Getting more details about know your PAN

PAN Card:(Permanent Account number)

The pan card is an important document introduced by the income tax department in India. It is the most thing needed for opening a new bank account, trading account, Demat account, and filing income returns. Those who come under taxpayers should keep the document in good condition for reducing damages and other problems. People who want to apply for a new pan card online should choose the right website for meeting essential needs. This will help a lot to get the card as soon as possible for ensuring peace of mind. The pan card consists of the name of a person, date of birth, and father’s name followed by10-digit alpha-numeric numbers.

One can check the status of pan card online by entering the details properly. On the other hand, anyone who has lost their card can apply for the same online by submitting a xerox copy of the same. Anyone who is having more than one pan card has to face legal actions from income tax departments which can result in fines. Therefore, it is advisable to surrender the additional card immediately to avoid such problems. Another thing is that one can access the status of the pan card in simple steps.

Why people need a pan card?

The primary objective of a pan card is to prevent tax evasions by individuals and business entities that can help to minimize money laundering. Apart from that, it provides various advantages to individuals and business firms by addressing essential needs. It is mandatory for certain transactions and some of them include:

  • Buying or selling a vehicle
  • When applying for a debit card and credit card
  • Purchasing jewelry items
  • Security investments
  • Converting currency when people travel to foreign countries
  • Taking loans from banks and other financial institutions
  • Cash deposits over Rs.50,000
  • Fixed deposits
  • Insurance payments
  • Telephone connections
  • Property buying and selling
  • New gas connections

Pan cardholders can even use the card as proof of identity in banks, airports, and other places.

How to use the PAN card for verification purposes?

A pan cardholder can verify the basic details online by following the below steps

  • Visiting the official website provided by the income-tax department.
    online pan card verification
    online pan card verification


  • People can select the option “Register yourself” and choose a user type after making a complete research

    register yourself on income tax india filing
    register yourself on income tax india filing


  • Select the user type.
    select user type for income tax filing
    select user type for income tax filing


  • They should use the “Continue” option for furnishing basic details. Users should click the“submit” option after providing complete information and they will receive a link for activation in the e-mail account.

    enter income tax registration details
     enter income tax registration details

  • It is advisable to activate the link which concludes the registration process
  • Members can log in to their activated account after completing the registration
  • They can go to “profile settings” for selecting “My account” option
  • The website will display the details as soon as possible

How to apply for pan card online & what are the Documents Needed?

 To apply for pan card we need a few documents to be submitted

        1.Identity Proof (any one of the below)

  • Ration card with a photograph of the applicant
  • Passport
  • Election Voter Photo ID card
  • Arm’s License
  • Driving License
  • Aadhaar Card by UIDAI
  • Photo Identity issued by central or State Government
  • Pension Card with Photograph of the applicant
  • Bank Certificate in original on letter pad from a branch with name & stamp of issuing officer containing duly attested photograph & bank account number of the applicant.
  • Central Government Health scheme card or Ex-Servicemen Health Photo Card
  • Identity in original signed by MLA or MP or Municipal Councilor or a Gazetted officer

    2. Address proof (any one of the below)
  • Below documents not more than 3 months old

Electricity bill
Broadband bill or Landline bill
Water Bill
Consumer gas connection card or the book or piped gas bill

  • Credit card statement
  • Bank account statement
  • Deposit account statement
  • Post office passbook with applicant address
  • Passport
  • Passport of wife
  • Voter Id card
  • Driving license
  • Recent property tax assessment order
  • Aadhaar Card issued by UIDAI
  • Allotment letter of accommodation issued by central or state Government not more than 3 years old
  • Property registration document
  • Domicile certificate issued by the Government
  • Certificate of address signed by an MLA or MP or Municipal Councilor or a Gazetted Officer
  • Employers Certificate in original

      3. Proof of Date of birth (any one of the below)

  • Matriculation certificate
  • Passport
  • Domicile certificate issued by government
  • Marriage certificate issued by Registrar of Marriages
  • Driving License
  • Pension payment order
  • Birth certificate issued by Municipal Authority or any office authorized to issue birth certificate & death certificate by the registrar of Birth & deaths

 How to apply for PAN card online 49A- Indian Citizen?

1. You can apply for a PAN card online through NDSL(National Securities Depository Limited) or UTITSL (UTI Infrastructure Technology And Services Limited ) These two websites are authorized to provide PAN cards in India. We will explain how to apply for PAN Card using the NSDL website.

NSDL for pan application online
NSDL for pan application online

2. You can see the Online PAN Application form. Below Application, type select New PAN- Indian Citizen (Form 49A).

If you’re applying for foreign national then select New PAN- Foreign Citizen (Form 49AA)

Online Pan card application for indian citizen
Online Pan card application for indian citizen


3. Select the category of PAN card among the options Individual, Association of Persons, Body of Individual, Company, Trust, Limited Liability Partnership, Firm, Government, Hindu Undivided Family, Artificial juridical person & Local authority. Among these mostly we select “INDIVIDUAL”.

Online Pan card application for indian citizen for individual
Online Pan card application for indian citizen for individual

4. Now fill the personal details such as Name, Date of birth, mobile number, etc, enter the captcha code & click submit.

fill Pan card application details online
fill Pan card application details online

5. Click on submit then a token will be generated using that token we can update the PAN details anytime.

token for pan application
token for pan application

6. Next, we have a few steps to complete the application Guidelines, Personal details, Contact & other details, AO code & Document details.

PAN application steps
PAN application steps


7. Enter personal details This step asks to enter a name, date of birth, address, etc . Do that and click on next

step 2 personal details
step 2 personal details


pan details on aadhaar validation
pan details on aadhaar validation

8. Now you have 3 choices – Authenticate via Aadhaar to avoid sending any documents, scan documents and upload them via e-sign, or to physically submit documents. We authenticate via aadhaar because it needs an OTP & Payment. If you want to go with two other options then it needs only an additional step that is sending documents. Enter all details Aadhaar number (optional) as requested on page & click next

enter aadhaar for e verification & otp
enter aadhaar for e verification & otp



9. This is contact & address details page Enter Source of income, address for communication & residence address etc.

step 3 contact details for pan
step 3 contact details for pan


10. You will see AO code i.e Assessing officer code which is simple. Select one of the four choices – Indian citizen, NRI & Foreign Citizens, Defence Employees or Government Category.

11. Under choose AO code select your state & area of residence. You will see a full list of AO codes. Carefully look for the category that applies best for you. There are different categories for non-salaried people, companies, Government servants, private sector employees, etc. Contact a Chartered accountant to find out the best category which suits you if you are unable to do yourself. Click on the correct AO code & it will auto-filled in the form above. Click next.

enter AO code
enter AO code


12. Select the documents for Proof of age & Address from the drop-down menu to fill it and submit

document details dob or address details
document details dob or address details

13. Now it redirects you to the payment page & you can do the payment. The fee for Indian citizens is 116 including all taxes + 5 online payment charges=Rs. 121.

14. Once the fee is paid you will be asked to authenticate via AAdhaar OTP or submit the documents via e-sign or Physically send the documents to NSDL. You will receive an acknowledgment email from NSDL about your application.

15. The PAN card will be couriered to you once it is processed. Keep this NSDL acknowledgment number with you for checking the status of the PAN Application.

How to apply for NRI / Foreign Citizen PAN card online Form 49AA? 

All the steps to fill the NRI application form is similar to form 49A as per Indian Citizen but the only difference is two places

  1. Select the type of application as “New- PAN FOreign citizen 49AA” at the start of the application form. Next, all steps are the same as the above steps.
    nri pan application online
    nri pan application online


       2.  The next change is in Contact and other details page as shown below.

Country of citizenship
Country of citizenship

References how to fill PAN application form?

Instructions to fill PAN Application form 49A  for Indian Citizen:


Instructions to fill PAN Application form 49AA for Foreign Citizen / NRI :

How to check PAN Application Status Online?

1. Visit the utiitsl official website.

2. Click on check PAN application status

HOW TO TRACK PAN application online
HOW TO TRACK PAN application online

3. Enter the Acknowledgement number received at the time of application starting with U- ********

Pan application status check
Pan application status check

4. Enter date of birth, Captch on valid input it will show the status of the application with Pan card number.


How to Verify a PAN card online?

Sometimes, a person may face difficulties in memorizing his or her pan card that can lead to several problems. The following steps will help to identify a pan card online easily.

  • PAN cardholders must visit the official e-filing website link after clicking the link provided by the income tax department. 
  • They can use the option “know your PAN” where one can submit the details properly
    online pan card verification
    online pan card verification


  • User should enter the PAN Card number, Full name, Date of Birth, Category  & Captcha code immediately that appear on the screen to verify the PAN card.
    enter pan details to verify online
    enter pan details to verify online


  • If the PAN card details are valid & active it will display the status of Card.

    pan detailed validated online
    pan detailed validated online

Applying for a new pan card online becomes a simple process and one can even track the status of an application quickly. However, it is necessary to read the terms and conditions of a website before submitting details which can help to meet essential needs.

What is the cost to apply for a PAN Card online

  • For India citizens for new PAN Card costs Rs. 116 + Rs. 5 online payment charges
  • For Foreign Citizens / NRI the fee is Rs. 1020 + Rs 5 for online payment charges

Website Benefits

  • Allows a person to get tax deductions and refunds
  • Useful for investments, banking, and other purposes
  • People can utilize the card as proof of identity in certain places
  • Provides ways to minimize money laundering
  • Enables people to get income reports after filing the returns
  • Easy to apply for a card online in simple steps that provides peace of mind

Website Obstacles:

  • Having more than one card may lead to penalties and other problems
  • Bank account holders need the card when depositing amounts more than 50,000
  • People who have lost their pan card should apply for a new one online that will result in additional expenses

Official Websites:

National Securities Depository Limited:

NSDL Contact details:

UTI Infrastructure Technology And Services Limited:

PAN Customer Care Centre number (All India center at Kolkata, India):  +91(33) 40802999 Protection Status