Hyderabad Airport-Rajiv Gandhi International Airport

Brief introduction of Hyderabad Airport

Flying to Hyderabad for a recreational trip or a business? Then you need to know about Hyderabad airport. Here is a brief introduction to Hyderabad Airport. It is one of the finest airports in India that is listed among the top-notch airports. Further, Hyderabad Airport is just 15 miles or 24 Kilometers away from Hyderabad city. Ahead of that, the Hyderabad airport name changed to Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA) or shamshabad Airport. Just to clear, Rajiv Gandhi was one of the Prime Ministers in the country. Additionally, the Hyderabad airport commenced operations in 2008. Between 2018 and 2019, over 21.4 million passengers used this airport. And that qualified it as one of the busiest airports in the country. Further, the airport authorities are expecting the sum to rise by 50% in the coming years. Well, that is much of a brief introduction to the Hyderabad airport.

Well, after getting a brief introduction to the Hyderabad airport, let’s look into some history.

History of Hyderabad Airport

Back in 1997, the local government went under serious anxiety after knowing the Begumpet Airport, the former airport in Hyderabad, was falling short to the expectations. Passengers were unable to easily board on or off the planes. And the cargo system was failing. Under server stress, the local government joined heads and begin planning about a larger airport.

begumpet airport
Begumpet airport

They reached out to their military and asked them to vacate a military airstrip in the benefit of civilian use. But they never agreed. Indeed, they suggested some vacant areas. Shamsabad area was under the Hyderabad airport development authority(HADA) that appeared convenient because two of the major highways passes through the region. And there were several other connections linked to the Hyderabad airport development authority area. Finally, in 1998 the local government decided to construct the new airport at Shamsabad. HADA always works together with the HMDA (Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority).

Then was the stakeholder selection process. It took up to 2 years to form an understanding deal between the government and the airport authorities. After that, the commercial stakeholders were to be selected. That took another couple of years. And by 2004 that process was also completed. By the end of 2004, the outdated Begumpet Airport was closed in favor of the new airport to be constructed.

In 2005 the construction began by GMR Group. The construction job continued for three years. And on March 14, 2008, the airport was opened for operations. Further, the development is in progress. Various upgrades have been planned for the airport which even includes expansion of the passenger bay. Certainly, the expansion would allow facilitation to a greater sum of arriving and departing passengers. So local people called this airport as Shamshabad Airport as earlier Begumpet Airport was called with location name.

shamshabad airport-hyderabad-HADA

Name selection

Naming the Hyderabad airport was never easy. The air was filled with the political controversies over the name of the airport. One of the regional political party wanted it to be named after their leader. But the authorities had decided the name already. They named it Rajiv Gandhi International Airport Hyderabad. The authorities wanted to honor his passion for the flying and also his eminent personality. Well, the regional political party initiated a protest that went on for 6 years. Finally, the aviation ministry fulfilled their demands after another terminal was constructed. It is named as NT Rama Rao terminal.


The Hyderabad airport authorities have never been into a controversy directly. But some controversial clouds covered the fate of the airport that never linked to its operations. After the shut down of Begumpet Airport, the employees of that airport began protesting. They were afraid that they might lose their jobs. And they worried about their household. Though the local government sorted out a solution for most of them. But controversies never escaped. Well, that has nothing much to do with the airport itself.

Book Tickets at online portal:

Travelers can plan & book Air tickets online on the official website of Rajiv Gandhi International Airport Hyderabad. Also can browse all the facilities, Entry & exit maps for domestic & International flights, parking, cabs, taxies, porter services, customs duties,  rules & Regulations

book air tickets online on hyderabad aero site
book air tickets online on Hyderabad aero site

Hyderabad Airport amenities

Hyderabad airport development authority area includes various amenities for the passengers and the local residents. The amenities include:

  • A grand hotel for staying and enjoying the local cuisine
  • Connection of multiple highways
  • Airport transport express
  • The imminent railroad

Novotel Hotel:

The hotel Novotel at Hyderabad airport is just 2.2 miles away from the airport. It is a luxury hotel with 305 rooms available. Whenever you plan to travel to Hyderabad, you will come across Novotel. Besides luxury, it has every facility available to harness your journey with comfort and relaxation. Take time out and explore this beautiful place. Some of the facilities include:

  • Dining lounges and bars
  • Gym and fitness center
  • Spa and Saloon

Ahead of that, each of the room has:

  • Conceive services
  • Laundry options
  • Internet

And much more…

Hotel novotel hyderabad airport
Hotel Novotel Hyderabad airport

Multiple Highways:

The linking highways are one of the major amenities of Hyderabad Airport. Well, this is certainly the foremost, but in a way, it comes second to luxury and comfort. Exiting and entering the Hyderabad airport development authority area is quite easy. Previously there were only three highways linking to the airport. Those were NH 44, 765 and the ring road. But later a flyover also joined in. The benefit of the road connections includes:

  • Easy traveling to the city and from the city to the airport
  • Nearly 30 to 40 minutes shorter distance on the flyover

Transport Service:

There is a bus transport express service available from the airport that carries passengers to the city. Certainly, you may not need to rent a car. Instead, hop into the bus and reach your destination within the city.

Bus-Taxi-Cab services from RGIA Hyderabad

Imminent Connections:

The local government has been long planning to link the Hyderabad airport with the railroad network. Well, soon as the railroad comes into action, the passengers will have another transport facility. And the planned network may reduce the distance between the city and the airport by 19 miles.

Facilities at Airport:

Besides the runways and terminals, there are a few more facilities available at Rajiv Gandhi International airport. They include:

  • Wi-Fi Internet
  • Prayer/Multifaith room
  • Smoking
  • Medicare
  • Hotel
  • Lost & found
  • Baggage
  • Porter Services
  • Physically Challenged
  • Business Lounges
  • Shop & Eat
  • Terminal Maps
  • A 154,200 square feet large cargo terminal with a loading capacity of 150,000 tons.
  • A fuel farm with 480,000 cubic feet of fuel load
  • A 5 MW solar energy plant
shop & eat at RGIA hyderabad
shop & eat at RGIA Hyderabad

Important Information:

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