Safe food means better health. FSSAI’s full form is the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. Good food is required for a healthy lifestyle. And the food with essential nutrients is good. Well, ensuring that the food is really good requires certain practices.

Those practices analyze the quality of chemical induction in the food. Along with that, it measures the nutrients and accumulates the calorie fact sheet. The chemical induction can result in various health issues. And most of them are associated with digestion. FSSAI or Food Safety and Standards Authority of India works to ensure that food delivered to the public is safe and free from any chemical induction.

FSSAI Login & registration:

The food manufactures are required to have the FSSAI registration. FSSAI inspects the quality of the food and edible items. There tons of benefits of the FSSAI login and registration. The main benefit is that the manufacturer can maintain the quality of their product. And secondly, they get a chance to build their trust in the market.

The Indian consumers are aware of the FSSAI and know that any food certified by FSSAI is safe to eat. Certainly, they prefer getting edible items with the FSSAI certification. Along with that, there are many other benefits that the food manufactures have from FSSAI login.

Key Features and Benefits of FSSAI 

FSSAI login accompanies some salient features for the applicants. The features include:

  • Centralized Licensing System:

FSSAI login is a tremendous solution for food manufacturers and distributors in India. Previously, manufactures and distributors had to contact a single association that was handling the food affairs in India. But now the process of registration has become convenient with this central system.

  • Application Review System:

Many distributors and manufacturers suffered having their applications denied without a reason. But now, with FSSAI things are quite different. If an FSSAI login applicant gets denial on their application. They are also given the reason(s) for that. And that helps the applicant to fix the issues and apply again.

  • No Delay in Inspection:

Inspection of food is a crucial stage for every manufacturer and distributor. Delay can cause the food to go waste. And that turns out to be a terrible loss. FSSAI login has sped up the process of inspection. Even the imported food is inspected timely.

  • Recalls:

Recalling or removing the item from a market is now not an issue in India. If FSSAI receives complain regarding the healthy standards of a product. FSSAI immediately instructs the distributors or manufacturers to recall the items. For that, they pre-instruct their members to use batch numbers on their products.

  • Health Standard SOPs:

Everyone having FSSAI login is instructed to have their food inspection system. FSSAI has issued the regulation and guidance to inspect the food. And that brings the FSSAI members from any imminent trouble. Along with that, they can ensure the best quality of their products.

  • Legal Assistance:

If a manufacturer is stuck in a legal proposal for not meeting the health standards. They have access to discuss the matter with FSSAI associates. Also, the legal proceeding immediately reaches a verdict.


FSSAI login Benefits:

These are not just the only features. Instead, these are the popular ones that the FSSAI login applicant wants to know. Further, here the benefits associated with FSSAI login:

  • Preliminary Legal Assistance:

Having the FSSAI login even before having a food distribution or manufacturing plan can save you a lot of time. The entire legal process is reduced to more than half. Certainly, you can fill all the legal requirements before you commence your business.

  • Trust Builds Fast:

The food industry is quite vulnerable in the present age. People do not usually trust a new brand until they know it has a quality assurance certification. The FSSAI login gets the quality assurance certification for the food manufacturers. And this way it makes it easier for them to attract the audience.

  • Ease of Investment:

Financial institutions and investors look for a sound background. It takes a lot of time to form a background. Even it can take over a decade to make yourself enough reputable. But the FSSAI login can save you from all that trouble. It has become common among financial institutions and investors to trust the FSSAI accredited businesses. And they happily tend to work with them.

  • The market for a Reason:

FSSAI login members allowed to educate the population about health safety and kitchen maintenance standards. That lets businesses a chance to market their brand as well, showing it as healthy and safe.

FSSAI Services

FSSAI has a series of services. They are interlinked to provide quality food to the masses. And assure smooth flow in the food market. Further, FSSAI offers the following services:

FSSAI Login Membership:

Anyone planning to inaugurate a food business can apply for the login membership. Some eligibilities are mentioned below in this article


FSSAI is a central registration center. It offers three registration plans. Those are:

    • A basic plan for the businesses that are earning under 1.2 million Indian rupees.
    • The state licensing program for the business has annual revenue between 1.2 million to 200 million Indian rupees.
    • Central license for the grand business, earning over 200 million Indian rupees.


Inspection is the primary service of FSSAI. The FSSAI inspects the food quality of its members. Further, FSSAI has to ensure the delivery of quality food to the consumers in India.


This service links with the inspection. If FSSAI gets complain against a brand, the manufacturer and distributor are asked to recall their product. FSSAI follows-up with the manufacturers on their quality standards. Further, they inspect if the brand meets the standards set to meet the health requirements of the consumers in India.

FSSAI food standards

FSSAI food standards

Eligibility for FSSAI:

Anyone meeting the following criteria is eligible to apply for FSSAI:


The applicant should be the national of India. Further, Nepalese and Bhutanese can also apply. Additionally, anyone who came into India from Tibet before 1962 is also eligible. Ahead of that, people from Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Burma, East African nations (Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Malwai, Zaira, Zambia) and Vietnam who plan to live in India permanently are also eligible.


Anyone over the age of 18 is eligible to apply. However, the applicant should not be over 50 years of age.

Age Benefit:

Some people even have relaxation and benefit from their identity to apply for FSSAI. They include people from certain tribes and castes. They get a relaxation of 5 years. People from underdeveloped areas have 3 years exception.

Further, disable people get an exception for up to 15 years. Additionally, former servicemen and women have an exception of up to 5 years. Ahead of that, victims of 1984 riots have 5 years additional. Widowers and separate women get up to 40 years of relaxation.

FSSAI has also provided the eligibility of the employees and associates:

Assistant Directors:

Should be a marketing degree holder (equivalent to MBA). Else a graduate with 6 years of experience.

Departmental Heads:

These include the heads of manufacturing departments. The applicant should have a post-graduate degree in food science or biological and chemical science. The diploma holders and graduates are required to have at least one year of experience.

Technical Officers:

An engineer is applicable. But candidates with post-graduate degrees in food, bio, and chemical sciences can also apply. Graduates and diploma holders should have an experience of 1 year.

Inspection and Quality Assurance Officers:

A food technology graduate is applicable for this position.

Administrators and Managers:

Candidates with marketing and business administration are applicable. Graduates with three years of experience can also apply.

Associates and Assistants:

A graduate from a recognized institution is acceptable.


The applicant should at least a high school qualifier.

IT Administrators:

A post-graduate in information technology is suitable for this position. A graduate should have at least 3 years of working experience.

Documents Needed for FSSAI Application

Here is a list of documents that are required to become an FSSAI member:

  • Form-A, B or C fully filled and signed.
  • Architectural plan of the manufacturing plant and auxiliary units.
  • List of members and associates with their credentials and IDs.
  • Item list of equipment in the plant
  • List of items that you want to manufacture.
  • Authorization letter from the nominee.
  • Water analysis report.
  • Raw material source, essential in the case of dairy products and livestock.
  • Preliminary to recall items from the market.
  • Made in India surety from Minister of Commerce (EOU).
  • No-Objection Certificate from FSSAI.
  • IE codes from DGFT.
  • Form IX.
  • Ministry of Tourism approval certificate.
  • Possession premises evidence.
  • The proprietary affidavit or Partnership deed in terms of shared business.
  • License from the manufacturer in case of shared, on patent creation.
  • Food safety system plan along with managerial footings.
  • Municipal No-Objection Certificate.
  • Revenue and logistics proof.
  • Self-Declaration form.

FSSAI FBO Registration :

FBO Means food business operators. Here If you need FSSAI license then you need to register as FBO first to get FSSAI License.



How to Apply for FSSAI?

To create the FSSAI account, you need to get the login access: This is how you will get it.

  1. Visit the FSSAI official website –FBO Registration
  2. Enter the name of the applicant
  3. Company name
  4. Address of the Business premises
  5. State, District, Postal Pin code
  6. Email-Id
  7. Enter mobile number
  8. Provide any UserID
  9. Enter the secure Password & confirm the same password.
  10. Check the option for Agree the terms of use.
  11. Enter the Valid captcha code
  12. Click on register
  13. You will receive an on-screen confirmation of the account creation.
  14. You will also get an email and text message for the same.
    Fssai Food business operator FBO registration form-licensing Registration

    Fssai Food business operator FBO registration form-licensing Registration

Types of FSSAI Licenses:

There are 2 types of FSSAI licenses available

  1. FSSAI Central License
  2. FSSAI State License

How to apply for FSSAI Central License online?

On the right-hand side, you will see “How to Apply?”.

Click it and it will guide you through:

Ensure that you are eligible to apply. The “Check Eligibility” link will take you to the eligibility verification page. There you can verify for what license you are eligible.

Get back to the page, and click on the license you wish to apply.
These steps guide you through the documents you need for each application. You should read it to complete your application fully.
Make the payment and get enrolled.

Before applying for FSSAI License you need to go FSSAI login & enter credentials or else register first.

  1. Visit the Fssai Food licensing website https://foodlicensing.fssai.gov.in/
  2. Click on Apply Now
    foodlicensing fssai home page

    foodlicensing fssai home page


  3. Accept the declaration form
    fssai application declaration precheck form

    fssai application declaration precheck form

  4. Select the state or region where the business is started and FSSAI license is to be issued.
    fssai license state selection

    fssai license state selection

  5.  Here select the food business operators serves for multiple states or single state. If multiple states select as “yes” & if within the state select “no”.
    If you are selecting as “Yes” it means you are applying for FSSAI Central License.

    FBO central license for head office or registered office

    FBO central license for head office or registered office

  6. Here you need to select option whether you are registering  FSSAI License for Head office or Registered office. Based on the selection next option will be available.
    Registering head office

    Registering head office

  7. If you select Head office then it will ask whether all the food business activities are done here.
  8. If you select yes then all the different food business types list is provided. Select the appropriate option & proceed further.
    food business types list

    food business types list

  9. After selecting the type of business a page with FSSAI license link for further step is provided.
    Type of food business registration for FSSAI License

    Type of food business registration for FSSAI License

  10. Here you see FSSAI login page. Enter the FSSAI credentials & proceed further.


    11. Once the details are validated& verified then a 14 digit Unique FSSAI number (also called as FSSAI license number) is allotted to each FBO.


How to apply for FSSAI State License online?

  1. Visit the Fssai Food licensing website https://foodlicensing.fssai.gov.in/
  2. Click on Apply Now
  3. Accept the declaration form
  4. Select the state or region where the business is started and FSSAI license is to be issued.
  5. Select “NO” it means Here FBO serves within the state. It means you are applying for FSSAI State License.
  6. Here select FSSAI License based on the different food business types listed. Select the appropriate option & proceed further.
    steps for FSSAI state license

    steps for FSSAI state license


    FSSAI state license

    FSSAI state license

  7. Here you see FSSAI login page. Enter the FSSAI credentials & proceed further.

How to Download the Offline FSSAI Application?

Here is a step by step guide to download the FSSAI application:

  1. Visit the FSSAI website, which is fssai.gov.in
  2. Click on “Businesses” from the top navigation bar on the page.
  3. Choose “Registration” from the second navigation bar on the “Businesses” page.
  4. Scroll down on the “Registration” page and click on the hyperlinked address “foodlicensing.fssai.gov.in/index.aspx
  5. Scroll down on the new page to the bottom navigation panel.
  6. Click on “Form-A” from “Registration” heading. For “Form-B” and C you will see the application in subsequent headings.
  7. A new window with the form will open.
  8. Download it!

Track The FBO:

  1. Visit the official link https://foodlicensing.fssai.gov.in/cmsweb/HOME.aspx
  2. Select the Option in the left tab search for FBO
  3. Enter the 14 digit FSSAI number of that FBO.
    track FBO details

    track FBO details

  4. If the details entered is valid then it will display the FBO details with the shop name & Address.
Track FBO using FSSAI number

Track FBO using FSSAI number

More about Scheme

Before the induction of FSSAI in the Indian economy, there was a lot of trouble with the food industry. Some good names were losing their fame because of a counterfeit product using their identity. Even consumers were unable to successfully file a complaint against a food brand.

But in 2006, India reached the next level of food hygiene. They introduced a system similar to the developed nations. Further, this system has improved the food quality in India. And it is expected that FSSAI will further grow to make the health standards regulated all over India.




Getting FSSAI registration is essential for every food manufacturer. It is indeed a business harnessing process in India. And the imminent developments will benefit the member business a lot. There are already 70 FSSAI test centers all over India. Additionally, a few more are created.

The creation of new centers will ease up the process of inspection. Certainly, businesses will be able to focus on their discoveries. And bring about a new edible item out every other day. Further, FSSAI has set up the quality assurance scale for India. But the manufactures can also enjoy that to meet the international standards.

Import Links:

Official Website: https://www.fssai.gov.in/

Toll-Free Number: 1800 112 100

SMS or Whatsapp: 9868686868

Download FSSAI App: https://foodlicensing.fassai.gov.in/cmsweb