Digital Gujarat portal for getting all services in one place

Digital Gujarat Portal  

Digitalization technologies are improving at rapid levels these days and many state governments in India want to implement them in order to reach a common man quickly. Digital Gujarat is an online portal developed by the Gujarat Government allowing people to avail of various services in one place for saving more time.

It covers different types of services that can help to process them quickly thereby helping to overcome problems to a large extent. In fact, itis a one-stop solution for all government services enabling users to avoid visiting offices.

The citizens of Gujarat can benefit a lot from the portal because it helps to process an order with ease. Another thing is that the registration process is a simple one that ultimately fulfills the expectations of users. It is possible to use the app on the mobile devices that can help to process a request without any difficulties.

The portal covers vehicle registration, revenue, panchayat, citizen, tourism, and student corner services allowing users to use them properly. Some other services offered by the portal include digital locker, Aadhar card registration, voter ID registration, property cards, and many more.

Digital gujarat
Digital gujarat

Why Digital Gujarat?

Digital Gujarat allows a person to get various services in a single portal for processing them with ease. Moreover, it guides investors to know more about the policies followed by the Gujarat Government in detail enabling them to make a better decision.

Anyone who wants to know more about different types of services can visit the portal that can help to get more ideas. The portal covers the best features and some of them include:

  • Allows users to access all services quickly
  • Users can make their payments safely when requesting for a service
  • Provides ways to get the approval of services easily
  • Delivers services to members as soon as possible after making a service request
  • Links various government departments while processing a request online
  • Enables users to check the status after submitting their applications
  • Covers different types of citizen services to save more time


How to register with the Digital Gujarat portal?

People who want to register with the Digital Gujarat portal should follow the below steps for meeting essential requirements.

  1. Visiting the portal first for creating an account
  2. A registration page is available for new members and they can click it immediately
    Digital Gujarat login page
    Digital Gujarat login page

    3. Users should provide certain important details such as date of birth, email address, mobile number, Aadhaar number, password, and captcha

    Digital gujarat registration page
    Digital Gujarat registration page

    4. One should click the save button after entering all the details.

    5. It is necessary to create a password between 6-40 characters.

    6. The portal will create the profiles of new users after completing all procedures successfully.

How to use the digital Gujarat portal online?

Digital Gujarat covers login services to citizens for submitting the necessary details. In addition, it even offers login services to government offices allowing them to access the information provided by a citizen immediately.

Basically, three types of logins are allowed in digital Gujarat

a. Citizen Login / Registration

b. Office Login

c. School Login / Institution Login

 a. Citizen Login / Registration

   1. A login button is available for the citizens after successfully completing the registration process

digital gujarat login
digital gujarat login


2. They have to select the login type that will provide three options such as Aadhar card, email address, and mobile number

digital locker login user options
digital locker login user options


3. Users should submit their username, password, and captcha code that will take them into the web portal

4. One can request and apply for the services that are available at the web portal

5. Those who want to check their application status can use the check status button tab displayed on the dashboard


b. Office login

This screen only for administrators of the website.

digital login sso gujarat- office login
digital login sso gujarat- office login

c. School Login / Institution Login:

This login is only used by authorized schools & institutions to check the students who applied for the admission & scholarship status etc.


School Login page with details



The below page shows the details of the student & their scholarship sanctioned by the government under the chatravrutthi scheme for education.

school student details
school student details

Digital Gujarat Services:


Digital Gujarat portal provides nearly 170 services among those few are listed below

  1. Domicile Certificate
  2. Senior Citizen Certificate
  3. Character Certificate
  4. Economically Backward Certificate- (Other than education / Job purpose)
  5. Widow Certificate
  6. Non-Creamy layer Certificate For Gujarat Government
  7. Application for New Ration Card
  8. The Application for Separate Ration Card
  9. Application for Duplicate Ration Card
  10. Application for Ration Card Member Guardian
  11. Addition of Name in Ration card
  12. Removal of Name from Ration Card
  13. Change in Ration Card
  14. Religious Minority Certificate(Panchayat)
  15. Widow Certificate(panchayat)
  16. Non-Creamy layer Certificate For Central Government
  17. Unreserved Economically Weaker Sections for job/Education Purpose
  18. SC/ST Caste Certificate
  19. ST Caste Certificate(Panchayat)
  20. SC Caste Certificate(Panchayat)
  21. Income certificate
  22. Farmer Certificate
  23. Socially & Educationally Backward Class Certificate (SEBC)
  24. Application for Varsai Certificate
  25. Unreserved Caste Certificate(without Income)
  26. Unreserved Caste Certificate(Panchayat-Without Income)
  27. Nomad-Denotified Caste Certificate
  28. Eligibility Certificate for Economically Weaker sections(with income)
  29. Eligibility Certificate for Economically Weaker Sections (Panchayat-With income)
  30. Income and Assets Certificate of Economically Weaker sections from central government
  31. Renewal of Arms license for crop protection
  32. Temporary Residence Certificate
  33. Cinema license
  34. Renewal of Cinema License
  35. Video License
  36. Renewal of Video License
  37. Digi Locker :
    The citizen can register to the digital Gujarat website & by default can store digital files on this digital locker safely.

    digital gujarat digi locker
    digital gujarat digi locker
  38. e-Payments & e-wallets

    digital gujarat e wallet epayment
    digital Gujarat e-wallet e-payment

Once you register to this portal you can access all the services which are eligible to access by a citizen.


Digital Gujarat Jana Seva Kendra:

Jana Seva Kendra is the point where the public can reach & utilize these services provided by the Government of Gujarat for several services listed above.

digital gujarat jan seva kendras
digital Gujarat Jan Seva kendras


Website Benefits:

  • Helps citizens of Gujarat to connect with various government departments easily
  • Students can apply for scholarships, community certificates, income certificates, and other things
  • Provides the facility for getting a new license, ration card, and license renewal
  • Enables users to gather information by sitting at home
  • Reduces the need for documentation
  • Allow users to make payments for services safely to avoid unwanted issues
  • Business communities can know the latest updates on the portal
  • Panchayat services
  • Lets students get special stipends for UPSC services
  • Non-creamy layer certificate
  • Widow certificate
  • Application for Varsai Certificate
  • Makes feasible ways to get a farmer certificate, SEBC certificate, and video license


Website Obstacles:

  • The rural people find it difficult to process an application
  • It may take more time while processing a request
  • Users will face confusion when making the digital payments
  • Uploading documents may become a difficult one because it will support only certain formats


Official Website:

Digital Gujarat (Support Help Desk )

Contact No : 18002335500