Biba Girls Lehenga Choli-Review

Biba Girls Lehenga Choli is a Conspicuous Dress for you Outings

When it comes to fashion designs, you might not want to be left behind. This is the moment when you feel like you need something new, unique, bright, conspicuous and perfect. Lehenga choli for girls is one of the designer dress that you don’t want to miss.

What do qualities do you look for in a designer cloth? I believe that you would like something modern and something which makes you stand out from the crowd. There are so many qualities you will find in acquiring a salwar kurta. It is by being aware of these qualities that you will actually fall in love with this gown like cloth.

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biba girls lehenga choli amazon order
Biba girls lehenga choli amazon order


salwar kurta from BIBA girls
salwar kurta from BIBA girls

Unboxing & Reviewing of Biba Lehenga Choli Dupatta for girls:

Outwards appearance and specification of lehenga choli for girls

  • First of all, it is a design cloth for girls. It has been designed to be used by girls. From a distance, this gown like a dress will certainly tell you that it is meant for girls. Lehenga Choli also called as salwar kurta or ghagra choli.
  • It comes in a variety of colors. Bright and warm colors are what designers of lehenga choli for girls consider. Bright colors such as bright yellow, cream, red and purpose are the colors that you will often see in this salwar kurta.
  • It is a regular fit garment. Regular fit garment means that you wear it anywhere, anytime and it fits your body perfectly. Regular fit also means that it is not too tight nor too baggy. It indeed a regular fit from a distance.
  • Just like any other ghagra choli, it made 16% silk and 84% cotton. With 16% silk, you will certainly get that shiny look. Girls certainly love that shinny look so that they can look like angels.
  • With 84% cotton, this cloth assures you of warmth. Lehenga choli extensively made of cotton material. This is perfect for medium to high body warmth for girls.
  • Dry cleaning is the only way to wash it. This salwar kurta needs you to wash it using a dry cleaner. Here the right temperatures regulated and all the detergents regulated as well.
  • You can only iron the inner cotton side only. Considering that silk does not auger well with ironing, you don’t need to iron the shiny outer surface. You can iron the inner or reverse side only since it is made of 84% cotton.
  • It has care instruction on inner mounted tags. Lehenga choli for girls comes with an instruction manual in the form of a tag attached to strategic locations.

How to wear and how to care for lehenga choli for girls

Just like any other ghagra cholis, it is worn starting with head insertion. Unlike a trouser, you need to ensure that your girls wear this dress or gown like a dress from the head downwards.

When wearing, enter from the bottom and slide your way into the collar section. Considering the heaviness of materials used in making this dress, sliding yourself in is very easy.

Once your head is in position, input your hands in hand slots. The hands come next when putting on this dress. When your hands are in place, stretch this dress downwards so as to attain the right stretch.

Some of the lehenga cholis for girls have zips. With these zips located in between you scapular bones, you can fasten your neck/collar area. This depends on the way the dress designed. Some of them do not have zips.

You only need to dry clean and cool iron. Considering that dress made of 16% silk and a large percentage of cotton, you need to do a cool iron and dry clean so as to avoid creases; Dry cleaning also protects plucking out of fabric as well as weakening.

biba girls lehenga choli ghagra
Biba girls lehenga choli ghagra

Advantages of lehenga choli for girls

  1. It is easy to wash. Considering that it is washed using a dry cleaner, you don’t need to use your hands.
  2. It is made of 16% silk and 84% cotton. These materials do not stain easily. That tells you that you do not need to use tough detergents but cleaned using very little detergents hence affordability.
  3. It comes in many-colored designs. If you are very selective when it comes to colors, lehenga choli for girls comes in various colors. You are free to choose based on your preferred colors.
  4. It comes with a shoulder scarf. The presence of this scarf has always made me feel like it is adding on design. This will certainly make you want to acquire one for yourself.

The disadvantage of lehenga choli for girls

It is might not last longer for those who do not have a dry cleaning machine. This is because the silk and cotton fabric may eventually be weakened. The weakening of fabrics is a major problem basically because this makes your dress weak and unpleasant.


Lehenga choli is one of the perfect dresses for your girls. It will certainly make you look conspicuous and beautiful.

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