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About- Praja Sadhikara Survey

The government of Andhra Pradesh state of India has conducted the survey in the Andhra Pradesh State. This survey was officially named as Praja Sadhikara Survey. In addition, Smart Pulse Survey is another name for the PrajaSadhikara Survey. The government of Andhra Pradesh state has conducted this survey to help socio-economic class. Hence, the schemes of government for the socio-economic class or poor people will reach to every citizen.

The state conducts this survey to collect information on families in the state. The main purpose of this survey is the collection of the details of all the citizens present in Andhra Pradesh state. State also asked Each and every citizen asked to take participate in this survey.

About thirty-six thousand groups are made by the Andhra Pradesh state for the completion of the survey. Participation by all the families of the state is mandatory. Officers of government can also ask to provide proof in this regard.

PrajaSadhikara Survey is a large survey of families in the state. The main aim of this survey is to collect the social and economic information of families directly. Officers have to collect data on families digitally.
The government has provided 100000 tabs to employees to complete the survey. In this regard, the Government of sate has also launched the official Website to make this survey successful. Thus they can achieve all the objectives of the survey. From the website, people can get information about the PrajaSadhikara Survey Status.

Praja Sadhikara Survey’s Main Objectives

In this paragraph, we have provided the objectives of the survey.  There are many objectives of This survey. The objectives of the survey are given below:

To complete the Andhra state seeding in recognized databases.

  1. Secondly, the correction of information which is already seeded with the Andhra.
  2. Also to provide the demographic information of a person in the state resident data hub (SRDH)
  3. Fourthly, to eliminate the duplicates data from the records.
  4. Finally to can delete the data of the deceased persons from the records

Services of the Praja Sadhikara Survey

Government of Andhra Pradesh state provides different services such as:

Firstly in the FP shops nodal officers mapping.

  1. Arogyaraksha
  2. EKYC OTP based
  3. EKYC web-based
  4. Request for unsurveyed
  5. And login for the call centers, etc.
AP state about Praja Sadhikara Survey
AP state about Praja Sadhikara Survey

Steps were taken by the Government of the Andhra Pradesh State

The state took many steps for the success of this survey. Some steps are given below.

  • Launched website

The government of Andhra launched a website for this survey. People can get their answers related to any query directly from the website as well.
People can not only download the form from the website by themselves but also can check their survey status. They do not have to take it from anywhere or remote places.

• Employees

About thirty-six thousand (36,000) groups of the government employees took the responsibility to complete this task honestly and accurately. In addition, the government of the state has also issued one hundred thousand (100,000) tabs to the employees to do the surveys. Sate gives instruction to employees to put each and every detail and information of the families into the authorized tab.
To collect data and information from the families in the Andhra Pradesh state government arranged special training for the employees. To make the smart pulse family survey successful and fruitful government of the state make a lot of effort.
In this regard authorizes give special instructions to all the members of thirty-six thousand groups to make the survey of PrajaSadhikara error-free.

• Citizens of the Andhra Pradesh State

Government asked all the employees to conduct interviews with the family. Then the employees selected by the government record all the information of the candidate in the tab provided.
Employees will conduct the interview of a 20-minute duration of one family. Furthermore, during this time they will have to record all information of each member of families in the tab.
In addition, the government also requested all the people to cooperate fully with the employees. Moreover, people should provide correct information and data regarding the survey.


Download Praja Sadhikara Survey Form:


Collected Information through the Surveys

When the employees complete the survey then they will share information with the government. They will share it later with the sub-departments of the state of Andhra Pradesh. These departments will send it to head departments. Every employee or officer asks to collect data from about five hundred families. So they get data from all families in a short time. They are supposed to record the information and data from about 14 families in a day.

Required Documents for Praja Sadhikara Survey

Some documents are necessary for this survey. In this paragraph, we will discuss the documents that are required for the PrajaSadhikara survey.

  1. Adhaar card and Ration card.
  2. Property tax and Voter Id
  3. Electricity bill and bank account book
  4. Gas book
  5. Vehicle registration car
  6. Driving license
  7. Water bill
  8. Income certificate
  9. Birth certificate
  10. Caste certificate.
smart pulse survey-PSS
smart pulse survey-PSS

In conclusion, People can check the PrajaSadhikara Survey status online. They can verify their information there. This survey is the best step to eliminate the poverty from this state

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