Coir Board of India

The coir board of India to uplift the coir industry came with Coir Vikas Yojana. It is one of the main projects of the coir board. The coir industry is one of them. Now in this article, let us discuss this project in detail.

India is an agricultural-based country. Even today, more than 50 percent of the population depends on agriculture for livelihood. India is the second-largest producer of agricultural products. The share of India of global farm products is 7.9 percent. This sector employs about 50 percent of the population. But it produces only 15-17 percent of the country’s overall GDP. Where in industries operates about 25–30% of the Indian community and contributes around 25–30% of the country’s GDP. The services sector employed around 20–25% of the country’s population and provide approximately 50–60% of the country’s GDP. 

Hence for the country generating more income and employment from farming is essential. For this reason, the government implemented many projects. And it is continuing to introduce many new projects and policies. India has many agriculture-based small and medium scale industries.

coir board-MSME-Coir vikas yojana

coir board-MSME-Coir vikas yojana

Key features/benefits of Coir 

The ambitious project of the coir board has many unique features. Hence by entirely understanding the functionality helps to understand the whole scheme. Let us have a look at those details related to CVY.

  • Administration

The coir board of India initiates the plan. However, the central control lies with the Ministry of MSME. The program has been rolled out to facilitate the development of export as well as domestic markets.

  • Skill Upgradation

The primary objective of this project is skill development. With proper guidance, the workers can able to become more productive. The main problem of many small businesses is the lack of skills. Hence the plan aims at training and enhancing the capabilities of the workers.

  • Development of Entrepreneur

The scheme helps to develop entrepreneurs. Under the scheme, they will be empowered with training and development. They will be assisted with continuous guidance by the board. The rural people lack this facility and the board is providing the same. It not only increases productivity but also the quality of the products.

CVY has many benefits. Since it is an ambitious project, it comes with a lot of plus points. It will help workers, entrepreneurs, and society. In a nutshell, it harms none but benefits all.

  • Employment Creation

The Coir products are not new for India. For centuries people are using coir and its products. But it was on a small scale. The CVY pave a way to organize the industry and provide the job for many village people. The employment is creation is made possible by granting monetary and other aids under this scheme.

  • Employment for rural citizens

The coir material is available in villages and rural areas. Hence it is evident that job creation is focused on rural communities. This helps them to better their standard of living.

  • Reduction of population concentration

The major problem of developing countries like India is population concentration. The migration from village to cities are common in the nation. Because the job is not available in rural areas, they visit cities in search of employment.

So, providing excellent job openings for rural people will fix the problem. The CVY is doing the same. As a result of millions of people able to work in their villages rather than migrating to cities.

  • Encouragement of small and medium scale establishments

Indeed, to develop every country needs both small and big industries. The macro business employs vast numbers. But even small and medium scale industries are vital too. Because it helps to employ village people. Hence, under CVY, employments are given for small and medium companies.

To enhance the standard of living, we need small and substantial employment sectors. Hence if we do not encourage anyone of these sectors causes a loss for the nation. This scheme helps create and maintain a well-balanced economy.

  • Skill Development 

Coir Vikas Yojana also helps by providing adequate training and skill development programs to entrepreneurs. It also aims at employment generation and development. The providing of trade-related services, training on the practical usage of raw materials, and it includes welfare activities for coir workers. The main achievement is it helps for women empowerment.

Eligibility for Coir Vikas Yojana(कयर विकास योजना)

The eligibility criteria are simple. If you are starting any fresh coir producing or processing units, it will be eligible for monetary assistance under the project. Coir processing or producing units that registered under the Coir Board and have a Udyog Aadhaar able to avail financial aid for modernization under CVY. But only after the completion of 5 years of operation, you the firm already availed monetary assistance qualified to apply for further support under the modernization program.

Guidelines for Coir Vikas Yojana from Coir Board-MSME


coir vikas yojana-CVY

coir vikas yojana-CVY

The complete details on the eligibility of the scheme are provided below:

  • Any monetary benefits under this scheme will be provided to the entire coir sector in India. But the units that are applying for financial aid must come within the investment limits set by the MSME for Small and Medium Industries.
  • The application filling must be done through online mode. A spot check will be made by the Sub-regional officer or Regional officer, who is in charge of the Coir Board. The officer will check all the documents, and the officer will also decide the amount of financial assistance that must be provided. The officer, after reviewing the details, recommends to the Coir Board Head Quarters online to get a sanction for financial aid.
  • The equipment and motors that are provided to firms under the scheme will be as per the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) standards.
  • The highest financial aid a business can avail under this scheme is 2,5 crore rupees.

How to apply for CVY?

  • It consists of a committee with five members Technical Committee, which consists of two representatives from the trade and three senior officers, will make decisions regarding the ceiling of various prices of machinery, and it will be reviewed periodically. Over the long run, there could be many improvements and developments in technology and change in the rates of machinery. Hence, the Technical Committee will update the list periodically.
  • The machines sourced from an organization of the entrepreneur’s choice. However, the organization must have a valid GST number, and toolsets must be of Bureau of Indian Standards.
  • The machinery must arrive with at least of two-year guarantee regarding the performance. The copy must also be submitted when availing for incentives under the scheme.
  • To compute the project cost for the amount of financial aid, the cost of equipment that is installed.
  • In case original documents submitted to the bank, a copy that attested by the Manager of the bank submitted along with the application to avail of financial assistance.
  • The applications that have been received for financial assistance will be sent to the steering committee on the recommendation of Regional or Sub Regional officers. The steering committee decides on whether to approve the application for financial assistance. The steering committee meets a minimum of one time in two months.
  • The application is usually based on a first-come-first-serve basis subject to the submission of documents. The criteria adopted for the selection of the beneficiary is purely based on the merits and the Project Steering Committee rankings.

Primary Objectives of CVY

As we are already discussed, CVY is established to achieve many targets. The below-provided points are the key objectives of this scheme.

  • To make better utilization of the available raw materials for optimum production.
  • To aid the entrepreneurs in creating new, improved coir processing units and products.
  • It has the object to assist the currently operating coir units in updating.
  • To provide the opportunity for women offering the jobs. It mainly emphasizes on the women living in rural areas of the nation.
  • To guide and assist the firms in creating the products which provide excellent value to the customers.
  • It aims to assist the firms in taking the opportunity in the significant growth opportunity markets.
  • To assist the enterprises in producing and marketing eco-friendly products.
  • To create awareness in the new generation. Hence it helps popularize the coir products and helping to understand the youth about the profitability in coir business.
  • To assist the firms by providing guidance and new technology that helps to create the product effectively and on a large scale.
  • It aims to make the coir industry more empowered by providing them innovative technologies.
  • To assist the firms in producing the product in an eco-friendly way with the help of the latest technology.
  • To help the industry with the usage of the latest information technology.

How to download the application?

To apply for the financial benefits and other aids under the Coir Vikas Yojana, you must visit the official website of this scheme. Then, you need to apply online to get the benefits. The process is simple, and the details being asked self-explanatory.

Documents Required

It requires the following documents for availing the benefits.

  1. Photograph
  2. Photocopy of PAN Card
  3. MSME Registration Certificate
  4. Caste Certificate
  5. Company Registration Certificate (If not individual)

Coir Schemes & Services:

The official website for Coir services is

Coir Udyami Yojana :

This is a credit score rating connected subsidy scheme for setting up of coir units with assignment fee up to Rs.10 lakhs plus one cycle of working capital, which shall no longer exceed 25% of the project price. Working capital will now not be taken into consideration for subsidy.

coir udyami yojana-CUY

coir udyami yojana-CUY

Sfurti- Scheme for Funds Regeneration of Traditional Industries :

Ministry of MSME has released this SFURTI scheme within the yr 2005 with the view to make the conventional  Industries greater competitive, market pushed, effective, profitable and able to offering sustainable employment for traditional industry

CITUS- Coir Technology Upgradation Scheme :

Financial help for putting in of coir gadgets and modernization of current devices. Under the Scheme, the Board is extending subsidy to the tune of 25 % of the charge of equipment centers undertaking to a maximum of Rs. 2.5 Crores

MCY- Mahila Coir Yojana: 

Under the scheme, the Board is undertaking various programs like Entrepreneurship Development Programme, Awareness Programme, Workshop, Quality Improvement Programme, Seminar, Exposure Tour, and so on. For attracting greater entrepreneurs

EMDA- Export Market Promotion Scheme:

Coir Board is imposing the Central Sector Scheme of Export Market Promotion so that you can decorate the export overall performance of Indian Coir Sector via numerous export market merchandising sports together with sponsoring delegations,

DMP- Domestic Market Promotion:

Domestic Market Promotion is one of the main functions envisaged beneath the Coir Industry Act 1953, Under the Scheme, the Board is ventured numerous measures for popularizing coir and coir merchandise and expanding the home market.

Skill Upgradation & Mahila Coir Yojana

Export Market Promotion

Trade & Industry Related Funcional Support services

Welfare Measures

Coco Coir Products:

  • Coir Fibre
  • Coir Mats & Creel Mats
  • Fibre Mats, Rod Mats, Corridor Mats, Carnatic Mats, Loop Mats, Mesh Mats, Sinnet Mats, Gymnasia Mats, Matting Mats, Rope Mats
  • Coir Mattings – Four Treadle Weave, Basket Weave, Ribbed Matting, Multishaft matting, Cricket Pitch matting
  • Coir Yarn
  • Matting Rugs
  • Non Woven Products
  • Non Woven Mats
  • Coir Geo-Textiles
  • Coir Pith
  • Garden Articles



Different Coir Machineries:


More about scheme

The scheme provides financial assistance to the entire coir sector. But the amount of aid differs from one unit to another as per the MSME Act. To get monetary aid, they must file the application through online mode. After that, the officers will review your application. If they meet all the conditions, the funds sanctioned once the coir board approves the same.

The CVY is abode by the IBS. IBS stands for the Bureau of Indian Standards. The maximum amount one can avail is of 2.5 crore rupees. But the committee will decide on the maximum limit of each application. It comprises five members. The committee is of three senior officials and two from trade. The beneficiary has the choice of selecting the place of machinery issue. However, the GST number is mandatory. After all these steps are done, the recipient must submit documentation for the bank. And the bank manager should notarize the documentation.


There is no doubt that this is an excellent project. And it has many benefits for everyone. The simple application process also makes this accessible for all people. Furnishing all details will help to get the benefit from this project.

Coir Board Official Website:

The Coir Board Head Office Address:

Coir House, M.G. Road, Kochi 682 016

Phone : +91-484-2351807/2351788/2351954

Toll-Free Number: 1800-425-9091

Fax : +91-484-2370034/2354397