EXMART Battery Operated Milk Frother/Foam Maker-Hand Blender Review

EXMART Battery Operated Milk Frother/Foam Maker

Long gone those days when you used to whisk milk using fork spoons and even stick in some remote areas. With the changing world, milk frothing has become or has been made easy basically because of the development of various Milk frothers.

It is after the emergence of the new breeds of milk foam makers that we have seen a more and more creative way of making cappuccinos and even coffee. With these foam makers, you can actually make your tea or coffee and even cappuccinos look like it has been topped with a layer of white cloud.

The availability of these special form makers, most restaurants is now able to attract its customers by creating a nice cup of milk coffee that will leave customers wanting to come for more next time.

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Product Name: EXMART Battery Operated Milk Frother/Foam Maker

Product URL:  https://www.amazon.in/gp/product/B07MFG8QXL/

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exmart hand blender amazon order
exmart hand blender amazon order


exmart hand blender received in pack
exmart hand blender received in pack

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exmart electric hand blender invoice & seller
exmart electric hand blender invoice & seller


Unboxing of EXMART Battery Operated Milk Frother

Dimensions and Specification of EXMART Battery Operated Milk Frother

First of all, it is battery operated and this means that no electricity attachment is required during foam making as well as during frothing.

The foam maker draws its powers from two AA batteries but this device comes with no batteries in it at the moment you buy it. The batteries provide the much-needed power for vibration making and the batteries need no to be recharged like other foam makers.

Moreover, it has a cordless handhold which makes your stirring movement and the whole process of frothing much easier than expected. This is a feature that has always enhanced the efficiency of this particular min machine.

It has a single button which is useful when switching the power on. The presence of a single button makes its use very easy given the fact that the complication associated with many buttons done away with.

The battery section made in such a way that the batteries can be placed facing the opposite direction. Thanks to the fact that the direction of the batteries has been drawn within the battery docket for easy input of batteries.

Far from producing foams on milk, the device can produce vibration as well as a revolutionary movement that does many purposes such as mixing egg contents, milk, and coffee foam formation.

exmart small hand blender
exmart small hand blender

Assembling of Exmart Hand Blender:

The purpose and how to use EXMART Milk Frother

  • The main purpose of this Battery operated milk frother/foam maker drawn from its name. The first purpose of this rechargeable blender is basically blending a mixture of liquid contents. Such liquid contents must have low viscosity meaning that they must be watery to match the specifications of the blender.
  • Secondly, a hand blender used to produce foams in cappuccinos and in coffee.
  • Thirdly it is designed in such a way that it can do the mixing of chocolate, milk, and sugar. Those are the main purposes of this mixing hand blender machine.
  • Coming down to how to use this hand blender, the first step is basically inserting the 2 AA batteries in the battery section.
  • The second step is closing the battery section and pressing the power button downwards. As soon as the button pushed downwards, the mixing hand blender machine will produce a vibrating movement.
  • Once this movement is produced, the user needs to move the filament over the content he/she is mixing to ensure that all the sections of the contents are reached.
  • In case of a low battery, you can either recharge them or replace the batteries. With the jokey like handle, the user has the opportunity to hold this mixing hand blender machine with easy since the button is very close proximity to the hand. This brings about efficiency.

Using Exmart Hand Blender :

Advantages of EXMART Battery Operated Milk Frother

  1. The whisks made of stainless steel. You do not need to worry that your hand blender will soon engulf with rust due to the mixing of content with varying corrosive abilities.
  2. With a stainless whisk, this rechargeable blender known to last longer than anyone could expect.
  3. It is cordless and this helps you avoid the stress that comes with the need to pull and straighten the cable each and every time you use mixing hand blender machine.
  4. The fact that this type of blender means that you will work with this mini machine with a high degree of efficiency.


  1. This hand blender limited to small scale blending such as coffee blending, cappuccino making, and egg stirring and other as long as the contents are not too much.
  2. Battery Discharges very soon
  3. The device is very delicate.


If you have been using your fork to whisk and blend your milk and coffee, then the good news is here. EXMART Milk Frother/Foam maker makes this easy for you and at an affordable price. You can actually acquire your own mixing hand blender machine.