India Innovation Challenge Design Contest (IICDC)

Engineering designs help make life easier on this plant. Through all the ages, it has been science and engineering kept on innovating things for humans. Well, the innovation process in the past or history was voluntary. And innovations were made to impress fellow beings. Along with that, some inventors loved to gain fame. And that is why they worked on designs. Well, time has changed drastically. Now people are less worried about innovation and discovery. As humans almost have a lot of things that put those in a shackle of sitting at rest. But some brilliant brains still exist. They love to work out solutions to the problems that are still living in science and mathematics. And they suggest a solution innovate a way to ease up any unsolved trouble.

For all those intelligent folks, every nation has a plan to consider their idea and take their innovation to the commercial level. Indeed, the eminent brains do not go waste. Well, to identify and find brilliant minds, India has introduced the India Innovation Challenge Design Contest (IICDC). The engineering students can take part in the contest and exhibit their innovation. Further, IICDC offers lucrative prices to the participants. IICDC is supported by AICTE Mission.

IICDC Features and Benefits:

Such contest has numerous features and benefits for the students. Every nation that arranges such competitions has helped their youth understand the developing age and how can they innovate a way to make advance human life. Similarly, IICDC has numerous benefits. Indeed every participant can take advantage of the benefits of the IICDC. Further, the services of IICDC classified into the advantage points for the engineering students. That includes:

Skill Set Development:

Tech companies such as Texas Instruments and some other famous support IICDC. The sponsoring organizations are among the market leaders in India and some other parts of the world. The participants that join in get a chance to observe various designs and improve their skills.

Market Level Skills:

Everything that is taught in schools and colleges less meets the market standards. But the market standards and the skills required to reach that level can be learned through contests like IICDC. Participants get a chance to see the market level commodities and accordingly that can improve their skills.

Lucrative Awards:

Contests are all about awards and titles. Certainly, IICDC also earned fame based on what it offers to the winners, runner-ups, qualifiers, and the subsequent participants. The lucrative financial awards have helped numerous families to make their children pursue engineering.

IICDC-India Innovation Challenge Design Contest

IICDC-India Innovation Challenge Design Contest

IICDC Services:

The IICDC is a contest that offers a chance for the students to come up and show their skills. If they have any innovation, they can bring that to IICDC. And the judges will see how it stands comparative to other models received. Further, IICDC performs various services step to step, as per every phase of the competition. Those include:

  • On the registration phase, IICDC furnishes certification of registration to the participants that have qualified for the contest.
  • After the quarter-final phase is complete, the qualifiers awarded a bronze certificate. Along with that, they awarded with the Texas Instrument (TI) development kit worth $200.
  • Once the semi-final phase is complete, the participants get silver certificate awards. Alongside that, the participants get funds for the development products equaling $6,600.
  • Finally, when IICDC has the winners, the first award them with the gold certificate. Further, monetary prizes and development funds distributed among the winners.

IICDC Eligibility:

The eligibility to apply for IICDC is pretty simple. The application should be an engineering student from any Indian engineering school or college. This contest is for every college. Hence, there is no limitation from which institute the applicant belongs. Further, eligibility is limited to Indian students only. That means students born in India or the Indian nationals are allowed to participate.

Further, the foreigners studying in Indian are not eligible for eligibility. Ahead of that, participants will get the development tools from TI for the contest. The participants are required to use their instruments in the development phase. Besides eligibility, there is a selection criterion as well for IICDC. The projects presented shall be analyzed and inspected on the grounds given by the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB) and the coalition partner TI.

The process of selection based on two prospects. First is business integrity. The project analyzed on the grounds of how strongly it can help the economic factor in India. Indeed, what benefits the project may have for the businesses and how can this stimulate economic progress. Further, the next prospect is a technicality. The judges analyze how well the project qualifies as an innovation. A copy plan or reproduction of an existing project is not allowed. The applications are required to create a new concept. In other words, only innovations permitted.

How to Download Application:

The applications for the contest are submitted online. There is an application submission process that every applicant has to follow to apply for the competition. Since it is a technical contest, it eliminates the hardcopy application process. And it also urges the applicants to utilize the electronic means for communication and correspondence. Further, the process to find the application and applications are specified in the How to Apply section of the article.

How to Apply for IICDC:

As states earlier, the applications are submitted online. The applicants do not have to stand in queues to submit the paper applications. Instead, they just have to fill in the application available on the IICDC website. And that makes them eligible to participate in this contest. Further, the process of applying is relatively easy. It only requires patients, a good internet connection, ease of understanding English, and consistency to achieve well. Here is the process to apply for IICDC:

  • Visit and create a new account.
  • After the account is ready, move to There you will find the icon of the “India Innovation Challenge” on the right top side of the screen. Click the icon which will take you to the ongoing contest page.
  • On the India Innovation Challenge page, there is the log in section. Scroll down the page you find it. Log in with the credentials that you submitted at
  • Once the Login button clicked, the page will redirect to the homepage again. Repeat the step, click on the icon, and this time it will take you to the contest.
  • On the contest page, move down to the end of the page. There you will find an application submission form.
  • Fill in the form as per the fields required. And once done, review your entries and submit them.
  • The submission will be confirmed by an email. The applicant will receive a confirmation email.
  • If there is any question or query, the applicant may reach IICDC via email or text. Further, it strictly advised to follow-up on your email, as if there is any failure in delivery IICDC shall not be responsible for any harm.

Documents Needed:

As such, no document needed. Everything submitted is in the application form. Also, the applicant shall make sure that they read the terms and conditions of participating and project submission as that can help them develop in the contest. And non-compliance to the terms can have them disqualified. Further, the applicant shall also make sure that the information they are providing is right and fair. There is no misconception, misappropriation, or falsification as IICDC doesn’t appreciate bogus or false information.

More about Scheme:

IICDC has earned global fame soon after it rose to an impressive innovation level. The first contest held in 2016. It was them merely a collegiate competition allowing students to come up and present their innovations. But with time, the popularity of IICDC attained sponsors from all around the globe. TI is one of the latest sponsors of this competition. Altogether, hundreds of students have earned notable prize money just because of this beautiful contest. Before the inception of this contest, various private tech companies used to organize such contest nationwide. But limited to individual institutes as their budget and plan did not allow them to cover entire India. Well, IICDC has solved the problem for the students who were unable to participate in private contests. It covers the whole India and gives a chance to every engineering student to bring their working in the lights of experts.


IICDC and the similar other contests are helping students to gain the award for their efforts its indeed a trendsetter. Well, not just India, many other countries in the world organizing such notable contests. Further, such conflicts serve as an extracurricular activity for the students. And it certainly has excellent results as students apply their knowledge to a working project and present them to the judges that work in the current market. IICDC helps the students to grab the market level skills and enhance their capabilities.

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