the thing to act on was unemployment. The swelling in the number of people worsened it. So, the government comes with many plans to tackle this. SFURTI is one of them. The full form of SFUFTI is a Scheme of Fund for Regeneration of Traditional Industries(सूक्ष्म , लघु और मध्यम उद्यम मंत्रालय).  The name of the scheme itself suggests its key aim. The government launched this scheme in the year 2005.

scheme for fund for regeneration of traditional industries
SFRUTI-scheme for fund for regeneration of traditional industries

Key features of SFURTI Scheme

SFURTI is the key scheme of the government. It has many unique features of its own. So, let us look at the main features of the SFURTI scheme.

The Revival of Traditional Industries

The revival of ancient industries was the need of the hour. It is one way to boost the declining economy. The Government wants to provide support for the skills of pottery, silk and cotton weaving, etc. These things have almost gone from society. Hence, this plan has the main aim to support these skills.

Implementation of the SFURTI Scheme

Implementing this scheme lies in the hands of MSME. MSME’s full form is Micro Small and Medium Enterprise. The scheme is launched in the year 2005.

Combination of many schemes

They start the scheme in 2005 but in the year 2014, four other schemes merged with this. The schemes merged with this scheme are as below.

  • This Scheme is for Enhancing Productivity and Competitiveness of the Khadi manufacturing and Artisans.
  • The plan for Product enlargement, Design Intervention, and Packaging (PRODIP)
  • The plan for Rural Industries Service Center (RISC) and,
  • Other small interventions like geared up Warp Units, Ready to Wear Mission, etc.

Organizing the Scheme

The clustering of conventional industries and artists and making them competitive is the key thing of this scheme. And also, it aims at making these jobs long term in nature. It makes the job long term by providing the needed support.


Development of Skill Set

The SFURTI scheme provides training for traditional industries. Skills growth is the key to success. Hence, under this scheme, the training and exposure visits are available to increase the skill sets. Hence under this project, common facilities, and improved tools and equipment are provided.

These are the key features of this scheme.

Benefits of SFRUTI scheme

The scheme has many benefits of its own. Let us know them one by one here.

  • Employment Generation

The main aim of the SFRUTI is to create jobs. By providing the aid it creates jobs. The help is available for artisans. As a result, the jobs will generate in both sectors. Many new ventures will start and so the jobs along with that.

Till today the jobs created till today were over 5 million. This program has able to achieve its goals. Over 5 lakh people getting the advantage of this plan.

  • Nationwide Employment Creation

This is the national level scheme. So, it applies to all regions of the nation. This scheme is not limited to rural areas. It helps the people of urban too. As a result, eligible people get SFRUTI benefits all over the nation. So, this program is free from area limits.

  • Marketability

Marketability is the vital thing in these days. Without this, nothing will sell. The reason other foreign goods are selling more is that of ads. Even the gem of the product needs market. The missing link for small scale productions is getting a market. Hence, in this situation, this scheme fills the gap.

The scheme helps with the new product launch. In addition, it gives guidance for product design, packing, etc.

  • Providing Sustainable Jobs

There are many more plans planned to create employment options. The creation of just one-time jobs is not helpful. The continuous jobs are important for the people. The jobs formed under this project are long term jobs in nature. Hence it creates a sense of security for the people.

  • Prevents Urban Population Concentration

A total of 1.3 billion peoples are living in this country. However, the dispersal of this population is uneven in the country. The number of people living in a square km is called population density. This density is not the same all over the country. For example, as per the 2011 census, Delhi has the highest density. Delhi has 9340 people per kilometer. But in Arunachal Pradesh, it is just 17 people per kilometer. This is just state-wise details. This shows that cities have more concentration of the people.

  • Prevention of Migration From Village

Another main thing about this plan is the stoppage of migration. This scheme largely focusses on the village people. Because the small-scale industries are mostly based in villages. In addition, most of the handloom is belongs to villages. Hence, by giving the needed support, people can stay in their hometown. This hugely helps to prevent migration.

The people from rural areas dwell in cities. They do the migration in the search of jobs. The cities provide more jobs. As a result, people leave their villages and settle in cities. Thus, by providing jobs in rural areas help to counter this big problem. With the creation of jobs in villages, people live there, and migration will reduce.

SFURTI Registration Form

Here to register for Sfurti Scheme you need to have NGO Unique ID. If you don’t have NGO Unique ID register first for it & then register here at Sfurti scheme.

sfurti registration form
sfurti registration form

Guidelines for filling the form
1. Fill NGO Unique Id from NGO Darpan Portal.
2. Enter Pan Number details.
3. Enter your email id & it is used as User Name for login.
4. Enter password
5. Enter Confirm Password.
6. Select Agency Type.
7. Select State, District, enter 6 digit Pin Code
8. Enter 10 digit valid Mobile Number.
9. Enter the Correct Verification Code.

Introduction of E-commerce

The world now depends on e-commerce. From ordering a pin to ordering big appliances are done through e-commerce. As a result, to stay in the market one has to be online platforms. Hence, under this plan, the aid is given to make goods available online. This change in marketing plan changes things on a big scale. This helps to provide brand recognition and creates a wide market.

These are the key benefits of SFURTI. All these aids will help the artisans. The things aid in terms of market help, guidance surely makes things better.

More About the SFURTI Scheme

The scheme comes with a bunch of benefits. But there are other aspects included in the scheme. So, let us have a glance at those details.

scheme for fund for regeneration of traditional industries
scheme for fund for regeneration of traditional industries
  • Financial help under the scheme

The fiscal aid is one of the key requirements. Money is the blood of production. The aid in the form of money is also available in this scheme.  Under this scheme, the maximum help will be of 8 crores. The plan comes with 3 types of clusters.

  • Heritage Cluster

Under this cluster, one can get the highest amount of money kept for this scheme. Under this type, maximum assistance will be of 8 crores. The number of workers must not exceed 2500. In addition, a minimum of 1000 workers needs to be there. Fulfill none of these limits will not give be considered. But there is an exception. The exemption is available for hilly states and Jammu and Kashmir.

  • Major Clusters

In this type of cluster, you can get up to 3 crores of rupees. The number of workers must not exceed 1000. In addition, a minimum of 500 workers needs to be there. Failing to fulfill any of these limits will not give be considered. But there is an exception. The exemption is available for hilly states and Jammu and Kashmir.

  • Mini – Clusters

This is the third and last cluster. In this type of cluster one can get the monetary support up to 1.5 crores of rupees. But there are some limits to avail of this benefit. Hence the limit is the maximum number of workers should be 500 or less. It has no lesser limit for the least number of workers.

  • Scheme Steering Committee

The MSME is handling this project. To carry out the actions it has formed Scheme Steering Committee. The MSME also appointed a chairman for SSC. The MSME secretary will act as the chairman.

  • Project Interventions

To support the scheme, it needs the intrusion from the MSME. Hence, there are 3 types of intervention. This parting is done on the basis of the nature of the support.

Soft Interventions –

Under this type of support, it will be provided with general awareness, counseling to workers, motivation, and trust-building among the workers. Further, it provides help in promotion, design and product development.

Hard Interventions –  

Here the aid will be given in terms of product packing, Common Facility Centers, Raw Material Banks. In addition to this other infrastructure like a warehouse, tools, and training.

Thematic Interventions–The focus will be on marketing under this kind of support. The help to get listed on the online platform is also given here.


The government is the parent of the people of the country. Hence, to improve the quality of life it brings many plans. Certainly, this is one of the best schemes coined for the artisans. The SFUrti Scheme is one of the best schemes of the government of India.

No doubt it is a great scheme covering most of the aspects. But there are a lot of schemes available for the people. But most of the deserved people will not be aware of that.  Hence, knowing the schemes and the correct use of the scheme can benefit people and the nation.

Official Website: https://sfurti.msme.gov.in/SFURTI/Home.aspx