Patta Chitta-land record online Tamilnadu state

The land is an immovable property and those who want to buy it should know the details properly for making sure about they are legitimate. This will help to make the land and selling process a simple one to witness peace of mind. The Tamil Nadu government has launched a web portal named Anytime/Anywhere e-services (Patta Chitta)for this purpose which helps to evaluate the disputes and other problems while buying a land property. It is extremely useful for the buyers to get more information quickly that can help to make a better decision.

On the other hand, a seller must have valid Patta which contains the details of land ownership, survey number, location, land area, and previous registration. Buyers should ensure that they are purchasing land which matches the government records correctly that can provide peace of mind. The Patta plays an important role in transferring the title of a property to a buyer as per the records.

A buyer should apply to the concerned taluk officer when transferring the title that can help to get the job done in a quick turnaround time. On the other hand, a buyer must know the details of Chitta which contains the type of land owned by a person. Tamil Nadu Government made huge progress in technologies that manage all property records online allowing both buyers and sellers to access details accurately.

Why land buyers should use a Patta Chitta website?

Buyers who want to get Patta & Chitta in Tamil Nadu should choose the right portal for meeting essential needs. The Tamil Nadu land records Patta Chitta website is available in both Tamil and English languages to enable users to select the best one accordingly. It gives ways to get the details of a land property easily that can help to transfer the title without any difficulties. The web portal covers the following features to users allowing them to gain major advantages.

  • Helps to get the property details as soon as possible
  • Enables land buyers to obtain a Patta & Chitta in quick turnaround time
  • Allows landowners to sell their properties easily
  • Transfer of Patta

How to View Patta Copy online?

நில உரிமை (பட்டா & புலப்படம் / சிட்டா/நகர நில அளவைப் பதிவேடு) விவரங்களை பார்வையிட

1. Visit the official website of Tamil Nadu Land records

2. Click on View Patta & FMB, Chitta, TSLR Extract to see Patta details online 

view patta chitta TSLR extract

view patta & chitta TSLR extract


3. Enter District, Area Type, and click on submit to get the screen to enter further details


4. Select District, Area type & click on submit

view patta chitta details
view Patta Chitta details

5. Enter District, Taluk, Village, View Patta/ Chitta using (Patta number/ Survey number), enter survey number, subdivision number, FMB, and enter captcha once all the details get validated the Patta details will be displayed on the screen.

enter details to get patta chitta records
enter details to get Patta Chitta records


patta chitta details
Patta Chitta land details


6. Below are the land record details we got for the above-entered details.

patta chitta land record extract
Patta Chitta land record extract


How to view A-Register Extract -Patta Chitta Copy?

அ-பதிவேடு விவரங்களை பார்வையிட

1. Go to Land records online Patta & Chitta official website

2. Click on view a Register extract

view a register extract
view a register extract

3. Select District, Taluk, Village, Survey number, subdivision number, authentication number id the details are valid the respective register extract will be shown on the screen.

enter details to view register extract
enter details to view register extract

4. As per the details entered above below Patta / Chitta register extract is obtained.

patta chitta register extract
patta register extract


How to verify web issued Patta or Register Extract?

நில உரிமை(பட்டா/சிட்டா) விவரங்களை சரிபார்க்க

1. Go to Tamil Nadu Land Records official website

2. Click on Verify Patta

verify web issued patta
verify web issued patta

3. Enter the Reference number of the web issued Patta extracted from register extract or Patta copy online.

enter web issued patta reference number
enter web issued Patta reference number


4. Enter valid Patta web reference number to get Patta details

patta web reference number details
Patta web reference number details

5. If the entered reference number is valid you can see the Patta details

web patta chitta record with reference number
web Patta Chitta record with reference number


How to verify Poramboke land (uncultivated land)?

அரசு புறம்போக்கு நில விவரம் பார்வையிட

1. Visit the Tamil Nadu land eservices official website.

2. Click on verify Poramboke Land

verify poramboke land online
verify poramboke land online


3. Select District, Taluk, Village, Enter survey number, Enter Subdivision number then click on submit. If all the details entered are valid you can see the land details with Patta number, ward number, survey number, owner name, total land details etc.

enter poramboke land details
enter poramboke land details

How to transfer the property title online through Patta Chitta?

The Government of Tamil Nadu has computerized all taluk offices in the state, which contains the records of Patta Chitta enabling users to access details online with ease. Buyers who want to transfer the land property title should follow the below steps for meeting essential needs.

  • Visiting the e-services website link offered by the Tamil Nadu government
  • Users should view Patta, Chitta, FMB & TSLR extract options available on the portal
  • They should choose the district they want to buy after selecting an option
  • Members should submit the details of the property when applying for a Patta & Chitta. It should include ward, taluk, block, village, survey number, and subdivision number
  • A taluk officer will issue a certificate after verifying the details provided by a buyer
  • Buyers should submit a copy of sale deed, EB bill, or property tax receipt
  • They should also submit a signed Patta transfer application and encumbrance certificate
  • It is necessary to submit original documents in the taluk office for verification purposes
  • One can check the status of an application on the portal by clicking the verify button
  • Users should enter the unique reference number that displays on the screen
  • They can press the submit button that can help to get the validity details

Patta Chitta Website Benefits

  • Allows land buyers to know whether the details provided by owners are legitimate or not
  • Buyers can apply for a Patta & Chitta after purchasing land
  • Helps to get all information such as survey number, name of the owner, area, and so on
  • Sellers can make sure that the details are correct that can help to transfer a tile as per the records available on the portal
  • The fee for online Patta & Chitta online is only Rs.100 enabling land buyers to get the receipt after paying the same
  • Provides peace of mind to buyers while transferring a property title
  • Users can view the details directly on the portal with creating an account

Patta Chitta Website Obstacles

  • The portal is not a suitable one for those who come from remote areas
  • Needs some basic knowledge when it comes to online payments and other things

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