IONIX Imported TDS Meter for Testing Water Purity and Temperature-Review

IONIX Imported TDS Meter for Testing Water Quality

Whenever I take water, I always believe that the water is pure. However, not all water is pure. With that, I have always longed for a device that would help me test it.

You will agree with me that there are so many types of water purity and temperature testers. But not all of this TDS meters are the best in terms of accuracy. I have always wanted to buy a TDS meter which will accurately measure the purity of my water.

As soon as I discovered the IONIX TDS Meter, my life has become easy. In fact, the issue of accuracy that I have always been looking has come with this device. You will agree with me that you would like to have an accurate TDS meter to measure your water purity.

Now, I believe that you would like to know why IONIX TDS meter is the best among other water testing kits. It is through this article that you will get to understand why IONIX TDS Meter is the best.


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TDS meter order package
TDS meter order package


air bubbles packing for TDS METER
air bubbles packing for TDS METER


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  1. TDS Meter
  2. User Instruction Manual
  3. Carrying pouch

Ionix TDS meter

Unboxing of Ionix TDS Meter:

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Specifications and Dimensions of IONIX TDS Meter

IONIX TDS Meter is about 4 inches in length and what makes me happy about is its simplicity. This size is just the right size for me to hold it when measuring the TDS of my water. Size matters because of the need to dip and holding it into the water.

The micro thermometer is well calibrated. This is what makes my reading so easy and in fact, you will need no one to read it for you. It is clearly calibrated. This makes the calibrations very visible from a distance.

It has a protective plastic terminal end cover. This water testing kit is of high quality because of the fact that it comes with a terminal cover. This helps you protect the delicate and sensitive head including the thermometer and soluble substance tester.

IONIX TDS meter has three buttons. The first button is for switching on and off (ensuring that this TDS meter is on when dipped in water).

The second button (hold) helps you keep the readings as soon as you have made the final reading.

The third button (Temp) is useful when measuring temperature. Once this button is pressed, this water testing kit will measure temperature

It comes with a TDS meter pocket. This pocket is made of leather and is useful for storing or keeping this TDS meter away. From a distance, you will not fail to notice this TDS meter.

features of TDS meter
features of TDS meter

Purpose of IONIX TDS Meter

Its main purpose is testing dissolved substances in water. The amount of dissolved substances in water determines whether water is pure or not.

When your water is not pure, it means that the amount of soluble substances is high. These impurities will be determined by how high the readings indicated by TDS meter is.

This water testing kit measures temperature. TDS meter has the ability to determine whether a substance is hot or cold. Temperature degree can also tell you whether the impurities are at the right amount or not.

How TDS meter works

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This TDS meter works by the principle of expansion and contraction of fluids when heated. When it is measuring temperature, the mercury within it expands as soon as it senses the external temperature. This expansion is what tells you the degree of hotness or coldness of a substance.

There is a separate sensitive antenna which counts the number of solutes within a substance. Here the approximate number dissolved solutes is counted and shown on the micro screen.

When dipped in substances, it measures both temperature and purity. You can also test the purity of your water by determining the boiling point of your water.

tds meter user manual
tds meter user manual

Advantages of TDS Meter

It is portable. You can actually carry this water testing kit everywhere you go. Since it is small in size and light in weight, you can put it into your pocket and carry it with you.

It comes with a storages/protective leather coat. This ensures that your water testing kit is safely kept and protected from external forces.

It is highly sensitive and accurate. Wrong results make life difficult and might even lead you to wrong conclusions. TDS meter is so accurate and will always give you the right temperature. It gives you the right degree of dissolved substances.

It is very easy to operate. With the three distinct buttons, you can dip, hold and record the readings with ease.

Disadvantages of TDS meter

Battery life depends on usage.

It is limited to small amounts of temperatures. You may not actually measure the temperature of a 2000 degree Celsius with this kit.


IONIX TDS meter is a device of high quality since it is so accurate, easy to use and affordable. I have always liked it because it is also affordable.

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