Ebee Brown Laptop Table with Drawer

Have you ever placed your laptop on top of your laps to an extent where you feel uncomfortable? Well, I guess yes and when that happens, you need to actually think outside the box. Thinking outside the box is simply considering a study table. A good study table is the Ebee Laptop table with a drawer.

An Ebee laptop table is the best study table that will serve your needs at all time because of it high quality. The high quality is accrued from a number of features we are going to discuss in this article.

The purpose of Ebee Laptop Table with Drawer

The main purpose of this particular table is as follows. Firstly, it is used for holding laptops. This is because is it has a wooden laptop notebook section.

Secondly, it can be used as a study table. With the extra space beside the laptop foldable wooden platform, studying and writing on this table is very possible and enjoyable.

Thirdly, it is useful when eating. The extra space left on the study surface, you can actually eat ad place your food plates or dish on top of the extra surface.

Seller Details:

Seller Name: CloudTail India

Product Name: Ebee Brown Laptop Table with Drawer

Product URL: https://www.amazon.in/gp/product/B06XN57S3L/

Purchased from Amazon.in

Note: The Flipkart seller may be different for this product

Seller Package Quality:

The package received by us was completely packed in 3 layers Cartoon pack+ Thermocol Pack + Air bubble

ebee portable table received from cloudtail india

ebee portable table received from cloudtail india


study table in thermocol pack

study table in thermocol pack


Unboxing of Ebee portable table with drawer

This video shows the unboxing of Ebee portable table along with seller details & the quality packing received.

Note: The Flipkart seller may be different for this product

Image showing the damaged item received:

ebee table received in damaged condition

ebee table received in damaged condition foldable table

Steps to request return & refund for damaged item received from Amazon.in

Specification and dimensions of Ebee Brown Laptop Table with Drawer

It is brown in color. As much as you might prefer other colors with your study table, brown is the color of this product. The brown color will bring an astonishing look that will make you like it right on the spot.

It has four foldable legs. You are actually free to refer to these legs as stands. The legs can be adjusted at any given time. The adjustment is in such a way that they can move laterally inwards and outwards.

It has a foldable wooden notebook platform. This platform can be lowered down so as to assume the normal level of the table. When the need arises, you may raise it in such a way that your laptop will be viewed from an inclined level.

It is light in weighing and portable. Once you are done with your table, the next thing is folding your lightweight Ebee study table and moving it from one point to another within your house.

It has a flat-topped base for laptops. The flat-top base allows your laptop to grip the smooth surface hence stability emanating from both the table and the laptop.

It measures approximately 1.5 by 1 foot. This ensures that there is enough space for your laptop as well as for placing books and reading.

I have a single drawer at its side. Unlike other study tables where you pull the drawer from in between the width, Ebee laptop table has a drawer at its side.

Contents Received in Package:

Foldable portable table with drawer

ebee brown laptop table-foldable study table measurement

ebee brown laptop table-foldable study table

How to use Ebee portable table?

The Ebee laptop table is very easy to use. You can get it working in three main steps. The first step is to loosen the leg holding bolts.

Secondly, adjust the legs outwards until your perfect height is reached. As soon as your preferred height is reached, then tighten the bolts so as to lock the legs in position.

Open the laptop notebook platform so that it can be inclined. Place your laptop on top of this small platform and also place your books or food at the surface beside it. And your study table will be ready for use.

Advantages of Ebee Laptop Table with Table

  • Ebee Laptop table is portable and foldable. Considering that it can be folded and can be moved from one place to another, you can easily mover your study table with ease as long as it is folded.
  • You can fold it and carry it anywhere. Whenever you want to switch positions, you can easily carry this Ebee laptop table since it is light and foldable.
  • It can hold a laptop, food, and books. You can see from its uses that it is multipurpose. This means that you don’t need to look for a separate study and food table.
  • You can adjust the height and inclination. For devices such as laptops and tablets, a certain angle allows you to have a clear view. While working with on your laptop, you can adjust this study table to a perfect height of your choice.


The drawer is located at its side. This is not an advantage as such basically because people’s preferences vary. If you need one with a drawer elsewhere then just order for a custom made the design.

Chances of damage if adequate force is applied

If the table is slipped from the hands may be damaged as its made of lightweight material.

Note: The Flipkart seller may be different for this product


From the ease of assembly and use, Ebee Laptop Table with Drawer is a perfect quality table for holding your laptop, food, and books. You can just acquire one at an affordable price. It is a multipurpose study table that can be carried around and this is all about its efficiency and nothing else.


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