Bajaj Blow Hot 2000-Watt Room Heater Review

Bajaj Blow Hot Room Heater Review

You will agree with me that we may not have complete control over what nature offers. It is with that reason that we simply need to find solutions that make our lives comfortable and beer. Cold seasons are the most uncomfortable seasons and this calls for a solution.

Bajaj Blow Hot 2000-Watt is the perfect solution for this discomfort. With the presence of Bajaj Blow Hot, you will have full control of your life. It is designed to efficiently ensure that your room or spots surrounding you are warm.

You might be wondering how good this room heater is. It is with that that you need to be aware of its specification and other related features. It is through these improved features that Bajaj Blow Hot makes your life better.

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bajaj room heater blow hot 2000 watt
bajaj room heater blow hot 2000 watt

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  1. Bajaj Blow Hot 2000 Watt room heater
  2. Warranty Card
  3. User Instruction Manual
contents received from amazon for Bajaj room heater
contents received from amazon for Bajaj room heater

Specifications and dimensions of Bajaj Blow Hot

It has 2 heat settings. The first heat setting is 1000 watts. This is the lowest amount worth of energy for producing the minimum heat. When switched, 1000 watts worth of heat is produced and this is in fact the lowest calibration.

The 2000 watt setting produces an extensive amount of heat. The heat produced by 2000 watts worth of electricity can cover an extensive area due to its hotness.

It has an adjustable thermostat. This adjustable thermostat enables your room heater to adjust itself automatically. It keeps adjusting the amount of heat produced when it goes above optimum and when heat drops below the mark.

It produces heat that covers 250sq feet. You will agree with me this is the size of a huge living room. With a maximum heat produced by 2000 watts, it can actually heat your living room as extensive as 250sq ft.

It is a compact design. Bajaj room heater is designed in such a way that all the components are confined in the space of a single. In fact you will be amazed by how the thermostat and the heating filament are confined and protected.

It has a heat resistant casing. Bajaj room heater is made of heat resistant casing which ensures that your table or any other platform will not get charred.

It comes with a built-in handle. This is perfect for you to hold your heater, lift it and move it even if it is on.

In terms of size, it is 4.2 in which is equivalent to 10 cm. This tells you that it is not too high or too slim. For a heater, 10 cm is smaller and handy.

Specifications of bajaj room heater & Manufacturing details
Specifications of bajaj room heater & Manufacturing details

The Bajaj Room Heater Blow Hot -2000 watts User Manual:



How Bajaj Room Heater works

It works under the principle of conduction. When an electric current is converted into heat energy, they move from a hot area to a cold area. To extinguish this warm air from the heater, a fan dos the work.

The presence of a high-speed fan within your Bajaj heater ensures the heat produced is expelled out so that it can replace the cold air within your room.

The presence of a thermostat ensures that heat is regulated at all times. When the heat produced too much, your room heater adjusts it so that the right room temperature is maintained.

Once, the normal room temperature is attained, you are free to switch your room heater off.


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Purpose of Bajaj room heater

The main purpose of your room heater is basically to maintain your desired room temperature. In fact, your internal atmosphere becomes serene with the help of your room heater.

Advantages of Bajaj room heater

  1. It has the ability to regulate itself automatically. Self-regulation is what makes this room heater an efficient one. With self-regulating capability, you don’t need to manually adjust this room heater to produce the right heat.
  2. It produces a clean heat. Unlike some of the heaters that produce an unpleasant smell when heating up, your Bajaj room heater produces clean heat waves.
  3. With compact designs, it is easy to handle and operate. A compact design is like an integrated system. Such integration is what makes this room heater the best.
  4. It is very helpful for spot heating. When you feel like you don’t need to heat all the areas of your house, you need to simply place you at a strategic spot.

The disadvantage of Bajaj room heater

  1. The only disadvantage of this room heater is that it can heat a maximum of 250 sq. ft. of the total space. If you need large scale warming, then you may want to go for a bigger Bajaj room heater.
  2. Power consumption also effects.

Note: The Flipkart seller may be different for this product


Bajaj room heater is one of the heating devices that is as efficient as you might have always wanted. With the ability to self-adjust, heat a 1000 and 2000 watts, it has the capability of producing excellent spot heating. It also produces a clean wave of warm air that does not pollute your room.

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