The government of Haryana is doing a lot for the people. It is taking many steps for them. Saral Haryana is giving many services. Most people are taking advantage of these services. These are very useful for them.

All people can take advantage of the services. They can use all the services under the Haryana portal. They can use services when they are registered on the official website. The official website is

All the services are available online on the official website. They are also available at CSC centers, district, tehsil, and division levels. The process to use the services is very simple. You can save your time by following the proper instructions. You can also have updates about the status of your application.

In this article, we are discussing some of the schemes and services offered by the Saral Haryana. The government is removing the problems to use the services. All the services/schemes are now available at a single portal that is called Saral Haryana Portal.

Saral Haryana Key features/ benefits

The portal is useful for everyone. The people are getting the maximum advantage of the services. The authorities are checking the performance of different departments in the state. They are also taking action against the departments that are not performing well.

If you want something in your life, you have to do a lot of things. If you want to start your work, you are not helpless. You have any chance to fulfill your needs. Saral Haryana helps you to do your work and get success. It is offering many schemes and services for you. You should take advantage of these services and schemes.

The citizens are taking many benefits from the scheme. 256+ citizen-centric services are available online like Old Age Summer Allowance, Application for New Electricity Connection, Bicycle Scheme for Labour, and a lot. All these services are available very easily these days. You just have to find them.


Saral Haryana Services

Services are available for almost all the sectors. Many people are using them. If the price of different things is increasing in the market, it will not affect you. You can take help for your needs. You can use a ration card. Ration card is easily available for all the people. The use of a ration card is very easy. It has a discount for you. Now, you will buy all the things at discount.

The services are available everywhere. You can use them at any time. You can apply for the services.  The portal has a feature of tracking the status of the application. It ensures the timely delivery of the services and schemes. It is offering services for almost all departments. If you are old, you get a pension. You can get the approval of your business online if you want to run a business. You can apply online for the issuance of any certificate.

If you want to take advantage of a scheme, you can apply for it easily. The online application saves your money and time. There is no need to go to any office to apply. Just apply online and take advantage of the services. The process is very quick and reliable.

Here is a list of the most frequently used services in many sectors:

Revenue Department

Resident Certificate, Resident Certificate, Rural Area Certificate, Scheme caste certificate, Tournaments/ games, Vehicle permit, Income Certificate, Food and Supplies, Issuance of New Ration Card, Issuance of duplicate ration card, Modify new members in ration card, Addition of new members in ration card, Housing Board, Issuance of NDC( no due certificate), Transfer of property, Issuance of no objection certificate, Dealer Point Registration, Application for New Electricity Connection, Urban Local Bodies, Marriage Registration, Approval of building plan, Approval of fire fighting scheme, Business license, Revision of building plan, Agriculture Sector, Micro Nutrient Fertilizer, License for the business of seeds, Distribution of insecticides, Farm mechanization, Crop demonstration, Water management, Pesticides distribution scheme, National food security mission,

You can search the schemes and services at

Saral Haryana Eligibility

All the citizens are eligible for the services and schemes that are given by the government. You can apply for all the services. The process is very easy and fast.

Easily apply online for schemes and services. You can also check the status of your application form on the official website. This gives all the updates about your application.

How to download the Saral Haryana application?

The process to download the application form is very easy. You can easily download it from the official website. Log in with your name and id to download the application form. After login, select apply for service. A list of schemes/services will appear on the screen. Select the service you want to apply. The application form will appear on the screen.

It is very important to fill the application form correctly. You will submit it on the official website along with the documents. After each step, you will get guidance and notification through SMS or email. In this way, you will know about the status and other steps of verification.

You can even save your application in the middle and view it later with the help of the option ‘view incomplete application.’ You can complete the process later. The portal generates the acknowledgment slip after intermediary payment.


How to apply for the Antyodaya scheme on Saral Haryana?

You can apply for the schemes and services if you are registered at the Saral Haryana Portal. To apply, you have to register and log in to Antyodaya Saral Portal. After registration, you can log in and apply online. For this purpose follow the given instructions:

  1. Visit the official website portal
  2. Register to the Anthyodaya Saral scheme.
    Antyodaya saral haryana user registration

    Antyodaya saral haryana user registration

  3. Saral Haryana Portal page will appear, on the homepage. If you already have an account, just log in by providing your login ID and password. Now, you can track your application status on the official website.
    saralharyana login page

    saralharyana login page

    4. If you are a new user, register yourself by clicking at the

‘New User? Register Here’ link

Now fill in the required fields by providing all the information like full name, email Id, mobile number, and others. To complete the process, click at the ‘Validate’ button.

  1. Now, complete the process by uploading the required documents. Fill the complete application form. A separate form is available on the site for each service and scheme.

You can track your application easily. You can track it online or sending SMS.To track your application through SMS, just send a message on this number 7738299899. Write the message properly. Write ‘ SARAL’(SPACE) ID. Now, send it to the given number. Write the ID number that was provided when you applied for the service or scheme.

track saral application online

track saral application online

To track your application online, follow these steps;

Open the site by using the link,

  • When the site opens, select the department.
  • Now, select service.
  • Enter the application number.
  • Click check status.
check your saral application status online

check your saral application status online

To track your Anthyodaya Saral application through SMS, send:

SARAL or SARAL<space>Application ID to 7738299899 from your registered mobile number.


Track Antyodaya Saral Haryana

  • Visit Saral Haryana website
  • Click on track ticket
  • Enter ticket number or registered mobile number
  • Validate captcha
  • It provides update on ticket status.
antyodaya saral track ticket

antyodaya saral track ticket

It is important to provide the correct information for Saral Haryana services. Do not give any wrong information. The information that you provide could be verified. If you provide all the true information, your application will be processed fast. If you give any wrong information, it could create a problem for you and approval of your application could be late.

Also, make sure that you enter the information correctly while writing. Avoid all the typing errors when you are filling the application form. Do not forget to upload the documents that are required. It is necessary to provide the uploaded documents. Any application without documents is not processed. Read all the instructions very carefully when you are applying.

You must act upon all the instructions.

If you have a problem understanding any instruction, you must contact the given helpline or send an email at the given email address. You will get help immediately.

Documents needed for Saral Haryana

When you are applying for a service or scheme on Saral Haryana, upload the documents. You will need following documents along with application form to upload online on the site;

  1. Photographs
  2. Aadhaar card
  • Haryana resident certificate
  1. Highest qualification degree employment registration certificate
  2. Signature of the applicant
  3. Income certificate
  • Matriculation certificate
  • Birth certificate

You must follow these instructions;

  1. It is not necessary to upload attested documents. You can upload the original documents.
  2. The photograph should be in jpg form not more than 50 KB and the face should be visible. You have to provide a professional photograph. Do not upload a selfie.
  3. Employment registration certificate should be in jpg form not more than 100 KB.
  4. The signature of the candidate is also needed and should be uploaded in jpg form, not more than 20 KB.
  5. Provide an income certificate that is issued by the competent authority. It will give proof of your income. It should also be in jpg form not more than 100 KB.
  6. Provide matriculation certificate not more than 100 KB.
  7. Provide a birth certificate. It will give proof of your date of birth.

More about scheme

The government is observing the performance of all the departments. A complete review of the performance of departments is also available. If the files are pending, strict action is taken against the officers. The process is helping the government to check the sectors that are not performing well.

The services and schemes provided by the Saral Haryana are awesome. They are well known throughout the country.  It shows that the government is doing its duty. There will be a lot of improvement in society through this process. The citizens should take maximum advantage of all these opportunities. If a person is talented, no one can stop him from getting success.

The portal is useful for everyone. Saral Haryana is also providing special services when there is a big problem in the country. People are saving themselves with the money given by the government. It also helps people when they have any problem. Nowadays, it is also providing services to help people who are affected by COVID-19. They are getting funds. With these funds, people are getting the things that they need. People are staying at home because the government is helping them. They are also getting ration for them. They are getting free medicines. The check-up of the disease is also available. All this is helping people to stay safe and healthy.

Important Information:

Steps for the intermediary payment by the portal are very easy. There is an email service for your support,

If you have any problem in downloading the application form, you can take help. There is a helpline for you where you can call to take help.

Even if you have any queries, you can at helpline 1800-2000-023 from Monday to Saturday(8 AM-8 PM).

Official Website:

Antyodaya SARAL Helpline –  1800-2000-023

(Monday to Saturday) *8:00 AM – 8:00 PM