Milton Medical Kit- Review

The Milton Medical Box Review

Medical kits are very useful not only in the field and not only in the hospitals but it is very useful at our homes and within our personal cars. There are various medical kits and they normally come in various sizes depending on the size of the contents.

The color of these medical kits varies so as to meet the needs of customers at any given time. You will agree with me that there are buyers who love dull-colored & bright colored medical kit.

The standard color of almost all medical kits marked with a red-colored cross symbol. This medical box also used as a First Aid Kit.

Even when some are crystal clear, you will still find either green or red color in some section and that is the nature of medical kits.


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emergency medical kit from amazon
emergency medical kit from amazon

Unboxing of Milton Medical Box:

Specifications and Dimensions of Milton Medical Box

When we talk about the specification, we are talking about how different this Milton Medical Box is different from the rest.

First of all, unlike other medical boxes that are made of opaque or unclear plastic, this particular medical box designed in such a way that it is crystal clear. You can even locate its contents easily in case of an emergency.

Secondly, it has red handles which are toughened with more plastic contents. This is to ensure that it can hold more weight resulting from the contents of the box.

On the front side of this particular medical kit is the medical symbol that is green in color. Unlike other traditional medical kits, this box marked with a white cross embedded in a green background. This makes the Milton Medical Box very different and stands out from the rest of the medical kits you can find in the market.

Coming to dimensions, it measures approximately, 90 cm by 30 cm. This tells you that it is a very big box. However, depending on one’s needs, Milton’s medical boxes are designed with consideration of various sizes, various needs, and preferences.

With that idea in mind, you can buy a bigger or smaller medical kit depending on the size you need. If you are a football team medical doctor, then a bigger sized medical kit perfect for you.

milton medical kit description
Milton medical kit description

Purpose and how to use the Milton Medical box



Note: The Flipkart seller may be different for this product

The purpose of Milton’s medical box is to hold all the medical apparatus together. It ensures all medicines found within one place during an emergency.

Secondly, it is very crucial for carrying small and individual medical equipment so this medical kit helps to carry them.

It is also very useful when it comes to ensuring some of the most medical materials remain moist and does not lose its moisture.

For instance, cotton soaked with alcohol needs to be kept in such a medical kit so as to maintain its alcohol content.

When using the Milton Medical box, the first step is to identify the section of the compartment where the element you want to access is located. This medical box normally aided by the fact that the lid is transparent and all the apparatus seen from the top.

Secondly, lift the click-lock located at the front side then lift it so as to detach it from its position. The emergency medical box lid easily lifted with the help of the hinges connected to it.

Once open, there are various compartments that hold different medical apparatus and this allows for quick access during an emergency.

Advantages of using Milton Medical kit

The first advantage associated with Milton’s medical box is that it is a see-through box. This ensures that one can easily spot an apparatus or medical material quickly and efficiently during an emergency.

Secondly, considering that it has a number of partitions which make many compartments. So that it becomes very easy to segregate medical materials depending on their size & material. whether they are contaminable or not.

The partitions are also a source of efficiency as you can locate an apparatus even in darkness.

Thirdly, Milton Medical Kit has a compact shape and space. This means, once the materials are in, they are squeezed together to avoid shaking dislocation from their rightful position.


The medical box made of plastic and may not withstands excessive forces during an accidental drop or crash.


Milton Medical box is one of the best in terms of external features, efficiency as well as capacity.

It goes for a relatively fair price. It is with that idea that anybody can access easily to use it whenever they need to use it arises.

Milton medical box is the best where it stands.


Note: The Flipkart seller may be different for this product

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