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Microphones are not new to our ears and eye and in fact, they have been there for quite some time. With that, it is a traditional tool that you will always see in almost every place you go to. Microphones designed in different sizes and these sizes are meant for different purposes. There are smallest microphones that are normally used as a hidden mic and they are those that news anchors attach to the collars or anywhere closer to their mouths so as to capture the voices they produce. Boya Lavalier is one of those microphones that will astonish you in terms of efficiency and how it works. In fact, from many reviews of the Boya Microphone given by those who experienced it, you will realize that being a new model, it has more qualities worth trying.


Boya M1-BY Lapel Microphone with 20 feets wire

Foam Wind Screen

Connector-3.5mm, 6.3 mm Adapter

Omni-directional Condenser Microphone


Clothing clip- collar clip

User Instruction Manual

Warranty Card

Carrying pouch

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Boya BY-M1 Microphone contents
Boya BY-M1 Microphone contents


Unboxing of Boya BY-M1 microphone:

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Assembling of Boya M1 Lapel Microphone:

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Features and specifications of Boya Lavalier Microphone

Boya mic is one of the microphones that comes to very unique specifications.

1. The first feature which also acts as the specification is that it has a variety of jack pins. These varieties ensure that you have the discretion of using it on smartphones, tablets or other devices of your choice. With such a specification, the user able to change from one jack pin to another depending on the type of device he/she uses. As well as depending on the size of the jack pin holder attached to the device. With Boya Mic, one does not need to worry about jack pins not fitting on a device because all you simply need to do is change them.

2. Boya mic comes with an extensively long cable leading from the amplification system section to the mouthpiece and to the jack pin. From those who have given Boya microphone reviews, you will realize that the long cables ensure that the mouthpiece and the external device can be attached and the cable will allow the user to extensive and free movements. Unlike other models of microphones where the shortness of the cables becomes an issue, Boya mic makes you feel like you are free when speaking or giving your speech or even when anchoring the news.

3. Boya mic comes with a mic holder that is strong and adjustable. Boya mic comes with a mic holder that is actually a clip. With this clip, the user is free to attach the mic anywhere he/she feels like it brings comfort and will actually capture a clear voice to be transmitted into the amplifier. The clip has a crocodile-like movable section which ensures that it can grab your clothes or wherever you will want it to grab. This ensures that your boya mic remains in position and does not fall down during use.

How Boya Mic Works

Boya lavalier mic is one of the easiest devices to use. Come to think of it, its use is as easy as using a cup and a teaspoon.

  • You need to connect the mic crocodile holder so as to hold a section of the cable.
  • The mic cover help avoids dust entry into the sensitive part of the microphone.
  • The jack pin allows you to plug it into your external devices such as a smartphone or even a tablet or any other as long as it allows for entry and exit of audio. Boya mic works by the principle of sound amplification; this is where a small quantity of sound captured and then amplified before being recorded by your external device.
  • In order for boya mic to work, you need to plug it into your external device using the jack pin.
  • Secondly, attach the mic on to your body at a position closer to your mouth.
  • Thirdly, adjust the volume and sound quality using the micro tuner then you are set to go.

Boya BY-M1 Reviews:

boya by M1 Lapel microphone reviews
boya by M1 Lapel microphone reviews


1. Boya Microphone is that it is small and easy to handle.

2. It is a small device but can produce a huge amount of audio out that can be amplified hence producing a very loud sound.

3. With such an advantage, Boya mic also used during interviews, special occasions, voice recordings, and public speaking.

4. You can attach the mic to your collar, no need to stuck on a microphone stand that does not allow you to move.

5. Comes with Adjustable jack pin section, boya mic allows you to connect it with a number of devices like smartphones, cameras, DSLR’s, etc.

6. The mic comes with 20 Feets long cable which makes extensive and free movements while usage.

7. Within budget best Mic set.

8. Portable mic set.


  1. Boya mic limited to be used by a single individual and unlike the traditional mics where there are various jack pin entry points that allow the connection of various microphones.
  2. Since it is normally attached to human bodies, they prone to accidental crashing.


Boya Microphone lavalier is the best when it comes to efficiency and the production of high-quality sound. It is the best for lecturing, public speaking, voice recording, TV hosting, and interviews. It comes with an extension cable that ensures that the user is free to move his body without any straining & without any voice disturbance.

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JSD pro amazon india seller

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