HMDA-Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority

About Hyderabad City

Hyderabad is the largest city and the capital of the Indian state of Telangana. It is also the capital of Andhra Pradesh. The city is huge and covers 650 square kilometers along both banks of Musi River. It finds itself on the Deccan Plateau, which you can find in the northern part of South India.

Hyderabad sits at an altitude of 542 meters and most of the city is surrounded by artificial lakes. One of these is the Hussain Sagar lake. Hyderabad City has around 6.9 million people. However, it goes up to 9.6 million if we take in consideration the Hyderabad Metropolitan Region. Because of this massive number of people, it is the fourth most populated city in India.

Muhammad QuliQutb Shah established the city in the year 1591. The main goal of this city was to extend the capital beyond the Fortified Golconda. The Mughals took the city in 1687.

From 1769 to 1948, Hyderabad served as the imperial capital for the AsafJahi. Until the Indian Independence in 1947, the British Residency stood in the city. However, Hyderabad has been invaded and included in the Indian Union in the year 1948. In 1956 Hyderabad became the capital of the united Andhra Pradesh. Ever since it houses the winter office of the President of India.

The city has beautiful architecture and it keeps having a distinctive culture. In the 19th century, the city began to flourish due to the pearl industry. During this time the city gained the name of ‘City of Pearls’.

HMDA and its history

Earlier HMDA was known as HUDA-Hyderabad Urban Development Authority & established in year 1975. In the year 2008 HUDA expanded its boundaries by merging nearby Mandals & became a metropolitan city. Later HUDA renamed as HMDA i.e Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority.

The Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority is an organization in the Andhra Pradesh region. It is in charge of the coordination, planning, and development of the important urban buildings of this area.

The State Assembly in Andhra Pradesh created the agency in 1975. In 2008 it expanded its range of administration. The first Chairperson of this agency was SarojiniPoula Reddy. Also, Vasant Bawa was the first Vice-Chairperson.

The HMDA’s first activities happened in the Hyderabad metropolitan area. In 1976, Christopher Charles Benninger wanted to prepare a low-income town in Yousfguda. This project included more than 2000 houses which had between 200-1000 square feet each. The basic idea was to provide hygienic wet cores for the houses and good living conditions. Also, they would allow the participants to build the home that they won.

The main planner of HMDA was AnantBhide, who was a professional architect.

HMDA administrates over 7.257 square Km which covers 7 districts (main regions), 70 mandals (sub-districts) and 1032 villages.


What is the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority?

People might wonder what exactly is the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA). For the ones who are curious, check this section to find out more about it.

Basically, HMDA is the organization of Hyderabad that takes care of acquisition, making plans, development of urban centers and infrastructure with urban administration in the Telangana state of India. It takes care of the Hyderabad Metropolitan area, which includes an area of approximately 7.257square kilometers. It is a huge area and it includes 7 districts, each one containing more or fewer sub-districts.

The agency was formed from different agencies combined together. One is the Hyderabad Urban Development Authority (HUDA), which was the agency before the present one. The next is the Hyderabad Airport Development Authority (mostly taking care of the airlines and their well functionality). It also combined itself with the Buddha Purnima Project Authority (a project which focuses on the improvement of Lake Hussain) and Cyberabad Development Authority.

The agency develops, plans, coordinates, secures and promotes the Hyderabad Metropolitan area.

HMDA also built the famous 158km long Outer Ring Road. The project started in 2005 and ended in 2018.

MA&UD structure Telangana state
Image source:- – MA&UD structure Telangana state

Which areas come under HMDA?

The area covered by HMDAhas the name of the Hyderabad Metropolitan Region. It is a 7,257 square kilometers large area. More specifically, the areas that HMDA covers are:

  • Hyderabad district – The authority covers the complete district.
  • Medchal district – The agency does cover the whole district as well.
  • Rangareddy district – The district is not fully covered by HMDA. So there are only a couple of sub-districts that the agency covers. Some of them are Ibrahimpatnam, Chevella, Hayathnagar, Manchal, Kandukur, Maheshwaram, Rajendranagar. There are a lot more districts, but this is just examples since there are too many to list them all.
  • Sangareddy district – The agency covers only a couple of sub-districts, somewhere between 5-10 sub-districts.
  • Medak district – Here the agency covers only four sub-districts, which might happen because of the distance from Hyderabad.
  • Siddipet district – The agency covers the least sub-districts from this area, which are only 3.
  • Yadadri district – This is the last major area covered by this agency, and includes only 5 sub-districts.

    HMDA master plan 2031 map
    Image source: HMDA official portal-HMDA master plan 2031 map

HMDA Services:

  1. HMDA DPMS– Development Permissions Management Systems
  2. TS-IPASS – Industrial building permission, CLU approvals
  3. HMDA LRS/BRS – Land Regularization Scheme & Building Regularization scheme
  4. HMDA Master Plans-HMDA master plan maps
  5. Land Usage details-Land usage certificate
  6. Occupancy Certificate
  7. Road Cutting permissions
  8. Applicant Search
  9. Online payments
  10. Citizen search
  11. Citizen Objection
  12. Change of Land Use
  13. NOC’s
  14. Architect Registration
  15. Citizen Registration
  16. Details of Registered Active Architects
  17. List of blocked architects
  18. BPP-Buddha Purnima Project

    BPP-buddha purnima project
    BPP-buddha purnima project

What are the activities of HMDA?

An agency this big and important has a lot of major activities its workers need to do. This one has a lot of important tasks. But what are those tasks that I mention? If you want to know what activities does HMDA have, then check the section below:

  • This is the agency that prepares the Metropolitan projects. This means that the agency makes sure that legal frameworks, changes in public preferences, governmental responsibilities, financial conditions, growth and urbanization of the population are introduced in a very general and simple way. It has the purpose to make them clear and easy to understand.
  • The agency makes preparations for the Metropolitan Development and Investment Plan. It then revises and implements a specific plan. This means that they focus on creating a plan that would fit the necessary requirements. This plan gets a revision and then the agency implements it as soon as possible.
  • They are required to also execute the projects that they made by checking the plan. Or they need to go through an action plan for any of the metropolitan regions that HMDA covers.
  • The agency has the duty to coordinate the development activities and plans of the Municipalities or the other kinds of institutions. It also manages the Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board. Let’s not forget the Industrial Infrastructure Corporation and State Road Transport Corporation of Telangana.
  • Their other duty is to supervise and guide any project or plan proposed by them or by other companies. Their expenditure will also get covered by the Metropolitan Development Fund. The fund is specifically for developing buildings across the area HMDA covers.

  • They are ready and are always going to prepare and implement projects and plans to provide additional areas for living. This applies to the people that need to leave their houses because of a project built on their lands. Basically, they will get money and new home so that people can live happily, even without their old house. This avoids a bad promotion of their services as well.
  • Their duty is also to maintain and manage wisely the Metropolitan Development Fund. Those are the money that projects get for investing in them. They need to give money based on the programs and plans of the local institutions. These are important for taking the development of important buildings. They are also checking the financial situation over the budget for development works.
  • The agency takes by itself, or with the help of other agencies, the implementation of the plans for the specific area. It executes works that relate to infrastructure development. It also relates to public facilities and they ensure that the environment is well managed. Since Earth gets more and more populated every year, taking care of the environment is important. They are doing a great job if it puts this as a priority and will keep it functioning and recommendable.
  • This agency of Hyderabad also creates and manages the Hyderabad Land Development Bank. They will also take annual land purchases for various public uses, buildings or township development.
  • The agency also gives land to public agencies and local institutions upon certain terms and conditions. This happens so that they can start developing facilities. Without this attribution, the various agencies could not build any building on the agency’s administration area.
  • They are the ones who approve the land purchase proposals or programs required by the local authorities. The agency does this for other departments and agencies in the metropolitan area as well.

  • The agency of Hyderabad enters with any person in arrangements, contracts or agreements, either alone or in an organization. This means that you can talk with the agency and establish different agreements or contracts. It is the best way to create trust between you and them.
  • They are also having the duty to buy any immovable or movable property in any legal way.
  • The agency also needs to do any other exercise powers or functions that are required by the state or local authorities. After all, it is an agency supported by Hyderabad.

What is the HMDA approval process?

You might be curious about what is the approval process of HMDA. For starters, the approval or disapproval of your layout will determine if you can do business with them or not. The approval layout changed in 2001, but people who don’t know the new layout will like to know. So here is how the agency approves layouts nowadays.

The best way to make sure you have a good layout is to check it on the agency’s website. This gives you the security that you don’t need to go through a lot of complications, only to realize they didn’t approve of it.

In the old procedure, the applicant received a plan. With it, he had to create the layout works within one year. Also, you could have placed plots only after the agency allowed the final layout. The problem with this procedure was that it left lots of layouts incomplete and dragged over many years on their completion. This happened because of the non-compliance of the development works.

The new procedure serves better the needs of the developer or the applicant. This time, the procedure allows the or developer to sell 75% of the plotted area after approval. After the approval, he can mortgage the rest of 25% of the area.

This new procedure is easier for the layout owner or developer to get capital investment. The reason for that is he undertook the land development works, thus making development works faster. Also, the layout developer gets a proper paycheck for his works. The procedure lasts until today and it is a better one than the previous.

How to check if HMDA approves your layout?

You may intend to make and develop a layout with HMDA. Well, you don’t want to try different layouts a thousand times until it works. Just by hearing this sentence you will probably make a negative mindset. Don’t worry, however! As mentioned earlier, the agency’s layout approval changed in 2001. However, the new way is easier and better than the other one. So you should start following the new ways, because you will benefit from it, but you also need to do that. Now, how do you find a good layout or how do you check if a layout is good? Well, here are some little tips for you to make sure that your layout will be approved:

  1. Visit the HMDA official website
  2. In the menu select Online services.
  3. Then select Land Use link

    check land usage in HMDA
    check land usage in HMDA
  4. Here you see many sections like-
    a. HMDA Land Utilized details,
    b. Details of land developed as layouts &
    c. Leased lands
  5. Under land developed as layouts, section click on details of lands developed as layouts link.

    HMDA-check land details before layout
    HMDA-check land details before layout
  6. It displays all the land details without any court cases as per entered details.
  • Try to ask an independent plan designer. Since they are professionals, any plan designer will know what type of layout you need for this specific agency. They actually might be the best way you can find out which layout they approve.
  • The main reason HMDA doesn’t approve a layout is that the LP number is not present or valid. If you don’t know how to check if your layout has a valid LP number, then consider asking a professional. Another option is to check on the main website of the agency, as they have a plugin on the Land Usage page.

This is all you need to know about HMDA and how to ensure the approval of your land development layout. I searched a lot to bring you the clearest information about HMDA.

Important Information:

Official Portal for HMDA Hyderabad is:

HMDA, A- Block, District Commercial Complex,
Tarnaka, Hyderabad, Telangana State, India- 500007


Visiting Hours: 3.00 PM to 5.00 PM

HMDA LRS HELP DESK: 27018115, 27018116, 27018117

( On All Working Days ) Toll-Free Number: 18004258838

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HMDA-Hyderabad-metropolitan- Development-Authority-website-revexpo-certificate